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    posted a message on Where in the world is PlayerAPI Core?

    where is the 1.8.9 version, I have the old r/hcfactions togglesneak mod but the link to playerapi is gone

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    posted a message on Does anyone know about a 1.8.9 glitch that causes walls to not work

    I play on 1.8.9 often, and sometimes, walls just don't work, occasionally, when walking up to walls, the wall's collision will just not register. I'm wondering if there is documentation for this glitch and maybe a mod that patches this.

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    posted a message on The extreme popularity of modded minecraft

    That's a weird thing to say.

    How is playing java exclusively akin to being a vegan?

    Is "missing pre 2013 tech" akin to "not eating meat"?

    joke explanation:

    If you were to take both launchers and compare them, the newer one is probably more convenient, and therefore is normal.

    They are stripping their launcher (diet) of everything new/(animal food products) because they have their own opinion that the new one/(animal products) is bad.

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    posted a message on Minecraft's poor optimization, a basic issue which should have been gone a long time ago.
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    The game is actually already able to use all CPU cores - in fact, as many as 255, or core count - 1, for background threads, not including the main threads and (for Java at least, the JVM's own threads (compiling, garbage collection, etc), all of which significantly exceeds the total available:

    As early as 1.8, released 9 years ago, rendering, dimensions, and mob AI were already multithreaded, with additional threading added in 1.13 (world generation) and 1.14 (lighting), yet there is still a persistent myth that the game is single-threaded:


    Even older versions, like 1.6.4, still have two main threads, for the client (mainly rendering) and server (game logic, world generation, etc), plus the JVM's own threads and various minor threads for things like file I/O; only prior to 1.3 was the game single threaded (and even then not really, due to the JVM itself. No idea how Bedrock has evolved in this regard):

    (the chart in the lower-right is the number of threads; "live threads" refers to main threads while "daemon threads" are background threads, with 3 and 13 respectively)

    Also, having too many threads, if not more than the number of cores (hyperthreading also helps but it is not the same as two physical cores), can reduce performance since they are fighting for CPU and memory bandwidth; in particular, modern CPUs are highly reliant on efficient cache usage and swapping between threads means it has to be purged (accessing main memory, even the latest generations, can take hundreds of CPU cycles), and you have to consider other hardware limits; if you've saturated the PCI bus to the GPU then adding more rendering threads won't do anything but degrade performance as each one has to wait:

    Actually I think Mojang is shooting themselves in the foot by relying too much on multithreading and not actually optimizing their code (the exact same issue with object creation in 1.8, relying too much on the garbage collector to clean up the mess they created) - as I've said many times the real issue with the game is the overall optimization and the development team's complete disregard of it - 1.6.4, even my highly optimized and bugfixed modded versions, only uses two main threads yet I have absolutely no issues at all getting superior performance on 10 year old hardware (my system is barely up the the current minimum requirements for Java Edition, but it is still a lot better than my old computer, which had hardware from the mid-2000s):

    And yes, the chart shown above is representative of the resources the game is using at these settings, except with FPS limited (there is no reason to run without a FPS limit, it just makes your computer work harder and causes graphical artifacts due to screen tearing):

    Remarkably, I've improved performance and reduced resource usage (for the same settings) despite adding many many large vanilla updates worth of new content (just look at the changelog for the current major release), and actually, I didn't even do that much; all the issues mentioned by the developer of Optifine have nothing to do with content but how Mojang has recoded the game (apparently "best industry programming practices", "making the lives of the developers easier", but from looking at the code I can't imagine how its bloated spaghetti code can be easier to work with; 1.7, which added dozens of new biomes and all that, only increased the size of the game by about 10%, while 1.8 increased it by another 50%):

    (note that less than half as many chunks are loaded, as seen next to "ChunkCache", 441 vs 1089, yet vanilla gets less FPS and uses about the same amount of memory; the views are not the same but the modded world is clearly more complex)

    Also, as I've mentioned here if higher render distances are intended to be practical to use for general gameplay the game really needs to implement "level of detail" rendering, where increasingly distant terrain is simplified, first by no longer rendering blocks like tall grass or effects like smooth lighting, then replacing multiple blocks with simplified models that roughly match the colors of the blocks they represent, all the way up to up to rendering entire chunks as simple cubes:

    That is the direct consequence of forcing the GPU to render millions of individual blocks, something they were never designed to do (that is multiple by the frame rate; 1 million blocks x 60 FPS = 60 million/second; if each exposed block has just once face to render then there are 240 million vertices and 15.36 billion texels ("texture elements", 256 for each face if 16x16 textures are used) being rendered every second! Modern GPUs, can easily handle 10 times that number but it is only a theoretical limit and other factors come into play long before then, and most games struggle to reach even a billion texels/second (again, though, they are rendering far less in terms of total textured area and implement LoD techniques to minimize what needs to be rendered):

    Given this, it is quite surprising that a GPU from 2006 was able to get around 100 FPS, if at a render distance of only 8 chunks and Fast graphics, but at the same time in a quite demanding biome (I'd seen people complain about lag in jungles but as long as I didn't use Fancy graphics / set leaves to Fancy (Optifine) they didn't cause any issues):

    At the same time...

    What changed so much? Worst of all, Mojang claimed to have optimized the game - and closed a bug report as invalid and to turn down settings / upgrade your hardware:

    Also, they did the exact same thing for a more recent report:

    me when the game "developers" tell you to reduce your visibility (WHICH IS HIGHLY IMPORTANT IN EVERYTHING SURVIVIAL) in order to make the game more fun

    Pro tip: 32 render distance is quite OP for finding structures

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    posted a message on Adfly Sucks

    But then I had a very good idea, I used F12, see, using F12 gave me a whole new prespective and I could see a skip button I couldn’t have seen before.

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    posted a message on How does NameMC work?

    Namemc probably has special access, probably from a long while ago that never got revoked.

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    posted a message on Cpu or gpu upgrade??

    gpu increases avg fps

    ram & cpu decrease lag spikes
    Your build may be limited by motherboard throughput as well, so first step is to find whats at 100%

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    posted a message on How much FPS can you get without any major FPS modifications?

    Bro i only got 150 with this

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    posted a message on What Operating System do you use?

    I use Windows 11. Hopefully will be using Mac OS X at some point in the future.

    Dont ever use mac

    worst os 100%
    except for chromeos which will always be ****

    1. No break from telemetry

    2. Mac can’t run exe files so 90% of all apps are off limits

    3. Costs a whole lot more

    4. Performance not found in any mac. Expect a potato-mid tier computer.

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    posted a message on What Operating System do you use?

    mac because my parents simp for apple

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    posted a message on Steady Decline in FPS

    check different worlds

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    posted a message on Can someone explain this to me

    ask ur friend

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    posted a message on Server-only Mod Recommendations?

    seems like you could just use a datapack and a plugin that sets world perms

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    posted a message on Server doesnt start

    [25.04 22:21:04] [Server] ------------------------------------------------------------
    [25.04 22:21:04] [Server] A critical error has occurred and your server was shut down.
    [25.04 22:21:04] [Server] Please send this info to the Magma team on Discord or GitLab
    [25.04 22:21:04] [Server] Please also include the full log file!
    [25.04 22:21:04] [Server] ------------------------------------------------------------

    Do what it says

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