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    posted a message on New Realm

    IGN: Cubic_Dreams

    Hope to see you there!

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    posted a message on Snow Plains

    IGN: Cubic_Dreams

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    posted a message on Established Survival Realm looking for 3 more mature , active players

    It looks like this realm is right for me. I've been trying for a long time now to find a great realm. Regular servers are terrible, and they have horrible communities. I am very active, and I never grief.


    Age - 15
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    posted a message on ☷ ☆ Hayleigh's Minecraft Realm! ☆ ☷
    First Name (and/or IG name): CREEPERBLOX

    Age: 15 (I sound a bit young for my age, since I'm going through puberty. lol)

    Maturity Level (1-10): 9 (Mature, yet fun.)

    Favorite YouTuber? (Doesn't have to be a gamer!): Mumbo Jumbo

    How long have you played Minecraft?: about 3 - 4 years

    Skype (If you have one, it's okay if you don't!): forgot
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    posted a message on Pure Survival Server, No PvP
    1. What is your in game name


    2. How old are you?


    3. How long have you been playing Minecraft?

    3 years

    4. Have you played on a Pure Survival server before?


    5. Why would you like to play on this server?

    I want to relax, and not be afraid of pvp people walking around.

    6. Do you know someone already on the server? If so, what is their username?


    7. What does SOTF stand for?

    Survival of the Fittest
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    posted a message on SOTF - [Pure Survival][Mature][LWC][AntiGrief][1.7.2]
    Age: 13
    Why you want to join: I want to join because I can't find many decent servers that have no pvp. I want a friendly, loving server with good staff.
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    posted a message on Jaculator Craft recruiting hosts - Fill custom app
    hello our new server jaculator craft is recruiting hosts

    i dont wanna pay coz what if the server duznt go good and we get no donations? that wud be stupid so give us free 3 months and if it goes good expect us to pay hopefuly

    we are looking for a host but since we are special you must apply.

    u may ask why we are special well because we will do good :)

    pleasse fill out this application and if i accept u me and my boys will add u on skype and interview u

    must be free for first few months then if i get a grand from donations ill maybe pay some day.


    why should us jaculator craft choose u as a host ?:
    why r u worthy of hosting jaculator craft:
    estabrished company??:
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    posted a message on ClusterChunk PvP Server [Whitelist]
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