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    Thanks for the update, Mamiya! (I think I remember you from ancient Vegastrike days...)

    I do have an issue, though -- my minimap will only show the biome overlay and mob radar, as well as waypoints. I'm unable to see anything else on the map (it's just black). I'm not getting any errors or anything (that I know of), and I've tried checking all of the settings. Is there anything I'm missing? Any additional details I could provide?

    EDIT: I left the launcher open and grabbed the game output. Looks like there's a conflict with, or issue caused by Optifine. As soon as I removed the Optifine jar, the minimap worked perfectly. Here's a pastebin with the output (beginning was cut off by MC) http://pastebin.com/sc1uqVeB

    EDIT 2: Optifine's latest update fixed the issue :)
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