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    posted a message on Looking for Hetalia Minecraft People for my Minecraft Survival world. (I play Pocket edition but it is synced with my Xbox.)

    I am big on Survival and want to Create, Mine and play With others on my single player world. I am nearly always on minecraft and I don’t own realms due to the fact that I don’t have a source of income.

    I am freaking tired of playing alone alone on my world... it is enough to drive me (as well as my character) crazy XD)

    my character skin is of NyoDenmark, her name is Amara.

    if you roleplay in Minecraft as any version of the Nordics or Hetalia characters, please hit me up through the Xbox convo!

    my IGN is the same as my username here!

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    posted a message on Looking for Minecraft PE players to play survival with.

    Hello! I am trying this once again. My name is Canadianmaple95. I am a Female and a weeaboo, and am going on 23 years old in May. I play minecraft because my ADHD/ADD riddled mind needs stimulation because I get bored really easily. Minecraft is the one thing that keeps my mind busy and my attention is focused on the game. I am looking for players To befriend. While I do enjoy the occasional troll, greifing is strictly prohibited! If I catch you greifing, your going to have your Breaking block permission removed.

    That being said, in my minecraft world, Hetalia minecraft roleplayers are more than welcome. I myself play as Fem!Denmark. I would like it, if you know what Hetalia is and apply a Hetalia minecraft skin before joining my game.

    Both Hetalia and Female!hetalia role players welcome!

    Send me a message on the Xbox app, I will respond to you and add you as a friend! :)

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    posted a message on Pocket edition. Xbox one. Bedrock Minecraft. Join here!

    Hello, I am 21 going on 22, I don’t really like drama and would really like to join your realm. My Gamertag is Canadianmaple95 . Please bare in mind, I am a little shy so I probably won’t speak much in chat.

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    posted a message on Looking for friends to play MCPE with!

    Just what the title says.


    no griefing.

    no pvp outside of the arena

    Know what Hetalia and role playing Is.

    IGN: Canadianmaple95

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