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    posted a message on [Challenge] The Mercenary
    I started playing your challenge a few months ago. I may still only be on Stage 2 but I love it. While playing, I even created a couple of my own fun little missions. They are as follows:

    Side Mission 1: Challenger

    While minding your own business, a newcomer from another town questions your strength. He says he has an opponent who can easily defeat you in a fight. You both make a bet on it and accept the challenge. While the challenger goes back and gets his competitor, your job is to create an arena to fight in. (Outside or inside of the town. Your decision there.) It can be any shape as long as the fighting area is at least a 6 x 10 block space. Don't just surround the area in fence tho, be creative. Add a stand so people can watch. Add obstacles if you'd like. When you feel like you've completed your build, the challenger will have returned with his competitor. (Either an Iron Golem or a friend who can join. If it is a friend, you both must have the same armor and weapons so the match is fair.) You both will enter the arena and fight. If you win, the reward listed below is given. If you lose, the villagers of your town will accuse the opponent of cheating and you will still get the reward. Either way, it all turns out in your favor in the end.

    Requirements: Must be on Stage 2 of the challenge or higher. Must be able to build an Iron Golem or play with a friend.

    You learn how to create Iron Golems and have an arena for challenging others in.

    Side note: After the mission is done, don't forget about the arena entirely, (you will need it for the next side mission) improve upon it, challenge mobs or other golems or even friends sometimes. Give the villagers something to enjoy once in a while.

    Side Mission 2: Wither Battle

    The villagers love how strong and mighty you have become. Because of this, they'd like to see you battle a real minster, something that will make them say "WOW!" You decide to give them a real show by battling a Wither. Once you've gathered all the materials needed to make a Wither, go to the arena you created during Side Mission 1 (you can improve upon it if you'd like). Build the Wither and battle it. The mission ends when you have defeated the Wither, collected its loot, and fixed whatever damage has been done to the arena and surrounding area.

    Requirements: Must be on Stage 4 of the challenge or higher. Must have the materials needed for creating a Wither. Must complete Side Mission 1.

    Reward: You learn how to create Withers. (If dropped) You receive a Nether Star.

    I hope these side missions make the challenge all that more enjoyable for everyone! :)

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