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    I've been having issues for a while with my game freezing up after somewhere between 15 minutes and an hour. After it initially freezes, it unfreezes, but for all intents and purposes may as well have not. The FPS would be 3-5 seconds per frame. Afterwards, I have to restart my game, which takes a fair amount of time. I have xmx set at nearly 6 GB of RAM currently. Running a fairly heavy resource pack and playing on a city building server. Any help is appreciated.

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    posted a message on Heavy Truck Pack- Fex's Vehicle and Transportation Mod Addon [1.0 Released]

    1.0 has been released - Curseforge link.

    Current features:

    -Barricades, barriers, cones

    -11 Truck models:

    2017 Chevy Silverado 2500HD and 3500HD

    2020 Chevy Silverado 2500HD and 3500HD

    2018 Ford F-250 and F-350

    2017 Ram 2500 and 3500

    2017 GMC Sierra 2500HD and 3500HD

    2019 Chevy Silverado 5500HD

    -Big Tex Flatbed Trailer

    -Gooseneck hitch


    -Truck toolbox

    -Headache rack

    -Lumber rack

    Note: Trailers in FVTM are still experimental. There are serious visual glitches, including trailers bouncing, spinning, and not properly backing.

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    posted a message on Heavy Truck Pack- Fex's Vehicle and Transportation Mod Addon [1.0 Released]

    I'm just about finished with the first release of the add-on, just fixing some icons and lang file info. I ended up adding in two new vehicles- the 2018 Ram 2500/3500, and the Chevy 5500 (with a dump body, in this case). The GMC was also added recently.

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    Just thought I'd show off the glowing lights feature. These are all the running lights (always on) for the 2017 Chevy, 2020 Chevy, and F-350. You can also see the custom wheels for the 2500 Chevy. All of these vehicles have been tested and are compatible with all accessories. Each also has an installable tailgate.

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    posted a message on Heavy Truck Pack- Fex's Vehicle and Transportation Mod Addon [1.0 Released]

    Over the last couple of days, I got a couple more models done:

    2017 GMC cab

    Toolbox, functional storage

    Headache rack

    Lumber rack, with functional storage and the wood only showing up when there are wood blocks in the storage

    All but the GMC cab are implemented in game, I just need to get in and test (issues with my test launcher, so I have to move my src to a fresh gradle project...).

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    posted a message on Heavy Truck Pack- Fex's Vehicle and Transportation Mod Addon [1.0 Released]

    Heavy Truck Pack- Fexcraft Addon

    The Heavy Truck Pack is an add-on for Fex's Vehicle and Transportation mod, currently adding four brands of trucks, coming out to a total of 11 different individual models. Also included is a flatbed
    gooseneck trailer. Various components can be added to the trucks, such as hitches, a toolbox, a lumber rack, a headache rack, or towing mudflaps. The beds, trailers, lumber
    rack, and toolbox all have storage slots available for tools or materials. Each truck has glowing headlights, tail lights, running lights, blinkers, and reverse lights. Each truck's primary color can
    also be changed to any RGB value, allowing for customization. The following models are included:

    -2017 Chevy Silverado 2500HD and 3500HD-
    These were the first trucks I modeled, boasting a Duramax diesel engines and the iconic gold bowtie.

    -2020 Chevy Silverado 2500HD and 3500HD-
    I know many people aren't a fan of the look of these models, but personally I do somewhat like them.

    -2017 GMC Sierra 2500HD and 3500HD-
    These trucks are mechanically identical to their Silverado counterparts, but have a distinct set of headlights and grill.

    -2017 Ram 2500 and 3500-
    The Ram truck line has the iconic cross in the grill and rugged look, boasting Cummins turbodiesel engines. Tow mirrors extended, of course.

    -2018 Ford F-250 and F350-
    The super duty line is not one that I like, but they are iconic American trucks.

    -2020 Chevy 5500-
    The medium duty Chevy Kodiak line was brought back in 2019 with the Chevy Silverado 5500 chassis cab. Three beds are currently available for this rig- a dump body, dump body with toolbox, and a stake body.

    -Big Tex Gooseneck Flatbed-
    Commonly used for hauling machinery, hay, and other goods, this flatbed attaches to a hitch in the bed of a pickup truck for serious hauling.


    1. Run MC 1.12.2 at least once, and set your RAM limit to at least 2GB. I'd suggest this for any modded and/or Forge installation.
    2. Download a copy of forge from here<link to installer>.
    3. Run the installer. It should install Forge automatically and setup a Forge 1.12.2-XXX profile in the launcher.
    4. Install a copy of the following by downloading and placing in your ".minecraft/mods" folder: FCL, FVTM, and GEP.
    5. Download the Heavy Truck Pack and install it like the others. (Note- if you do not install the above mods, you could lose functionality of fuels or even not be able to run the game at all, depending
    on which mod is not installed)
    6. Run the proper version. The mod should be installed, and there should be a "Heavy Truck Pack" tab on the second page of inventory.

    FVTM Basics

    FVTM and Fexcraft were coded by Ferdinand, link to his discord here. He's done a great job with his mods, and is very responsive when contacted about bugs. If you have any issues reguarding his
    mods' functionality (not pack visual or config issues), contact him or contact me via DM and I'll reach out to him for you. This being the add-on that it is, here's some information reguarding his mods:

    Road Generation
    FVTM has an excellent sloped and curved road generator, building slopes with 16 different levels of asphalt. Width is determined by stacking road creation tools (stack of 5 yields a 5 wide road).
    Simply click points along a path, and double click on the last point. This will finish the road segment. I've found that it's much more accurate when doing short sections of very curved roads.

    The constructor and lift is used to modify and paint vehicles in any FVTM addons. To modify a vehicle, right click on the constructor with the vehicle in your hand.
    Const. Status- This tab allows you to autoconnect to the nearest lift, which will show the vehicle in said constructor.
    Content Info- Name and other information of the vehicle.
    Part Cache- If you right click and place a part in the constructor, but do not attach it to the vehicle, you can view it's information here, remove it from the constructor, or install it.
    Part Manager- Here you can view the currently installed and default parts, and remove them. Some parts are unremovable, an example would be engines or most cabs.
    Part Installer- Fairly self explanatory. Allows you to install parts to a custom category or a defaulted category.
    Texture manager- Allows you to switch between various textures. None others are currently implemented in the HTP.
    Spraying tool- This is where you are able to set the primary color RGB of some vehicles in FVTM. All the vehicles in this pack are enabled.

    Vehicles are part based in FVTM, allowing lots of customization and modification. They also have functions or "programs". These would include lights, or for other packs, animations or tools.
    All of the vehicle's programs are available by pressing "k" while in the driver's seat. The default programs are lights, brights, fog lights, blinkers, and hazards. The trucks in the HTP only have
    lights, blinkers, and hazards currently implemented. "L" can be used to toggle between no lights, lows, and brights. While in the vehicle menu after pressing "k", use the scrollpad to select a function
    and left click to activate. Right click deactivates. For the blinkers, left click is for the left blinker, right is right blinker, and ";" deactivates the blinker function.
    By pressing the "R" key, you can access the vehicle inventory and menu. Here you can view any status or information about the vehicle, access the storage inventories, and fuel the vehicle. To fuel
    HTP trucks, place a diesel fuel can from the GEP in the box under "fuel". It may take a while, as these trucks hold a very large amount in their tanks. Inventories are split into categories, depending
    on the vehicle. The pickup trucks in this mod have a dedicated "bed" inventory. The Chevy 5500 has beds that can be installed, and each adds an inventory. The toolbox and lumber rack each add an
    inventory in addition to the bed, under the "bed_accessory" category.

    FVTM has a driving system that is much different than most. The "W" and "S" keys increase the throttle and decrease the throttle, respectively. A throttle will remain where it is left at until the
    other key is pressed to change it. Turning is much like turning a vehicle- it takes some getting used to. Turning is not immediate, either. To turn on/off the engine, press "ctrl".

    Towing and Connectors
    To tow a trailer, you'll need to attach a hitch (the gooseneck hitch for HTP) on the "rear_connector" slot. If you right click the constructor with a hitch, this option should come up automatically.
    Once the hitch is installed, back the truck up until the hitch and the trailer coupler are within (roughly) the same block. Turn the engine off with "ctrl", and press the number "0" to attempt to
    couple to the trailer. If it won't couple, you probably didn't stop the vehicle completely or the hitch isn't close enough to attach to the trailer coupler. To uncouple, come to a stop and press "0"


    Curseforge- link

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    posted a message on Ambersyell City - A realistic Minecraft city project

    Finished this a few months ago- a pharmacy from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. No interior, as I'm not great it.

    This build is located near x=4200, z=11600 in Ambersyell, closest to the Sterling Heights warp.




    Building in real life:

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    posted a message on UtilityCraft ---Being redone. See page 8, big post for more details.---

    Version 1.12.2 is gonna be the next release, with FexCraft being a required mod. You'll be absolutely welcome to add the mod into a modpack.

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    posted a message on UtilityCraft ---Being redone. See page 8, big post for more details.---

    Thought about it, might add in the new version. I agree that it would be cool.

    As for substations, I'll hopefully put together some examples for release.

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    posted a message on UtilityCraft ---Being redone. See page 8, big post for more details.---

    Wow, four years since I tried to redo this mod. It's sure been a while. I hope some of you still might be interested- I've got something big I'm working on. Recently I stumbled across FexCraft, which is a add-on style vehicle and industrial mod. Just recently, I learned that you can actually add blocks with 16 point rotation and custom models with little to no code, which caught my attention. I had already begun modelling some vehicles for the mod, and I figured I'd do some power lines because, hey, why not? His modelling program is much faster to use than Techne, so I'm excited to announce I'm working on creating a content pack with a variety of power lines. I currently have 55 complete models ready to go. That's from a week's work. 55. That doesn't include everything I've modeled in my "base model,"- it has over 4000 polygons currently, which amounts to another 30-40 models ready to be finished up. At least. I'm gonna be creating a new thread, and hopefully adding a nice long post describing the placing mechanisms.

    Now I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, but:

    This many not happen, you need to understand that, but Fex and I have briefly talked about adding electricity to his mod. If it was implemented, I would update my models and conductors, generators, machines, etc would all be part of a functioning electrical system. This is a huge maybe- way down the road- but it's a slight possibility. Don't pressure Fex on this, and don't get excited about it.

    And of course I added some screenshots of a couple model combinations. These WILL NOT have wires, and don't expect them to anytime soon. They are purely decorational.

    These models are designed to stack on each other, with the base block being the "base structure," consisting of insulators and hardware. Second is equipment (transformers, switches, arresters, etc), and third is reserved for lateral (tap) circuits. Fourth is for overbuild transmission (see image no. 1).

    Currently I have very single base structure for distribution modeled and textured. Portions of transmission could be finished in the next day or two, possibly today. Substations have yet to be modeled but I know how I'm doing them.

    So yeah. Fun. Hopefully will show you some more updates over the next week!

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    posted a message on UtilityCraft ---Being redone. See page 8, big post for more details.---

    Alright, I've got some free time on my hands so I decided to restart on this mod. Screenshots are available of some of the new blocks on the first post. I am unsure of when it will be available for download, as these models take a lot longer due to the fact that there is a lot more detail.

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    posted a message on UtilityCraft ---Being redone. See page 8, big post for more details.---

    For the substation, there should be an arm block for the A frame in the same tab. There should also be a 69kV and 115kV deadend insulator which will work for it. Just an FYI, this mod has been discontinued due to my work on TRS. I've found that I can make much more realistic power lines using standard vanilla blocks with a texture pack at 1.5:1 scale.

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    posted a message on WarpDrive: custom ships, laser cannons and modular force fields!

    Well I do have to say, I would love to see planet configurations change a bit so that you can modify terrain without making a whole new dimension (unless this has changed, I haven't really been paying attention for a little while). I would also like to see planets have different types of atmospheres (toxic, breathable, thin, etc). I really do wish I could get a server started up with this mod, and I'll probably try. Quick question, can you get the coordinates from ship radar and put it into your laser cannons (if you see where I'm going...)?

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    posted a message on UtilityCraft ---Being redone. See page 8, big post for more details.---

    TRS is the realism society, basically the continuation of the city building servers esterlon and operation realism. I build power lines on there (and occasionally some commercial buildings).

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    posted a message on UtilityCraft ---Being redone. See page 8, big post for more details.---

    I'm afraid it is true, this mod has been discontinued. I recently joined the TRS team so I do not have the time to work on this mod anymore.

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