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    Yo, sp614x, I just had to say it but THANK YOU SO MUCH! Optifine is fantastic, and what's more fantastic is you've kept it up and running for SO LONG. Also, for real, I've been refreshing your page every day waiting for 1.13, and like a maniac, you added a %complete! What a madman! Keeping us in the loop of when you'll be done is so nice and completely above and beyond. It really feels like you're treating me like a king!

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    I think this is the first time I've been able to come to this page and immediately see that it is not working for the current version. I'm really happy that you put that in there, saying that 1.9 is "updating." It makes it so much easier to just hop in, check it out, instead of scroll through countless posts about whether or not its working for the current version. Thank you so much for just adding that little line in the main post!

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    Quote from FoxChicken
    Is there a way to make the game as bright as it would be without the shader pack? I love the shadows and water and reflection, but I hate how it makes everything unbearably dark and orange.
    Quote from ThesaurusRex84
    Err... What's this? It's kinda distracting... Also, the lanterns could use to be much more powerful.
    Quote from PsychoMonkeyNine
    No fix.. It is supposed to be like that. One question though, you have an alienware right? ok is it the new one? and What graphics card do you use and can you check the version please??? I really need an answer. If you don't know how to check go to NVidia.com and download their Nvidia GeForce Experience and it should tell you, I think their are other ways to check, but PLEASE I will do what you want I really need to know what graphics card version you use, Thanks!

    If you read back a few pages someone put a link to their modified version. It makes night time generally better, and torches give more light and less orange. There's also a couple sections describing how to change these files to the way you would like it, and I tried it out and got very good results.
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    Note Block Ideas:

    Alright to start off, I want everyone to know I've searched a lot of posts regarding note blocks and I can say my idea's wern't anything new the community suggested. What I want to do is make this topic a main focus of noteblocks, so that everyone with incomming ideas can share about it here and if the developers are looking for new ideas they will all be in one convienient spot!

    I will not take everyone's and anyone's idea!
    I want you guys to show me what you think should be added and what shouldn't be. How so? Use that little plus sign next to someones post!! I can see when it has over 20 pluses, and I will add it for everyone to see!

    If you have a problem with an idea that is already posted, go ahead and give your opinion! Remember this is about improving though, so being blunt and harsh isn't cool. If you don't like something, all you have to say is "In my opinion, this idea isn't something I prefer - and here's why:" Make sure to explain yourself, it really helps improvement and understanding.

    I will post the comment you made on something you didn't like if it recieves 20 pluses as well, along with the idea so we can see all sides of the idea.

    Also, I want you guys to improve on ideas already posted. Once someone has said "higher octaves," make a more detailed idea on how to get higher octaves. Like maybe putting wooden buttons on a noteblock add's an octave, and a stone button lowers the octave.

    Let's perfect these idea's so Jeb won't have to :-(o):

    Onto the idea's!
    These are some I came up with before treading onto the internet, I take some credit but I'm sure someone else has thought of them first.

    1) Note blocks need to be able to hold a note. All noteblock notes are staccato, they play the note for 1 tick and they are done. Not the best for making nice sounding doorbells.
    2) More instruments. Of course everyone wants more instruments, but what exactally? I was thinking:
    • Drum set. As you change the notes, the instrument changes. So instead of going up a scale, you have each note be a different part of a drum set.
    • Strings. Sounds like a violin at high octaves and a bass at low octaves and maybe other instruments in between.
    • Organ. If you haven't heard an organ play, it sounds a lot like someone singing. Would be great for lead singer parts.
    • Brass. Sounds like a trumpet at high octaves and a tuba at low octaves and maybe other instruments in between.
    • Reeds. Picolo at high octaves, and bass clarinet at low octaves so on and so forth.
    • Percussion. Kind of like the drum set, except more classical orchestra sounds such as kettle drums and gong.
    • Guitar. Accoustic guitar essentially.
    (Also think of better ideas for changing the instrument besides what block is underneath the noteblock. Save some space!)
    3) Noteblock/redstone optimization. This is a little bit harder to do since it's more of a redstone problem. I want redstone to be optimized enough where it won't lag at all when doing a large noteblock sequence. I think this is a hard task, but it would make noteblock creations sound much better.
    4) A beat maker. This would be a new item that can output a redstone pulse at a musical speed such as 100. I don't think this idea would work since everything is updated in ticks though, and music speeds wouldn't work, or be very limited. Definitely a harder idea to implement I think.

    Your ideas!
    I saw some already posted that wern't mine, so I'll add them here to get you guys started!

    1) Noteblock Interface. When you right click the noteblock it brings up an interface with a piano to select notes, and an instrument selection bar.

    >>> Topic
    ~Idea by Davve

    2) MIDI noteblocks. You would be able to import MIDI files into a noteblock, thus saving a ton of space and make it easier in general.
    >>> Topic
    ~Idea by Thingz


    Post away, and remember to hit that + next to ideas you think ROCK!
    Thanks for the support!
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    I got it! You have to make the file available on a Dropbox account or something like that, so if you type in the URL it will autodownload it. Like currently, if you joined my server you'll get the faithful texturepack. In my server.properties my texture-pack: is set to: https\://dl.dropbox.com/u/54302081/faithful32pack.zip which is the link to the pack in my dropbox. It's not hard, but it is definitely a bit of extra work. Especially since the other players won't have the HD texturepack patch they'll all have to do that themselves for anything bigger than 16bit
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    ITS ALIVE!!! If you use the ModloaderMP v2 instead, it works perfectly. I have no idea wtf is going on, but my server is running and i can craft everything and I'm supper excited!!
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    I doesnt understand. How does the top one work, whats underneath that pressureplate? Can someone explain in a little bit more depth? I don't see how you can make a counter out of this..
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