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    It has been almost a month since Minecraft: Xbox one edition was released and the game is still broken. When can we expect a fix for the chest being emptied glitch, mob spawners turning into pigs, and a whole bunch more? These are critically game breaking bugs and these should be looked after ASAP. How can the game be released with these many game breaking bugs? It's unacceptable for a bug such as the chest being emptied or the mob spawners turning into pigs being left unattended to for this long. How can anyone put in time into the game and collect resources/materials to only have them all despawn the next week? Why are these bugs being ignored for so long? I have purchased Minecraft: Xbox one edition on the day of release and have only got to play about 3 hours of the game before running into these chest and spawner glitches. Please fix your game 4J, I would like to enjoy the game I purchased last month.

    I'm getting really fed up with the lack of progress. -_-
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    Quote from HAVOC66666»
    think about ghast fireballs knocking you into lava, permanently save bugs and/or the results of those bugs, think about how hard it is to get good enchantments without having to load and reload your world dozens of times a persistence save mechanism is incompatible with this in practicallity... such a save mechanism should never exist except for perhaps a hardcore mode.... which for the record i would in no way object to.... but would want to know about before going into it.

    I completely agree with you. ^
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    This is also happening on the Xbox one version. It seems to happen when people go far away from the initial spawn point on the map. Only way to avoid it at the moment is to stay within the borders of the first map (yes it's disappointing I know). It also turns mob spawners (the ones that spawn in dungeons) into flaming pigs rather than a flaming zombie or skeleton.

    Hopefully they fix this ASAP because this is a game breaking bug. Sometimes I wonder if the bug fixing teams even know how to play the game ...
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    posted a message on TU12: Ultimate seed with everything!
    I searched through 50 different worlds and possibly found this best seed for Minecraft Xbox 360 (TU12).

    The map is 90% all land with the two ugliest biomes being the smallest in this world (snow and desert biomes).

    You spawn on the side of a lake surrounded by the small snow biome on one side, followed by a decent sized jungle on the other (bottom middle of the map).

    To those who care, I'll list the most important aspects of this map:

    - A village spawns in the middle of the map (plains biome) and is surrounded by jungles, forest, and hills
    - Village towards the west in a desert biome, the desert is very small but has a large village
    - Stronghold spawns in a cave which branches into a ravine and the portal is intact
    - Has a mushroom island towards the south east
    - Blacksmith chest in desert village has 7 obsidian, 2 iron boots, 3 apples, and 3 bread
    - Skeleton spawner above ground not too far away from the grassland village
    - Nether has 2 blaze spawners and filled with nether wart

    Here are the coordinates for skeleton spawner:

    X: -67, Y:61, Z: 24

    Coordinates for desert blacksmith:

    X: 403, Y: 70, Z: 28

    Coordinates for stronghold:

    X: -96, Y: 34, Z: 29

    Also, I forgot to mention that the skeleton spawner merges into a cave where you will find a giant drop. If you go down this giant drop, you'll find something really special down there. I suggest you go into creative mode first and fly around and tell me if you think this map is beast.

    I would post a pic of the map, but unfortunately I'm really bad with computers. Maybe someone might be kind enough to do so if they find the map enjoyable! :D

    SO SORRY, I FORGOT THE SEED: -1575524070073114809

    Kudos to TurdSmasher for compiling this list of important stuff:

    Compiled list of items from myself and other posters for seed -1575524070073114809.

    X: -277 Y: 4 Z: -116
    X: -201 Y: 8 Z: -122
    X: -226 Y: 13 Z: 169
    X: -269 Y: 12 Z: 95
    X: -253 Y: 11 Z: 144
    X: -291 Y: 13 Z: 200
    X: -284 Y: 10 Z: 197
    X: -235 Y: 12 Z: 107

    X: -247 Y: 27 Z: -52
    X: -183 Y: 28 Z: -58

    Abandoned mineshaft chest: (Melon & Pumpkin seeds !)
    X: -183 Y: 25 Z: -44

    spider X: 262 Y: 48 z: 197
    ??? X: -276 Y: 29 Z: 138
    spawner X: -201 Y: 45 Z: 7
    zombie X: 2 Y: 55 Z: 18
    skeleton X: -67 Y: 61 Z: 24

    X: 303 Y: 12 Z:-330

    1. Top left corner mineshaft exposed in ravine in jungle. At least two chest here have diamonds and melon seeds here.
    2. One mineshaft about 30 blocks north of village (edit: desert village) and 50 blocks east.
    3. Mineshaft almost directly under spawn. Maybe a little east.
    4. Mineshaft in bottom right ocean. Torches from shaft visible at night underwater.
    X: 334 Y: 73 Z: -165

    X: -135 Y: 25 Z:22

    1. Desert blacksmith: X: 403, Y: 70, Z: 28
    2. A village spawns in the middle of the map (plains biome) and is surrounded by jungles, forest, and hills
    Mushroom island towards the south east
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    posted a message on Getting a jungle without creating a new world. (suggestion)
    Quote from LaughingOtter

    You'd need a village for that first.


    You will always have villagers. You just need to cure them. Even a 1.6 BETA world can have villagers.
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    posted a message on What would YOU add to minecraft that is Xbox-exclusive
    I would love to see a lumber jack villager so people who made a world before 1.2.3 can still attain jungle wood and jungle saplings.
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    posted a message on My world is absolutely HIDEOUS!
    My world is dead forever now as well. I feel for you.

    I just play PC now instead, there is no other alternative.
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    posted a message on Old map freezes after update.
    Yep, my main world freezes within 2 minutes of gameplay. It has frozen on me about 7 times in a row and have been playing on it since May 2012. I think I'm just going to quit Minecraft Xbox at this point until the issue is resolved.
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    posted a message on Problems with the update (bugs crashes etc)
    I give up, the xbox has frozen 4 times in a row on the old world ... I guess I can never play on it again bummer. Generating a new world is fine it just blows up the xbox when its on an older version map. Oh well, I normally play PC because its not garbage like the Xbox version and it was nice to see what changed but I'm going to continue playing PC until this problem is fixed just like every update has problems because for some reason some people are good at finding bugs in a 2 week long cert test ... Something I found in less than 5 minutes. Pathetic. It's sad really, because this was my first map and it led me to buy PC and now the map is dead ... ahh the memories :(
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    posted a message on Why don't everybody STOPS COMPLAINING and... ENJOY the update ? Wha's next ? Are you all gonna ask "when is the 1.2.3 out" ? Com
    Why complain? I got PC Minecraft and it is 10x more superior then Xbox. You get commands, copy and paste so you don;t lose your builds every update, skins, and etc.

    Complainers need to play PC.
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