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    Quote from AtomicLabz


    Great to see so many brave soldiers!

    Cant wait to play with everyone. What's the server ip?
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    1) In game name? - CallmePie
    2) Forum name? - CallmePie
    3) You may not currently be in another clan. Talk to me if you are I might make exceptions. Im not in another clan
    4) Reason to join? - It looks like a well thought out clan and i cant wait to join. Also im tired of being alone and getting killed by a gang of 5 clan members.
    5) How often will you be on? - very often on the weekends. 1 hour or so on weekdays depending on homework
    6) Two wanted jobs? - Charger and Miner
    7) Skills? - Im great at mining and i love to explore underground. I know where to find all of the ores and i hope i get the job.
    8) questions? - None
    9) Why do you hate greifers? Also, why will you never become one? - I hate greifers because they ruin all of the work that was put into creating a building and it annoys me. That is also why i will never become one
    10) Did u read everything marked as must read? - Yes.
    11) Do you have mumble? If you do not you must get it. - I'm going to get it as soon as i get accepted
    12) Do you consider yourself to be a leader? Answer the previous question truthfully and do not be ashamed. - I do concider myself a leader in the right occasions while i respect anyone in a higher position when my leadership isn't needed
    13) What are your two favorite numbers? - 21 and 23
    14) Will you be a fearsome Chaos Warrior that would die for the clan (in game) and never betray us? All for one and one for all. Backstabber's deserve to live alone.
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    [b]In Game Name:[/b] Callmepie
    [b]How did you hear about us? i saw a banner
    [b]Why do you want to join?:[/b]It looks fun and it looks like something different
    [b]Do you know the pokemon theme song? Do you want to be the very best?!:[/b]I wanna be the very best! like no one ever was, to catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause...
    [b]Do you have TeamSpeak?I can download it if i get accepted
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    In-Game Name:CallmePie
    Why I Want To Join: It looks fun and im tired of being a lone-wolf
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    Quote from epuidokas

    In-game Name Callmepie

    Country and Age USA 15

    Where did you here about DarkTide? McMyAdmin Server list

    Why do you want to join? Because i it looks fun :biggrin.gif:

    Did you understand the rules? Yes

    Have you logged into DarkTide once? Yes

    I cant talk it says you cannot speak in nomadchat, how do i fix this?
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