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    My proposition for bees is that you can find bee hives (Small brown, boxes hanging from big trees) randomly through the forest, destroying these hives will drop Honey, and paper (Not so sure about paper). Though if trying to break a beehives you have a chance of taking a small amount of damage. Honey can be consumed for 1 unit of hunger, and can be used in certain recipes for other foods (Just opening more possibilities.) Honey can also be a replacement for slimeballs in the recipes for sticky pistons and leeds. If a bee hive is within 30 blocks of a flower, the flower has an extremely low chance of spreading (Much like mushrooms), though only a certain amount of flowers are allowed in one area (much like mushrooms). Bee hives should also have a very small chance of forming on naturally generated sideways logs (on big oak trees) so that there wouldn't be a limited amount of hives, like there are lily pads. Feel free to express your opinion on this addition. Thanks for your time.

    Also note that I am aware of the other suggestions for bees and hives, I find that my description of an addition pertaining to bees/hives preserves the Vanilla feel to the game, which is also why I hesitate to add any features that give the player the ability to breed bees, and make hives. Mods do a great job covering bee breeding.

    If you're interested in mods containing/pertaining to bees and bee breeding, there are links below:


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    Chandelier is too bulky

    No real variety

    Practically a box

    2/10 would not bang
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    Funny when people say things that they think they know everything about, then somebody makes them look like an idiot.
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    I'm damn sure that I support this idea.
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    I thought of this while at a grinder I had recently made, and I think it's a fair idea. Golden books would be crafted like golden apples, but with books, and since golden items have a higher enchantability, then they would have a higher chance of getting better enchantments, the higher tier golden book, like the tiers of golden apples, would have a higher chance of getting amazing enchants, or multiple amazing enchants.
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