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Greetings Moonling! Welcome to CAN_Archer's profile page! If you're here to lower my stars, get out. But if you're here to learn about myself, enjoy your stay.

General information:

-I joined Minecraft forums August 3rd, 2011.

-I tend to stay in the Off-Topic section of these forums, occasionally going to Minecraft Discussion and Forum Discussion but that's rare.

-The font I'm currently using is Tahoma and I'll probably stay with from here on out.

Trivial things:

-I like a lot of experimental music.

-I play mostly on PS3 and PC.

-I enjoy reporting threads, especially those in the Suggestions section.

-My first post was about "BFBC3" recon nerfs.

-The first post of mine to receive a reputation point was about crap, literally crap.

-I'm working on a super farm in Minecraft called CAN_Industries,

-I shall forever think that Dextrous is boring.

-I've recently dropped the whole emphasizing of cans"(CAN) as it became too silly, people who use it now are silly.

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