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    posted a message on [FANTASY RP] Asmalur - Land of the Dragon [1.8.1] [MEDIEVAL] [GREYLIST]
    Location:United States
    Interests:Video Games, Roleplaying, Music

    Character Info:

    Name Oghrell Aedrach (Pronounced AW-G-RELL AID-RACK)
    Race: Dwarf
    Profession (choose 1):Blacksmith
    Background info: Oghrell is a drunk. He has a large knowledge of ale and mead and how to drink it. Most likley he can beat you at any drinking game available. Though he is most noticeable for his horrible breath and his dirty scruffy beard. Though he did once have a...noble-ish...path. As a young child his father gave him away to a band of mercenaries outside Rohadren. The mercenaries trained him into combat and smithing. Though he took a liking to smithing much more than fighting and had a Fascination with ore. He was always found sneaking away from camp into abandoned mines mining as much leftover ore as he could find before the rest of his comrades dragged him back. He became quite skilled at smithing. Using a make-shift forge and anvil to make or repair wonderful suits of armor for his comrades. Sadly Oghrell was betrayed his most closest friend within his merry band of mercenaries betrayed him and trapped him inside a cave. Using a small pickaxe he had with him he spent almost two weeks digging his way out of the cave. He wandered tired and betrayed to the nearest village where he spent a year there drinking his life away. He than decided to travel to Rohadren to hopefully take up his craft again.

    Account Info:

    Minecraft username:Canorsherd
    Roleplaying Experience: Role-played in Wow in live servers and private servers, played a wide variety of tabletop RPG's, and Garry's Mod. (I understand OOC, IC, Meta-gaming, ect)
    Have you read our entire server lore?:Skimmed through it. Seems interesting. Might read it a couple more times to try and shove it into my brain. Yes I did read it.
    Have you read our entire rules?:Yes. No 1337 Speak, no teleporting with enderpearls, ect
    Our website (for your convenience): www.kamikazecraft.com
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    posted a message on ~The Land of Charybdis~ *Serious RP* iConomy | Factions | Wars | Essentials | Towny | And More!
    A bit about yourself:I'm a goddamn nerd. That's about it.
    Past RP experiences:Dungeons and Dragons (Tabletop) World of Warcraft RP, Garry's mod RP, Lord of the Rings Online
    Past MC experiences: Played MC for about a year. Nothing really special done in said time period.

    IC name:Isaac Crowley
    Character description (What he looks like):6 ft 2 Dark haired human male with brown eyes. He's partially colorblind and has a noticable scar across the left side of his face.
    Faction you wish to join:Bandits
    Character goals and ambitions:To make as much money as bloody possible.
    Character background: Isaac Crowley was the only son of Francis Crowley. First mate aboard the mercenary ship The Shark-Warrior. At a young age. Francis never cared for his son he seemed to care more about his duty aboard the ship rather than his duty as a father. Though Captain of the ship; Captain Aric Roche took a liking to Isaac and saw his potential and raised him and taught him every skill he knows. As Crowley was entering adulthood Aric and Francis began to hate each other due to the constant disagreements they had about the ship. While Roche took Crowley off on a contracted mission. Francis began to rally supporters aboard the ship, loyalists still remaining loyal to Captain Roche quickly heard of their bickering and took immediate action. As Isaac and Roche returned aboard the ship. They saw the dead bodies of various crew members. While trying to investigate Francis and the mutinous crew ambushed Roche quickly taking him down. Out of pure anger and rage for seeing Roche die Crowley charged at his father, thrusting a dagger into his chest. He soon unsheathed his blade and began to cut down every last member of the mutinous crew. He than set the ship ablaze. Letting it burn on the dock it was on.

    Isaac is a sarcastic little *******. He rarely takes things seriously and prefers humor. He may be quick tempered, but he was raised with morales and lectures about honor. Though he also has a love for coin aswell. Crowley would do nearly everything to get a quick coin, from stealing to cheating, and killing. Though Crowley's soft-spot lies within women. He would usually refuse to do anything involving hurting a women and would be rather flirty around them.
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    posted a message on I can find/make any skin for you!
    Hey, I heard your quite sick. I hope you get well soon. You have my blessings.
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    posted a message on I can find/make any skin for you!
    Ah, a fellow brony! *Brohoof* I would be so happy if you would be able to make a skin of the TF2 medic with the Team Captains Hat.

    Here are some pictures to base the skin on:

    and here's the Medic with his Team Captains hat on
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    posted a message on Beheimicraft Series! Season 3 Minecraft LP with BC/IC2/RP2 and a total of 47 mods
    This is clearly not a bump to get this forum thread more noticed for a cool commentator like this fine gentlemen over here!
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    posted a message on Sphax PureBDcraft (14/09/2019) - All resolutions / 100% complete
    Thanks InTheLittleWood for bringing me here! This Texture pack looks great. The Cartoony-ish style I like. Downloading right now.
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    posted a message on Fallout: Nuka Break

    IGN:Canorsherd (Same as forums name)


    Role-Play Exp.:Six years in World if Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, Garry's Mod, minecraft, ect.

    Why Us:There are so many servers that claim they are "RP servers." Then when you log in, nobody is in Character, and nobody RP's, I hope your server will take Roleplay seriously.

    Time You Can Dedicate:Maybe a few hours everyday. Depending on how busy I am in the real world.


    Name:James Dimitri Crowley



    Appearance:An averaged sized dark haired middle-aged man with brown eyes. He appears to be nondescript.

    Fears:James is Brontophobic (fear of lightning) and Catagelophobic (fear of being ridiculed) and...well. His fears are too much to list. The only thing he dosen't truly fear is death.

    Personality:James has minor Schizophrenia and has Tinnitus (a disease where one hears constant ringing) Most of the time he's able to keep his sanity but in private solitude he would go into a mental breakdown. Though, usually he is quite sarcastic, and tries to hide his mental disabilities with humor

    RP Example: *points his revolver at you* I know what you're thinking! You think I'm crazy! You think I'm some sort of psychopath! HAHA...No more...I will have no more of this! THIS RIDICULE, Aren't we all crazy?! Hmm! I-I guess not! This world and it's neglegance! I CAN'T STAND THIS ANYMORE! GO RUN! KILL ME IF YOU MUST, BUT I SHALL NOT TAKE THIS RIDIDULE NO LONGER! *Turns the revolver around and puts it againsted his head* All I need...is peace...

    Character BIO (1-2 paragraphs):
    James was separated from his parents at the age of six. He wandered the wasteland in solitude for weeks. Eating what he could steal from the passing trade caravans that would occasionally pass by. A man and owner of a trade caravan and his wife found him in a cave, crying and yelling at the walls. They took him in, and raised as their own. At the age of seventeen he had constant mental breakdowns, he would go into rage fits, and would constantly cry. This disturbed young man, unable to get the proper therapy he would've gotten if we was born before the nukes came, went insane. One day his parents caught him behind a rock holding a gun to his head. When he heard them, he turned around and shot the only people who cared for him, and left to continue to wander the wasteland.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] "Invalid server key" fix
    Thank you kind sir!
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    posted a message on STALKER [serious RP] [Apacolyptic] [80% Vanilla] [Custom generated world]
    Experince:6 years Roleplaying experience with Wow, LOTRO, GMOD, and I also used to be Co-Owner of a cutsom lore RP guild in Wow.
    Did you read my very important rules:Yes.
    Are you extremely mature:Perhaps.
    Characters name:Gabe Crowley
    Characters age:47
    Characers backstory:Former school teacher Gabriel Crowley was one of the Survivors from the outbreak. During the outbreak he served as a scientist collecting DNA to search for a cure for plauge. Though with an experiment gone wrong infected and killed most of his colleagues. After escaping the facility he now travels in his newly found eviroment.
    Characters call-sign:Drano
    Characters personality:a Sarcastic Intellectual middle aged smoker.
    Do you have skype:Yes (no mic though...)
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    posted a message on JDmine - whitelist - 24/7 - bukkit - 1.0.0


    read rules?:Yes (I am red elf)

    Male or Female:Male

    Ever been banned?:Yes, sadly...

    why?:I've been banned from a server for mic-spamming. (Playing the Happy Days theme song) Which to me is an unfair and stupid reason to perma ban somebody whose played on said server for months and donated.
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    posted a message on Rage Quit Mega Monster Adventures
    No links, pictures, or info. No download.
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    posted a message on Anyone else disappointed?
    I don't know my friend, there is only one man who can answer that question. Notch...
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    posted a message on Will Minecraft Keep Updating?
    Minecraft will always be updated. Take Team fortress 2 for example. It released around 2006 I believe. (Correct me if I'm wrong.) It's still constantly updated with Bug fixes, patches, and events. And as Labman said
    Yes it will as long as people play minecraft and buy it.
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