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    How would making villagers Pigmen make the game more serious, you need to know that it's Notch's decision to do what ever he wants with the game he made. You can't just object every single thing he does, he's a busy man and is under pressure because he has to make updates and patches frequently. Nobodies perfect, Notch will make mistakes here and there but you can't just bash him every time he does. Why don't you make a game, its not so easy eh?
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    I looking forward to EA's BFBC3 coming this fall, the grafics look amazing, the audio sounds amazing, the gameplay looks amazing. However, in desperate attemp to fix the ongoing "Wookie" problem, DICE (the company who developes Battlfield) decides to make several patches for the Recon Kit to reduce the amount of Recon players. Some of these patches include sway, lens flare, and the lack of ghille suits for most maps. First off, making a kit harder to use will NOT make people stop using it, heck some players transferings from COD to BF are use to sway. Secondly, if they're going to take away ghille suit, they better have a clear disinction to whos Recon to the other kits. This was problem a for me in the Vietam expansison pack in BFBC2, where I could'nt tell who was the Medic, Engineer or Assault if I was NVA because the american soldiers all the look same.

    For many players BFBC3 will be their first BF game, most of them will use the recon regardless of the new patches, they all probably will not even notice that they're lens give off a flare for stay in one area way too long until very late in their experience with the game, and even then they have probably mastered sniping with the new patches. Anyway all I'm trying to say is that these "Wookie" patches are on par with the FAMAS patch Threyarc made for Black Ops, they both try to reduce the amount of players using a certain annoyance in the game, but in the end noting nothing get accomplish.
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