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    The link sadly does not work, could you upload on something else?

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    I'd personally like to see this updated still; it has it's uses especially when swapping between resourcepacks often and for animated textures (such as waving grass) can be done a whole lot less computer intensively.

    If anyone would have the knowledge to convert this into a .fsh/.vsh they should totally do it.

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    Quote from minecrafter147

    Wow. Might do a Youtube series.

    Have fun! If you or anybody wants to make a video of this I'd be happy to put it in the description to share with everyone else :P
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    Quote from TheMasterCaver

    Sand or grass don't define what type of village you have ("Desert" preset with top layer changed to grass):
    spoiler removed

    It is all dependent on the biome.

    Although, if you don't use sand villages will be lower down without paths as they only generate on solid surfaces (either the sand layer or the obsidian under the lava); if you make the lava deeper, they will even be submerged in it, similar to the "Water World" preset.

    Also, the sand doesn't necessarily fall away immediately as you can see here:
    spoiler removed
    Also, it is a bit odd that desert temples generate at a fixed height instead of based on the actual ground level; they will even generate underground if you use the Tunneler's Dream preset set to a desert biome.

    Very interesting, I was not aware it spawned in that way. Thanks for clearing that up!

    But as you said, the way I set it up, I wanted the paths to appear and be floating. So for this reason I let the sand spawn at that height then fall away. The decoration setting also gives a high chance that a cactus item block will pop off and land on a pathway, adding cactus farming to the gameplay.

    And as for the Desert Temples, I believe that it has something to do with the fact that they go so deep to get to their treasure. If they spawned too low and the chests got cut off I can imagine Mojang would get instant complaints off such a thing, haha. Either way, their solution works fine in regular worlds so I guess they're sticking to what works.

    Quote from Gartonia

    I enjoyed the seed and found it very interesting, but there was only one problem I found, and it was a big one (for me at least). The sand layer. It served no purpose except to define village type. It fell into the lava immediately, and all that sand created massive lag. Remove that layer in your presets if you have a slower PC like I do.

    Sand only falls when the block around it is updated (block is placed, destroyed or changed) and loaded in your chunk, so when the world is spawned there's an extremely high chance that it will detect at least one of these as an update. When one block falls, it updates the sand next to it and so on; giving a nice diamond shape to it. One interesting thing I noticed is when the paths made a square shape around a chunk of sand, it stayed in place. It stayed this way for two whole in-game days, then an enderman came along and picked up a cactus, which in turn updated the area and the sand fell down killing itself and a whole load of villagers and other mobs XD

    If your computer is slower, you can disable the sand layer if you want to,
    but I highly recommend against it.
    As TheMasterCaver pointed out to me, the villages do spawn without the sand layer, but the pathways do not, which makes travel around the world much more difficult. My computer isn't great either, but it will return to it's normal speed once all the sand around you has settled. If you lower your render distance to the minimum and slowly increase it, it will create less lag. So in conclusion, if you can handle the 5 or so minutes of lag this creates until all the sand settles, it is very much worth it.
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    Nice to see the positive response out of this. Thanks guys!
    It's rare to find an enjoyable yet unique playstyle, which is why I posted this.
    Anyway, if you enjoyed this share it with your friends, so they can test it out too :P
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    Behold the Lava Ocean!

    This hasn't stopped the villagers move in and make a life here. Dense villages span across the vast oceans offering food and tradable items. Blacksmith houses contain chests with unobtainable items such as diamonds. There are also rare Desert Temples which contain other goodies for those with the aptitude to climb the high tower they were created upon.

    I thought this would make an interesting survival experience or a lets play or something along those lines, possibly if given a certain set of items at the beginning to add more variety to it. Villages do not naturally spawn on top of anything but sand (for desert villages, grass for others), so normally if a regular superflat world was made with just lava, there would be no villages. This works by setting the biome to desert with one layer of sand underneath 3 lava layers. The sand falls away and leaves the sandstone roads and houses floating over the open lava ocean.

    For this reason, this means when you first load it up, expect a lot of lag until all the sand around you has fallen. it is recommended that you create this world with Creative turned on until the sand has settled; to avoid spawning in the lava. Either that or try out your luck with different seeds until you find a place on a village house or pathway. With a decent computer it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.

    Anyway, copy and the following into your superflat preset code box, and enjoy!

    2;7,49,3x11,12;2;biome_1,village(distance=9 size=10),decoration

    And I know, it's not exactly a seed as such, so sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I didn't see a section devoted to such a thing anywhere else. If there isn't a place for posts similar to this, then the whole section should be updated to include flatland preset codes, I'm sure that a few of you have some cool ones too :P
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    they should do this with the PC version too, it'd be nice to have a hardcopy to show off
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    The topic link for Alexei03a's Reflection Shaders seems to be broken. I'm not an idiot; I'll find it myself, just a heads up karyonix :)
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    posted a message on [Updated 1.2.5] Edencraft ✦Survival & Creative Server ▬ Friendly ▬ Greylist ▬ 24/7✦
    Hey Guys! I see that there are still some of you which are trying to apply here. That's fine, however please note that:
    Builder applications are no longer checked or responded to here anymore.
    Please read below if you are still interested in joining. Thanks for your interest in Edencraft!

    Just discovering Edencraft now?
    A lot has changed since this thread was made, but the server is still going stronger than ever. The current server is running Minecraft 1.4.7 (and soon to be updated to 1.5.1) rather than the outdated 1.2.5.
    For more information, go to the website eden-craft.enjin.com.
    The new IP address, forums and other useful information regarding the server is there.
    Thanks for reading. We'd love to see you join up!

    - Scaarecrow
    Staff Benefactor + Long Term Member
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    Happy New Year!

    Favourite moment of 2012 was obviously the apocalypse. If all future ones all go like this then the human race should do fine :)
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    posted a message on Minecraft News - 1.5, Holiday Goodies and More

    Just trying different approaches to get their attention.
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    I found a bug in QTP. When activated, the camera can no-clip into walls, giving a x-ray effect. This is easier to do in the second 3rd person view. (the one that faces the front of the player)
    I can post a picture if requested, but the glitch itself is rather easy to replicate.

    I don't know if you need the following, but here is what my 1.4.6 .jar has in it currently.
    Rei's Minimap
    Too Many Items
    LiteLoader + Macro/Keybind

    I'm not sure if you're aware of this or not, but I'm just trying to do my part to help you out.
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    posted a message on 1.4.6 Too Many EveryThing Mod
    Some pictures would improve the legitimacy of your post.
    Just trying to help :)
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    posted a message on TooManyItems, the inventory editor and more (1.8 Forge is here!)
    Best thing about this is the lightning-fast updates that you spit out. Awesome Marglyph :D
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    posted a message on Curse Client - Save Game Management, Texture Pack & Server Tools, and More
    Why is everyone hating on this so much? If you aren't interested, DON'T CLICK IT.
    It does everything it says, and I'm sure would be helpful in certain situations. I myself haven't used it, however I am not abusing curse for it either.
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