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    I found Wintercrest about a year ago. I initially like it for a friendly player base, warp start to help you get starting items, and events that seemed a ton of fun. It was odd learning the trust based system and not using claim shovels or other things. The staff was/is active and approachable. The balance of paid items not being game breaking and everything being available through crates was a refreshing touch. People are promoted for being active friendly, and helpful, not because they give money.

    I hope to see you there!

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    Recently started playing on this server and have found the community friendly and inviting. They are eager to help and have a very active discord to go with there forums and server. They have a great spawn that helps you find new biomes and even a start area for new players to help them get some of the basics (and some non basics like shulker boxes) the economy is good and with their update to 1.13 they are adding new quests and voting rewards. Also even without paying you have access to all the perks (just expect it to take a bit longer)


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