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    posted a message on Harvest Festival ~ A Harvest Moon mod ~ Cooking, relationships, townships and more!

    I just found out about this mod (via the Farming Valley modpack), and it looks amazing.

    One thing that bugs me, though ("bug" may be too strong; different preference naybe?), is the amount of stuff that's flagged to only be purchasable from vendors, rather than gathered or crafted by the player. From the gameplay videos I've seen, this seems to include a number of craftable items and blocks, wild seeds, and ores added by other mods.

    Isthere a way to disable this, so I can make and gather everything as normal if I choose? Or is this an aspect of FV modpack rather than this mod alone? (I looked at the list of mods in FV, and didn't find anything there that looked like it was responsible for this feature; I could have just overlooked it, however.)

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