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    Hello everyone! I would like to introduce you to The Pond minecraft server! The server world only clears after a major update! I try to keep a vanilla-like experience and only have a few specific additions I believe ease of play and community building.

    Unique Server Features:
    - Cut whole trees with an axe for extra hunger and durability cost.
    - No more creeper griefing, as explosions in the overworld regenerate over time!
    - No /home, but Player teams allow players to create a central hub area for their teammate to teleport to.
    - Custom Villager Shops made by players (whose inventories are linked to a nearby chests) to sell or buy from!
    - Place signs on chests to lock them and control who has access to them.
    - Fire spread is off. No more accidental fires!
    - DEATH COUNTER (tab)
    - Server Discord for discussion on upcoming Minecraft news and server announcements!
    - You can Sit on blocks!

    - Do not disrespect or harass anyone. This includes, but isn't limited to, making racist or obscene comments towards other members of the community and using derogatory or vulgar language in a manner that's intended to disrespect or harass another member. Harassment will not be tolerated.
    - PVP is only allowed if all parties involved agree to it. Random PVP on players will be bannable.
    - Stealing is allowed, but frowned upon. Use signs to lock your chests from other players.
    - Griefing is not allowed. This includes block spam and text spam. Most players spend quite a bit of time on their builds and most do not want to see them destroyed.
    - Making a team allows you to start to wars with teams. All teams involved in a war must agree to it and/or have a reasonable cause. You cannot start wars with teams who wish not to. Teams involved in wars will be able to set their own terms.

    I have been hosting Minecraft servers privately for 3+ years and am slowly opening this server up on whitelist. The server will be resetting soon when Mojang release the 1.18 update (usually reset the day of). If you are interested in joining, join the discord and paste your MC username in the whitelist channel (along with a small introduction and what is your favorite thing to do in Minecraft).

    SCREENSHOTS 1.17: https://imgur.com/gallery/rPUGBWZ


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    posted a message on Kowmmuity Server 1.18.1 [SMP] Three Lives Then You're Lost (Harcore like Challenge) [Economy/Survival]

    Username: ClayDuck

    Age: 20

    Do you have Discord(Recommend): Clay Duck#0139

    How long have you been playing Minecraft: I have been playing the game since 1.5! Very familiar with the game and I am excited for a 3 time challenge! Sounds very fun!

    What do you think you would bring to the server: I would like to think I'm pretty good at building and surviving!

    Why would you like to join the server: Enthusiastic about the idea, made a forum account just to post this! Let me know through discord.

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