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    Most of the updates have made 1.12.2 servers be stuck on 1.12.2 including most anarchy servers, 1.17 should be a stabilization update fixing most bugs and making minecraft more friendly towards inferior hardware and servers stuck on 1.12.2 , with this I also would like to add that it should also have more Graphical settings (maybe working with the creator of optifine?) ALOT of servers are stuck on 1.12.2 especially anarchy servers. 1.17 should be spent trying to make everything work better with inferior hardware and to get Anarchy Servers wich are the most impacted off 1.12.2 and/or name is the graphical update and make everything look better without much more needs on hardware. Minecraft is suppost to be that family friendly game everyone likes and everyone can run if they can pay.

    I don't really understand why you're including graphical settings in a suggestion about server optimization. Unless Minecraft's code is so bad that servers are running rendering code, the ability to optimize the game's rendering engine should have no effect on server lag. The only lag it would help with is your framerate.

    To sum this up, all the updates leading up to 1.16 have upped the hardware requirements by alot, and it seems less of a family friendly game to play nowadays, and more of one of the modern call of duty or something games that require high hardware requirements. Minecraft is supposed to be that family friendly game that anyone can run even if they own windows xp, basicly minecraft is now laggy as hell and even high end computers will get only 150 frames

    Lots of "family-friendly" games have high computing requirements, which is why very often the people who make them sell them on consoles that are oriented towards gaming. (Nintendo being the most obvious example) Also I'm confused why you say "only 150 frames", when typically most monitors can only run at 60 or 144 Hz.

    As others have pointed out, Minecraft can't remain so compact that it runs on old hardware forever. I'm sure that if Mojang put some time into it they could make it run on much older hardware than it currently runs on, but the game is still going to increase in hardware requirements as it keeps getting developed. (With that being said, ideally a lot of these new feature updates shouldn't be changing Minecraft's requirements besides maybe minimum RAM. I could see how things like waterlogging might require new rendering code, but even the Nether update is effectively a large collection of new blocks and mobs running on the same engine as the last version.)

    It's worth noting that a decent computer really doesn't cost that much. If you get a part-time job, you can probably find a used or refurbished laptop powerful enough to run the latest version of Minecraft at 60 FPS for around 300 dollars. Of course, if you have a part-time job, you can build a much nicer gaming computer if you're willing to do the research and put in the effort. It won't really save a lot of money, but it's a fun experience and it teaches you useful skills if you want to enter a career in IT.

    Or you could do the much anticipated cave update lag out everyone even more

    Edit: The YT video talks about 2b2t, the popular anarchy server. But thats only because he hased to keep his content on 2b2t content because his channel is on that. The problem is universal

    I'm certainly all in favor of Minecraft being optimized, but understand that game programming is more complicated than just tweaking a few lines of code to make things run faster. The whole rendering engine itself is... flawed. It's gotten more flawed over time. (There was a reason that modding experienced a sort of renaissance around version 1.7.10 because people weren't interested in updating past that version until around the time 1.10 came out.)

    I think you're limiting Mojang a bit by suggesting the Cave Update cannot also come with optimizations. Sure, their staff will likely be devoting less of their time to optimizing the game, but it's not like they haven't implemented large numbers of bug-fixes alongside large feature-filled versions. I'd actually be in favor of Mojang doing another 1.15 which was effectively a bug-fix update that added a few features. There are ways I could think of implementing a satisfactory Cave Update while adding only a few blocks and while likely changing very little code at all, allowing Mojang plenty of time to rearrange the rendering engine or the internals of the game.

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    posted a message on Non-lethal peaceful mob drop crafting / harvesting

    There's a part of me that immediately dislikes vegan-style suggestions immediately just on principle, (satire) but I think there's a more practical reason why this is a bad idea:

    It's easy to collect lots of crops. It's easy to collect lots of papyrus and cactus, and it's easy to collect lots of blocks. Even ore is really easy to get. However, it's a lot harder to collect animal drops. Let's put aside automatic farms and even general mob drops become difficult to obtain in large quantities. I think this is entirely intentional.

    Adding other alternative methods to getting things like leather and feathers may make a nice mod for those who are so emotionally attached to blocky animal-resembling game objects, but it means those things no longer require the same challenge that they once did. And yes, I'm aware that leather and feathers can now be obtained other ways as Badprenup mentioned, but a player who is trying to craft a set of leather armor or a large quantity of bookshelves is likely not going to want to wait for either fishing or piglins to provide all of the required leather. Likewise, a player in need of arrows to defend himself is not going to want to depend on his cat.

    You might say that we can still add challenges in other ways but you're still cropping a large portion of gameplay (breeding and butchering animals) out of the game, and one that I would argue is almost essential to the game's progression since leather is required to make bookshelves for an enchanting table unless you're stealing them from strongholds. It'd be like saying "People don't like exploring the world since it takes up a lot of space on their hard drive, therefore we should rewrite the game so that the player can beat it while remaining in a 10x10 chunk area."

    Those things aside, consider the fact that you're advocating for the option to make animals practically useless. Yeah, you might find them "cute", but we already have a lot of useless mobs in the game like Polar Bears and Llamas. (I know technically Llamas have a use, but I've never needed to move mountains of stuff over long distances in situations where I can't use nether portals.) They're not even aesthetically appropriate for the landscape since all of the mobs besides maybe horses are based on domesticated animals.

    No Support.

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    posted a message on Posse: A mod for people with no friends!

    This is Jay the Mouse.

    Jay just completed his big new house! It has two bedrooms and a big balcony for staring into the abyss:

    Jay has a problem, however: his house is very big and he is very small. Jay tried asking other people to live with him in his house, but he had some issues with his potential housemates:

    Standy the Stand:

    Standy was very nice but also very quiet. To make matters worse, if you right-clicked her face it would pop off and you'd have to stick it back on. She never wants to follow Jay on an expedition or anything and just keeps making that confused blank face.

    Villy the Villager

    Villy was not as nice. He kept sleeping in Jay's bed and kept trying to get Jay to make some shady trading deals. He kept making grunting noises and when Jay wanted him to go on an adventure, he tried to offer him a loan on two pieces of redstone with a small down payment of 99.99 emeralds. Clearly he was not a fit roommate.

    Jay tried asking other players to play with him, but nobody wants to play with the lonely mouse.

    That's where a new mod comes in...

    Posse: A mod for people with no friends!

    The Posse mod would add a new mob, the Party Member. You might be tempted to call them an NPC, but that would be an inaccurate name as we'll see later.


    The Party Member looks exactly like a player, albeit perhaps with a nametag colored light gray or yellow or in italics to remove some confusion.

    In Survival Mode, the Party Member will spawn with a few included skins based on Steve and Alex and with some names included in a configuration file.

    In Creative Mode, the player can customize the skin and name, either using some of the included skins or an online image. (Perhaps additionally, Party Members spawned in survival mode can also spawn with skins if the URLs are linked in the config file.)


    What separates these Party Members from NPCs is that the player can swap places with them using a configurable keybind, similar to how one might do so in a Lego game:

    On the technical side, the player will swap skins, inventories, and his position with this mob, giving the appearance that the player is now playing as the Party Member and the player's first character has become a Party Member.

    In Survival Mode, Party Members can be instructed to either stay in place or come along with you. They act very similarly to tamed wolves when following you in that they attack hostile mobs and players that attack the player. If the player enters a boat, the Party Member will attempt to get in a boat in order to follow, placing one down from its inventory if necessary. If the player enters a Nether Portal, the Party Member will also attempt to enter the Nether Portal. Party Members will drop their inventory if killed (unless keepInventory is turned on) and respawn at their "Party Host's" bed.

    If the Party Member cannot travel to wherever the player is or if the player dies, they will switch into "stay here" mode and alert the player that they can't pathfind to where they are. This is to make sure that Party Members do not act like portable ender chests.

    In Creative Mode, additional options are provided allowing you to give more advanced commands to Party Members such as sitting down, sleeping in beds, saying certain lines of dialogue in chat when they are being interacted with by another player, or performing some kind of action, etc. You can also customize certain entity tags such as Invulnerability.


    In Survival mode, all Party Members are found in Villages in a "lonely" state. In this state, they will not respawn and do not have a "Party Host", and they act somewhat like Nitwit villagers. This can be changed by paying them a small price of a couple of emeralds to get them to join your Party, at which point they will immediately begin following you around.

    In Creative Mode, Party Members can be spawned in via Spawn Egg and upon right-clicking on them, you need only click a button to get them to join your party, however, you may customize them without letting them join your party.

    Bonus Points:

    • It might be interesting if you could tell a Party Member to avoid common mob traps like pressure plates or open trapdoors if at all possible unless the pathfinder can't find a way around.
    • In addition to this, it might be helpful if Party Members avoided some of the pitfalls that normal mobs tend to fall for, for example, they will not attempt to pathfind into another Party Member, possibly knocking them into a fall or lava. Party Members should actively try to avoid death in "Stay Here" mode too, trying to fend off mobs if they attack and fight for ground on small platforms if mobs try to push them off.
    • It might also be interesting if the Party Member had the ability to jump over 1 or 2 block gaps.
    • Party Members can be taught to prefer more powerful (Diamond/Enchanted Sword), less expensive (Snowballs), or less dangerous (Bow) weapons and whether or not to automatically attack mobs.
    • In addition to the previous point, if a Party Member is using a sword, it might be interesting if they were able to intentionally try and get critical hits when possible.
    • I feel like the ability for Party Members to mine blocks is overpowered, though potentially this could be allowed through a config. (This wouldn't be some kind of difficult-to-code intelligent system, more like "Please mine this area from coordinates ABC to coordinates XYZ")
    • Support for some weapons, tools, and armor from other mods like Immersive Engineering or Simply Jetpacks might be nice. Elytra support goes under this heading too.
    • MorePlayerModel support would be nice.
    • Possibly limited to Creative mode, but it would be useful if you could configure which skin overlays are being displayed on a Party Member through a GUI of some kind, similar to how the player can customize his/her own.
    • Seeing as this mod is called "Posse", which is a term often associated with cowboys... well... it only makes sense to add a new armor item.

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    posted a message on Improved stealth mechanics!
    Quote from R1ch4rd_N1x0n»

    Minecraft lacks any stealth mechanics, just a petty little crouch, which only slightly decreases the detection range of mobs. Boring... I think we should be able to sneak past or sneak up on mobs.

    I would tend to agree that Minecraft's stealth mechanics are rather limited, though in fairness I think this is because Minecraft isn't necessarily a combat game by design and thus the combat in the game is meant to be simple and easy to pick up on. With that being said, going forward I imagine I'm going to be stressing that any stealth mechanics implemented should be simple enough that someone can grasp it with minimal instruction.

    Mobs detection radius's should be changed to only in front of their head model, which is blocked by blocks that are in the way, meaning if they are not looking at you, regardless of how close you are, they will not detect you. How far their vision goes depends on the difficulty.

    I kinda wish you specified how far their vision goes, though I do like this idea. I think in addition to this "blind" mobs like Zombies and Skeletons should depend entirely on other senses, though. (Meanwhile, Pillagers and smarter mobs should be able to see you from much further away, making them more difficult opponents even disregarding their better armaments.)

    I would say in addition to this, I think mobs should frequently be distracted by certain things like food or other mobs to make it easier for the player to know a mob won't be looking in their general direction for a good 10-15 seconds.

    Mobs can hear your footsteps from a 6-8-10 block radius depending on difficulty, which is decreased by 3 blocks if there is a wall between you and the mob. If they hear one footstep, it will catch their attention and they will look in your direction, however, if they do not hear another one, they have a chance to ignore it. Walking on grass, sand, tnt, and blocks with similar footstep sounds, decreases the footstep radius by 3 blocks as well, due to them being quieter. Footsteps are completely silenced when crouching or crawling.

    This seems a tad bit complicated. I think I'd rather have a consistent radius of around 8 blocks while crouching simply eliminates this sound entirely. I feel like having different blocks effect mob hearing differently seems a little bit too specific, not to mention the fact that in some cases it doesn't make sense. (I believe leaves also make this sound, but leaves would be incredibly loud to walk on.)

    Opening a door, trapdoor, chest or barrel will also make a sound which mobs will hear from a 6-8-10 block radius, this can be suppressed by doing it while crouched, however it will take 3 seconds before it actually opens in this case.

    You can't open a door, trapdoor, chest or barrel while crouched though.

    Falling from heights will also alert mobs, the radius of the sound varying depending on how high you fell, but this can be greatly suppressed by crouching right when you hit the ground.

    Makes sense.

    If a mob sees you, if they are not killed within a second or two, will attract other nearby mobs within the mobs old detection range to attack you as well.

    This also makes sense, though again it might be interesting if certain mobs were "mute".

    You can also perform a "stealth strike" on a mob, by critical attacking them with any weapon from behind when they are not aware of your presence, which will instantly kill any mob similar to the size of the player, and doing increased damage to any other mob. Stealth strike will only work on endermen if it has not spotted the player in its neutral state.

    I guess if we're only talking about mobs and only if they have no armor, but I do feel like sneaking up on players and being able to kill them without giving them any recourse is incredibly cheaty.

    Mobs will search out any unusual sounds they hear nearby, which also includes the sound of splash potions and arrows. Distractions can be made this way.

    If anything from this post should be implemented, it should be this. I like the idea of distracting mobs. (Perhaps as an addition to this, flint can be thrown to make a sound with similar effect.)

    Sitting in pitch darkness and not moving will prevent mobs except for spiders and endermen from seeing you, unless they bump into you!

    I feel like Zombies should be included in this list since I like to think they "smell around" to find you.

    Credit to headgames001 in the comments for the idea of adding a "silent step" enchant for boots, which makes your footsteps quieter to other players and decreases the range at which mobs can hear it by one block for each level, up to level 5.

    I really do think Minecraft should have some aspect of stealth, because you cannot sneak up on a mob, even if it's looking away from you and you quietly approach it from behind, it will always immediately turn around and attack when you get within range, and I personally don't like that mechanic.

    I like the ideas presented here. Some of the specific numbers and exceptions like the grass-sounding blocks making it harder for mobs to hear seem a bit overcomplicated, but overall I do like the idea of mobs having to see, smell or hear you. I think there are some ideas that could complement this such as if certain areas spawned certain mobs with better or worse senses as opposed to Zombies, Creepers and Skeletons spawning in all dark places, but I wouldn't mind seeing these ideas make their way into Minecraft.

    Mostly Support.

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    posted a message on Bow echantment: Arc 1, 2, & 3. Curving arrows

    It took me at least two reads to understand what you wanted, but I assume that you want the arrow to curve horizontally based on how the player turns his head before firing.

    Besides how impossible it seems this would be to pull off any tricks with this thing, I don't like the idea of an enchantment changing the bow's range or anything else having to do with aiming since enchantments tend to be random and changing up aiming physics on a random basis will mess people up when trying to shoot long-range targets. I also think I'd find this specific enchantment to be annoying if I'm trying to shoot a moving target and I need to turn my head to aim.

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    posted a message on Minecraft suggestions for making it better for everyone who plays survival mode beyond peaceful difficulty.
    Quote from Agtrigormortis»


    I was thinking of continuing this reply chain but this extended discussion over opinions on updates isn't productive and it's not on topic. Let's get back to the OT.

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    posted a message on Minecraft villager update, new warrior class villagers

    Right away I know the initial posts are going to be people looking at the title and replying with "villagers are peaceful lol no support", without actually reading the post. Yes, the criticism that villagers are meant to be peaceful is valid, both because Iron Golems already exist, and because Villagers are meant to be interpreted as purely peaceful mobs as has been stated by Mojang multiple times. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, perhaps we can move on to actually reviewing the content of the post.

    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    I would like a new update for villagers to come, a warrior class villager which helps fight off the pillagers

    but when you enlist warrior villagers then the pillager attacks should be made harder and come in more waves, in my opinion

    so the battle against them isn't made too easy as a result.

    Me and friends have been wanting warrior villagers for some time, or at least 1 other friend I know for a fact does.

    We already have clerics and farmer villagers, how about warriors who can actually fight back and defend against hostile mobs?

    and I am not talking about iron golems, who have terrible AI, are slow and also don't last very long against monsters, not to mention they are expensive to make if villagers aren't spawning them.

    Well for one, I agree that iron golems are ineffective but I think the solution is to make iron golems more powerful or to have some kind of secondary ranged golem. I also think that having lots of villagers with weapons would allow villagers to overwhelm their invaders, which I don't think is how the current setup is supposed to work. I think players are supposed to assist villagers during raids since they tend to be in villages any time that one happens.

    A warrior class villager who you can enlist would allow players to build a fictional empire in the game and also add new dramatics of war.

    While the pillagers shouldn't be allowed to destroy builds or steal chest items, they should be made tougher and require advancements to villages be made to effectively defend against them.

    As much as I'd love to build a big multi-city empire and wage war against Pillagers in the reason, I think this extends beyond the scope of Minecraft. I also think this doesn't make a lot of sense because building an empire requires that you have authority over civilians, whereas this would be more like having control over a militia.

    Also, seeing as you DMed me a link to this post, I think it's only relevant that I link my own post that proposes another interesting solution to this problem, though in the form of a mod suggestion: the Posse mod. (Granted, it's more oriented towards getting together a "family" or "gang" as opposed to a larger army, but to be fair Minecraft tends to lag with large numbers of entities.)

    Also the newer warrior class villagers should offer trades like different kinds of flags, and take over the role of providing tradeable armor and battle equipment to players using emeralds, diamonds and gold ingots as currency.

    I don't like the idea of alternate currencies, and I don't like the idea of taking armor and weapon trades away from blacksmith and armorer villagers. The flags sound interesting, though I'm not sure they'd really be different from banners. (Maybe they could trade banner patterns that represent certain shapes?)

    Their breeding mechanics ought to be the same as the other villagers, throw bread at them in a location counted as a village and they reproduce.

    Becoming the newer warriors when they reach adulthood.

    In all fairness, I think Villager breeding is far too complicated and it never seems to happen in any situation outside of a player-built breeder, though I think this is a bit too simplistic.

    If the player loses a fight with the pillagers however, then their dropped inventory items should then be stolen by the pillagers.

    Forcing players to be extra careful about fighting them. There is a consequence for dying in a fight against them, but it isn't also made too annoying for people who spent a lot of time stashing important loot away in various chests across the map.

    I guess I don't really have a problem with this since it essentially just means that death by Pillager is just as dangerous as death by Lava or death by Void.

    I can't support a Warrior villager suggestion for the main reason I listed above (that villagers are pacifist mobs) but I think even putting that aside, I don't know that this is a great way to implement Warrior villagers. You also didn't really mention how powerful these warrior villagers would be against mobs and other players, which would be very important if I'm trying to determine how balanced the suggestion is.

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    posted a message on Minecraft suggestions for making it better for everyone who plays survival mode beyond peaceful difficulty.
    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    This suggestion may receive criticism too, I fully understand that nothing is immune to criticism

    I understand that you're new to the forum and you probably think that Mojang is reading this forum for ideas, but have you never read somebody else's suggestion before? The replies are all about criticizing and judging the idea.

    There have been numerous suggestions on what to do to make Minecraft survival mode more challenging without breaking the game or wasting too much of people's time and effort.

    But some of them in my view have been questionable at best, and awful at worst.

    To be honest I don't understand this since I play like an idiot and I tend to die a lot. But we'll go with the premise that survival Minecraft isn't difficult enough.

    What I would like to see happen is natural predators be the daytime hostile mobs, be it snakes, crocodiles, lions and grizzly bears.

    Meaning even day time wouldn't be safe, while these new hostile mobs wouldn't be as dangerous as Creepers or Endermen, they would force you to fight them off from time to time if your area wasn't secure.

    I'm not sure this would make the game more difficult, it would just mean the players have to fight more mobs than they usually need to. Even during the day, the player still has to defend his house from creepers and baby zombies.

    The way to prevent their spawn would be simple.

    Your location has to count as a village, and your territory has to have a fence of some kind to keep the predator mobs outside.

    I think this wrongly assumes that I, the player, want to turn my base into a village. There are many cases in which I would like to build a base that does not resemble a village at all, however. I may choose to build a giant underground bunker with a piston blast door, or I may choose to build a glass dome in the sky accessible via minecart elevators and elytra. There are plenty of occasions where my base is not going to consist of lots of doors so that it would qualify as a village.

    The fence idea sounds interesting if perhaps you meant to say enclosing an area with a fence would prevent these hostile mobs from spawning, but this requires that the game check the surrounding area for a large fence enclosure whenever it needs to spawn one of these mobs. And again, there are times when I don't really want to put a giant fence around my base.

    I think a better way to handle this would be that chunks the player spends long periods of time in will become "domestic" chunks. (And for the sake of keeping Villages safe, when a new Village is generated it will make nearby chunks "domestic") In these "domestic" chunks, hostile mobs whether they be daytime or nighttime mobs will spawn about half as frequently unless the light level is zero. That way you may be able to domesticate the surface, but underground caves will still be dangerous.

    [This] is a lot better than turning pillagers into thieves and vandals who smash apart player mansions and loot their chests for everything they earned legitimately and spent a lot of time collecting, when they previously never had to deal with such a threat in the current survival mode gameplay.

    If you want vandals, play on an anarchy or grief server.

    That's fair on the players who don't want these things in vanilla Minecraft, in my opinion.

    I don't necessarily know that anybody supports this. I think someone in the past suggested something similar and got a lot of flak for it, but I'm not entirely sure. However, the fact that someone else's suggestion is worse does not necessarily mean this suggestion is good.

    I like some of the ideas in this post, though in its current state I wouldn't support its implementation.
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    posted a message on verticals slabs

    I despise this idea put out by Mojang that vertical slabs would "inhibit natural creativity", while at the same time they add blocks in all 16 colors of dye... four times. (Both Hardened Clay and Concrete were added because the previous 16-color block wasn't satisfactory)

    Now, I won't pretend to not understand the argument that restricting what the player can do with his materials encourages creativity, and I agree with that. Building in Minecraft is more fun than 3D modeling in actual 3D modeling software, and part of that has to do with the fact that the player is placing down blocks in a first-person view, and that he needs to get creative when certain blocks can only exist in certain conditions, or when certain types of blocks are not available. (This is especially true of furniture)

    That being said, it's not like Mojang is drawing a clear line in the sand between what stuff they will add and what stuff they won't add, and why they draw the line there. For example, Mojang claims that they don't want to add furniture, but we already have multiple pieces of furniture within the game, including non-functional items like flower pots and paintings. You could say that some of these are necessary such as bookshelves which no amount of "natural creativity" can really replace given all of Minecraft's other blocks, but I would argue that there are plenty of chairs, stools, tables, beds, etc. which also cannot be satisfactorily represented by the blocks provided in the game. Unfortunately, Mojang has drawn an arbitrary line where chairs, tables, stools, etc. cannot be added, but flower pots, paintings, bookshelves, etc. can be.

    I would argue the same is true of vertical slabs. We already have horizontal slabs and stairs, it would logically follow that vertical slabs would be in the game. In addition, unlike chairs, stools, and tables, vertical slabs would be useful in tons of situations as opposed to the one or two that new furniture items would be useful for. Want to make rounder circles? Thinner walls? More detailed fake furniture? Want to add some extra detail to your wall? Perhaps you want to take your current house and build a sideways version?

    There are plenty of reasons to add vertical slabs, far more than furniture or more 16-color blocks. (Though concrete slabs and stairs would be nice)


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    posted a message on Why can't blast furnaces smelt sand?
    Quote from GDog_0»

    They added blast furnaces for ores only for a reason. They made the time faster, but lowered the experience. Regular blocks usually don't give much experience, so this would be an unbalanced suggestion. I don't really think there is a very good way to get around the unbalance of this.

    No support.

    What exactly is the balance problem here? That you'll earn less experience from smelting the same amount of sand, just in a faster period of time?

    The Minecraft Wiki seems to say nothing about blast furnaces having XP loss, but a quick Google search shows other users saying that the blast furnace gives only half of the XP while cooking twice as fast. This seems balanced enough, you're getting the same amount of XP/unit of time, vs XP/unit smelted. (Personally though I don't see why it'd be so bad if it still rewarded the same amount of XP, unless this is what you want?)

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