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    I have seen some pretty complex red stone computers in mine craft. What if you could get some copper buttons and craft a key board and take coal quartz and red stone to make a computer chip to combine them into a basic computer. The chip would be quartz slab with coal under it and red stone powder on top. This would be crafted into the chip and smelted in a furnace to make a computer chip. With monitors made of quarts around a red stone powder. You can make monitors bigger by combining screens and you use your keyboard computer for wireless programming on the screen. This would be like an acorn computer with 64 colors and basic or or C or Rust like programming language. Though I kind of think people would reject this idea outright I hope it would be a mod. Though with the red stone computer keyboard it would allow you to program copper golems to do task as well. Such as use a hoe and plant seeds harvest and replant and store things in a chest or barrel or what have you. The job would need the right tool and would need waxing to preserve the golem. The copper golem may have a computer attached or have a wireless terminal by putting a keyboard computer with a monitor to be crafted into a terminal with a full screen mode for simple commands like a command block. And maybe program Iron golems to patrol a certain path. And instructing golems would have to be simpler like have farm, attack or mine and harvest commands and store command such as put crops into the nearest container. Replant and so on. And maybe have define path for golems to follow by using red stone powder to make them follow the line or something simple. So I would put a copper computer on an iron golem and just put red stone around the place I want him to walk on a loop. Broken red stone lines would make the iron golem walk back and forth. But would attack mobs on sight and return to the path.

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