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    Greetings, all.

    A small team of what used to be known as AerisGaming have come together to start a new project. A server under the title of "FallZ". We plan to make this server to the best of our ability and to give each and every player a unique experience they would not gain from any other server. We're still working out some kinks for the storyline, but are ready to get the map development to undergo. In order to do this, we need some talent in the department of building. Our current team is small and we need some talented additions to it to strengthen our foundation. As of now, we are currently looking for builders to help build this map from the ground up. We expect to have a unique map design to accompany the unique features and implementations this server will have.

    Continue for an idea of the features on the server --

    Leveling -- By allowing players to level up throughout the ranks on the server they will gain access to different craftable weapons, the ability to control their own faction, dominate certain areas of the map, unlock different perks, along with other abilities as players become more adept to the environment of the fallout and spread of the zombie infection. (Examples of leveling achievements: Weapons, Health, Adaptability, Factions, Survival Perks)

    Factions / Point Domination -- Maybe our most anticipated implementation on the server -- We hope to allow players to create their own factions and recruit other players. Although this server is based around fallout and zombie survival we are going to put a strong emphasis on the PvP aspect. We will implement not only players leveling up individually but leveling up the different factions. Players can level up their factions by holding down different points of interest and headquarters. This will allow factions to contest each other for the best sites on the map. The more the faction is leveled the strong the faction becomes. This will put emphasis on recruiting new members for each faction and having the strongest survival abilities within the faction.

    Quests/NPC's -- Another big aspect of this server will be the questing. Allowing players to unlock different quests as they move through the ranks is a huge part of the gameplay that will be featured on this server. Questing will not be the only use of the NPCs on this server. Factions who are able to dominate and control parts of the map will have the opportunity to recruit NPCs to their factions to guard the points that have been dominated by that faction. The level of NPCs recruited will be based on the faction's level.

    Guns / Weapons -- As I stated before we hope to allow players to unlock different weapons and guns. Most of the guns will be gained through crafting. The craft ability level of the player will determine what firearm they will be able to craft and the details of the weapon.

    As we continue to work out the kinks in certain aspects of the server we hope to develop many more unique ideas for the gameplay.

    If you would like to help develop this project please add me on discord:


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    I've currently been working on reviving an old project of mine called The After Earth. It is a roleplay server. The map is 90% completed. It's huge! The map is based around Maine and Canada.

    Many things still have to be sorted out. I just want to get a general idea of how many people would play on this. The way things will play out are totally in the players' hands.


    Do not hesitate to organize your application and make it look neat.[/b][/i]





    Do you have a working mic?:

    Will you be able to plan and participate in the server's events?

    What kind of person do you consider yourself to be?:

    How dedicated will you be to this server?

    Create a Character:[/b][/i]

    Character Name?:

    What is your character's gender?:

    Character's Age?:

    Character's Choice of Weapon?:

    What does your character look like? (Do not include armor):

    What are your character's best skills? (Ex: Crafting, fighting, brewing, strategy, quickness, etc..)(Choose only 2):

    Describe your character's personality:

    What are some of your character's weaknesses?:

    When creating your character, it's advised not to put too much backstory on your character. As one plays, their character will naturally become more developed. Considering this, how would you describe your character's past?:

    Which clan do you want to be a part of?:

    Any certain position in the clan you would like?: (Commander(Trekru), President(Mount Trishue, The Alamens), Council-person(Coastland) or default:civilizian):

    Story Line:[/b]

    In the year of 2064 a nuclear war broke out destroying most of the world. One hundred and fifty years later after the World had “reset” itself there had been tribes and clans made up of many different races. There are different beliefs in the different tribes. Some are at peace with each other and some are enemies. The way the clans and tribes play out is completely controlled by the players. Who is under a truce, alliance, or are enemies is up to the players!

    The players will choose who they go to war with and much, much more. Also, any resources other than chain, stone, or leather depends on how much a clan or tribe mines. They must mine to get anything such as iron or diamond.

    Mount Trishue[/b]- The Trishue Clan is a clan mainly focused on science and the art within the world itself. Trishue Clan members are very intellectual and value education greatly. When the nuclear war began people fled to a bomb shelter on in the mountain which still stands as a civilization. Mount Trishue is controlled by the president. The mountain is protected with a wall around its perimeter.

    Coastland[/b]- The people of Coastland are highly skilled in farming and fishing. These people are found along the coast of what used to be Maine. They have a large army and a large number of materials and. The people of Coastland come across as generous people. Coastland is a very organized civilization and is more than capable of defending themselves.

    The Alamens[/b] - The Alamens are known to carry out most American and Canadian ways. They are known to have the strongest defenses. Although they aren’t the best skilled in fighting they have been attacked many times and their walls have stood strong. The Alamens are led by a president which is in command until he/she dies or steps down. The role is usually taken by the former president’s son/daughter. They live on what use to be the border of Maine and Canada. They keep to themselves as much as possible. Other tribes and clans believe they are hiding many secrets. The Alamens have control of what was a missile/bomb launching station. No other clan is sure if they are able to launch missiles yet.

    The Trekru[/b]- The Trekru is best known to be skilled in fighting. Not having a large army, but being incredibly witty. They mostly use guerrilla warfare in battle. Their name comes from “Tree People”. Mostly speaking Trigedasleng, but they also speak English (hesitant to let their enemies know they speak English). The trekru is headed by a commander who leads until he/she dies and their spirit finds its successor. The Trekru have many bases, but their main base is where The Commander is found. There are also many Trekru villages spread around the map where elders and children live. This clan can be found in what used to be Augusta, Maine.

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    In-game name? (Not your Nickname): Aniketus
    Age? (You must be 15 to apply.): 18
    Can you Record? (Yes or No.): I cannot.
    -You can download a free recording software.
    Why have you decided to apply? (In Detail): I love the idea of this server and would love to help out in developing it!
    Timezone? (Exact): Central Standard Time (CST)
    Do you have Teamspeak, Discord and Skype?: I have Discord and Skype.
    Do you have any experience with server Moderation? (Explain in Detail): Yes, I used to help run a community of unique Minecraft servers called AerisGaming. It had over 1,000 members with three different servers. The Walking Dead, Fallout: Alanta, and WesternMC.
    Had any name changes? (List Them): Yes, at first I was Calebizzthaman, and then Apax, and now Aniketus.
    Anything else you would like to tell us?: This server looks like fun! I've been looking for a project to work on/help out on and this would be awesome.

    My bukkitdev: https://dev.bukkit.org/members/Calebizzthaman/projects

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    Added you on Discord to apply for developer.

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    IGN: Aniketus
    Name, or What You Want us to Call You: Aniketus or Caleb
    Age(18+): Yes, 18.
    Birth Year: 1999
    Location: United States
    Have You Read and Do You Agree to the Server Rules: Yes
    How Would You Describe Your Minecraft Play Style?: Creative and competitive.
    Why Do You Want to Join Our Server: It's hard to find a good 100% vanilla server to play on and this looks like the one.
    Tell us About Yourself: I'm starting college in August and I love to have fun! :P
    Anything Else?: Let me in!
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    posted a message on ★★ ۞ ⓊⓃⒾⓋⒺⓇⓈⒺⓃⒺⓉⓌⓄⓇⓀ ۞ ★★ {Hiring Architects, Developers, and Community Staff!} | Factions | Towny | Mini-Games

    Position of Interest: Plugin Developer

    Minecraft Username: Aniketus

    Real Name: Caleb

    Age [Required]: 17

    Known Programming Languages: HTML and Java

    Web Design Experience: I worked on a website with a friend for fun, other than that I haven't done much web design.

    Are you multilingual: (Fluent, in multiple languages. Not just learning one): I can only speak English with a little bit of Spanish.

    Amount of Time you can Dedicate: I can work 3-4 hours everyday.

    Timezone [UTC Format]: Central Standard Time.

    Skype [Required]: namethathasbeentaken

    Maturity Level (1-10): 10

    Short Answer Questions (4-12 Sentences)

    Previous Experience: I started coding with bukkit and moved away from it for a while to learn other coding languages. I'm currently working on becoming more fluent in Java and then eventually C++. I've been looking to start working as a plugin developer again for the practice and experience. I currently have only two published plugins on bukkit. They can be found on https://bukkit.org/members/calebizzthaman.90965031/

    About Yourself: I am currently a senior in high school with plans to go to college for a major in Computer Science and a minor in Writing. I also have a job working at Chick Fil A as a cook. I love to learn new things and love to practice with my code. I hope to become a freelance developer working for myself when I am finished with college.

    Why Should you be Appointed: I think I should be appointed because I value hard work. I would love to develop plugins for a network like this and would love to work with other developers and learn new things and ways from them. I would be sure that the task at hand was completed even if there was an obstacle I would make a way to overcome it. I am very dedicated and I do not start anything without finishing it.

    Any Questions: I do not have any questions, but I'd like to point out how incredible I think the staff setup is. You did a really awesome job with that.


    I understand that if I have been deceitful in my application, it shall be rendered Null and Void [Y/N]: Yes

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    - Rank Applying for: Developer

    - Minecraft Username: Apax
    - +[/sup]Age (Not a factor in approval): 17
    - Contact Information (ONLY for private messaging if you're selected for either further information): Skype - namethathasbeentaken
    - (Estimate) Time able to play on server (Depending on what position applying for): 3 hours a day
    - Reason for position (Provide more than one sentence): I started learning to code with bukkit and didn't stay with it long. I moved on to doing other things with Java and becoming more fluent in it. I wanted to come back to bukkit to practice what I've learned and to get more experience. I plan on becoming a freelance developer in the next couple of years and would like to start working on something like this first.
    - Previous experience (Provide more than one sentence): I only have two plugins on bukkit but I can code more. Plugins I have published can be found on https://bukkit.org/members/calebizzthaman.90965031/
    - +[/sup]Other Information (Does not hinder approval, but may help): I'd love to work with another developer and learn other ways to code. I think it'd be a great learning experience.
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    There is no such thing as "coder developers". It's called plugin developers. Or plugin coders.

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    Hi! I'm Caleb. I've recently have been wanting to start something like this; but I would like to start a small vanilla server with a whitelist. I'd like for it to have a bit of players on the server. Of course it would be survival. I love the idea of creating alliances, creating enemies, creating your own base and fighting each other for items and actually having to work for them. Although there would be some guidelines. I don't want everyone getting immature on the server and just running around griefing each other like a bunch of maniacs (That would end up with people raging and in the end it wouldn't be fun anymore.). I'd like the members of this server at least to be 13 or older. And as well we would need skype to stay in touch as a community. I want people to be able to start their own towns/cities/clans without plugins.

    I am considering one plugin to use to keep up with player deaths.

    ******* Guidelines *******

    1. Griefing is allowed; BUT ONLY when the leader/owner of the town/structure is online and can fight back.
    2. When a town/city/clan is griefed it is an act of war.
    3. Alliances and enemies are allowed. (I think it would be really cool for leaders and such to write treaties with each other.)
    4. Fighting each other for each other's supplies and good are allowed.
    5. Setting traps are also allowed.
    6. When one clan has proposed war on another. A battlefield must be set out and planned.

    *** Current Clans ***

    1. The Trekru




    How mature would you say you are?:

    Skype(Must have)(Please put your skype username here):


    Do you think you would be able to get along with other players on this server?:

    How often would you be able to get on and play?:

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    Hi all! My name is Caleb. Recently I have started a unique Minecraft server Network. We're currently working on our server based on The Walking Dead. We need people helping develop this server. We're hoping for staff members that know a good bit about the show and can help us be very productive. We're looking for people who know how to have fun while being productive.

    Features on our server:

    • Zombies Spawning on Player death
    • Custom ranks and abilities (Based off characters from the show)
    • Map Updated to Current Season
    • Interactive NPCs (Shops or NPCs to follow you around and fight the dead.)
    • Groups
    • Quests
    • Custom Safezones

    ***More to come***


    How long have you played Minecraft?:
    Why do you think you'd be good help on this server?:
    Are you familiar with the show?:
    Do you work well with others?:

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