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    I was thinking of making a mod and well i came up with this. This mod is the Energy Swords Mod. This mod allows you to create pretty op swords in your minecraft world. In the future i will be adding more swords and maybe even mobs.

    There are four swords at the moment each with their own stats and color and animation.

    In order from weakest to strongest here are the swords: Energy Sword, Red Energy Sword, Purple Energy Sword, and Green Energy Sword.(They are all op anyways, they can one-shot anything).

    A new update is here! This update adds 4 more swords like the other ones but are the same, sort of. The new swords are a vanilla worthy kind of swords. They are nerfed versions of the regular swords, but the regular swords are still there :D

    Recipes and info.

    The first recipe is for the Energy Sword, which is the weakest. Upon the right click of a block it will strike lightning. This word does 54 attack damage.

    The second recipe is the recipe for the Red Energy Sword. It is slightly better than the first. Upon the right click of a block it will strike lightning and set off an explosion. This sword does 64 attack damage.

    The fourth recipe is the recipe for the Purple Energy Sword, which is kinda better than than the red. Upon the right click of a block it will strike more lightning than the first. This sword does 82 attack damage.

    The last recipe is the Green Energy Sword. This is the best sword and upon the right click of a block, it will strike more lightning than the first sword, cause an explosion and give you an emerald.

    New Recipes for nerfed versions

    The first recipe is the nerfed version of the Energy Sword called Vanilla Energy Sword. All swords like this have the "Vanilla" name before their name and have a little bit different model. Does 9 attack damage and strikes lightning.

    The next recipe is the Vanilla Red Energy Sword. Does 12 attack damage and causes an explosion.

    The third recipe is the Vanilla Purple Energy Sword. Does 16 attack damage and strikes more lightning than the Energy Sword.

    The last recipe is the Vanilla Green Energy Sword. Does 18 attack damage, strikes lightning and might drop an emerald.

    Hope you enjoy the mod :D

    DOWLOAD!!! http://mcreator.pylo.co/modification/11677/energy-swords-mod-wip This mod is compatible with optifine!

    NOTICE: I have discontinued the mod due to losing the files for it! :(

    But I am at the moment thinking of a mod to create next. :) I will make something similar to this mod, but the download is still here. Also i've lost interest in continuing this mod to have a thought on the next one, so as my summer break comes up, I will be sure to work most of my free time on a new mod. Hope you like my idea when it's released! :D

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