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    Quote from Paril

    I could downgrade it to .NET 3.0 if that's the outcome - I really don't have any large dependencies on 4.0, it's just a nice thing to have for the new language features.

    That would be great for Mac and especially Linux users. I believe Wine, with winetricks, supports up to .NET 3.5. If you could downgrade it to 3 or 3.5 you would have partial Linux/OSX
    support, at least until someone ports it fully.
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    Do you have both BuildCraft and IndustrialCraft installed? =No, but I've had them in the past, and it is no trouble to install them again.
    Would I consider myself a mature trustworthy player? = Yes
    About Myself? = I am 14 and love MineCraft. I am a moderately experienced builder in Redstone and in general. I would like to join your server because I'd like to share my knowledge of building and just have a good time.
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    Ok, I finally got it to install, but the water effects do not show up. No Errors or anything, just no effects. Switched to Fancy Water and everything. Any Ideas?
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    Amazing! Simply Amazing! The Music, the buildings, the texture pack have turned that into some stunning footage. I felt like I was watching a Lord Of The Rings Trailer. You get 7 internets and a bagel!
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