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    posted a message on Looking for Youtubers/Streamers to start a new SMP Community

    -IGN: CapnGramma

    -Age: 19.5pi

    -TimeZone: EST

    -Youtube and/or Twitch:



    -Discord ID: Cap’nGramma#6975

    I have a 4G server on ShockByte with a nice seed. Spawn is on an island that is big enough for a city. Many different biomes are in easy access.

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    posted a message on Slime spawning does not work

    Are you in a slime chunk?


    enter your seed and choose which version you're playing.

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    posted a message on Where are all the working villagers?

    Also, Villagers won't generate until your view distance causes their chunk to generate. Then it takes a day or more for them to discover workstations and choose a profession.

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    posted a message on Villager Breeding Problem

    They don't have enough carrots yet.

    I prefer the Breeder / Iron Farm combo. The villagers are more able to interact, so they start sharing food earlier.

    I use a 9x9 garden with a waterlogged iron trap door in the center. Iron, because it can't be opened accidentally. At one end I build a 5x9 platform for beds and a drop opening.

    The zombie is in an alcove that is closed at night with a block and sticky piston, powered by an inverted daylight detector.

    The roof then becomes the 9x15 Golem spawn area (9x14 plus the end wall). This feeds into a lava pool above a layer of hoppers.

    No, it's not the fastest breeder or iron farm, but it's quite adequate. If I want to stop the breeding, I remove 4 of the beds. If I want to stop the Iron farm, I switch the piston to always on.

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    posted a message on One composter, 3 farmers

    If you trade with a villager, he'll keep his occupation, even if you remove his workstation.

    This allows you to remove all but one composter in a Villager Breeder and still have all farmers.

    The bed problem is known, and the only workaround is to occasionally break and replace the beds.

    Therefore, it's a good idea to leave yourself an access point.

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    posted a message on Edit a part of the map

    You should be able to use WorldEdit plugin to replace the dungeon. Create the world in single player to get a "virgin" dungeon, and copy it over to the server's world.

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    posted a message on My Son got robbed.

    Use it as a learning experience. Make sure you have automatic backups set up, switch to Spigot or Bukkit, and add CoreProtect.

    There are also some great YouTube videos on all aspects of MineCraft, including server management.

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    posted a message on Help for afk farm

    Golems can spawn in a 12x16x16 space centered on the three villagers discussing their fear. Therefore you need to eliminate spawnable areas outside your trap and/or expand your trap to include the areas golems spawn.

    I raise my iron farm at least 8 blocks above the highest nearby ground, and make sure I don't build anything spawnable under it.

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    posted a message on Going high speeds on boat on blue ice causes chunk errors. Anyone else experiencing this.

    I run into this more on servers than in single player. You can try setting your view distance higher, so chunks will load earlier, but you may still need to slow down occasionally if your horizon shortens.

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    posted a message on AFK chicken farm

    Avromance has a couple tutorials.

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    posted a message on How Do You Approach Minecraft?

    I consider myself to still be a bit of a noob, as I've only been playing for a couple of years. I know the frustration of wanting to make the whole world look neat and tidy. Therefore, I restrict myself to "cleaning up" only the areas I use frequently.

    My main focus, right now, is learning to make farms and learning redstone.

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    posted a message on Your First Minecraft base?

    In my early days, I'd either find or dig out a small cave. I would create a work space with 6 double chests in a U around my crafting table and anvil. One end of the U had the stairs down to my mine and up to my living and enchanting spaces. The other end of the U has my furnaces.

    Soul Sand and the ability to stack chests changed all that. now I use a 1x3 "watervator" to access my mines. On the back side I have a materials lift using droppers with observers as the timer. My workshop is on level 42 with watervator stops at 30, 18, and 6. Each stop accesses 4 levels of 1x2 tunnels.

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    posted a message on Help me to find Jungle biome!

    The only "logic" to world generation seems to be that similar biomes usually generate as biome groups, like several jungle types together. However, biome groups don't necessarily generate in logical progression.

    If you know the seed or have access to the .dat file, you can use ChunkBase's Biome Finder online. If you don't, you'll just have to keep exploring.

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    posted a message on My world has no end portal pls help

    ChunkBase says there’s one at -252 / 1156

    I set the version to PS4


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    posted a message on How do I be OP on ANY minecraft server?

    Speaking as a Server and Game Admin, if you want OP, you have to convince a majority of our admins that you deserve the privilege. You do this by actively participating in the world, helping others, and demonstrating proficiency in a skill we need. It takes time, talent, and trust.

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