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    Username: SeanShon
    Roleplay name: Sir Jest Smirk
    Race: Human
    Profession: Rouge
    Job: Political figure.
    Kingdom: Iron Citadel

    Physical appearance: A somewhat bold man. Constantly hides his face behind a smirking clown mask. His hair drapes around it, and he quietly laughs while speaking. He stands at 6'2.

    Personality: Extremely erratic mentality, one second a peaceful loving member of Citadel, next a slaver/murderer who would hunt down anyone he feels like.

    Goal in Life: New emperor of Citadel.


    Born into a swampy family, he grew rice and sugar canes for almost all of his life. Lost of things washed up on the bay near his house, including... A mask. Once he put it on, the voices filled his head with wonderful promises and constant glee. Never again would he take anything serious. Now he simply goes around laughing, loving, lynching, and lecturing his fellow man.

    He arrived for new ideas. Once he had heard of the Emperor's death, that was when his ideas began. "Run for citadel!" His voices all chanted in the back of his mind. Now Jest is working for just that. With promises of warm food and stone to all citizens under his rule, he is planning to be the perfect leader. Now if only he could find the perfect way to hang a escaping slave.

    CODE: BVX26
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