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Hellooo, I'm Cakey Tea but you may also call me Queen Bun.

I am a content creator on YouTube, having only started in April 2022. My biggest inspirations are the likes of Mythical Sausage, fWhip and Gemini Tay.

I like to build villages.


Other than Minecraft, I have been a gamer my entire life, Starting out on an NES when I was a wean.

My current rotation of games besides Minecraft are:

World of Warcraft Classic

Final Fantasy XIV

Elite Dangerous

Civilisation 5 & 6 (we all know 5 is superior)

Space Engineers

In real life, I am a Musician, I have played Guitar and Bass for most of my life. I have also recently started the Clarinet.

I'm also a keen amateur Photographer, and have also made a few YouTube videos on another channel, based on Analogue Photography.

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