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    posted a message on Snapshot 18w09a - Who thinks the Coral texture looks a little 'flat' ?
    Quote from Mancu32»

    Lol, I'm a fortune teller ._.

    Either that or too Mojang had too many people complaining about the textures.
    Not too sure if I still prefer the Minecon or these new ones yet, although these new one also seem to have accompanying colored plants on them

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    posted a message on Snapshot 18w09a - Who thinks the Coral texture looks a little 'flat' ?

    Actually forgot about that post - Yep I prefer those than what we've got now (like them even more than my feeble attempt)

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    posted a message on Snapshot 18w09a - Who thinks the Coral texture looks a little 'flat' ?

    Just looked at the new coral block - & maybe it's just me but - I personally don't think the texture of it looks right

    In my mind coral is usually 'bumpy' looking (use google images & you see what I mean) but the texture in Minecraft looks too smooth.

    Something like the Endstone texture looks more 'Coral' to me than the current 'Coral' IMHO - so I tried making 'coloured endstone' & seeing what it may look like as coral (This was just a quick mockup so more professional graphic designers could probably do better)

    What does everyone else think...

    Does the current Coral texture look 'wrong' to them ??

    Would you prefer a more 'Bumpy' looking coral ??

    EDIT: Added poll

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    posted a message on Poll - help please

    b. Probably minigames is the best way to go. That's what most people play now adays.

    Unfortunately Op will have to compete against servers like hypixel to get the players to go onto his server, so I can understand why he's asking for advice.

    I guess it really depends on how much time he'd want to put into maintaining the server
    > If it was a vanilla survival type - He'd have to be around to sort out grief claims etc (unless he add a grief prevention plugin)
    > If it was a PvP/PvE - then He'd have to create (Or get players to create) Arenas - then sort out the necessary plugins etc to contain the arenas into a self contained area, & probably have to sort out any disputes
    > If it was a 'Quest' server - time would be needed to sort out suitable quests & he'd have to come up with new quests to keeps players interested
    > Creative Server ?? - I'd think this may be the easiest. Just would need a plugin for 'plots' & each plot would belong to a single player to build on in creative mode

    It's not that easy to come up with some 'unique' server type IMHO
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    posted a message on Minecart stop AND go station?

    I'm not a redstoner (I just dabble with it) & not sure if this is what you want..

    Basically as minecart arrives it powers up a Comparitor delay circuit which in turns turns OFF the upper powered rail.
    (Ignore the red concrete blocks - that's just a start minecart test cct)

    When the comparitors delay has expired the powered rail get re-powered allowing minecart to go on it's merry way

    The more comparitors you add - the longer it'll wait at the stop (6 comparitors is about 5 secs delay)

    Longer delays & you may need a Hopper clock arrangement

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    posted a message on Looking for barn
    Quote from FaerieChild»

    Would the fence and soul sand trick work with path blocks? It might make the floor look more recently cleaned.

    Looks like it does.

    Incidentally - it looks like my OP above was wrong (I was trying to do it all from memory at the time)
    it seems you can dig down 1 block & put fence post /Cobble wall in the gap but you CAN'T put carpet on top to hide the posts if the soulsand/path block etc are level with the carpet - mobs can still walk over them

    I have been experimenting and think I've found a way to have an invisible wall that mobs won't walk over but is still 'ground level'

    If you dig around the 'pen' down by 3 blocks, Place string level with the Dirtpath/Souldsand blocks (or whatever block you like) THEN place carpet on top of the string - mobs only seem to see the 3 block drop & won't attempt to go over the carpets (In the 'invisible wall' pic - I'm actually holding a carrot to tempt the pig)

    @OP: Have you tried googling things like 'Minecraft medival barn' ??

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    posted a message on I've never played Minecraft multiplayer. What do you do in multiplayer?

    1. Some servers have plugins added that prevent griefing other peoples areas (A popular one is called griefprevention) - so it's best to find a SMP that has this type of plugin installed (Some servers don't since they allow griefing - like Pvp or factions servers)

    With this type of plugin the first time you place a chest down - a small (usually 9x9 area) is autoclaimed which you - & only you - can build on & no-one (and I mean NO-ONE) else can do anything on that claimed area without you adding them (or trusting them) with the necessary permissions. This means nothing can be destroyed or stolen unless YOU allowed players access to the protected area

    Servers have their own ways of allowing player to buy/earn extra claim blocks which then can be used to expand your current claim, allowing you to build bigger builds.

    2. Starting up a normal Minecraft game - you should see on the main screen 'Singleplayer' and 'Multiplayer' options.

    Clicking the 'Multiplayer' would bring up a list of servers IF you added them to your personal list (otherwise it will be empty)

    You would need to click the [Add server] button then type in the required details into the boxes.

    The first box is a general purpose name that you can type whatever you like (e.g it might be the name of the server like 'mcdaily' or the type of server like 'PvP')

    The 2nd box is the actual server address. If you vist Servers lists like this one - each type of server has something like '' underneath the banner ad.. this is what you would need to type in

    Once details are entered the [Done] button will highlight - click that & now the server list shows the server you just added

    Hover your mouse over the server icon & click the big arrow to join that server.

    Note that SOME servers are 'whitelisted' meaning that only certain players can join that server (eg 'hermitcraft' has a white list that only certain youtube players can join)

    3. Most Servers are free to join.

    There are terms & conditions set up by Mojang about server payments that restrict what servers are allowed to ask for in payments. However some servers do ask for cash/donations so that they can get a little bit of extra cash to pay the hosting provider of the server & keep the server running, but usually this is voluntory (I'm sure other player can confirm/deny this)

    4. This is hard to answer IMHO. It really depends on the type of Server you join

    hen I first started on a Multiplayer server - which was a 'survival one - I started up playing just like single player worlds but eventually started chatting to other players, which progressed to trading between each other, helping with larger builds.. gathering resources for each other - stuff like that

    Other Multiplayer servers may have MMO or quests.. so you baisically play like normal survival, but there could be harder challenges to complete, or perhaps more mini-bosses to fight against.. there may even be 'skill trees' that you need to gains experience to unlock certain skills to survive

    Some servers are 'minigame' servers - like hypixel - that have a selection of minigames players can play (Bed wars/survival games/ hide&seek are a couple) and don't actually have survival worlds at all - so it's generally a place you & your friends could get together to play against one-another (or as a team in some games) for some friendly rivary

    Then there's 'creative' servers.. which allows players normal 'creative' mode to build whatever they like without having to go out gathering resources

    so it's hard to say what players do on mulitplayer since there's so many variants of gameplay available

    I'm sure any other players here can give more information about what they do on servers - & even agree/disagree to what I've currently said, but I hope what I've said may give you a bit more info about Multiplayer servers

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    posted a message on Inability to play minecraft when using replay mod (Game auto crashes)

    I assume you're trying to run this on Minecraft 1.8 - if not then you've got the wrong version of replaymod for the version of Minecraft.

    I also assume you have the correct FORGE version for 1.8 as well - according to their webpage it should be Forge 1.8-

    I've never used this so I don't know it FFmpeg is a 'required' file or whether Replaymod works without it - have you got it installed ??

    I'm also surprised there isn't any crash log files... have you looked in the .minecraft folder to see if there's any 'log' files.. it may not necessarily be a minecraft log file , but perhaps a forge crashlog may exist - & that might have info in it for other to get a better idea what might be causing it

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    posted a message on XRay Mod (1.6.4 - 1.11) ( Vanilla/Forge/LiteLoader )
    Quote from 1tsm33»

    Link seems to be down though

    Opps should've checked before posting.
    If you're brave enough you could try following this post to alter v58 to work with 1.12.2

    Some people have succeeded while others seem to have problems

    EDIT: Ok - I followed my own advice.

    downloaded v58 , Followed DromarLeBanisseur post, copied it into my [Multimc] mod folder & it worked

    Here's a link to my attempt of the hack.

    (FYI I've called it 'xray-58-vDLB' after the poster who came up with the hack, just so that we know the differences between the offical v58 & the 'unoffical' v58)

    Incidentally, I didn't notice at the time that up TOP of this page DeltaThree14 had also modified the version themselves but modified it to include '1.12.2' (2nd entry on list) in the installer when you doubleclick it

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    posted a message on XRay Mod (1.6.4 - 1.11) ( Vanilla/Forge/LiteLoader )
    Quote from MerlinK11»

    erm who cams update to 1.12.2 ?

    erm r u asking for 1.12.2 update ??

    If so - there is already an 'unofficial' version made - see this post
    Some people seem to be having trouble with it - but I've not
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