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    posted a message on Ores in EVERY kind of block! (Ores as Metadata) [Now with better Pictures/ screenshots!]
    I like this idea quite a bit. I have about 80% Support
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    posted a message on Shadow Mirrors: An Anti You
    I thought up a new mob called Shadows. They can only be found in certain areas.

    Shadows: They are your skin, but have a different darker tone. They are created by looking into a shadow mirror. The mirror will break after 1 second, and it will spawn the shadow. They mirror your every physical move, so you have to beat it without using melee attacks, by using bows, tnt, ect. If you use melee, the shadow will harm you.
    HP: Same hearts as player when looked into.
    Attack: Same damage as you deliver when you last hit it.
    Defence: Same as you.

    Shadow Temple: This would be the third temple in the game. It would be made out of obsidian. It would have a spire shape above ground, and below ground, making the overall shape a 3D Diamond. The widest point is 20x20 and goes one thinner every block up until it reaches 2x2. There are also 4 hallways at the top and the bottom. Downstairs, there are 5-15 mirrors on the sides. When you enter, you will most likely look at all of them, so there will be many shadows chasing you. You must choose the right hallway at the bottom. If you choose the right one, there will be a chest with amazing loot, that will kill all the shadows when you open it. If you choose the wrong one, you will likely be cornered by the shadows and it will be tough to survive. On the top floor, there will be two spawners and 2-3 chests. The spawners will contain endermen, and endermites. It would most likely be one of the most dangerous temples. It would only spawn in the roofed forest biome.

    Mirrors: These wouldn't show your reflection, and look like like obsidian on the sides, with red glass in the middle, producing smoke particles. They can't be broken by fist in survival, but can in creative. In survival, they just break after a second, while in creative, they don't break by looking at them, and instead there is a shadow spawn egg. They are non craftable.

    Places Mirrors are found:
    Shadow Temple- 100%
    Witch Hut- 5%
    Dungeon- 1%
    Stronghold- 30% per room
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    posted a message on Is there one?
    Looking for a seed with a mesa bryce next to a desert village. Even just a normal mesa next to a desert village! Please tell me if you find one.
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    posted a message on Flesh on Stick Hat: A way to keep zombies busy!
    Quote from rarekwiebus

    This is the best suggestion I've seen in a long time! I fully support! Why aren't you an employee of Mojang yet!?

    Because I'm only 11
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    posted a message on Flesh on Stick Hat: A way to keep zombies busy!
    Zombies don't eat beef, pork, or chicken. They eat flesh.
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    posted a message on More Jockey-like mobs
    Quote from Puredarkness

    It would give them a use, but I never said anything about hostility. Bats, aesthetic or not, riding witches on their shoulders is cool.

    I just support more jockeys in general.

    Thanks :P .

    You dare hate SlayerRocker86 >:P
    He is the guy who has told me about 1.7. He gets the news as early as he can. He stays up all night for us to get our twitter news!
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    posted a message on Sticky Rails: A way to go upside down and loop.
    I have tried to make amazing roller coasters, but I can never do loops, go upside down, ect. So I was thinking there should be a way to do this: Sticky Rails. Sticky rails look Green, with two red dots on the top and bottom, and have edges that look like that of a normal rail. Here is the crafting:

    R= Rail

    S= Slime Ball

    X= Redstone

    R X R
    R S R
    R X R

    How these work, is that you can go strait forward, and at the block right before going strait up or looping, you place the rail, and it will be cornered against another sticky rail once it is placed on the wall. Place these on every other block, and make the others powered rails, or normal rails, but you will fall upside down and die instantly if the trails of other rails are too long, because after a sticky rail, normal rails can only hold on for five blocks, and all other rails can only hold on for ten blocks until falling. Sticky rails do not make you go any faster than a normal rail, meaning you want to place powered rails every once in a while, yet if you are going strait up or strait down, you go the speed of a normal rail, yet can't fall, and you just keep going until you get to a flat area. If you are stuck upside down for more than ten seconds completely motionless, you will fall upside down and instantly die. Sticky rails can be placed anywhere, meaning you can go all sorts of directions. The sticky rail will corner no matter where the rail is, as long as it is within one block's reach. This also gives more of a meaning to slime balls, and gives more affect to roller coasters, and if you are a crazy person, mines. you can place activator rails near sticky rails, and rails can now be on sides, upside down, and any direction like that, yet can't hold you very long. Who knows? Mabye this could go along well with falling particles that are coming out in 1.7.
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    posted a message on Extreme forest biome
    They are already making extreme forests, and they are much better than your idea:

    Redwood Forest
    Spruce Trees, Podzol,Ferns, Moss Stone,Mushrooms, Dirt Jeb tweeted an image of a new biome, unofficially dubbed the Redwood Forest.[4] This biome is an upcoming feature in 1.7, and is composed of spruce trees, some of which are 2x2 thick. Mossy cobblestone appears frequently in clusters, and a new block called podzol can be found in this biome. There will also be dirt that will not naturally turn into grass.
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    posted a message on Dye Blocks!
    Oh, it's redundant? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... how do I lock my own threads before moderators get here?
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    posted a message on Dye Blocks!
    They have blocks of lapis, but why not make blocks of dye for other dyes!? I was thinking a block for every dye, and some can do special things. All these blocks have the texture of lapis, but the color of the dye you used to craft it, and are crafted the same way as lapis blocks, but with the color of the dye you want.

    Rose Red Block: Rose red blocks can have roses planted on top of them when placed.

    Dandelion Yellow Block: Dandelion yellow blocks can have dandelions planted on them when placed.

    Cactus Green Block: Cactus green blocks can have cactus planted on them when placed.

    Purple Dye Block: Purple dye blocks have no purpose.

    Magenta Dye Block: Magenta dye blocks have no purpose.

    Pink Dye Block: Pink dye blocks have no purpose.

    Ink Block: Can be used to craft any item that needs ink.

    Light Gray Dye Block: Light gray dye blocks have no purpose.

    Orange Dye Block: Orange dye block has no purpose.

    Lime Green Dye Blocks: Lime green dye blocks have no purpose.

    Cyan Dye Block: Cyan dye blocks have no purpose.

    Light Blue Dye Blocks: Light blue dye blocks have no purpose.

    Chocolate Block: Chocolate blocks can be right clicked to restore one hunger, and have five bites.

    Bonemeal Block: Bonemeal blocks make any plant in a one block range grow faster.

    Dye blocks can be both helpful, and pretty. So far we have bright flamable dyed things, and dark non-flamable dark things. We need some non-flamable bright things, and I think blocks of dye are good for that.
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    posted a message on New crafting and texture for pumpkin pie!
    I hate the crafting for pumpkin pie, and the texture looks like something you can place down. I suggest changing some things with pumpkin pie.

    The crafting for pumpkin pie is just weird, and makes no sense,, so I came up with a better crafting recipe:

    P= Pumpkin
    W= Wheat
    M= Milk
    B= Blank

    B M B
    P P W
    W W W

    If someone can come up with an image for that crafting recipe, I will replace what I have so far here, and give you credit, but please make sure you read the texture article.

    The texture of pumpkin pie looks like something you should have the ability to place down, so I came up with a better texture. Either make the pumpkin pie whole and placeable (in which has been suggested before, so I won't get very far into that, and if that gets the most support, I give the guys who want to make pumpkin pie placeable all the support, but my idea is recommended),or take the following idea. It would look like a single slice of pumpkin pie, with some sort of creme dripping down, kind of like whipped cream, to match the crafting, and make pumpkin pie look more delicious. Again, please make an image, and I will choose the ones who get credit an are put into the post. Thanks for listening, and please help me make images.
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    posted a message on Netherrack is pink. (Now with quartz, and tiles better)
    I support the netherack, but quartz is good as it is.
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    posted a message on Absorption potion
    Quote from rarekwiebus

    Erm, sorry but healing potions work 6-12 times better AND are cheaper to make, I'd rather use those...

    Your image is epic.

    No support for idea.
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    posted a message on Leaves: No more shears for leaves.
    I hate how leaves have both no purpose, and you need shears to get the blocks, so I had an idea. Leaf blocks will now drop a leaf resource. It looks green, and has the shape of a leaf (duh). There will be different kinds of leaves, including oak leaves, in which look like the color of oak leaf blocks, ect. You can craft the blocks by filling the crafting table with one kind of leaf, meaning no more shears to get the blocks. What is the use of these you ask? Fuel! Each leaf burns for only one second, but if you have sixty leaves, you can have fuel for up to a minute. Apples and saplings will be the same. Leaf blocks will burn for nine seconds. This is a simple suggestion, and I hope you support!
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    posted a message on Flesh on Stick Hat: A way to keep zombies busy!
    I was thinking: "There should be something to make zombies go completely strait." SO then it hit me: Flesh on Stick Hats! Flesh on Stick Hats have an odd crafting:

    L= Leather Helmet

    F= Fishing Pole

    R= Rotten Flesh

    B= Blank

    F R B
    L B B
    B B B

    These look like leather caps, with a stick pointing out, and a string hanging down with rotten flesh on it. You can wear it as a hat, but it isn't a good idea, because it lures in zombies from up to 50 blocks away. You can put it on villagers to increase the range of zombies chasing after them by double. Put it on any other mob, including animals, to make zombies chase them, making them a good way to escape from zombies. Animals will run away from the zombies when wearing this item. There are some mobs you can't put this on.








    -Magma Cube

    -Ender Dragon



    To put this item on mobs, simply throw the item, and a mob will pick it up. If a zombie gets a mob that is holding this item, it will kill the mob, and the hat will be destroyed. Now on to the real reason of these hats: Putting them on zombies. When a zombie picks this up, it will wear it, and run in the direction it was in when it obtained the item. It will ignore all mobs and attacks, and will go on for a maximum of five minutes, until it eats the flesh, and reverts to a leather cap, and will remain on the zombies head. They ignore all things around them, so if you are cornered by a zombie against a lava pit and have one of these, throw it at them and get out of he way, and they will go into the lava, though this is a waste. If you kill the zombie while the hat is still whole, the hat will be dropped, but will have a certain amount of damage, depending on how long the zombie had it on. This can be used for crazy weird redstone gizmos, like if you have ever seen videos like a weird way to get a porkchop, there could be a new video called a weird way to get rotten flesh. Overall, this can either be a blessing, or a curse. Note that if the zombie touches you, you won't take damage, and if the zombie attacks you or the mob who has the hat from the front, the hat will take damage.
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