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    posted a message on [1.4.7] FTB Ultimate Skyblock Survival Map [1.0]
    This map is great!
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    posted a message on [Adv] Not Worth It! Beta 1
    This is a new adventure map a couple of friends and I are working on, it is currently in beta, I hope you enjoy it!

    Since this is in beta, please post pictures, or explain any errors, incomplete parts, or loopholes in the rules we may have missed. Also, please comment on the map, and give your opinions.



    1. No Breaking Blocks, not even with water. (Exception: Redstone)
    2. Read The Notes When Prompted.
    3. No Mods, Cheats, Or Creative Mode.
    4. Always Play On “Easy”.
    5. Only Craft With Items Given From Chests, or Furnaces.
    6. Do Not Remove Items From Dispensers.
    7. Only Place Blocks Given From Chests, or Furnaces. (Prior To Chamber Completion.)


    Carlos (Owner)
    Avery (Owner)
    Jacob (Temporary Helper)
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    posted a message on I Would Like A Good Modding Mentor/Teacher, Please!
    Hello, I would love if someone that's a good modding teacher/mentor that could teach me about modding. I was always fascinated, but I was never too good at java, but I want to be able to try to mod minecraft. I currently know how to create a new block, make a crafting recipe, add features like slipperiness, light, and textures. I want to work on a certain mod but I would like one person to help, and teach me to mod.
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