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    Quote from Pavoreality

    I have to admit, it is a shame that he's doing peacocks, now my mod won't get as much attention. I have avoided birds that he's got in his mod, but there's nothing i can do ;(

    It looks like a couple kids in school working together on a mod. Maybe you could help them out and all work together? I realize you have your own ideas so that might not go over so well, but thought I'd toss the idea in there anyway.

    I saw someone say something about bird feeders attracting birds. I think that would be nice. I think it would be cool to make a bird house to attract birds too, or a type of habitat so they will be drawn there. If you want to be realistic, not all bird should be sweet and wonderful. Crows should attack gardens. You may need to make a scarecrow to keep them out. Some birds are noisy and annoying. You might want to do something to run them away. One example would be a woodpecker. If you live in a wood house or have a wooden structure outside, they might be attracted to it and peck holes in the sides, sometimes destroying the block if they peck enough. You may need rubber snakes to put on your house to keep them away.
    Some birds may be attracted to berry bushes or trees. Will cats chase some birds?

    A suggestion for a bird I haven't seen (maybe overlooked) but how about a mocking bird? You could get really silly with this one. Can you imagine a mockingbird sneaking up and making creeper sounds? The Lyre bird does that as well. A quick youtube or google search will show you a Lyre bird. They even mimic people cutting trees. What ever they hear, they "sing" it. I think it would be funny to hear Sssss BOOM! and turn around to realize it is a Mocking bird or a Lyre bird.

    Are there any cave birds? Snipes maybe? Something to liven up the dark caves a bit? I guess Screech Owls might like caves since they are nocturnal. I suppose if you wanted to go winged animals you could do a vampire bat. Vampire bats love to drain chickens. Zombie chickens? LOL! I guess zombie chickens would lay rotten fowl eggs. (doh)

    I'm looking forward to building an aviary. :) Nice work so far. Hope something I typed will inspire you.
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    Quote from xDigii_

    Like Djgyarados say : I'm not the creator, so if bender want to add a griffin, he can do that, but me i just do the modeler, but a unrealistic mob, i don't do that ;)

    My personal opinion if you want to do griffins, mythical creatures and things that are not natural, it should be its own mod pack. That way those wanting only realistic mobs may have them, and those who do not will not have to add them in. Making a simple expansion pack would solve that once this pack is done, and might even be a project someone else considers taking up to compliment this one.

    Great work on the mod. I've seen a couple others doing these mods also. It would be nice to see Minecraft Forum put all the "mobs" mods in one thread together. It would make it much easier to find mods if they broke down the threads to let us know what is in them.
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    I think if I were able to add something, I'd probably want to be able to change the color or my furniture. I agree with Aliceingame too. Bedroom is lacking. Could use some kind of canopy for bed/double bed. Dressers. Mirrors. Wardrobes.

    I wonder if it would be possible to make a special redstone block that conducts redstone current just like a wire... only its a block that can be built with. Something you can stick a button on for a doorbell instead of having to hide the door bell wires and stick the button low.
    Grandfather clock would also be awesome if it somehow chimed at midnight and noon maybe.

    By the way, I absolutely love the cooker. My boyfriend mines while I do the farming. He annoys the crap out of me because I go in to my kitchen to cook the days harvest and he's got every furnace in the house full of ores. But since cooker won't smelt the ores I still have space to cook. For that I owe you dinner! :Bacon: :Soup: :Bread: :-(o):
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    I wish they would change the name and not call them Witches. This really disappoints me. There is just so much controversy around that word in the real world. If maybe Jeb could add a good Witch to the game to balance it out it might make me feel better, but as it stands right now I just don't feel comfortable with it.
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    posted a message on DrZhark's Mo' Creatures (mod suggestion thread)
    If you do a mythical creature mod, may I suggest the Loch Ness Monster? That might be an interesting one. :)
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    Quote from TDWP_FTW

    Yes, I did...?

    If you're referring to ExtraBiomes XL, stop acting like it's the only mod that can have certain biomes. I mean, yes, I used a lot of ideas from ExtraBiomes XL, but some of the ones in it were ones I suggested/made myself (I suggested the Mountain Ridge, and made the Marsh myself), and a lot of the new plants were also added by me or suggested by me. I did more than the ExtraBiomes XL team like to credit me for (If I'm even credited for anything anymore), and it's caused a lot of confusion. But that's another story for another time...

    A lot of the biomes are also from my add-on for it called ExtraBiomes RPG. Things like the Cherry Blossom Grove, Ominous Woods, etc. And of course, there are a lot of new biomes as well, like the Fungi Forest, Parasitic Heap, etc. More than half of the biomes in my mod aren't in ExtraBiomes XL (And the ones that are, I've done better IMO), so I really don't see how that's "just like the last one."

    Also, MisterFiber and ScottKillen have both said they like the mod, and both of our mods have their own advantages. ExtraBiomes XL is more "high tech" with much more customization and control at the core of the mod, whereas mine is more about the actual experience the mod gives. I'm not trying to make my mod all fancy and super compatible like ExtraBiomes XL, and I don't plan on doing so.

    If you don't like it, don't use it. Simple as that. I'm not trying to beat MisterFiber and ScottKillen at having the better mod or anything, and I'm not trying to steal their userbase or anything. I just wanted to make a mod that I myself enjoyed. Releasing it publicly was probably a much worse idea than I thought it was, because there are people who feel like they're entitled to Forge support, or ­ about ExtraBiomes XL vs Biomes O' Plenty.

    It's getting old having to deal with people who can't read the opening post, which explains all of this. I typically don't respond to posts that ask about Forge or ExtraBiomes XL or whatever.

    Don't worry about the ones that complain. You have a fan base that praises you. Remember the old Native American tale of a Grandfather and his Grandson talking? The Grandfather told the boy that he had 2 wolves fighting a terrible war inside his heart. The boy, concerned, asked which would win. The Grandfather answered "the one I feed".
    Don't feed the bad wolf, just feed the good ones. You will never be able to please everyone. As long as you are happy with the mod, screw what everyone else thinks. You were kind enough to share it with us. For that we owe you our thanks. Those looking for stories and conspiracies are just being trolls, enough said.

    Your mod is amazing. You must really enjoy being outdoors and exploring. I'm looking forward to creating a good modloader type package for myself and my family to play on our LAN and this mod is going to be a primary add-in. We are using "the other mod" in one of our Forge based games. (We like to move around from game to game sometimes to kill the boredom that builds up from playing one too long)- and after having the best of biomes in forge and modloader games, we've been spoiled and refuse to play without either of them. I dream of a day when ID blocks are unlimited and processors don't puke blood when loading a client that has so much crammed in to it that you couldn't find all the new stuff if you searched for a year! Ah, but these are just dreams. Of course, so was going to the moon not that many years ago. :) Keep up the good work. You'll be up there with the stars in no time.
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    posted a message on List of Mods for 1.8.9
    I might have overlooked but didn't see Ugocraft
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    Quote from elrekay

    May I suggest that, having looked at the suggestions, you simply make another mod, compatible and interactive with mo'creatures, that has all mythical creatures such as the ones that were suggested. it could be called Mo'myths or Mo'lengeds or even Legendary Mo'creatures, this would mean that any one who wanted their real life animals walking around MC (with the additions that are already there) could download the Mo'creatures mod or anyone who wants to have all the myths and legends walking around could download the Mo'Myths, Legendary Mo'creatures ... and anyone who wants both can simply download both, they use the same things as they would be the same mod just different animals and it could be as simple as drag and drop.

    Disclaimer: I am not a modder or do I have any knowledge of the complexity it takes to make a mod so I am sorry if this is not a viable idea because of effort.

    DITTO! That seems like an excellent idea to me too. I know personally I like to keep my worlds realistic 'or' fantasy. I don't really like to mix the two.
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    I don't see many of the common animals from north eastern parts of USA so I thought I'd throw a couple out there with some ideas. as well as a few that are not from there just for fun.
    Buffalo- Found in herds in grass lands. Drops leather and meat.
    Ground hogs - dig holes and tunnel which can be a problem if you have a garden, or if you spend a lot of time underground. You never know when you'll hit a pesky groundhog hole that is full of water... or worse.
    Mockingbirds and Lyre Birds- love to mimic sounds and are sometimes so convincing they fool the listener! ( Ssssssssss....)
    Fireflies and Glow worms- very small glowing creatures that are nearly impossible to find in the day but blink and glow at night. Maybe you can catch some with a butterfly net and keep them in a jar? Gives off dim light/sparkle effect. Could be used to keep Endermen away and from stealing your blocks.
    Crickets, Grasshoppers, Cicadas, and Katydids- just to add more singing, hopping and noise to those hilly forests and meadows. But careful, swarms of Locusts can destroy entire crops! Hopefully you have something that can chase them away.
    Caterpillars- colorful and sometimes exotic looking, eats plants including your garden if they get in it. Can climb trees and walls, as well as right over your fence. Frogs and skunks will eat them. Eventually turn in to Butterflies and Moths.
    Sea Cucumbers, jellyfish, and Star fish - but becareful. Some of these beautiful creatures can poison you if you touch them.
    Praying Mantis- once called garden devils, these curious insects have fast reflexes and will catch and devour any bug they can. They are known as the farmers best friend for clearing out gardens. 1 Mantis nest can spawn more than 1000 babies if kept in the sun. But don't get them around frogs or these ferocious hunters soon become dinner.
    Don't forget Tadpoles! You can't have frogs if you don't have Tadpoles!! Small aquatic creature thats just a blob with a tail. You could harvest frog eggs in swamps and small shallow ponds and place them in *garden ponds* to hatch tadpoles which will later turn in to frogs and eat bugs.
    Goldfish and Koi- pretty orange decorative fish with fancy double tails and round bellies. Most prized for fountains and water gardens. Loves lily pads and lotus blossoms.
    Roosters! - Crow just before sun up. Likes to sit on fence posts. Stays where ever there are chickens. Comes in a variety of colors. Will fight with other Roosters though so you may need several pens! Cockadoodle doooooo!
    Mudpuppy/Waterdog- Strange looking salamander type creature found in swamps and ponds near the bottom of the water. Very shy. Name comes from the misconception that they bark like a dog. They feed on bugs and worms and small larvae and prefer to live in shallow, slow moving water under rocks. Might make a good creature to put in cave ponds.
    Parrots- colorful birds found in coastal and jungle areas. Can be tamed. Perfect companion for an adventuring pirate! Mimics sounds. Screeches out warnings when danger is near.
    Iguana - Lives in trees. Loves hot places, the sun, and swimming. Generally stays in desert. Eats plants. Can be tamed.
    Cameleon- Slow moving lizard, loves trees. Changes colors when it walks on different colored blocks.
    Kangaroo- Already has a built in inventory!!! Now if only we could tame one.
    Turkeys - Drops meat like chicken but larger and takes longer to cook. Can possibly stuff turkey with vegetables. Lays eggs. Can grind meat to make Turkey burgers or slice cooked Turkey to make luncheon meat! :D
    Oysters- and pearls which can be crafted in to other things in game such as decor, fancy armor, or tools.

    TangleRoot -The roots of a plant that comes alive in caves, especially those found under jungles, and will often block the entrances to caves. Can be chopped with an ax effectively. Possibly drops sticks... maybe a bone rarely from an unlucky traveler that got tangled. Slowing effect like cob webs. If you wait to long they begin to choke and suffocate you!
    Vicious Thorn Bush- found in jungles and heavily wooded biomes. Does about the same damage as cactus does but hard to get away from like cob webs.
    Cyclops- slightly larger one eyed version of the ogre except it does knockback with its club.
    Banshee- similar to Ghasts but spawn in over world without the serious block destruction. Are known for their haunting screams. Can not cross water. Prefer dark secluded places.
    Chinese Dragon- different from the Enderdragon, this dragon is long and thin, resembling a Caterpillar with large eyes and mouth like a lion. They are often seen as symbols of good luck and fortune. Maybe you will only see one if treasure is near by? They are also rulers of weather and water. Maybe they warn of coming storms?

    Some ideas about some of the previously mentioned:
    Snails - tend to eat plants and can cause damage to crops and flowers.
    Meerkat - funny little creatures that in real life will "hug" each other and anything else. Might be a silly funny thing to add. I can just picture one running up and hugging a creeper, which of course upsets the creeper. Of course Meerkats are very clever and quick so they will most likely get away. Perhaps the whole purpose of a Meerkat would be to distract a creeper that is chasing you?
    Frogs - but more specifically than what was mentioned,
    Bullfrogs- loud, fat frog that is usually found around farm ponds and swamps. Some of them are big enough to eat small snakes. Commonly kept as pets. They keep bugs out of the garden. And by the way... Bullfrog legs are quite yummy.
    Poison Arrow/Dart Frogs- colorful little frogs that will poison you if you touch them. Captured by natives they were often used to poison blow darts and arrows by rubbing the chemicals off their skin and on the tips of the weapons. Poison frogs get their poison from the bugs they eat. Kept as pets they lose their poison effect unless you feed them a more natural diet. Maybe you could create poison arrows by taming a poison frog and feeding him zombie meat, or mixing in zombie meat with frog slime on a crafting bench or in an alchemist lab?

    A suggestion for all animals: You might possibly consider a very rare chance of spawning a pure white (albino) or an even more rare pure black (melano) animal of each breed. Chance of spawning should be very, very rare so that these animals are special.

    I might add more later if I think about it. :)
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    I would love to see someone who could make underground worlds like goblin cities or ancient sunken cities. I feel like caves should have tangle roots and worms, maybe even glow worms. There should be a block called "loose dirt" that will crumble under your feet. There are never dead trees or hollow trees, which feels so unnatural. Finding a fallen tree or hollow tree could be an easy way to find a little treasure.Ravens often pack shiny things to nests. And what about those fungi that grow on the sides of trees. Those were always so interesting. Native American villages and painted horses would be nice. The deepest parts of the ocean, down where its very dark, the fish would glow. I would love to see whales. Water plants grown in underwater gardens at the bottom of the ocean would inspire building under water. Lotus blossoms would make a nice add to go with Lilly pads... and frogs. It would be nice to see the wind actually move things rather than simply just hearing it in some add-ins. Cherry blossoms blowing in the wind, or tumbleweeds in the desert. Strong winds might even cause trees to fall or break. *sigh* I have so many ideas, but i just don't understand the code.
    I know what you mean about the game getting boring. Thats why we need people like you who can add ideas and content. If you ever left we would miss you an awful lot.
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    Eh... I'm stumped. Fresh install, followed directions - Modloader (no forge)- deleted Meta- installed this mod only. Maybe mercury is in retro again...

    Crash report link <removed>

    Never mind. I'll just go do something else. Can see you're doing all you can at the moment. Will just check back later maybe.
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    Been playing this mod on LAN with family on extreme. We all love it! We were all bandits, raiding the surrounding towns for goods, even to the point of stealing entire houses- until suddenly the villagers decided to move in with us. LOL
    Anyway, I wanted to let you know that your mod will also boost other mods installed. We've encountered 3 other mods that will produce more than usual spawns. This was not a problem for us, but it might be for others, so we wanted to point out a couple of them.

    Ruins and Floating Ruins - increased spawns. I found up to 4 floating ruins in one spot before. Woohoo loot! lol

    Millenaire - not only increased the spawn of towns but often villages would spawn in a group of 3. This caused server lag to the point of crashing a couple times as towns generated.

    I'm not sure if this is something that can be fixed or not. I know we had a blast with it as is, but like I said, some people might get upset.
    Great mod!! LOVE IT. Hope to see you keep it going for a very long time. :Diamond: +
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    For some reason it seems like ever since Minecraft came out on Xbox, everything has been chaos. There has not been a day yet that I haven't seen some part of the Minecraft website crashed for some reason or another. Now there is this big push for Forge that has some praising and others cursing. Could it be that Mojang just wants everyone to write compatible code for the sake of Xbox? Or is this seriously an aim to help the new mod writer to be a team player with its modding?
    I can see where so many want to know what the hidden agenda is when you are an online gamer. A whole lot of us have traveled game to game only to get shafted by the people in charge, just because the ones who had the wheel suddenly saw dollar signs. I just hope that this big push is being done for the good of everyone and the love of the game, and not because some corporate big wig wants Minecraft to suck face with Microsoft.
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    posted a message on Best client-side mods for SMP?
    Having a crafting book is nice and I wouldn't consider that a cheat. I'd think of it more as a handy tutorial or a notebook for someone forgetful like me. Personally I use too many items on recipe mode, just for the crafting guide. But there are other craft book mods that would be less tempting to cheat with.
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    First thing first, I will tell you I am totally new to modding. So my opinion is not worth that much as far as what Forge or Modloader can do.
    Instead I'd just like to say that I am thankful for Minecraft being a game we are allowed to mod, and for being fun and addictive too. It provides an entertaining environment where we can learn from one another how the game works, grow and create, then invite our friends to see these creations. To me, that is priceless. Its allowing us to come together, as a Minecraft community, and grow. Granted, there will be growing pains as we all evolve together. If Modloader is really as great as people say, I am sure they will step up to the challenge that Forge has given them, and strive to be even better than Forge, the same way Forge stepped up to Modloader. It is the challenge that we all share, because honestly, who wouldn't want to be recognized as "that guy" who did "that thing" with "that stuff"?
    I've seen people's mods that made my game dance a waltz like the Prince of Persia... and I've installed mods that left my hard drive in a screaming panic that somewhat reminded me of a cat in a rocking chair factory. Graphics cards, hard drive space and defragging has a lot to do with mod performance!
    I will use what works for me. You use what works for you. Hopefully, if we end up on different teams, we can still work together in the future. Right now, I'm just happy to have a place to learn, and I'm sure I'll use both ways just so I can say I had the experience.
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