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    posted a message on Survival 1.8 Build suggestions
    Hey guys so I've been playing on a certain vanilla 1.8 server for some time now and I have seemed to have run out of building ideas. By this, I mean builds that enhance or even make survival easier, Examples: Auto melon farm, Egg farm Exp farm. If you could give me some suggestions and maybe a short description, I'll build it and show a screenshot of it. Thanks a bunch guys :)

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    posted a message on Can't log in?
    Yeah same here it was like two days for me two. I emailed the Mojang place but they haven't responded its pretty annoying, I wish they had a phone number
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    posted a message on Can't log in?
    Hey I'm having the same problem but I can log into my he Mojang website it's really weird.
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    posted a message on My Account won't login
    So I have my password and I can login to mojangs site but when I try to login to minecraft it says invalid credentials. I'm using the correct password and the correct email and I've even tried changing it. Please help. I have tried to contact Mojang through there support but I have yet to have receive A response.
    Posted in: Mojang Account / Support
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