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I am not quite an expert redstoner and not quite a deadly PvPer either. I'm kinda like the Apple of builders, copying other people's ideas and dressing them up nicely so they look better and are a bit more convenient to use than the original models. And there is NO machine that cannot be improved by adding more hoppers to it.

I tend to favor building and surviving with a group of intelligent comrades, but at the same time it's kind of a shame to build a TNT cannon or flamethrower array and never have a reason to fire it because my friends are just too nice.

Do you like what I do? Do you think I'm a swell guy and want to support me? Well, I have this book I'm selling for 99 cents called "Tales from the Creature Keeper". Buy it in .mobi format at Amazon, or in every other format that exists on Smashwords, and I'll be able to entertain you even more! Maybe I'll even coax you to think and wonder about the world too.
Writing, Crafting, Explosions, Curmudgeonry, Clowning, Gaming, Marbles, Pipecleaners, Legos, Daydreaming

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