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    V1.0 is now released! Download is on Curseforge.

    What's Added:


    -Three bed/cab configurations for the 2500HD truck
    -Two bed/cab configurations for the 3500HD dually truck
    -Two length configurations for the 3500HD dually chassis

    -Steel Bumper

    -Headache/Lumber Racks




    -Service bodies

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    Quick update. Got a cattle trailer, racks, a steel bumper, a flatbed, various wheel options, and a toolbox visible. Most parts that aren't preinstalled on spawning are installed via interaction with the vehicle directly while outside of it, and when you have parts in hand a hitbox will show up where the part can be installed. One rack and the flatbed have working turn and reverse lights.

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    And..... here is one of the trailers. Backhoe trailer pulled behind a dump truck. FVTM has fairly accurate trailer physics when backing. The jack here is shown down, but the handle is clickable to raise the trailer jack and lower it.

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    Figured I'd show off another WIP content pack, this time the heavy trucks. These screenshots are in the 1.20.1 version of the FVTM mod, and yes the dump body lifts/lowers from the cab. Unfortunately there isn't any dirt loading/unloading functional in FVTM but it is planned.

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    Hey all, I'm excited to announce a new content pack that is currently in development for Ferd's FVTM mod. For those not familiar with FVTM, it's a content pack based vehicle mod for 1.12.2, 1.20.1, and 1.20.4. Roughly 4 years ago I released the "Heavy Truck Pack" for 1.12.2, and I was finally able to get back into working on a new pack late last year.

    Currently Implemented Vehicles

    GM 2500HD Pickups

    Currently there are three configurations of 2500HD pickups-

    Regular cab long bed
    Larger bed, two seats.

    Crew cab short bed
    Normal bed, 5 seats.

    Crew cab long bed

    Larger bed, 5 seats. Takes a lot more room to turn.

    GM 3500HD Pickups

    3500HD pickups all come with duals and long beds. Two configurations-
    Regular cab long bed

    Crew cab long bed

    GM 3500HD Chassis Cabs

    3500HD chassis cabs have a wider selection of beds/bodies, including dump bodies, service bodies, and flatbeds. There are two different lengths.
    Regular Cab

    Planned Future Vehicles

    GM 1500 Pickups

    1500 series pickups. Modeling is partially complete, not implemented in game. There are a few different configurations-

    -Regular cab short bed

    -Regular cab long bed

    -Extended cab normal bed

    -Crew cab short bed (shown)

    Suburban 1500/2500 SUV

    Three row SUV with 8 seats. Modeling is mostly complete, not in game yet.

    Tahoe SUV

    Modeling really hasn't been started, but it uses the same body as the suburban but shorter. Same 8 seat capacity, but less cargo space.

    Express Vans

    Full size cargo/passenger van, and cutaway van for various bodies. Modeling hasn't been started.

    Current Pickup Interior/Controls

    Keyboard Controls:

    W- Throttle up (down while reversing)
    S- Throttle down (up while reversing)
    A- Steer left
    D- Steer right
    [space]- Brakes

    R- Vehicle inventory/GUI
    L- Light toggle. Cycles between off, low beams, high beams, and fog lights.

    Hitbox Based Controls:
    On top of the normal FVTM keybinds, the pickups have light controls that can be clicked on while in the driver's seat.

    1. Low beam switch

    2. Fog light switch

    3. High beam switch

    4. Turn signal switch

    All of the red needles in the cluster and all of the cyan colored polygons light up with lights.

    Doors and the tailgate can all be toggled by clicking handles. External handles are only accessible from outside the vehicle, interior handles from inside.

    Pickup Accessories

    Hitches, toolboxes, racks, flatbeds, hitches, and bumpers can all be installed/removed. Currently included:

    Steel Bumper- The normal front bumper can be uninstalled with the FVTM "Part Removal and Maintenance Toolbox".

    Toolboxes- Installs in a pickup bed. No inventory yet due to it not being implemented in 1.20 FVTM.

    Headache Racks- Installs on a pickup bed. Black and chrome options, and they have tail/reverse lights.

    Flatbeds- Pickup bed must be uninstalled before install. Built in gooseneck hitch.

    Lumber Racks- Installs on a pickup bed. Inventory for wood is planned.

    Gooseneck Hitch- Installs in a pickup bed, used to tow a gooseneck or cattle trailer.

    Hitches- There are three hitches currently, and they install below the rear bumper. "LD" hitches are used to tow small utility trailers, "HD" hitches are used to tow equipment and dump trailers, and "pintle" hitches are used to tow heavy duty pintle trailers.

    Cab Lights- 3500HD trucks come with cab lights, but they can also be added to the 2500HD pickups.

    The following bodies can be installed on the 3500HD chassis trucks-
    Service Bodies- Service bodies have 6-8 bins and a slot for a rear hitch. When inventories are implemented in FVTM, each bin will have a seperate inventory to keep all of your items organized.
    Stake Bodies- Stake bodies are a large flatbed to carry pallets or other cargo. There is also a slot for a rear hitch.


    Trailers will be in separate content packs. It will be released shortly, and most of the pack is ready.

    Some examples, gooseneck-

    Cattle Trailer-


    Fex's Vehicle and Transportation Mod- Current Version 4.20.7c (1.20.1)

    Fex's Common Library- Current Version 20.7 (1.20.1)

    General Essentials Pack- Current Version 3.1.0 (1.20.1)


    Currently the pack is only available for 1.20.1 Forge. Once the updated version of FVTM is released for 1.12.2, the pack can be used in 1.12.2. At that time an update for the pack will be released to fix the item texture issue in 1.12. Install any FVTM packs in the mods folder, just like a normal MC forge mod.



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