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    If you're using bonemeal to craft this magic dirt why not just use it on your wheat which is taking too long to grow?
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    posted a message on Feedback on my sword
    Quote from FabooGuy

    I think the handle is too long in relation to the metal part. I like how you textured it though.

    I'm thinking about shrinking the handle as I originally intended to add more detail to the exterior shaping of the blade.

    Quote from Alvoria

    Steve? has very big hands. He needs a big handle. :(


    I like it, though I would like to see a bit more contrast in the brown. It becomes a single shade for me when viewing the small image, so all the detail is lost. Since that's about how big an icon appears in my hotbar when playing, this is a bit of an issue. :( Other than that, yea, I like it. :)

    Unfortunately for Steve I think I may shrink the handle (I'll see how it works out). And I think I've worked out some new shades to use for the handle.

    Thanks for your opinion and feedback though :) It helps.

    Oh yeah, are there any explicit thoughts on the gem? I'm not sure about it.
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    posted a message on what do you do when you get bored in mc and why
    Playing around with mods is always fun. Sometimes downloading a map to explore can relieve boredom.
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    posted a message on Feedback on my sword
    I want constructive criticism on this sword I made. It is intended to be an iron sword.

    I remade the sword, my questions still stand.

    My main interests are on how others think I:
    • Chose my colours and appropriately shifted values (HSB)
    • Placed my shades and highlights
    • How well I developed texture through my placement of colour, shading and highlights
    • The shape and design of my sword
    As well as general opinions on any part of the sword.
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    posted a message on My attempt of an airship (feedback is always welcome)
    I like it, the blocks used are nice and it has a good feel to it. However the wings(?) at the back look rather out of place and the shape of them isn't very interesting. I also think the shape of the balloon may need to look a bit more round.

    On the whole a good build but it does need a little bit of work.
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