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    posted a message on Reintroduce the Far Lands

    @C1ff First off, your average player will most likely never reach the Farlands unless they've heard about it elsewhere, in which case they'll know it's not a bug.

    Okay, fine. What possible rewards could a player reap from travelling thousands of blocks to the Farlands?

    Second off, the old Farlands were a bug because, among other reasons, they were very laggy and unstable. If Mojang deliberately added a Farlands into the game, it would not be as broken.

    You're right, they wouldn't be as broken. They would still be just as ugly and pointless, however.

    Anyways, it sounds like a nice idea. However, there's still the issue of the first point I brought up. If most people will never even see it, what's the point? Can't that small niche of players just get the mod instead?

    This. I shouldn't be condoning you for using the "use a mod instead" argument which we don't use here, but in this case if you want to re-add a bug into a game, this is where Minecraft Update territory stops and Mod territory begins.

    I have a better idea: Wouldn't it be a good idea to implement better biomes, new mobs or more variety in the world to make the regular Minecraft world more immersive rather than reimplementing bugs and preventing progress towards good-looking mapgen?
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    posted a message on Break AFK Fish Farms
    Quote from KaranSeraph»

    I feel like the "AFK Fish Farm" is only controversial for survival multiplayer where some players do it and other's don't and it creates a perceived disadvantage. Who cares what an individual player does in their own single player world?

    When we're balancing the game, we do care what an individual player can do in their singleplayer world. Singleplayer games still need to be balanced, and AFK fish farms remove a crud-ton of progression which would otherwise be required or be a quicker route.

    Can't someone who runs a server for SMP just make a rule or use some kind of command if they don't want the AFK fishing??

    Can't Mojang just fix an issue with the game's balance so that everyone can play a game that doesn't have a progression-breaking glitch in it?

    (Also, for example, if a player is a pro youtube LPer they may want the conraptions early in the game - even if on a SMP server - to get on with large scale builds in survival, because the building of contraptions themselves or large architecture may attract more views than grindy play unless one has a lot of charisma and can carry a series with a grindy playstyle and Q and A and such. And breaking AFK Fish Farms or other industrialization potentially hurts their income.)

    So here's an idea: Don't spend hours of your time fishing and instead skip over that? Mumbo Jumbo only uses short progress update clips and timelapses in his Hermitcraft videos. He doesn't record the entire time he spends AFK fishing or mining to play it at regular speed. Minecraft has a little bit of grind to it, so if a Youtuber needs to do grindy work, they shouldn't put that in the video or they should find a way to make it interesting.

    A proposed change like this would effect the whole game, to 'break' something that is only a perceived issue in certain modes or for certain players.

    Except it is an issue for all modes and players. Getting Mending books for the price of a few bits and bobs of redstone, a few blocks and real-life time is not a balanced trade.

    Doesn't seem fair.

    No, it seems quite fair to me.

    Also, even though I play cheaty minecraft, I actually do stand around and manually fish to get saddles and fish. And I eat those cod and salmon. I avoid eating mammals IRL or in the game. I manually farm a few chickens for meat, eggs, and feathers.

    If AFK fish farms are removed, Mojang can balance fishing around manual fishing and not AFK fishing by possibly making treasure more common. Enchanted Books, Saddles and Leather can be tweaked to be more common for this purpose.

    I don't think the resources the player gets from fishing are meant to be gathered in mass quantities anyway. You can get more than enough saddles from just one dungeon. JUST ONE DUNGEON. This is mostly because horses are... semi-useless and pigs are even more so.

    (And this is also why I want a non-cow leather source for bookmaking and I'm waiting to see if phantoms dropping leather remains a thing.)

    SAD TRUTH OF LIFE: Mojang is not obligated to appeal to your real-life ideas of animal morality. If you can't allow yourself to do things in a video game that you wouldn't do in real life, then you may have to seek help. I'm sorry, but no game is going to be tweaked so that you can circumvent progression for moral reasons that only a small percentage of players share. The only exception to this is when it would change the game's rating.

    (This is meant as a joke, not an attack. No offense meant to any groups or people. Also I just realized I should have bordered this image to make it look better. Silly me!)

    Also, for the record, you can get books from Villages and Strongholds. I think this is how the player is supposed to get books for the enchantment table setup. Leather armor isn't that useful in Survival mode anyway.

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    posted a message on Reintroduce the Far Lands

    How about... No?

    Mojang removed the Farlands because they were a bug. And despite the fact that they kindof, sortof look cool, they also look really stupid to people that don't care enough to want Mojang to unfix a bug. New players that don't know Minecraft's history will think it's a bug rather than something cool that you can explore and they will not have any nostalgia for the Farlands.

    Minecraft makes reference to the fact that it's a computer game in the End Poem, but I don't think I want this fourth-wall break to go any further than that. The Far Lands are a bug in the map generator, something that a randomly generated computer game world would have, not a real world that's been around for a while. Adding the Far Lands back would break immersion, and take away some of the feeling that the player is really interacting with a blocky world rather than a set of data stored in the computer's RAM.

    If you want to go backwards with this game's updates, we have mods which can help you with this. But Mojang should not revert bugfixes because they looked cool, otherwise the side effects of those bugs will cause problems when trying to implement new features like Customized Worlds or updated map generators.

    No Support.

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    posted a message on A Dead Village

    It's not a glitch, it's a feature added in 1.10.

    Zombie Villages have a 2% chance of spawning instead of a regular Village, so I guess this is a pretty decent find considering it's right next to the spawn point.

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    posted a message on Food and Hunger System Overhaul!


    I’m gonna be honest with everyone. The readability and good quality of suggestions on this forum has dropped in the past few years, especially since the loss of the original Suggestions Guide. This isn’t entirely the fault of the suggesters: some people aren’t fluent in English and some people don’t or don’t want to read or write as much as others.

    I think the best way to learn how to do something is by example, though. And while I’m often content with most of what Mojang throws at us, I think there are some pieces of gameplay that are objectively mediocre or bad. (Example: Even though I think the 1.9 combat is an improvement over the old combat, I still think the combat is meh and could still be replaced with something better.)

    The Hunger System is one of these systems that’s not really satisfactory and deserves refinement. And while I don’t expect to write down the be-all end-all to hunger system improvement for Minecraft, I hope to make a system that's somewhat more fun and engaging than the current system.

    Food Overhaul

    Before I get on to the new stuff, let’s look at why we need change in the first place.

    The food system isn’t that great right now. We have two variables, Saturation and Hunger, but rather than some foods filling up more Saturation and some filling up more Hunger, we have easy-to-get foods (Namely: ALL THE MEATS) that will fill up both of those variables very well, and there isn’t even that much progression required to get them, it just takes a little bit of effort to make them easily replenish-able.

    This means that there is no real reward for finding and trying new food sources and no punishment for eating only one kind of food. As long as you have a supply of food that fills up both saturation and hunger very well, you won’t have to worry about making any more food and there is no real reward for farming crops that have no uses besides food.

    (Potatoes and Beetroot are practically useless if the player has a never-ending supply of Cooked Chicken.)

    However, there’s a decent reason for the current state of things: you have to balance making the food system an important, balanced part of Minecraft but you also have to make sure food and farming doesn’t take up all of your playtime. This is why the game doesn’t require you to water your crops on a daily basis or protect them from diseases.

    So when overhauling food, we need to also make sure that this new food system doesn’t take up too much of the player’s time that could be spent building, mining or exploring.

    Experience Benefits

    As you’ll see in the next few minutes, I’ve come up with a system that makes it worth farming and making all kinds of food, but there are still food items the player might never use after all that time.

    That’s why, in addition to filling up your hunger, some food will now give experience when eaten. Raw vegetables, fruits or meats will not give you any XP though. You have to cook them in some way.

    In the Statistics menu, there’s a new tab for Food. You will see the food item with it’s name, and how long it’s been since you ate that food in Minecraft days and how many times you’ve eaten it. Eating a food for the first time will give you twice as much XP as it’s normal XP Refill value.

    Now, before you find the food with the most XP Refill and start preparing to farm it, there’s a catch: you have to wait 10 full days before it gives the full refill value again. Otherwise, it will give you (XP Refill * (Days Since last eaten / 10)) XP rounded down.

    This means it’s better to find multiple foods that refill XP in order to maximize the amount of XP you get. This requires the player to find foreign ingredients, and to try cooking new kinds of food.


    The nutrition system needs to be improved before I start talking about any food at all. I’ll keep it simple, though.

    Rather than two variables, Saturation and Hunger, there are now three: Vitamins, Proteins and Energy, which is the most similar to the Hunger bar.

    The Vitamin and Protein values can be seen as red and yellow bars in the inventory, under the main inventory section. Meanwhile your Energy is displayed as your Hunger currently is, as the hunger shanks on your hotbar.

    You cannot eat any food while your Energy is full. This means if you’ve been eating food with High Energy and High Vitamins but very little Protein, you’ll have to wait until you can refill your proteins again, and vice versa.

    Your Energy Bar has a max value of 20 and will decrease at a constant rate of one full Energy Bar per Minecraft Day or 20 minutes. When it reaches half of it’s full value, you can no longer sprint. When it reaches it’s minimum, you will start experiencing slightly slower movement speed and mining speed.

    Your Vitamin Bar has a max value of 100 and will decrease slowly while you mine, build, attack, sprint, etc. However, the Vitamin bar starts out at 50, rather than the full 100. If you do reach 100, you can experience slightly improved movement, mining speed and attack damage. When it reaches zero, you will get an effect called “Starving” and you will start taking damage similarly to the current hunger damage.

    Your Protein Bar (Hee Hee… Protein Bar…) has a max value of 100 and decreases when healing damage. Like the Vitamin Bar, it starts out at 50. When it reaches zero, you will not heal any health. When the Protein Bar reaches 100, however, your health will recharge at twice it’s normal rate.

    The Protein Bar works a bit differently, though. If a food is not a “Meat” item, it will not add to the protein bar if the bar’s value is 50 or above. This means that if you eat a food that heals 4 protein but is not a Meat item, and your protein value is 48, the value will not change to 52, it will change to 50.

    You cannot be healed by Protein if you have the Starving effect.

    While your energy bar will decrease relatively quickly, the other two bars decrease rather slowly. If you start with a full Vitamin Bar of 100, it'll be gone by about a Minecraft Season. (We'll get to that later.) Your Protein Bar will decrease by about 1 point per heart lost. If you lose a lot of health early-game, you might be at risk, so a good diet may be just as important in battle as armor or weapons if you like charging in and attacking without thought.

    A Fourth Bar???

    From recent posts, I've been thinking about a bar related to the player's general physical health. This bar would be hidden until the player cooks and eats his first Tier Two meal. (Described below in the section about Cooking.)

    This bar starts empty and decreases at a very, very slow rate which is sped up by the Starving effect and Physical Damage. This bar replaces XP rewards when eating new, exotic or hard-to-get foods, leaving the XP bar for mob kills and ore mining.

    However, there's a good reason I don't want to add this fourth bar, though: it makes the system just extra confusing for new users. That's part of the reason I wanted the bar to only appear after the first Tier Two meal, when the player has progressed far enough to have learned how the first three bars work.

    It's also a bit ridiculous to have four bars to fill, even if two of them decrease very slowly and one of them decreases very slowly.

    UPDATE: So I made a poll to decide whether or not I should add a fourth bar, and everyone said no, except Wolftopia, who told me that the other two bars were too complicated. (Which is a reasonable argument, I just find it funny that he's the only one to vote for four bars.)

    Now let’s move on to the first type of food: crops. But first...



    First, seasons are very important when we’re dealing with farming. If you’ve ever stepped outside, I imagine you’ll find that most plants will die off in Fall and Winter and most trees won’t have fruit or leaves on them. Meanwhile plants tend to grow flowers and blossom in the Spring and Summer.

    A lot of people suggest seasons, and a lot of people suggest a lot of changes that would make the game a lot laggier because of all the block updates (such as turning water into ice) and the weather griefing. (snow all over the place)

    I think it’s possible to get results that show what season it is rather nicely, and without requiring the player to have a powerful computer or to clean up afterwards.

    The way to do that is simple: Rather than doing any kind of block updates, only the textures certain blocks render will change depending on the season. (And whether or not snow covers form in the biomes they already form in. Snow will not disappear for any non-player reason or appear in places it shouldn’t.)

    (Also, just for the sake of immersion, the stems of flowers will now change color depending on the season and biome. Flowers in colder biomes will have browner, deader stems, while having alive, but dry and yellow stems in hot biomes.)

    In Summer: It will rain in temperate and cold biomes. Snow will not spawn on the ground in cold biomes during this time. The colors of grass, flowers and leaves look the same as always. The game starts on the first day of summer.

    This is a picture of both Summer and Spring in a temperate biome. Other biomes change too, but in hot and cold biomes you won't see any texture changes at all.

    In Fall: It will rain in temperate biomes. It will snow in cold biomes and snow will spawn on the ground in cold biomes. The colors of grass will turn slightly more blue in temperate biomes, but will not yet match the color of cold biome grass. Flowers remain the same, but the leaves of trees will change color depending on tree:

    - Oak Leaves will turn Brown.
    - Birch Leaves will turn Yellow.
    - Spruce Leaves are Evergreens, and will only change with grass color.
    - Jungle Leaves will turn bright Red.
    - Acacia Leaves will only change with grass color.
    - Dark Oak Leaves will turn Orange.

    Yes, I do realize I said that Oak Trees would turn brown. This is for effect.

    The leaves in hot biomes will not change color depending on the season. The main reason for this is that I've never actually seen a picture of a Jungle with multicolored fall leaves, and I doubt one exists because I don't think this is a real occurrence.

    In Winter: It will snow in temperate and cold biomes. It will rain in hot biomes too. Snow will form on the ground in cold biomes, but not in temperate ones. The color of grass in temperate biomes becomes blueish, similar to cold biomes. Flower Stems turn brown and dry, implying that they’ve died and wilted. All leaves will turn Brown in Winter except Spruce and Acacia.

    I don't actually have a good caption for this picture, but I wanted to have some consistency.

    In Spring: It will rain in temperate biomes again, and remain dry in hot biomes. Snow still falls and forms on the ground in cold biomes, though. The color of grass and flowers returns to normal and leaves become green again.

    How long do these seasons last, though? Well, in order to make sure the player isn’t stuck in one season for the entire time they play on a world, I’m going to assume that the player is playing the game for about 2 hours every play session. That’s six Minecraft days. For the moment, let’s make one season last 20 Minecraft days, or 6⅔ hours.

    This means that the player has about three and a half average play sessions to take care of any seasonal changes. Even people that play for 6 hours a day will easily have enough time to get their farming done early on in the season and then get back to mining.

    As you’ll see in a moment, you’ll want to react to these seasons when they happen.


    Before I talk about each crop individually, let’s get some information about crops out of the way so I don’t have to reexplain for each one.

    (WARNING: This is very detailed, and you may have to read this over a couple of times to fully understand how crops work.)

    Crops, the block, will have 16 possible block states like other blocks in 1.13. Because of this, we can have two variables assigned to one block with 4 possible values. These values are:

    GrowthStage (1,2,3 or 4. Sadly, crops are limited to 4 stages of growth rather than 8 now.)
    Planted Season (1,2,3 or 4.)

    The Planted Season variable is set as soon as the crop is planted. 1 for Winter, 2 for Spring, etc. The GrowthStage has a 5% chance of increasing every 60 seconds under the following conditions:

    - The crop must be planted on wet soil.
    - The crop must have a light level of 9 or over.
    - The GrowthStage is less than (Current Season - Planted Season) + 1.
    - The GrowthStage is less than its maximum growth.

    If the GrowthStage variable does not increase because it’s equal to it’s maximum growth, the crop block will turn into a rotten crop block instead. It might also turn into a rotten crop if the GrowthStage is greater than 1 during the crop’s Death Season or Planting Season. (Which may be the same season.)

    The rotten crop block looks like a withered, brown version of the first growth stage of a crop. It has a 85% chance of dropping a crop’s seed item, meaning that you’ll lose crops if they get too old. During the season after a plant’s Death Season a crop has a 50% chance to grow back into a healthy crop with a GrowthStage of 1, but also a 50% chance of being deleted from the world forever.

    Bottom line: Know your crops, and tend your crops!

    Summer Crops

    Maximum Growth: 3
    Planting Season: Winter
    Death Season: Fall
    Seed Item: Carrot
    Energy Refill: 3
    Vitamin Refill: 12
    Protein Refill: 5

    Can feed pigs, rabbits and Villagers. Used in Potions. Carrots are dropped by Zombies and frequently found growing in Villages.

    Maximum Growth: 2
    Planting Season: Spring
    Death Season: Fall
    Seed Item: Tomato Seeds
    Energy Refill: 1
    Vitamin Refill: 10
    Protein Refill: 7

    Can feed pigs and Villagers. Used in making Chili. Tomato seeds are found in Mineshaft Chests and very rarely Villages will have Tomatoes growing in them.

    Maximum Growth: 3
    Planting Season: Winter
    Death Season: Fall
    Seed Item: Melon Seeds
    Energy Refill: 2
    Vitamin Refill: 15
    Protein Refill: 0

    Used in potions, and for making the melon block. Melon seeds are found in Mineshaft, Dungeon and Mansion chests. Clumps of Melon Blocks generate in Jungles.

    Fall Crops

    Maximum Growth: 4
    Planting Season: Winter
    Death Season: Winter
    Seed Item: Pumpkin Seeds
    Item does not directly feed player.

    Used as a Helmet, in pies and in golems, besides being a decoration. Pumpkins are found in clusters around the world. Pumpkin Seeds are found in Dungeon, Mineshaft and Mansion chests.

    Maximum Growth: 2
    Planting Season: Summer
    Death Season: Winter
    Seed Item: Rice
    Item does not directly feed player.

    I wasn’t originally going to include this one, but I decided it was necessary considering I had a lot of other cultural foods and I can’t think of a single Asian dish without rice. Used in Bowl of Rice and Stir Fry. Rice can also be used to feed Chickens and Parrots.

    Rice is grown a bit differently from all other plants. It takes advantage of the new 1.14 1.13 water physics and grows in one-block deep water rather than on land. It can be found in Swamps as a “Wild Plant” block. This Wild Plant looks like a fully grown rice crop, but will never rot and drops Rice.

    Maximum Growth: 3
    Planting Season: Spring
    Death Season: Winter
    Seed Item: Corn/Corn Kernels
    Energy Refill: 2
    Vitamin Refill: 14
    Protein Refill: 7

    Can be cooked into Cooked Corn and feed pigs and be used in potions. The crop itself grows to be two blocks tall, although all data is stored in the bottom block. The crop also slows down players traveling through it, though not quite as dramatically as cobwebs. This makes it useful for corn mazes in the Fall.

    Corn Kernels can be found in Mineshaft and Village chests. They aren’t dropped by the actual plants, but planting them will still result in a corn plant. You also can’t eat them.

    Maximum Growth: 3
    Planting Season: Spring
    Death Season: Winter
    Seed Item: Wheat Seed
    This item does not directly feed the player.

    Can be made into Flour, Bread, Cake, Cookies and Hay Bales. Used to feed Sheep and Cows. The seeds can be used to feed Chickens, Parrots and Villagers. Only found in Villages. The seeds can no longer be found by breaking tall grass. (This is to make it more valuable when you get into feeding animals later.)

    Winter Crops

    Maximum Growth: 4
    Planting Season: Spring
    Death Season: Spring
    Seed Item: Potato
    Energy Refill: 1
    Vitamin Refill: 10
    Protein Refill: 8

    Can be cooked into Baked Potatoes and feed pigs.

    Maximum Growth: 3
    Planting Season: Summer
    Death Season: Spring
    Seed Item: Beans
    This item does not directly feed the player.

    Can be used in Chili and Baked Beans. Used to feed Chickens and Parrots. Beans will drop from Zombies, and can also be found in Mineshaft and Dungeon chests.

    Maximum Growth: 2
    Planting Season: Fall
    Death Season: Spring
    Seed Item: Beetroot Seeds
    Energy Refill: 2
    Vitamin Refill: 12
    Protein Refill: 9

    Can be used in Beetroot Soup, and to craft red dye. Beetroot Seeds are found in Dungeon, Mineshaft, Mansion and End City chests. They can be used to feed Pigs and Sheep, but not cows.

    Sugar Cane, Nether Wart and Cactus still grow as they currently do.


    I wanted to make some small changes to potions as well. Currently Nether Wart is required for almost every single potion, and this shouldn’t be the case. The only thing that comes close to this is wood… but I doubt there’s any real need for wood to have crafting alternatives.

    Instead of this, the Thick Potion can be brewed with a bottle of water and Corn and is no longer brewed with Glowstone. (Alluding to High Fructose Corn Syrup.) The Thick Potion can be used instead of the Awkward Potion to brew the Slowness and Harming potions without the need of a Fermented Spider Eye.

    (Example: Brewing a Thick Potion with Sugar will give you a potion of Slowness, because brewing it with an Awkward Potion would give you Speed, and brewing a Speed potion with a Fermented Spider Eye would give you Slowness.)

    The Fermented Spider Eye is still needed for the Invisibility Potion and the Weakness Potion, and Nether Wart is still required for any positive potion effects.

    In addition to this, the Golden Carrot will refill 5E, 12V, 10P, the Golden Apple will refill 6E, 16V, 6P and the Golden Melon will refill 4E, 17V, 9P. While they shouldn’t really have protein values considering they’re just vegetables coated in magic edible gold, I decided to give them a higher protein value in order to keep their value since Saturation is no longer a thing. (None of them are meat items, though.)

    Brewing a water bottle with sugar will make Yeast. This looks like a regular glass bottle with a very small amount of brown liquid on the bottom.

    Rotten Flesh / Hunger Effect

    Before I get into revamping the meat system, let’s talk Rotten Flesh and the Hunger effect.

    The Hunger effect is split into three effects: Exhaustion which depletes Energy, Deficiency which depletes Vitamins, and Injury which depletes Proteins.

    Injury isn’t used in this suggestion. But Rotten Flesh has an 85% chance of inflicting Deficiency on a player now. However, it replenishes the player’s Energy by 4 points, and gives the player 15 Protein, although it does not count as a Meat item.

    Husks inflict Exhaustion rather than Hunger now.

    The Spider Eye can still be eaten for 1 Energy and 5 Protein, but it still poisons the player. (Not related to the Hunger effect, but I thought this factoid belonged with the Rotten Flesh when organizing this suggestion.)

    And now, we segue to meats and husbandry.


    Meat is already pretty difficult to get manually, but not difficult enough. Plus, there is a way to farm chickens in such a way that you’ll have infinite amounts of meat.

    Meats will let you better heal your Protein bar and will make healing from injuries much easier. However, as you can imagine, I don’t want the player to get an eternally full protein bar mid-game by building an auto-chicken farm, or just by owning several thousand cows.

    Thus, I’m making some changes to the breeding and animal system.

    First, all farm animals that drop meat (Pigs, Cows, Sheep, Rabbits and Chickens) have a “Fat” value from 1 to a maximum that varies between animals. (I called it “Fat” because I didn’t want to get it confused with the boolean “Meat” value that food items have.)

    Animals will drop an amount of meat equal to half of their fat value. They spawn by default with a value equal to half of their maximum fat value. Animals spawned by default in the world will not lose or gain fat for any reason.

    However, an animal that the player breeds from spawned animals will start out with a Fat level of 1. In order to increase this value, the player can either feed the animal directly or find a troth in dungeons or crafted from iron and wood. (Sure, you could make it craftable from just wood, but I want to add some progression here.)

    If the animal is fed directly, it’s fat level will increase by 1 and it cannot eat for another 10 minutes. (½ of a Minecraft day.) It also has a 25% chance of going into Love Mode when fed by hand.

    Love mode works a bit differently now. Rather than two animals needing to simultaneously be in Love mode, an animal in Love mode will seek out the nearest non-baby partner animal and mate with it. (Otherwise you would never get any breeding done since it takes forever for animals to become hungry again.)

    If you find a troth or craft one, you can fill it up with up to 1 stack of food. Hoppers cannot fill the troth, thus preventing the player from leaving animals entirely unattended. Animals will walk towards the nearest troth and eat one item from it as soon as their “Full” timer is up.

    It is possible for an bred animal to lose it’s fat, though. If the animal’s 10 minute “Full” timer is up, and 30 more minutes go by without it eating again, it will lose fat. This means an unattended animal will not give you as much meat as one that’s been taken good care of.

    You may notice that earlier on I mentioned that Wheat seeds can no longer be found in long grass. You have to find them in a Village, instead. Until you find a Village, however, you can farm beans to feed chickens for meat, since beans can be found by killing zombies. You can also eat Pigs and Rabbits if you get Carrots or Potatoes, and Sheep if you find Beetroot.

    Let’s move on to the individual Animals.

    Maximum Fat Value: 4
    Raw Refill: 3E, 5V, 15P
    Cooked Refill: 4E, 1V, 17P, 4XP

    Fed with Beans and Wheat Seeds. Lays Eggs on occasion if it’s Fat Level is above 2. May also drop Feathers along with meat.

    Maximum Fat Value: 4
    Raw Refill: 2E, 4V, 17P
    Cooked Refill: 3E, 0V, 20P, 5XP

    Fed with Carrots and Dandelions. May also drop Rabbits’ foot along with meat.

    Maximum Fat Value: 6
    Raw Refill: 5E, 3V, 17P
    Cooked Refill: 7E, 1V, 21P, 8XP

    Fed with Potatoes, Carrots, Beetroot, Corn and Tomatoes. Can also be fed Poisonous Potatoes as a way of recycling. A pig may also drop 1 or 2 bones along with their other drops, in order to make them a bit more useful late-game.

    Maximum Fat Value: 6
    Raw Refill: 5E, 6V, 12P
    Cooked Refill: 7E, 2V, 16P, 6XP

    Fed with Beetroot and Wheat. While it delivers the least Protein of any animal, feeding the animal more will require the animal to grow a larger wool coat. When sheared or killed, a sheep will drop 2-3 wool if the fat level is less than 4, but 4-6 if it’s above 4.

    Maximum Fat Value: 8
    Raw Refill: 6E, 8V, 20P
    Cooked Refill: 9E, 5V, 25P, 12XP

    Fed with Wheat. When fed by hand, the cow only has a 20% chance of going into Love Mode rather than a 25% chance. When killed, the cow will drop as many pieces of leather as it drops meat.

    A Cow has a 5 minute timer between each time you milk it, now. This is to prevent people from getting a million buckets and spamming the right-click button. The same rule applies to Mooshrooms and Mushroom Soup.

    Maximum Fat Value: 6
    Raw Refill: 6E, 8V, 20P
    Cooked Refill: 9E, 5V, 25P, 12XP

    Feeding Horses with Golden Carrots/Apples will make them enter Love Mode 100% of the time and will heal them. Feeding it Sugar, Wheat or Apples will heal it slightly, and Hay Bales will fatten the animal.

    However, much like sheep, it may be more valuable keeping the horse alive for transportation when a Nether Portal or Minecart is not appropriate for the situation. It can jump taller heights and run faster than a player.


    There is one fruit in the entire game: the Apple. (Technically with the addition of the Tomato, this will be two, but that’s not really something you’d eat as a fruit.)

    As you imagine, this suggestion is going to change this too.

    Around the world, you’ll find fruit trees that look something like this:

    (Yes, this is an apple tree, and yes, Oak will no longer drop Apples. It’s sad, I know.)

    Upon mining the trunk, which is only as thick as a cobblestone wall, you’ll receive a Fruit Trunk block, which can be crafted into two Oak Plank blocks. When you mine the leaves, you have a 40% chance of getting a sapling for that fruit tree. If the tree is in it’s Blooming Season, you will also have a 40% chance of getting a fruit from that tree.

    Fruit is a good way of getting a lot of Vitamins, but will return even fewer Proteins than vegetables.

    Apple Tree:

    Energy Refill: 3
    Vitamin Refill: 12
    Protein Refill: 2
    Blooming Season: Fall

    Used in Golden Apples, and is also found in Dungeons. This tree can be found in forests and sometimes in Savanas.

    Cranberry Bush:

    Energy Refill: 1
    Vitamin Refill: 10
    Protein Refill: 1
    Blooming Season: Winter

    Used in Cranberry Sauce. This tree bush can be found in Cold Taigas and rarely on Ice Plains.

    Banana Tree:

    Energy Refill: 3
    Vitamin Refill: 12
    Protein Refill: 0
    Blooming Season: Spring

    Used in Banana Smoothie. This tree can be found near and in jungles and beaches.

    The Banana Smoothie is crafted with Sugar, a bucket of Milk, a Glass Bottle and a Banana in the Crafting grid and it refills 4E, 16V, 6P and 7XP.

    Orange Tree:

    Energy Refill: 4
    Vitamin Refill: 17
    Protein Refill: 0
    Blooming Season: Summer

    Used in Hearty Breakfast. This tree can be found in forests and near beaches.

    Olive Tree:

    Energy Refill: 1
    Vitamin Refill: 8
    Protein Refill: 0
    Blooming Season: Summer

    Used in Tortillas. This tree can rarely be found in acacia biomes and even desert biomes. The Olives can act as an oil for your cooking although they don’t do much by themselves.

    Chorus Plant:

    Energy Refill: 4
    Vitamin Refill: 9
    Protein Refill: 0

    Not really a fruit or a tree, but I needed to put this somewhere. The plant and item work the same way as before, but now the item will replenish certain amounts of Energy and Vitamins rather than Hunger and Saturation.

    Yes, flour.

    Grindstones can be found in village blacksmith chests and in the backyard of Butcher’s houses. Grindstones have a GUI similar to the Furnace, but without a fuel slot. Instead, when something is inserted into the input slot, you only have to wait until it comes out.

    You can grind corn and wheat into Flour, but Grindstones can also be used to turn Cobblestone into Gravel, and Gravel into Sand. This means you can make both Gravel and Sand when playing Skyblock or in the event that you don’t want to dig up large quantities of sand and you have plenty of cobblestone.

    In addition, grinding bones will result in 4 bonemeal, making it more efficient to use the grindstone for bonemeal crafting. You can also recycle glass back into sand, although you will not get dye back from stained glass. (And glass panes can’t be recycled at all.)

    Hoppers can put items into the Grindstone and may take items out.

    Flour is very useful when cooking...

    Cooking Food

    Currently Mojang has to avoid “sandwich” or “salad” items. I.E. combining already edible foods into one meal.

    The thing is, they’ve already done this with the soups, and the only useful one is mushroom soup in the event that you’ve decided to colonize a mushroom island. Otherwise, you can just eat each Beetroot or Rabbit Stew ingredient on their own.

    So… Let’s fix this. Certain foods will now count as a “meal”. Meals cannot stack, and because of that they aren’t really meant for battle situations. In addition to not stacking, they will give you Slowness and Weakness for a short period of 30 seconds. But for all that, they give you a very useful buff, “Well Fed”, for 10 minutes and they will fill your Energy, Protein and Vitamin bars by 50% of their full value. (Though not all of them are Meat items.)

    Whilst you are affected by the Well Fed buff, your Energy, Protein and Vitamin bars cannot decrease no matter how much you are injured or how much you exercise. This means after eating a meal you can go about your day for a long time without having to worry about eating.

    So how do we get started? First, you’ll need a Cooking Fire. (It’s a bit cleaner to cook in something that isn’t coated in dust, coal and bits of metal.)

    The Cooking Fire block looks like a Pot sitting over a bonfire. (I decided to use the Bucket in the crafting recipe since it was similar enough to a pot, rather than making a new item just to craft into this specific recipe.)

    The GUI for the pot looks very similar to the furnace GUI, but with four input slots and four output slots. It works about the same when doing basic cooking, though. Put in Fuel, put in food, and it will cook. However, when you aren’t cooking individual bits of meat or vegetables, it’s a different story.

    (Fair Warning: I may have had a bit too much fun when thinking of foods you can make from other foods, feel free to tell me if something has way too long of a crafting chain. I mean, you were already free to do that but I acknowledge that I probably went overboard now that individual foods have more value.)

    Tier 1 Foods

    Meat of any kind will only take five seconds to cook. Easy.

    I mentioned the other meats elsewhere, but here’s the stats for fish:

    Raw Fish:
    E: 2
    V: 5
    P: 8

    Cooked Fish:
    E: 5
    V: 9
    P: 11
    XP: 2

    Raw Salmon:
    E: 3
    V: 3
    P: 8

    Cooked Salmon:
    E: 5
    V: 6
    P: 12
    XP: 4

    E: 5
    V: 2
    P: 8
    XP: 20 (The only raw food that grants XP, because of it’s rarity.)

    E: 9
    V: 0
    P: 2

    Vegetables will take four seconds to cook.

    Baked Potato:
    E: 2
    V: 13
    P: 9
    XP: 3

    Cooked Corn:
    E: 5
    V: 16
    P: 7
    XP: 4

    Tier 2 Foods

    When cooking more advanced foods, you’ll need to watch what’s happening more closely. There will be a 10 second timer that appears as a red bar next to the food in the output slot. If the food is left in there, it will burn and be deleted. Fire and Smoke particles will appear above the Cooking Fire when this happens.

    In addition, this is where the four input slots become more important. If all of the slots are filled with identical items, it will cook them into a simple cooked version without question. But if two different items are in the pot, it will see if they can be cooked into one single food. (And if they can’t, it will stop burning fuel and wait for the player to put food in the pot in such a way that it can be cooked.)

    These next few foods are not meals, but they can be much better for you than just cooking food. It takes 10 seconds to cook any of them, and all of them can only be stacked to 16:

    E: 4
    V: 10
    P: 5
    XP: 1

    Bread can be made from 1 Flour and 1 Yeast. Simple.

    E: 3
    V: 12
    P: 4
    XP: 2

    Tortillas can be made from 1 Flour, 1 Yeast and 1 Olive. They’re used in making the Taco.

    E: 6
    V: 0
    P: 14
    XP: 2

    Cheese is useful in meals, and is made with 1 Milk Bucket and 1 Yeast. It’s not super healthy on it’s own, although it has Milk’s effect clearing ability… kindof. For each effect the player has, Cheese has a 25% chance of removing it. It’s also useful if all you have it milk and you’re running low on vegetables to feed yourself or your cows.

    Fried Chicken:
    E: 5
    V: 6
    P: 17
    XP: 4

    Made with 1 Raw Chicken and 1 Olive. While it’s not breaded like everyone’s classic idea of Fried Chicken, it is a nice early-game use for Olives before you can get Flour.

    E: 10
    V: 9
    P: 6
    XP: 12

    Two Cookies can be made with 1 Flour, 1 Cocoa Bean and 1 Sugar. They aren’t very healthy, but they do give a lot of XP if you haven’t eaten them in a while, and you can use them to boost your energy if you’re on the go. (Though vegetables are preferable.)

    Baked Beans:
    E: 4
    V: 8
    P: 14
    XP: 4
    This is a Meat item.

    Baked Beans can be made with 1 Sugar, 1 Beans and 1 Bowl. This is a good food item if you want to play the game vegan style for some reason and you still want protein.

    Bowl of Rice:
    E: 4
    V: 11
    P: 9
    XP: 2

    Bowls of Rice are made with 1 Rice and 1 Bowl. It’s used in Stir Fry, but makes a nice dish by itself as well.

    Mushroom Soup:
    E: 4
    V: 10
    P: 10
    XP: 10

    Mushroom Soup is made with 1 Bowl, 1 Red Mushroom and 1 Brown Mushroom.

    Per Bite:
    E: 2
    V: 4
    P: 6
    XP: 5

    Cake is made from 1 Cake Dough, which is crafted shapelessly in a normal crafting table with 3 flour, 1 egg, 2 sugar and 3 milk. Unlike other foods, you only have to wait to eat another Cake for the full XP refill after you’ve already eaten six slices of cake.

    (So you can eat a full cake and get 30 XP before having to wait to get the full XP from a Cake.)

    Pumpkin Pie:
    E: 7
    V: 11
    P: 7
    XP: 16

    Pumpkin Pie is healthier than some of the other candy items, which don’t fill up your vegetable bar as fast as they fill up your energy. It’s made from 1 Pumpkin, 1 Flour, 1 Egg and 1 Sugar.

    Beetroot Stew:
    E: 6
    V: 25
    P: 6
    XP: 3

    Made from 3 Beetroots and 1 Bowl. The meal gives you lots of Vitamins, but relatively little Protein and little XP. So it’s almost as useless as it is in the current game!

    Cranberry Sauce:
    E: 8
    V: 17
    P: 2
    XP: 17

    Cranberry sauce is made from a Glass Bottle, 2 Cranberries and 1 Sugar. It’s a nice festive food.

    Tier 3 Foods (Meals):

    With the Tier 2 foods out of the way, let’s move on to the meals. These take 20 seconds to cook, and as mentioned before they cannot be stacked. As a reminder, they give you “Well Fed”, for 10 minutes and refill your Energy, Protein and Vitamin bars by 50% of their full value.

    You have to pull these out pretty quick, because you only get 5 seconds after they’re done before they burn.

    Hearty Breakfast:
    Gives 30 XP when eaten.

    Made with an Orange, Bread, an Egg and a raw Porkchop. This is a meat item.

    Chicken Sandwich:
    Gives 40 XP when eaten.

    Made with Bread, Raw Chicken, a Tomato and Cheese. This item is a meat item.

    Gives 40 XP when eaten.

    Made with a Bowl, Raw Mutton, a Tomato and Beans. I would have used Beef, but beef is already used in most of the other foods. This is a meat item.

    Gives 40 XP when eaten.

    Made with 1 Tortilla, 1 Cheese, 1 Beans and 1 Olive. I was going to use Quesadilla instead, since Tacos are kinda meme-ish, but on the other hand I decided it was better to put as few hard to pronounce words in the game as possible. This is a meat item.

    Rabbit Stew:
    Gives 25 XP when eaten.

    Made with 1 Raw Rabbit, 1 Carrot, 1 Potato and 1 Bowl. This is a meat item.

    Stir Fry:
    Gives 50 XP when eaten.

    Made with 1 Bowl of Rice, 1 Carrot, 1 Raw Steak and 1 Beetroot. I didn’t want to add Rice, but at least this gives another use for the Beetroot. This is a meat item.

    Chorus Chowder:
    Gives 55 XP when eaten.

    Made with 1 Corn, 1 Chorus Fruit, 1 Tomato and 1 Bowl. This is one of the most rewarding out of all the foods, but it’s also incredibly late-game. The meal does not retain the Chorus Fruit’s teleport effect.


    The crops in villages are actually not crops, but crop-like blocks that, much like Wild Rice, do not rot in their Death Season.

    The first reason for this being that Villagers are often too stupid to take proper care of their crops, and the second reason being that a player might enter a Village in the crop’s death season which would mean the crops instantly rot.

    Farmer Villagers can now grow Tomatoes as well as the crops they could grow before, and a Villager can breed if they have at least 10 Tomatoes. (2 less than Carrots or Potatoes because they’re rarer.)


    So in the end, while I probably went overboard with food choices, I think this is a definite improvement over the current system. This also means people can suggest a plethora of new kinds of foods within reasonable boundaries, and it’s not just another sprite with a similar function to other foods.

    I’ll be the first to admit that my own suggestion might be a little complicated for young Minecrafters. It’s probably best to rename the Vitamin bar to the Vegetable Bar and the Protein Bar to the Meat bar, but I’m sticking with those names for now unless this is a bigger issue than I imagine it to be.

    But I also want to show how much fun you can have making a suggestion, and how you can improve your suggestions and presentation. This was actually a multiple day project that I started in LibreOffice Writer rather than directly in the BBCode editor. I used GIMP to help me make some of the images and CubeUpload to upload the images.

    (I also had to convert the LibreOffice text into BBCode format manually, though, and that’s not fun. If you know a tool that can help me do this automatically, please tell me!)

    With that, I hope you all can improve your own suggestions, and make them great!
    (I’m sorry if that sounded condescending… I have no idea how to phrase advice...)


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    posted a message on horse ridding

    I wasn't expecting much from a post that spelled riding with two 'D's, but I think this suggestion has some merit to it.

    Horses in this game are completely useless for me. If I'm going long distances, I don't like to load every single chunk I'm traveling through and then save it to my hard drive, usually I would just use Nether Portals for longer distance travel. But transporting Villagers is hectic. If you decide to use the Nether to transport Villagers, you almost need to create a closed hallway between Nether Portals in order to keep the Villagers safe from mobs, fire and lava.

    Even moving a Villager a short distance is exhausting. But if you can transport them by horse, that makes the job a hundred times easier. I would get a horse if it meant I wouldn't have to struggle when moving Villagers around.

    ScotsMiser brought up Minecarts as a counterargument, but Minecarts are different from horses because you have to set them up beforehand. Minecarts are better if you want to travel short distances that you are going to travel repeatedly. For example, elevators to the next floor of a building, transport from room-to-room of a large base, or possibly the strangest usecase, getting from the surface to the floor of a mine. (Strange concept, you'd almost think the "Mine" in the word "Minecart" had something to do with it!)

    Meanwhile, Horses, especially with this change, are good for times when you don't really want to set up a permanent road between one location and the next because it wouldn't be economically sound. So you've just come across an otherwise boring Village but there's a single Villager you want to take home with you? Just load him up on the horse and you do it right away! No need to worry about keeping the Villager in a cage safe from mobs while you're collecting the iron to build a ridiculously long and unnecessary minecart track.


    For the record, though, this post could use some spellchecking. And I'd also like to know exactly how I can tell a Villager to get on and off of my horse.

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    posted a message on Update System and Generation of Worlds
    Quote from ghbmaster»

    Hello, I came to share some ideas for the Next Update.

    Hello, I came to review your ideas, as this is a community forum for discussing and improving ideas for what could go into Minecraft. The first thing I'd like to comment on is that this text formatting is unnecessary as I can read the regular, small text just fine. Can you please save large text for headers next time?

    - Improvements in the worlds generator. New biomes. Improvements in Npcs homes. New types of trees. Mountains and rivers better designed.

    What kind of improvements in the worlds generator? What new biomes? You haven't told us anything about them, which is exactly the kind of details we need before we can discuss it, and this is much less than what you'd want to show Mojang if you were pitching ideas to them.

    - Play on PC with xbox or ps3 / 4 control

    This might be cool, but now you've created a wishlist. Wishlists contain more than one suggestion in a single topic, which is bad. There should only be one suggestion of related things in a single topic, not five different unrelated things.

    - Play all together. Personal xbox play with the ps3 / 4 and play with the PC

    If you mean by being able to join PC servers with Xbox or Console clients, you're mostly out of luck. If you use the Windows 10 edition you should be able to do this, but the Java Edition will not connect to Bedrock editions of the game, because there are multiple differences in features, and behavior. It might be possible for Mojang to allow the Java edition to communicate with the Bedrock edition one day, but I'm sure a lot of people like the modding community would have some concerns.

    The last thing we need is for Mojang to completely stomp their foot down on modding because they put proprietary code in the game and they don't want Forge or modders to copy or view that source code.
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    posted a message on Some suggestions for 1.14/1.15/1.16

    Suggestion 0: First, you've just created a wishlist. All of these deserve their own suggestion topic, not just one large laundry list. You're post styling is better than most newcomers', though.

    Suggestion 1: No, no and no. 1.8 PVP isn't coming back, Mojang had almost 2 years of time to think about their decisions when adding 1.9 PVP, during which they had plenty of time to rethink their decision. I can show you a list of posts made by people thinking they should add a gamerule or some other toggle for 1.8 PVP. The answer has always been a resounding no.

    Suggestion 2: We have a Mod API, you may have heard of it. It's called Forge and you can write mods in Java that will work with it.

    No, but seriously. Mojang is developing a Mod API in their own way with data packs and such. Will it be as great as Forge is right now? Probably not, but we can always hope.

    Suggestion 3: This isn't really a Minecraft suggestion. I don't really see any disadvantages to having this, but I wouldn't really get anything out of it considering I don't really use realms.

    Suggestion 4: You're suggestions in this post have gone from something as large of a change as a Mod API to just adding a new tool. I don't really see the point of this because a single punch will deal twice as much as this slappy fish.

    Suggestion 5 (Why is this not boldface?): Or... You could download the pack with the resolution you want? Also, could you imagine how long it would take Minecraft to apply a Sepia-tone filter to every texture in a resource pack before the player can get back to playing the game again?

    Suggestion 6: This sounds like a weight on my CPU... Or GPU if Minecraft even uses the GPU... Also, how do you make an e?

    Suggestion 7: Mojang is already doing this... They've added the AI packs to the Mobile version of the game, and I imagine they're planning to go further with this.

    Suggestion 8 It's really hard to read boldface bloodred text already, but making it really small just makes it that much worse... : Do we really need funny languages? Is there a point? The last time Mojang tried that with LOLSPEAK, I remember people complaining about a racial slur accidentally left in.

    Suggestion 9: No no NO no no no NOOOOooooooo. No. Besides that, you do realize you're making a suggestion that destroys the entire point of this forum, right? Some people, including me, really like it when Mojang adds features to the Vanilla game, and mods aren't always as high-quality or as well kept as Vanilla Minecraft is.

    Suggestion 10: NOOOOOO. EW NO. First off, I don't Mojang to sell people the rights to make fan content for their game, when we could already do that for free with Forge. Secondly, this Custom Clients thing sounds fishy...

    I don't want Minecraft to go any further to having DLC or lootboxes than it already has. Like many other gamers, I believe that when you buy a game, you get all of it. You don't need to pay money to access certain pieces of gameplay progression, nor should you sell unfair gameplay advantages for money. Should you be able to sell aesthetic improvements? I think that's more okay, but you shouldn't be selling the creations of your fans, who likely made their creations because they wanted to share their love of Minecraft with the world, not because they wanted to make money.

    No Support.

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    posted a message on The Eden Update
    Quote from Carbon_Peridot»

    Yeah, this a little bit lengthy

    Why yes, yes it is.

    As a UX (User Experience) nerd, I always nitpick suggestion styling first before I review it. And... You've got a lot of blocks of text sorted into somewhat readable paragraphs, but this could still use headers, bold and italics, etc. to make it better. I'm also not a fan of the "The ___ update" title, although the size of this suggestion might make it necessary. I guess we'll find out.

    Minecraft has seen quite a few world changes in its lifetime. Many new biomes, massive structures, and even the physics have changed. When one takes a step back, they can trully appreciate how everything fits together to make one grand world.

    However, every puzzle is made of tiny puzzle pieces, and Minecraft is no exception. There are plenty of ambient and direct features of the world, like plants, trees, even squid. Though, I think these features could be more.

    There's an unneeded return here. Actually, this whole paragraph could be shortened into something like...

    Since it's beginning, Minecraft has seen quite a few world changes such as biomes, massive structures and even changed physics. However, I think the ambient and direct features of the world, from plants and trees to even squids, could be improved.

    That removes some unneeded sentences and combines the needed ones.

    This is why I think there should be what I like to call "The Eden Update" Essentially, the Eden Update would consist of an overhaul of Minecraft's nature system. Naturally, the Minecraft would can evolve and change over time. One day the mushroom island has two large mushrooms, the next day there is only one or even four.

    While this sounds cool, the idea of mushrooms, trees or even grass growing slowly over time without player choice means that the player cannot stop tons and tons of block updates happening every time he steps into a biome populated by trees. Not only that, but if they want an area to stay devoid of any trees or grass, they have to constantly upkeep an area, and Minecraft is never about upkeep or chores. (Besides hunger.)

    The Eden Update is designed to affect almost every player, some more than others. While a PvP player can definitely benefit, a builder may experience a much better time with this mod.

    You just said "While this player can benefit, this play will also benefit." Maybe you meant to say:

    While a PVP player might not benefit as much, a builder may experience an improvement to his playing experience with this new update.

    Also, I don't really feel like you have to specify the audience that this update will benefit. Could you put the actual details of the update in the main body of the post and stuff like this in a spoiler or introduction section?

    My main reason for the design of this massive suggestion was to make Minecraft feel more alive. Instead of focusing on the exciting parts of Minecraft, the Eden Update tries to enhance or add the feeling that the player is only a small piece of a massive world.

    Again, while that's a nice description, this belongs in an introduction section.

    In order to increase the diversity of the world and what players experience, new plants could be added and old ones changed. Plants should also gain more purpose, including crafting recipes, the ability to fertilize crops, etc. Such effects could change how players adventure the world, how farmers plan their garden, and even builders.

    Also belongs in an introduction section.

    Rose bushes can hurt the player with their thorns.

    This sounds like it could be annoying or useful, and I'm going to go with useful for now.

    Short and tall grass can spread quickly, invading farms.

    This sounds like it can only be annoying. And easily preventable, because the player would just have to build a fence around his farm that keeps out grass.

    Jungle trees block out the sun, preventing any plants from growing underneath.

    Cool, cool, but crops and saplings don't grow in dark areas already, and all other plants don't grow at all.

    It makes nature all much more interactive with itself.

    Again, this is another introductory sentence that isn't giving me actual details.

    Water, too, is a major factor. The plants have a major affect on water, as does water with the plants. Not having enough water can dry out your farm, but now having too many plants can drain small water resources.

    What do you mean by drain? Do plants remove water blocks now? This sounds... laggy and annoying...

    Water also changes how it physically interacts with crops. No longer will water instantly break grass on contact, instead the grass drowns slowly. However, too much water on contact can break it the same as before.

    What if I just want to quickly clear away some grass? There are no lawnmowers in Minecraft...

    Biomes will struggle for water, some may prosper, making the world dynamic and allowing for a more alive effect.

    This sentence doesn't tell me anything. What does it mean in technical terms for a biome to "struggle for water"? I know terms like "place a block", "remove a block", "tile entity", "command", "biome", but "prosper" isn't a term that I can relate to when thinking about how this would be implemented.

    For the record, no, I am not a Mojang Dev. You'll have to go to reddit for those, and not a community forum where community members can help you further develop a suggestion. But in order for us to help balance your suggestion, we need to know how it's being implemented and we need details.

    You need to remove and rewrite all the sentences with made up terms and write this in such a way that you can describe exactly how this would work on the technical side of things, because I don't know what either of these terms mean, nor what effect they have.

    Now, a constantly changing environment could be taxing on lower-end devices, and even higher-end devices. So, certain features should be able to easily switched on and off, much like gamerules.

    But now we have a plethora of features that affect balance that players have to turn off because they can't handle them. In addition to that, if a player isn't the owner of a server, he can't decide whether or not he wants to keep these incredibly laggy features.

    Gamerules should not be used by players to pick and choose the gameplay elements they like, they should be used by map makers to decide what features they need to enable or disable when making an Adventure Mod map.

    Now the mobs aren't excluded from the Eden update, either. Different mobs will tend to behave differently towards different environments. Squid will seek the nearest ocean, cows and sheep often migrate away from dying regions, and witches scavenge the nearby bushes for brewing materials.

    Nearly every mob seeks the most comfortable situation to live in. Much like how zombies and skeletons hide from the sun, a horse prefers an area with long grass. This isn't to say that mobs are only spawned in good conditions, but rather they actively seek them out.

    Sounds okay, except when animals move away from dying regions they will only do so as long as they are loaded. If they get too far away from the player, they'll stop moving at all. Also, what about animals in captivity?

    Testificates and endermen are special in this case. I believe that villagers, witches, and illagers can build onto their current existing generated structure. However, because the world can change drastically based on simple actions now, these testificates can destroy a biome to make their city, if left unchecked. Witches may just build more huts, maybe just a small brewer camp. Illagers can completely change a mansion room, or even add a new one.

    Which sounds impossible to code because Mob AI is stupid.

    These humble overworld inhabitants may even interact with each if they meet. Perhaps a witch can be seen trading with a librarian, or an illager.

    Aren't Illagers, Villagers and Witches all enemies of each other?

    Now onto endermen, who can occasionally be seen with what looks like a piece of your yard. Ender men can now be seen repairing or destroying biomes. One player may see an enderman plant a birch sapling in a burnt birch forest, which will then spread and regrow the forest slowly.

    How does the game decide if a birch forest is burnt?

    Or perhaps their friend may see the same enderman take the last sapling of a growing jungle forest.

    Not only do these features ensure that a builder wont wake up to find his artificial forest has burned away forever, but also lets adventurers and roamers see the shenanigans of the testificate and endermen races.

    "Oh look, a witch just planted an oak sapling to start her own tree farm. How nice? Oh hello enderman, and goodbye sapling."

    This sounds like it would be either ultimately destructive, or so incredibly slow that the player wouldn't really notice anything spectacular.

    Endermen are also no longer alone! An "Ender Bush" is a new type of plant that can be found in every dimension, but more common in the end. Ender bushes do not have any sort of harvestability and are always just out of the players reach. When a player right clicks on one or tries to break it, the ender bush will teleport away. Ender bushes can also be made by an ender mite infecting any type of leaf block. Also, when a players stares at an ender bush for an extended period of time, the ender bush will start to feel awkward and will teleport away, possibly summoning an enderman in its place.

    But what does the Ender Bush do for the player? Why add it at all if the player isn't going to get any use out of it? It's not even useful as a decoration... That ugly Purple-Black is going to really contrast the greens and browns of a regular Minecraft landscape and there's no way a player can put this in his own house.

    Now, also introducing the glowing mushroom! The caves are also no longer only decorated with new stones and formations. Fore, there are underground plants now, excluding the currently established mushrooms and occasional yellow flower.

    Sounds interesting, how much light does a glowing mushroom emit?

    With the new moss and old vines now finding their way throughout cave systems, now. In general vines will begin to grow inside of caves rapidly if they can manage to get to one.

    But also moss can be found slowly spreading throughout caves, completely taking over the nearby stone. It may look pretty, but be cautious, because it'll latch on you if you step on it! The moss itself is not dangerous, but it can lead to fatal situations if you step on it while in danger. However, moss is also useful in making mossy stones, and even a new potion.

    This sounds really annoying, but I don't know if it is or not because you never specify how the "latching" works. Also, could you imagine a cave where the entire floor, walls and ceiling are covered in moss and the player has to mine away all the moss just to move around?

    With these simple additions, caves are beginning to sound more green, but they're also becoming more deadly. Even without the spiders and creepers, there are now poisonous plants that are prepared to defend themselves. Some may harm you when you walk on them. Some can be more peaceful, only harming you when you try to harvest it. Regardless, they all inflict poison, and are even used in one of the new potions.

    Cool... I guess? What are the names of these plants? What do they look like? How often do they spawn? You spend so much time poetically describing them and not actually telling us specifically what you want added to the game.

    A new flower is also found underground. However, unlike other plants, it can only be found and planted underground. This "Eufemiac" plant can be found growing naturally next to lava. Well known for the distinctive purple-red glow it gives off, the eufemiac can be harvested for up to three "Eufer Sacs." These sacs of which can be used to make magma cream, and for its more known use, to make "Eufemiac Lamps." Though, eufemiacs do not spread naturally, and only spawn very rarely. This can make them very hard to farm, but also very satisfying to collect.

    But then magma creams aren't gated behind the Nether... Also, that name is a pronunciation disaster for small children playing this game.

    The eufemiac lamp can be described as a rare building block, harder to get than bulk prismarine lamps. However, eufemiac lamps also shine very brightly and do not require a redstone signal. Eufemiac lamps can also be turned off and on manually by right clicking them, or with a redstone pulse. Do note, though, that eufemiac lamps can attract magma slimes more often, and can set the directly connecting blocks on fire.
    However, the upsides of using such a rare light source is that they can be made into slabs and stairs. Also, eufemiac lamps can very slightly increase the growth time of nearby plants, and can make wild plants naturally spread faster, just like rain. Also be wary when collecting eufer sacs, because walking into a eufemiac can set the player on fire very briefly.

    Well this sounds kinda cool, I guess...

    Potions and enchantments are great, but they seem to affect the target only. However, the Eden Updates strives to add new effects that affect the area around the user, and not just with affects. The Eden Update adds world altering magic.

    The "Decay Potion" can be a powerful tool of destruction. For a length of time, nearby plant life will rapidly wither away. While the effect may be slow, with patience it can alter an entire world into a wasteland. Though, be careful, because when the potion effect isn't taking a plant's life, it's taking yours.

    I mean... I guess this could be useful...

    However, sometimes destruction isn't the best. And in fact, a builders best friend would have to be the "Serene Potion." Within a radius around the user, plant life rapidly grows and spreads. Whenever no plant life is being regenerated, the user will even experience a very slow regeneration effect. Lilypads even appear slowly! Lilypads!

    Also sounds useful... Although how do you brew either of these potions?

    Even more permanent effects are available no, too. Boots can be enchanted with the Serene and decay effect, too. However, they are significantly less effective, and slowly drain durability.

    Enchantments and Potion effects are two different things... There are no enchantment names with exactly the same name as a potion effect, otherwise there would be confusion when coding or making conversation.

    And lastly, I believe that the nether and could use a few plants to go along with this nature revamp. So, now when planting ferns or flowers in the nether, theres a chance that over time they will wither away unless maintained, or transform into nether plants.

    Grasses and ferns can simply turn black or reddish and not change much. However, old and new plants like vines, moss, eufemiac, and even dead bushes, can transform into something useful and special.

    This sounds okay... I guess...

    Vines and moss can transform into "wick." Essentially, a type of reddish and black mass of nether plantlife. Attempting to place wick onto woods may burn the wood, while placing it on stone or cobblestone can turn them into netherrack. Wick can also be used to fertilize nether wart, and by placing wick near sand for a long time, the sand can be turned into soul sand.

    That sounds kinda cool...

    Eufemiacs have a higher chance of spawning in the nether, and can also be found as a double tall eufemiac, which drops more eufer sacs. However, if eufemiac grows on soul sand, then it will grow as a three tall eufemiac. However, if the player does not harvest the three tall eufemiac quickly, it may tranfom into a "wilted eufemiac." Wilted eufemiacs cannot be harvested for anything.

    This might go well with my Food and Hunger System suggestion, if seasons affected the Nether...

    Dead bushes can now be grown in the nether by manually planting them. When a dead bush is first introduced to the nether, it will transform into a "Wither Bush," which is merely a black, more thorny bush with a white flower growing out of it. Wither bushes can hurt then player when they are stepped on and can apply the wither effect. Wither bushes can only grow on soul sand, and will spread like wild plants very rapidy, then will seemingly stop spreading entirely in the including and surrounding chunks, but can still be planted manually. When harvested, wither bushes will only drop 1 iron nugget. Wither bushes also have very strict requirements on how far they can be placed from other wither bushes, and must have a large amount soulsand nearby, as they slowly consume nearby soulsand to grow.

    I guess the payment of soulsand is okay for 1 iron nugget... Still, Soul Sand is a little common.

    Well, theres my idea of the Eden Update. I tried to come up with suggestions that both fit Minecraft and enhanced it. I also tried not to give it featuritis, keeping the actual content amount relatively low compared to what a mod may add.

    I would also gladly take suggestions on how to improve my suggestions, so my suggestions can suggest your suggestions that you suggest.

    P.S. (The eufemiac one is my favourite.)

    P.P.S. (Also its pronounced like ew-fay-me-ack)

    P.P.P.S. (I don't properly know how to write the phonetic way of pronouncing things)

    This Suggestion has potential, but not my complete Support.

    There is a lot of detail that this thread is hinting at, but not actually giving. You say things like "We should add poisonous plants!" without telling us how often they spawn, how much damage they deal, what kinds of poisonous plants, etc.

    You're not the first person to make a large suggestion. As egotistical as I'll sound, I'd like to mention my Food and Hunger System Overhaul suggestion if you want help making a large suggestion that is much more readable and contains reasonable, but not excessive amounts of detail.

    I do like some things about this suggestion, but a lot of stuff like the constant growth of forests, plants and villages sounds annoyingly laggy. Imagine walking into a dense forest and finding saplings all over the ground where trees have dropped them... The stuff I do like doesn't really warrant an entire update, just part of one.
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    posted a message on No Sharks? What?
    Quote from AMPPL50»

    Or, again, this entire thread is the result of too many people taking an obvious joke seriously.

    Is it though? Do you have sources?

    It's not really phrased like a joke in any case...

    "Can I brutally murder them instead?"
    "Yeah but be prepared for the dolphins pack coming to get you"

    This almost sounds more like the kind of response I'd be giving as an 8-year old child obsessed with dolphins that couldn't stand the idea of killing them... At the very least a response like "It's a joke, we're doing it for balance reasons" would be preferable. So just for the record, no, we're not taking an obvious joke seriously, we've possibly wasted our time on a potentially sarcastic response that was badly phrased and never cleared up.

    Not to mention the fact that after someone on her twitter mentioned that he worked for a place that let kids with mental handicaps ride dolphins for therapeutic reasons, she replied:

    Taking sick ppl into a pool with dolphins sounds like the most stupid idea ever those pools are so full of germs that healthy ppl can get seriously sick.

    Another response that is insulting someone's career and doesn't seem sarcastic in the slightest.
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