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    posted a message on I cant login anymore??? Code : Drowned

    Dont play Bedrock - but a google search came up with these other suggestions

    How To Fix Minecraft Error Code Drowned (alphr.com)

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    posted a message on Modpack start error

    Have you tried removing Undead Unleashed mod to see if it still crashes ?

    I notice that this Mod also requires 'Geckolib' & 'Curios API' & I can see 'geckolib-forge-1.19-3.1.40.jar' in the list but not any 'curios.jar' files (I assume you need 'curios-forge-1.19.2-' but cant be sure)

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    posted a message on 1.20.2 Snapshot villager changes
    Quote from vladmanry»

    You all ask why they are doing this? It is because they are trying to kill Java. They have been doing this since Microsoft bought out Mojang. I will NOT switch to Bedrock. I will shut down my servers and delete the game first.

    These changes are absolutely bull

    I agree it's 'bull' but I don't think they're trying to kill off Java.

    If so why are they trying to make both version identical & 'unifying' them ??

    Also how do you know they won't add the 'experimental' stuff to Bedrock eventually ??

    If they add it to Java & kill it off because players don't like what they added and THEN add it to Bedrock (because that's what they want YOU to have) then they'll kill off Bedrock players as well

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    posted a message on 1.20.2 Snapshot villager changes


    Why on earth would you restrict books to certain Biome Villagers ??

    What will happen to SMP's with limited world borders ??

    I've seen it time & again that a server updates to include 'new stuff' & early bird players go out & clear out/raid all the available new stuff & leaves nothing for players that come on later..

    I can see it happening (IF mojang includes this) that the first day players are going out & finding villagers in different biomes, transporting them to their claims & killing off any they left behind - leaving nothing for the late comers

    I've seen it happen when 1.20 came out & we had ruins/archaeology added
    - within the first day there were NO ruins left... all Shards were collected & of course - no way to duplicate them - so player were selling them to other players that want them at ridiculous (in-game) money. At least with TRIMS you can duplicate them (although quite expensive to do so)

    This is just another way Mojang/Microsoft is ruining Minecraft - they come up with ideas that they think people want on their single player games, but never think of the outcome on SMP's

    IF I was thinking of something like this I would keep it basically the same except I would change it so that certain Biome Villagers have a HIGHER % chance of giving certain books based on the Biome they are from

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    posted a message on End Update

    Only major things I'd like to see is

    1) Have a game rule that allows Dragon egg to (re)spawn when you kill the Dragon - something like '/gamerule dragonegg xx' Where 'xx' is how many times the dragon is killed before the egg can respawn (default 12/13 - basically means once you killed dragon enough times to spawn in all the endgates at spawn THEN a new egg can respawn).

    Why ?!?!? - well on Multiplayer servers it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get 100% Advancements because of the 'Hold Dragon Egg in Inventory'. You cant get the egg if someone else beats you to it & if that player decides to leave the server, then the egg is 'lost'

    2) An easier way to find end cities.. Perhaps a change in gamecode that says an endcity MUST spawn withing 128 blocks of an Endgate.

    As you wander around & stumble across a random endgate.. you'll know there a city nearby - or perhaps able to buy a map from a cartographer

    3) I read in another post about 'moving' phantoms into the end & being able to kill these & crafting an Elytra from the Membranes .

    I think this is too OP, why go looking for end ships if you can craft one, but maybe you COULD craft an elytra from Membranes BUT a crafted one CANNOT have enchantments added to it (No mending/unbreaking) - only one from an Endship can be enchanted

    4) as for new Biomes to the end ??

    I think MAYBE. perhaps some vegetation on the ground (dried weeds come to mind) to break up the monotomy of the landscape, maybe small oasis of water (so IF you have a trident you could 'fly' that way), but nothing like in the Nether update

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    posted a message on Minceraft easter egg

    Do you mean this ??

    If so - I found it on Bing first attempt

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    posted a message on [Suggestion] End Dragon Egg - Respawn Option

    As many know, there is only the one Dragon egg available in the game & you can only get it by killing the very first dragon in the End.

    For those of us that play single player - this isn't a problem, but on Multi-player servers it causes a small problem.

    How can players complete all the Advancement & get 100% if there's only the one egg.. The only way is to find WHO killed the first Dragon & ask them (very nicely) if you can hold the egg. But if this player has left the game/server, then the Egg is effectively 'Lost'

    I'd like to offer a suggestion - A new Gamerule '/gamerule spawnegg xx'

    What this does is causes the Spawn egg to be respawned when the 'xx' dragon is killed.

    What do I mean by 'xx' dragon killed ?? - Depending on the value you enter means that many Dragons need to be killed before a New Egg is spawned.
    (Setting to '0' mean there'll be only the one egg) so if you enter '/gamerule Spawnegg 20' - this means that after the First Dragon is killed (& the original Egg is spawned) then the next 20 Dragons that are respawned using End Crystals the Egg WILL NOT SPAWN but on the 21st Dragon Respawn (& killed) then a new egg will appear.

    This way it'll give other players on the SMP a chance of getting a Dragon Egg & managing to 100% the Advancements

    As a 'Bonus' maybe 'respawned eggs' can have a slightly different Egg graphic - maybe same egg pattern but with a different coloured speckled effect - so that players will know whether it's the 'Original' or a 'Respawn'

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    posted a message on World Downloader Mod - Create backups of your builds on multiplayer servers!
    Quote from Pokechu22»

    Unfortunately, no. I still want to do an update, but I've still been super busy and the technical challenges regarding 1.17/1.18 are still present.

    I guess the same goes for getting a 1.19.x update

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    posted a message on Different Armor Sets and The Warden

    I actually like this idea - Leather armour actually getting a use.
    I would also like to suggest a couple of additions
    - Leather armour ACTUALLY is better against Wardens Sound blast attack.. - ATM 2 hits regardless of armour & you're dead. I would like Leather armour 'softens' the blast attack maybe reduce the original damage by 5% or so

    - Add 'new' enchantments that could be added to just leather armour: 'Absorbtion' (working title) : maybe have 3 levels for this Lvl 1 decreases sound blast attack by 15% , lvl2 by 30% & lvl 3 by 50%

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    posted a message on Redstone help greatly appreciated

    I tried to replicate your design but cant get it to work properly with the Slimeblock pusher on the lower half of your design - the side piston seems to get stuck onto the slimeblock/observer tower when that moves, maybe its because I'm trying it on 1.18 & your world is on a different version - however I think your problem is with the first wooden button.

    I think it is BUD powering the upper piston when pressed (to me it looks as though THAT button is directly underneath the piston). I think if you move that button away from the top piston it may work - look at my attachment & you may be able to figure out where I've moved the button

    EDIT: In case you can't see it in the attachment - a little bit of playing around & I've come up with a similar design based on yours that works for me (in 1.18.2 at least)

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    posted a message on Adding copper wire for redstone use
    Quote from Vierbo»

    This is a really neat idea, and no new blocks need to be added, just slight functionality changes to copper redstone interaction. I honestly wish they added that when they released the line of new copper blocks, but maybe it's not too late. Fully support.

    I did think of one issue involving lightning, you may not want your lightning rods to be conducting lightning because it could cause some obvious signal interference, how about a way for the game to recognize insulated lightning rods from out in the open ones? (i.e. wool or slime block above it, or maybe just configuring it the way you did in the sample image would make the rods not conduct lightning strikes directly from the sky.)

    Are you referring to my image in post #8 ?? - I did mention that I used a Lightning rod as 'copper wire' (as there's nothing like it in the game atm) but agree we would need something to prevent being hit by lighting.. maybe using the recipe for lightning rod (3xcopper ingots) but also adding 6xwool going down the sides can create an 'insulated lightning rod'/'Copper wire' might be an idea

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    posted a message on GIVE COPPER A BETTER USE

    They Need Give copper a better use, because it has 3 uses blocks, lightning rods, and spyglasses,

    I agree there should be more uses of Copper - I've always wanted something that allowed Redstone signals to go Vertically Up AND Down instead of having to use 'steps' or torch towers - using observers to do this is one way however observers give pulses. with a copper line the signal can be 'constant'

    As for Hemipheisto suggestion - care to elaborate on 'maybe a copper hammer for blueprints or something.'- What type of 'blueprints' do you think could be created. IRL a copper hammer is only useful for knocking things into shape without damaging the material too badly - so are you suggesting a way to make 'shiny' gold/copper/iron stuff ??

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    posted a message on XRay Mod (1.6.4 - 1.11) ( Vanilla/Forge/LiteLoader )


    Try this one - this is the 'permanent' Discord link https://discord.gg/rxJfVvW

    I think Dromar uses a standard post & alters just the relevant detail & forgot to update to the new linkl

    None done by Dromar (the current developer) however on the Discord #Link channel you'll find links to a couple of (possible) 1.12.2 that we've managed to salvage/save from the Original developer before he stopped supporting it

    Both have been tested for forge by us helpers (Me & Gold) although some users have reported problems

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    posted a message on i am trying to play fabric with my brother but when i press play it never shows up and then it crashes

    Not that I'm an expert but usually a crash log would probably help - it may show up which mod is causing the problem.
    Just giving a list won't help determine if/what mods may be clashing with one another

    I've seen many people say to make a copy of the crash log on pastebin & post a link to it here so anyone can read & take a guess

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    posted a message on HELP, MY FPS

    "every 5 mins"?.. I assume it's not always 5m but around that time.

    Is there some other program that runs in the background every few minutes - maybe security suite/antivirus or a backup program is doing regular checks?

    A Google search shows that if running a laptop on battery power can cause laptops to 'throttle down' on a regular basic & can cause fps drops

    Some results suggest updating graphic drivers, however I have also seen posts where updating these could cause problems & 'rolling back' to older drivers have helped

    Other posts have asked if it's modded minecraft, using cracked clients, only on a specific world or every world - even the type of biome you're in can cause fps drops, or if the area you are in has multiple entities

    Some have suggested lowering graphic settings / chunk render distance, assign more memory to graphic card using java arguments (not sure how to do that) - even clearing out laptop exhaust ports as overheating can cause problems

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