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    Quote from joshosh34»

    This is pretty great, however i don't believe i can disable the droplets on lens effect that starts when it rains

    I would like to be able to remove that because it doesn't make sense in deserts

    Is there a way to edit it to give me that option?

    Actually that is already a feature called "Unique Biomes".

    Unique Biomes allows different values to be changed depending what Biome you are in, in this case it makes Rain Drops invisible in the Desert biomes.

    However this feature sometimes fails to work due to the nature of biomes.

    So if you want to manually disable the rain drops you could either edit the code (which is unnecessary), or the much easier option; download the latest Dev version of Oceano 2.1 on the Shader Labs discord server were customising (or turning off) rain drops is an option along with many other shader options.

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    Oceano 2.0 brings a new direction to the shader bringing an array of new features and 1.13 support, more information can be found in the above link.

    The original post is below

    New Update, Version 1.1 Just Released

    [Compatible will all Minecraft versions above 1.6.4]

    If you would like to contact me more directly or access development versions of Oceano Shaders join the ShaderLabs discord server here.



    No videos of 1.1 at the moment, feel free to make some!

    Setup (Please read)

    Download Optifine

    Note: This is an intensive shader and there may be trouble getting an acceptable framerate on macs/older devices.

    After Optifine is installed proceed with these steps:

    1. Locate your .minecraft folder (If you do not know how to do so, do a quick google search)

    2. If not already there create a new folder name shaderpacks (All lower case)

    3. Download Oceano Shaders below and place the shader in the shaderpacks folder

    4. In Minecraft proceed to Options > Video Settings > Shaders. This is where all your currently installed shaders are visible. Select the shader by clicking on it.

    5. In the bottom right corner of the said menu click Shader Options. Here you can select from a few preset quality profiles or change any aspect of the shader.

    6. (Optional) Download the BetterFPS mod found below for additional performance.

    Oceano Shaders Downloads

    Current version:

    Oceano Shaders (Download)

    Legacy version:

    Cybox Shaders (Forum page)

    Recommended Additions

    Resource Packs:

    Realistico (Web page)

    Chroma Hills (Web page)

    Pulchra (Web page)


    Better Foliage (Forum page)

    Sound Filters (Forum page)

    Dynamic Surroundings (Curse page)

    Better FPS (Forum page) (I highly recommend this)


    If you encounter some sort of issue relating to the shader pack please leave a comment on this thread including the following:

    - A thorough description of the issue, try to include a screenshot if the issue is visible

    - A list of your system specifications (GPU,CPU,OS)

    - An output log of the issue (Preferably in a spoiler to avoid long messages)

    - Shader pack version, Optifine version and Minecraft version. (Or any mods that are possibly conflicting)

    Contact me

    You can contact me through either the Minecraft forum or the shader labs discord server found here, if I am not available on the discord server I am sure one of the many other shader developers on there will be happy to help.

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    Oceano 2.0 is a new shader pack for Minecraft 1.7.10 to 1.13 and above
    More information can be found on the website given
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    This shader has been discontinued.

    It has been reborn as Oceano shaders which can be found here

    Original thread:


    200K downloads 1.6-1.8

    Best used with realistico



    You are definitely allowed to make a video of this shader

    just make sure you leave a link to this thread in the description!

    Modifying My Shaders:

    You can modify this shader for your own use if you want to use a piece of code/file just PM me.

    You cannot up-load your modified version of this shader without permission.


    V4 Download

    Contact Methods:

    You can contact me and other shader developers on the shaderlabs discord server


    How To Install:

    for people who have forge and the lot, it is installed like a normal shader

    -(do NOT unzip)-


    -Original shader by chocapic: Link

    -Thanks to werrus for making the waves

    -Thanks to airloocke42 for the new DOF

    -Also thanks to daxnitro for the original shaders mod and kyronix for the new updated mod.

    Old versions:

    V1 Download

    V2 Download

    Lagless Download

    V3.5 Download


    V4-preview-2.1 Download

    Requested Shaders:

    CYBOX-water-shaders RQ by Luigi370


    CYBOX-torch-shaders RQ by Franco


    CYBOXshaders-V4-pre-1-NO DOF RQ by ashtreylil

    What do YOU want?

    In the comments suggest things that you think should be CHANGED or ADDED to the shader and it will might make it into upcoming versions. (check comments for updates on latest version ;) )

    My specs:

    GTX 980, intel i5-4690, 16gb RAM, windows 10 Originally made on a macbook pro (retina 13 inch 2.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 8GB of 1600MHz DDR3L onboard memory Intel Iris Graphics)
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    Some insight of what to expect in the coming months

    *Very early progress pictures, everything is subject to change. Graphics will still most likely improve from here.

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    posted a message on Official CYBOXshaders V4


    CYBOXshaders recently hit 100,000 downloads!

    Thankyou all so much!

    v4.1 is due soon

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    V4 will release sometime today, just finishing up the low versions and getting the page ready.

    Meanwhile here is an amazing cinematic by past life pro, (A version of the shader from less than a week ago)

    1:43 is amazing :P

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    Quote from LuciferIsDeath»

    well how do i get shaders to work with only optifine, i cant figure it out.

    What version of minecraft?
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    Quote from nytak619»

    Anyway to make fog work with this shader? So it is in same distance as if you disable this shader (so you don't just see nothingness from your render distance)

    e.g. bedrock fog, overworld distance fog that doesn't show world's edge (non rendered space)

    Closest thing to fog.
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    Quote from GDTrekkie»

    So I want to download a Shader and I have found a few of them but weren't really sure how they all look.

    And sadly I'm a picky person and I want a Shader to my preferences. Can you guys help me find the best one to install?

    1) My computer is a MacBookPro

    2) I like to keep the "Minecraft Look" of the game and very little texture changes

    3) Along with number 2, the sun and the moon should also be square

    4) No lagging or glitching because I'll be using this for screenshots of my creations such as buildings and houses and sometimes pixelart.

    I hope you guys can help me find a good Shader :3

    Hello, sorry for late reply, only just found your post, as a shader dev i think i can help.

    Here is a shader that is just plain minecraft with shadows and improved water:
    http://www.mediafire.com/download/2747nn6n6dhqbc4/AirLoocke42 Re-Mastered v1.0.zip

    this download is from this page:
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