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    Couldn't find a specific place for sharing the new 1.10 structures, so hopefully this is okay.

    The bridge is 31L x 10H x 7W and is my first attempt at a detailed monochromatic bridge.

    The structure includeds air, except right around the ends, which allows it to kind of blend into the hills.

    You will probably still want to blend it a bit more like I did in the screen shots.

    Also, the structure stops short of the support column footings to allow for varying height terrain.

    The file should be placed inside of .minecraft\saves\YourWorldName\structures\

    There are several good videos on youtube explaining how to load structure into your world if you need more info.

    Download here:


    Dropbox will try to have you sign-in/sign-up, but there is a small continue link near the bottom and then the Direct Ddownload link is in a drop-down is in the upper-right.

    Then I got a pop-up asking me to sign-in, but at the bottom there's a no thanks, continue to download link that works.

    Please let me know if this new link works any better.

    Here is the old link as a possible warning to others.

    After uploading and then downloading my file with this:


    my file size was 78KB instead of the original 6KB. I apologize for not
    testing this before making the link public. Something is obviously very
    off here.

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    posted a message on Minecraft PC- Target Selectors and Their Arguments
    Quote from opaaufkoka»

    im looking for an argument that selects a target based on its rank on a scoreboard.

    dont know if it exists, but this is what im looking for kinda:


    anyone, anything?

    workarounds would od it for me too

    There is this command: scoreboard players operation <targetName> <targetObjective> <operation> <selector> <objective>
    This lets you compare two players scores, set score equal to another score, swap the scores, etc.
    Theoretically you could sort all your players scores.

    If you're trying to select the player who has the best score in objective XYZ:
    Maybe you could pick a random player at the beginning when everyone scores are 0 and set a leader tag. Then constantly test every other players score against the player with the leader tag, and swap the two when a better score is found. Also set the leader tag off the previous leader and onto the new leader. That would at least keep track of the player with the best rank. To sort everyone would require this process many times over. Knowing how many players to test could be a problem. And to keep track of specific players each player would have to have a numbered tag (maybe assign the tag as they log in?).
    pseudo code:
    P2 score > P1 score? then P2 score swap P1 score, start over since new P1.
    P3 score > P1 score? then P3 score swap P1 score, start over since new P1.
    P4 score > P1 score? then P4 score swap P1 score, start over since new P1.

    Or maybe just request Mojang to add /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar XYZ [sort]

    where sort would be ascending or descending.

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