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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Really Disturbing Tank Engines Mod v1.0.0 - Adds The Disturbing Side of Thomas and his Friends! (Mob, Items)
    Really Disturbing Tank Engines Mod v1.0.0


    This mod adds Toby The Train, he will stalk you, haunt you and hunt you. His eyes are crying blood as it shocks down your spine. His speed is incredibly fast as you have nowhere to turn.

    This mod also implements new items, most of the items are item drops from Toby but has mechanics behind it (operable). Items descriptions in the "items:" section.

    Before you say anything, Toby The Tram Engine and other items were only implemented because I am still in development of making other stuff. So for now, I only implemented Toby The Tram Engine, foods, a weapon and his items. If you want to help me model or texture,
    please email me at: [email protected]

    I will add new characters and items, these ideas will be implemented in the next update.

    (These are not in the mod! They're ideas that I will be implementing!)
    - Thomas (of course!)
    - Hiro
    - Percy
    - Harold
    - Splatter and Dodge

    Mod Licence: You can add it to your modpack but you must give credits.

    Please report bugs on the comments section.

    Don't forget to like this thread! This would help me so much! :)


    - Raw Toby Meat

    - Cooked Toby Meat

    - Toby's Soul (Potion effects - Fire resistance, increased in jump and sprint)

    -The Fat Controllers Cane (Weapon, +10 damage)

    -Spawn egg (Toby The Tram Engine)


    Toby The Tram Engine

    -Has 100 hearts

    -Spawns in the desert

    - Avoids water but can swim

    - Kills pigs, wolfs and the player

    - Follows coal

    - Drops Toby Meat and Toby Soul (weird right!?)

    -Honks and speaks in a distorted way.

    At Night

    At Day

    Crafting Recipes and Smelting:

    The Fat Controller's Cane Recipe

    Raw Toby Meat Smelting

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