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    Quote from Calico»

    We really do NOT need any more food items in the game. And I really don't want Minecraft to end up as Atlas where I have to frequently deal with vitamins on top of hunger. This would be better off as a mod rather than in the base game.

    Quote from NobleNerd»

    As long as the nutrient subcategories aren't necessarily "required" (maybe just providing some small perks that boost various movements and the like), this is absolutely what the game needs. We need some kind of enhanced variety where food is concerned.

    While the idea of relaxing the requirements for the player to eat vitamins/proteins is nice, I still want the player to move away from Rotten Flesh. That being said since the goal of my suggestion is not to punish the player for forgetting to watch meters, but to reward them for making good long-term decisions, this might make sense. That also being said, I still like the idea of protein being connected to the player's health regen, and moving quality meat items to a later part of the game. It adds a little bit of progression that makes the food system a bit more memorable in my opinion.

    As for more food items, this suggestion is not just a collection of more food items. The idea is to make new food items in the future more useful so that adding more food items is no longer about adding pointless sprites.

    For seasons, I do like the idea, I just don't know how this could be applied to other places of the world. Having the whole world in winter doesn't sound that bad but could interfere and cause much lag. The world is infinite(or 30,000,000 blocks), i dont know how to realistically put seasons somewhere.

    The short answer is, you don't run world-changing functions on every single block in the ungenerated world. Instead, you change the textures that the renderer is supposed to use, so no blocks are actually changed.

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    Quote from Zeekeul»

    This really sounds overly complicated. And more of an addon mod then a good change to the base gameplay of minecraft.

    However there are so many people who feel differently about the food system in minecraft. Some don't even want to bother with food. And having to eat in game is a pain. Others like myself would like more of a challenge. I mean come on , eating 3 carrots in 2 minecraft days should not be enough.

    There's no good way to make eating food a challenge. You can't become skilled at a hunger system: all hunger systems are almost always going to be built on a timer, and you have to replenish that timer over time.

    What I'd rather have than a challenge is a reward system for exploring, farming and trying new foods. Rather than hunger being a weird micro-manage-y system that the player is racing against, the player is encouraged to make dietary decisions that will have long-term effects, kinda like real life.

    I think there should be two new options in the main menu of how much foods can refill you. And the other being how fast you hunger is depleted.

    It's difficult for me to understand what you're saying since I think you used a period where a comma is needed, but I think you want options in the main menu like difficulty options. I don't really like this. Infinite amounts of game customization is fun and all when you're a map-maker or when you want to make modpacks or something, but I don't like the idea that the player is not just given, but expected to use heavily difficulty-changing options in gameplay.

    ("But what about the Difficulty Setting?" you ask. While that's a good point, the difficulty setting still forces you to play the same game with the same rules. In addition, you can't pick and choose which pieces of difficulty you have to deal with. This setting would effectively allow you to take a HUGE part of gameplay, the hunger system, and make it insignificant.)

    This would be a good way to make the food system easier for some. And more challenging for others that want it.

    Actually, it wouldn't, you haven't changed anything. The current system is not a challenge, it's a timer that the player has to deal with using a minimal amount of preparation. Worse yet, a little bit of luck is enough to completely invalidate the hunger system. Spawning near a Village with plenty of farms will give you enough crops early-game that you will no longer have to worry about food as long as you replant the crops.

    A challenge isn't just something that requires speedrunning. It isn't about changing the values of a current system to make it harder. In fact, just because something is harder does not make it a challenge. A true challenge is neither a chore, nor is it an impossible task. A true challenge requires skill or it requires critical thinking and possibly innovation. If the player isn't beating a challenge through memorization or practice, the player needs to think through challenges like a puzzle.
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    posted a message on **MINECRAFT BEST LIGHT**
    INTRODUCTION: Hello everyone, my name is Tony. I'm currently 21 and live in California. I started playing Minecraft since I was 13, so it's been awhile. I love going snowboard every winter and go skates at my favorite skating place called Boomer in Fountain Valley. My major is computer science, basically writing codes, so I'm very excited about the upcoming Hytale game coming out. I love Minecraft but since Microsoft bought the company. Many things have changed, some are good, and some are bad. I recently created a Youtube account dedicated to making Minecraft Videos, but I'll also make more Hytale video when it is coming out. I have a channel called California Luminous on youtube mainly making Minecraft or Hytale video(maybe other games too). THANK YOU so much for reading my introduction. Now let's move on to the critical part.

    Right off the bat, I can tell:
      You've probably never read someone else's suggestion here before posting
      Despite likely writing multiple theses in order to get a Computer Science degree, at least for core classes like Composition, you've created a post that makes my eyes bleed. that contains completely bold text and full saturation Red and Blue-colored text.
      Despite likely writing multiple theses in order to get a Computer Science degree, at least for core classes like Composition, you've created a paragraph that's irrelevant to the subject material and distracts from the suggestion itself. It comes off as childish at best and extremely self-important at worst.
      You missed a comma in "I love Minecraft but since Microsoft bought the company, many things have changed..."

    In the comment section below. Please list your name? How old are you? What are you doing right now, ex: student, working, marriage, etc..? How long did you play Minecraft for and why did you get hook into Minecraft? What's the best game mode that you like to play, ex: skyblock, factions, creative, survival, etc.. If for any questions that you don't want to answer, that is okay.

    On top of what I gave for your introduction, these are weird questions to ask on a forum that you know can contain people between the ages of 13 and 18 if you've at least read the terms of service for a Twitch account. It also starts an irrelevant, offtopic conversation that distracts from the critique of the suggestion. If you want to poll people's age and favorite gameplay type, we have an Off Topic forum for that kind of thing.

    Minecraft is an entertaining game for us. It has been part of our childhood and daily life. It started in 2011 and now is officially eight years later and the game is still hugely competitive. However, in recent year, the Minecraft community been "attacked" by the Fornite, PUBG, Apex Legend community constantly update and Minecraft couldn't keep it update on par with other games. Sure, the game is trying is best but still not enough. Maybe they ran out of ideas, or the new "company" couldn't refresh their thought. One of the problems that I see in Minecraft is that the game doesn't have enough light block or item to keep the player interest or new ideas coming out.

    First of all, this is yet another paragraph that doesn't need to exist in a very simple suggestion.
    Second of all, Minecraft has survived a lot of games that would replace it. People said Terraria would replace Minecraft, and it didn't.
    Third of all, the games listed don't even have the same appeal as Minecraft. Minecraft appeals to people because it functions like digital legos: when you can create almost an infinite amount of art given a set of rules to work with or work around, a game can be fun for almost forever. Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends are all First Person Shooter games AFAIK and appeal to people who want a casual 30 minute to two-hour gaming session, and at the end of the day what you do in those games has little effect on the next game you play besides a little bit of ranking or gaining an achievement.
    Fourth, you haven't given me a solid argument why light blocks will put Minecraft back into the spotlight that Fortnite and PUBG have.

    As you can see in the picture below, there are very limited option for lighting.

    You forgot regular torches in your screenshot

    But even though there is a not a lot of light block, there are many different designs of creating light like this.


    Why do I need 6 pictures of creative lighting strategies when one would have sufficed? You already said that we have limited light sources, I already knew that was the case. I also play this game.

    Now imagine if there are many more light block, item. The ideas will be endless. Some of the light item I was thinking like Neon light, LED light, Christmas light, Tree that light up. Light block with different color. You may can argue that you can do this with glass color on top of beacon like the picture below.

    Was a picture really needed here?

    I actually finish making a really good beacon light machine that generate different color light. I still in the progress of finish the video. It'll be on my channel California Luminous soon. I'm very excited.
    But it doesn't make us more excited than actually have an actual block color for lightning right? Like this one below

    1 Light Block

    Now that we've finally reached the actual content you are suggesting instead of this weird irrelevant crap about PUBG and my marital status, let me give you some of the details I do want to see in a suggestion:

    1. How do I craft this Light Block?
    2. What light level does it give off?
    3. Would it be a full block or would it take up a smaller volume than that?
    4. Would it come in all dyeable colors?

    This specific light I would kinda support given what little detail I have, but I do feel like this specific block isn't much more useful than Sea Lanterns are.

    2 Christmas Light

    For the sake of using them in anything unrelated to holidays, I'd prefer if they'd be called strip lights if they were added, and I think it'd be cool if they worked something like a lead, but strung between two blocks. That being said, I think these are a bit too modern for Minecraft.

    3 Neon Light

    This is way too modern for Minecraft and I think you'd be hard pressed to find a way to justify it. Not only that, but Neon Lights only fit a few very specific builds. On top of that, you haven't actually stated what Neon Lights would look like. Would they show text? Would the text be customizable by players?

    4 LED light

    LED lights, especially Blue and White LED lights, are just obvious electric lights.

    I think you misunderstand how a suggestion is supposed to work: you are suggesting a concept that Mojang could derive a block from. We, on the other hand, are looking for blocks with certain behavior and design.

    5 Tree Light

    Of all the suggested light blocks, this is probably the most specific and therefore the worst. Would you put tree lights in a factory? A castle? A spaceship?

    This is what I think that Minecraft could improve on the game. In the comment section below, I want to hear you guys thought about this topic. It could be anything, if you like it, dislike it, any thought in mind, just commented below. Also, if you like this threat, make sure to give this a like, thump up, happy face :D because I spent a lot of times making this threat and hope can see some activities in the comment below. I have a youtube channel call California Luminous on youtube dedicated to making Minecraft video tutorial so be sure to come and check it out. Give me a chance to prove my self.

    I'm really confused... Are you making a forum thread or a threat to Mojang? Should I be calling the police right now or thumbing up your post? (It's not even a thumb button... It's an upvote button)

    - California Luminous


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    Quote from AMPPL50»


    Some context for people who aren't on the Community Revamp discord or r/minecraftsuggestions: the suggestion theme of the month on r/minecraftsuggestions is Ores. Me and AMPPL50 were discussing the idea of aluminum for a while, before AMPPL50 suggested Lead instead of the common Copper or Tin ore suggestions

    Because of this, I'm going to skip over the intro.

    Obtaining lead:

    There's 4 sources of lead:

    Lead Ore: Lead Ore spawns in the Overworld. It somewhat resembles Galena. Lead ore requires at least a stone pickaxe to mine, making it similar to iron ore in this regard. In the Overworld, lead ore spawns below Y=32, often, but not always,directly adjacent to Gold veins. Typically, it spawns in veins of 6-12, and is more common than gold, but less than iron. It can also spawn in the Surface layer of Extreme Hills, where it's almost as common as coal. Lead Ore has to be smelted into a Lead Ingot.

    Sounds good

    Recycling: Lead has the unique property that all lead items (Except for nuggets, ingots and blocks) can be placed in a Fireplace, melting them down into a corresponding number of lead nuggets. Inorganic materials (Such as Redstone, Iron, Cobblestone...) are recovered, and organic materials (Such as wood and leather) are lost.

    I like the idea of using the campfire for smelting with multiple outputs.

    It can be found while fishing, with lead nuggets appearing as "Junk", while Lead ingots appear as "Treasure", as a nod to lead's usage as ballast and fishing net sinkers.

    Seems interesting, it's also a nice renewable source for Skyblock.

    Found in Shipwreck and dungeon chests.



    Ammunition: It is used to craft two different types of ammo. The first is a thrown weapon: The Lead Dart (Note that gold items will stand in for lead items whenever possible):

    Lead Darts are a rather interesting weapon, in that they're the only serious thrown weapon in the game, barring potions. Unlike bows and crossbows, charging them before launching them doesn't slow the player down, making them the most mobile ranged weapon. However, they pay for that in their inability to be enchanted, and in a low stack size of just 16. They deal a similar amount of damage as arrows fired from a Power I Bow.

    Seems like an interesting idea, although I don't think they should deal so much damage. Full charge on a Power I bow can deal a scary 7.5 hearts of damage, and combined with the ability to charge in and retreat so quickly, it seems like you could easily wipe out enemies using darts without much effort at all. I think they should have lower damage in addition to the other nerfs.

    Lead Darts are fired at a rate of one every 15 ticks, have to be fully charged before throwing them, and switching to a Lead Dart stack doesn't allow throwing darts for 10 seconds after switching, which means that the average DPS in the process of firing a full stack of darts, switching to another stack, and being able to launch them is just 10,18

    Okay never mind, I didn't read this... 10 seconds is waaay too long to wait to throw some darts. If I was trying to sneakily get someone maybe I'd have time to throw these, but in any other situation this is far too long. The DPS is still pretty high though. 14 damage per 0.75 seconds may not be as much DPS as a sword, but you have the ability to walk away from your opponent semi-fast in that 0.75 seconds.

    Lead Darts are also obtainable by killing Wither Skeletons, which now always spawn with 3-5 of them in their off-hand, making them both the only mobs wiht limited ammo in the game and the only mobs with both melee and ranged attacks apart from Blazes. Their darts are only dropped if they're killed before depleting their darts.

    Considering Withers give you Wither with every attack, this seems a bit overpowered.

    Another way to fill your enemies in lead is with a Sling:

    (Yay rabbits are now useful!)
    Slings are the exact opposite of crossbows: They are cheap, but their ammo is expensive. They're also the least mobile ranged weapon, and they hurt. A lot.

    They have 2 types of ammo: Splash/Lingering Potions, and Lead Bullets:

    (This means that a single ingot only provides 2+1/9 bullets)
    Slings are used by right-clicking, which causes the sling to swing, using a 2D animation that spins progressively faster (It takes 5 seconds to reach full speed) at the off-hand's side. Releasing the RMB launches the projectile tangentially. This makes slings easily the most difficult ranged weapon to master. Walking or sprinting while swinging the sling isn't possible.

    Seems interesting, because the skill required actually offsets the damage. I like this better than the dart.

    Lead Bullets tend to partly ignore armor (Up to 8%) and typically deal a lot of damage, particularly if they were shot from a sling swinging at full speed (At maximum velocity, they deal 20 damage, letting them 1-hit kill most common mobs). They have a chance to be dropped back as an item after hitting something, and always drop upon hitting entities. It's worth noting that NBT tags are saved and kept when the bullets drop back as items, letting the user use an anvil to put adequate text in their bullets.

    On one hand I think 1-hit killing a player seems a bit overpowered, on the other hand a smart player might find ways to avoid the sling as opposed to a mob.

    Both slings and their bullets can now be sold by Fletchers as tier 3 trades.

    Seems appropriate, I'd be interested in what they cost in terms of emeralds, though.

    Sling Enchantments:

    Power (I-V): Increases damage by Wx50%, with W being the enchantment level. This means that a Power V Sling can 1-hit kill an Iron Golem.

    I think you mean (1.5^W) * (damage from momentum) hearts? That's pretty insane...

    At full swing...

    • Power 1 gives 30 damage
    • Power 2 gives 45 damage
    • Power 3 gives 67.5 damage
    • Power 4 gives 101.25 damage (already enough to one-shot that Iron Golem, 50% of the Ender Dragon's health)
    • Power 5 gives 151.875 damage (75% of the Ender Dragon's health, 50% of the Wither's health, enough to bring it to it's shield level instantly.)

    This seems pretty overpowered, to the point that I assume this isn't what you meant. Granted, it's pretty hard to hit either of these targets with the sling, but if you could, you'd be able to take down the bosses way too easily using this. Plus, the Iron Golems mentioned aren't as hard to hit.

    Besides that, I think it'd make more sense to change the name to "Momentum", considering this version of Power doesn't actually work the same as the bow's version of Power.

    Bounce (I-III): Allows lead bullets to bounce on blocks and entities after impact. This can allow they to bounce into places other ranged weapons would be unable to reach, and to hit several mobs at once.

    Seems interesting, but I feel like the damage should be heavily reduced for each bounce if it isn't nerfed from its current value.

    Void Bullet (I): Causes projectiles thrown by Slings to not be affected by gravity until they completely lose their velocity, at which point they fall.

    Interesting, but this could throw off your ability to shoot if you got this enchantment on accident. I think it'd be best if this was a treasure enchantment.

    Shatter (I): Transfers any overkill damage dealt on a lead bullet's recipient to any entities within a 4-block radius, excepting passive and tamed mobs. This precludes lead bullets dropping as items.

    This seems incredibly overpowered especially with that Power enchantment...

    Armor Piercing (I-III): Ignores 20% Armor per level. At level III, lead bullets ignore 68% armor. Not compatible with Power.

    I'm glad the two aren't compatible.

    Pipes have 3 components: The pipe itself, pumps and valves. Respectively, their crafting recipes are:

    Their obvious use is to move liquids (Both from place to place and manipulate them. Pipes are similar to Wood blocks in terms of placement, except that their ends can be modified if a pipe is placed perpendicularly and facing them. Right-clicking points at which pipe blocks meet, or would meet, cause them to connect and disconnect.

    I'm not sure what you meant by Wood Blocks, but I understand what you meant by how they are placed.

    If the input pipe block meets a paralell fluid flow, the fluid will be moved through the pipe at twice it's normal flow speed, coming out of the other end of the pipe. If there's multiple ends, it will distribute the flowing blocks among them (Example: A lava source block connected to 3 pipe ends will produce 3 Flowing Lava blocks, all of which will act as if they were 2 blocks away from their source block), with the "equivalent distance" being X/Y, with X being the distance the flowing fluid block would be from it's source at the input pipe's position, and Y being the number of output pipes. Flow strength isn't lost in pipes. Fluids cannot move vertically upwards, and will prefer to flow vertically downwards over flowing horizontally.

    Seems good.

    Redstone Comparators can detect fluids in pipes, with the amount of fluid directing the strength of the signal, with source blocks being the strongest (15) and the furthest possible flowing liquid block being the weakest(1), and every other flowing block strength being at roughly even intervals within those values.

    I dunno where I'd find this useful, but it's good to have consistency.

    Pumps allow the movement of fluid source blocks through pipes. They have two sides: An Input side, and an opposite Output side. They also allow fluids to move upwards, which is stopped if the pipe meets a horizontal pipe block.


    When activated by Redstone, any continuous source blocks (That is, directly touching the pipe, or connected only by liquid source blocks to the input pipes) within a cylinder of a 16-block radius at or above the Y-coordinate of any open pipes in the Input Side will gradually replace air blocks directly touching the output pipe within a 16-block radius cylinder BELOW or at the Y-coordinate of the corresponding output pipes.
    While the input and output are draining, flowing liquid blocks aren't allowed to spawn within the cylinders (In no small part so draining water bodies is actually possible). If there's either several inputs or several outputs, all ends will work at the same time, but at reduced speed each, and source blocks will respectively be removed and added to the highest and lowest points of the cylinder first.

    I don't think the idea of activating it with redstone is very intuitive. I feel like it'd be hard to figure out on your own that powering a pipe would do something useful.

    Valves are basically pipes that can be toggled on and off, allowing for control of fluid flow within the pipes. If they're placed between 4 perpendicular pipe blocks, then they'll be both open and closed to the perpendicular flows so they'd be open to one direction and closed in the other.

    Seems okay. Can they be toggled with redstone though?

    Redstone seathing:

    This is a pretty straightforward one. Right-clicking a Pipe with Redstone Dust turns it into a "Sheathed Redstone Wire", or SRW for short.
    SRWs use a 3D model with points in the sides showing it's Redstone charge. Unlike Redstone Wire, they can be waterlogged and contact fluids without any trouble, making them basically waterproof Redstone Wire. Another trait they have is that they can be limitlessly placed vertically, thus avoiding the unsightly redstone staircases (Apart from platforms for repeaters) and saving horizontal space. They have to directly face Redstone mechanisms in order to interact with them. Their main catch is that they can only directly interact with other Redstone items if they're directly facing them similarly to Repeaters.

    I like the idea of not having to make unsightly redstone staircases ever again as well as the ability to place wire that can't be destroyed by water.

    Potion Ingredient:

    Lead also acts as a potion ingredient, but, unlike most potion ingredients, it acts both as a modifier and an effect ingredient:

    • Effect Ingredient: If brewed into a Thick Potion (Making them the first potion to do so), Lead Nuggets will produce a Potion of Inversion.
    • Potions of Inversion will invert the effects of other status effects that are applied on an entity affected by Inversion. For instance, Poison I is turned into Healing I. Any effects that used to not have an opposing effect (Such as Fire Resistance and Water Breathing) will now gain inverse effects, which are also available by using Fermented Spider Eyes to corrupt their respective potions.
      Any effects that were previously applied BEFORE applying Inversion WILL BE modified (So be careful to use them, lest you turn an Enchanted Golden Apple into something worse than a Pufferfish). It's worth noting that Enchanted Golden Apples are specifically provided a new potion effect that shields their other effects from this effect (After all, wasting your Enchanted Golden Apple in SMP thanks to a common ore would probably produce a continent's worth of salt). Another notable exception is Bad Omen, which isn't reversed.

    Seems like an incredibly useful effect as well as a pretty overpowered one. I think there should be some ways to counter this. For example, regular golden apples might be able to shield from this effect as well, or in splash potion form, the potion only inverts one effect at a time.

    • Base Ingredient: Lead Nuggets will, if added to a potion that already has effects, enhace them by adding a secondary Potion Effect that complements the original potion effect's. For instance, Potions of Slow Fall will also gain a Levitation effect, and Water Breathing also gains Night Vision. It's worth noting that, in most, the duration of the original effect is now split between both, with exceptions such as Slow Falling, in which the initial effect doesn't lose duration, but the secondary effect still has 50% of the original's duration.

    Seems interesting, though I'm confused why this happens if you add lead into something you drink. I think a better idea would be if the strength and length of the original effect was extended, but a negative complimentary effect was added to the potion with 25% of the duration of the normal potion. This would be more fitting because lead is poisonous.

    Status effects and their inverses. Bold names indicate non-extant effects that are detailed below the list:



    Haste-Mining Fatigue.

    Instant Health-Instant Damage.




    Night Vision-Blindness.

    Slow Fall-Levitation.

    Health Boost-Wither.

    Luck-Bad Luck.

    Jump Boost-Jump Impairment.


    Fire Resistance-Fire Vulnerability.

    Water Breathing-Water Suffocation.


    Conduit Power-Conduit Depower.

    Dolphin's Grace-Dolphin's Discrace.

    Jump Impairment: Lowers jumping height and ability to climb stairs and other half-blocks.
    Vulnerability: Increases damage taken.
    Fire Vulnerability: Increases damage taken from fire, lava... Causes fireproof mobs to become vulnerable to fire and lava, causes Blazes to deal 4 damage every 10 ticks due to being apparently made of fire (Or something similar), so becoming vulnerable to fire kills them due to the oxymoronic circumstance of being damaged by what they're made of.
    Water Suffocation: Causes the breath meter to deplete faster. Causes aquatic mobs to drown in water.
    Drainage: Seals hearts from the life bar, effectively lowering maximum health for the duration of the effect. If all hearts are sealed, the affected entity will die upon taking damage.
    Conduit Depower: Decreases underwater mining speed and visibility. Empties the breath meter.
    Dolphin's Discrace: Lowers swimming speed.

    Some of these could use better names considering Depower isn't a word, but I see some potential in these effects.

    Lead Blocks:

    Lead Blocks are mostly normal ore blocks, crafted from 9 Lead Ingots in a reversible recipe like all metal blocks. They DO have 3 important effects:

    • Blastproof block: Lead Blocks have a blast resistance of 80, which makes them impervious to TNT, Creepers, and weaker explosins (But not to Charged Creepers), making them an alternative to Obsidian in the construction of structures that have to be TNT-proof, such as TNT Cannons in the Nether. More interestingly, they're still able to be moved by pistons and slime blocks.
    • Sound barrier: Lead blocks prevent sound from propagating through them. This makes them very useful when hiding the sound of pistons, livestock...

    Those are 2 different effects... but ok. I like the idea of having a blast-proof block that is movable, although I think the way sound is currently done would have to be rewritten in order to implement the second one.

    Mostly Support

    I'd probably add a comment here but it's late and my eyes hurt

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    posted a message on Least Fav Tree type (Birch = Worst)

    From a tree perspective, I don't like how Birch and Oak are just the same, but Birch is occasionally larger. If I designed the trees, they'd look something like this:

    I made this in Minetest because I made this before this suggestion and I didn

    Birch should split into two or three branches near the base, while Oak should just have larger trees and not use the current, boring model.

    As for the blocks themselves, I think Birch logs aren't that useful for construction even if Birch Wood is. The black specs just look kinda odd on the white texture, so it suffers from the same problem diorite has.

    Jungle Wood has a strange off-red color that I find hard to integrate into builds, even as a "rotten wood" kind of block. Acacia Wood has this problem too, although it seems like if you have enough blocks of a similar palette you could use the wood there. Dark Oak is useful in dark builds, but it's way too dark. At a certain point if a texture is dark enough, it just looks like a glitchy lighting error.

    Doorwise, I think Acacia and Jungle are again the least useful doors to match their wood types. This is kind of a shame because it means that not even in a situation where you can find a spot where Acacia or Jungle wood could be used, their door types are less useful in those situations.

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    posted a message on New death animations: Dying is fun after all.
    Quote from AMPPL50»

    The "Burnt to ashes" effect is a bit violent, but then again, it's hardly unique.

    My only concern is a body cracking into pieces seems a bit horrifying, though bouncing particles is a bit less so.

    Ragdolls would need to last too long a time in order to be worth adding, and the intention is for the death anims to be as fast as the default.

    True, I just think they'd be somewhat fun to mess around with. (See also: G-Mod)

    As for the bone model, what about making the dying entity flicker between black and white color quickly?

    Although not as entertaining as actual bones, considering death by lightning is so rare, I think this could work.

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    posted a message on New death animations: Dying is fun after all.
    Quote from AMPPL50»
    Generally, dying in Minecraft has the typical "Fall over to the side" animation. While this works quite well in cases such as dying due to mobs, shorter falls, or starvation. However, it just looks off when it's things such as falling into the Void or an explosion that does this. Plus, it's always a bit less frustrating to die if the animation is unique.

    While some might see the falling over and turning red as a part of Vanilla Minecraft, I don't object to this.

    New death animations:


    Caused by: Anvil or similar falling on entity.
    Description: The model is squashed flat and reddened, then puffs in smoke.

    Sounds good.


    Caused by: Falling into the Void. Effect: Causes the model to quickly fade away.

    Sounds good, although this might be better combined with Disintegration since it'd be difficult to see this effect unless you're in third person.


    Caused by: Wither and Harming potion effects, /kill command. Not feeling so good.
    Effect: Causes the affected entity's model to quickly disintegrate into dust that flies into the "wind".

    Burnt to ashes:
    Caused by: Lava, fire.
    Effect: Turns the affected entity's model black, and then quickly breaks up into ash.

    This is where it gets a bit violent. It might be better if the player model disappeared and instead a bunch of ash and spark particles appeared and bounced around the nearby area.

    Blown to pieces:

    Caused by: Explosions.
    Effect: Causes all of the affected entity's body parts to detach and be violently blown away in the blast.

    While separating the body parts seems a bit violent, I would kinda like to see the blast create a new entity, "exploded_player", which would use ragdoll physics to create a slightly hilarious scene when players are exploded.


    Caused by: Lightning strikes.
    Animation: Causes the affected model to be black and causes bones to be seen in the model. Then proceeds to normal death animation.

    I like this, but it does mean that we need a bone model for everything.


    Effect: Causes the affected entity to be splatted flat into the ground. Caused by: Fall damage (Has to take at least 125% of the affected entity's health to trigger).



    Caused by: Suffocation, drowning. Effect: Causes the model to stay in place before disappearing.

    Seems like the least violent way to handle it. You could use another ragdoll or something, but I suppose this works.

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    posted a message on Lets rebuild Minecraft - 2.0
    Quote from Leed»

    Note: I typed all of this because i care. Try and have constructive criticism and open thoughts. Read through it all.

    That's what this forum is for, although I'm glad for someone posting one of their first few posts on this forum you actually care!

    Minecraft is coming up on 10 years of being released to the public and yet it is still popular. The game is constantly updated and allows people to build their own world as they please. It has kept a nostalgic feel and has the perfect amount of challenge to allow people to not get bored.

    I've noticed.

    Minecraft is also the work of hundreds of developers and is a multi-billion dollar game. Despite this, different versions like bedrock and Java have grown far apart and the game code has become vastly more complicated. Changing any features to the game is a lot of work because so much stuff can break requiring lots of time and snapshots to fix. Many update ideas are never done under the 'just to complicated to implement' ideology. Many bugs go unfixed, are abused, and Mojang is unable to please the community since it is just too much work. It would be near impossible to update any major core features.

    That's a good point, it seems like Mojang spends a lot of updates, 1.8, 1.13, etc. trying to overhaul systems designed by Notch or early Mojang back when the game was indie. Overhauling the game engine from scratch has been done before though, that's what Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is.

    Although, creating a new version also allows us to overhaul certain game mechanics that have become convoluted over time, which are filled with exceptions and inconsistencies.

    Seriously, look at the official minecraft feedback page. Most announced features are are minor and are not ground breaking in any way like bushes and trees. This game won't last a couple more years at this rate. Hate to break it to you, but 99.9% of the features you suggest will never make it in since the core game code itself is out of date.

    I'm not sure what the point of this paragraph is, I don't think it needs to be here.

    Minecraft is falling behind when it comes to breath taking views or detail. Games like Life is Strange 2 have incredibly realistic ganeplay using the most high end game engines, and Minecraft looks like a free mobile app compared to it.

    To be fair, I kinda like that Minecraft looks like an old PS1 game. Minecraft's 16x16 pixel textures and simple graphics work well with the equally simplistic blocky terrain. That being said, it's not like there aren't improvements that could be made here or there. Lighting up the faces of blocks based on the time of day might be a nice idea, and colored light would be pretty cool.

    Over the 10 years many different advancements in technology has been brought fourth. The average computer is so much more powerful and programmers can write even more powerful programs that are not as compact but rather easier to read. People have made computers in Minecraft, cities, 1:1 replicas of parts of the world and more!


    Here is where i come in. I suggest that Mojang takes a couple years to rebuild minecraft and completely deck it out. We can update and expand the core features of the game to unimaginable heights.

    I see what you did there (because you mention cubic chunks in the next section) although I'm split on the idea of halting all development on Minecraft for a couple years. Although the modding community might thrive, I think most people are pretty happy getting a consistent stream of new content from Mojang. Losing this stream seems a little bit sad.

    The code itself could be much more powerful, efficient and expandable. Newer versions of the language could also be used.

    All platforms would be the same under going all the same updates. Of course small stuff would need to change, but the game would very much the same.

    Sounds cool

    For some actual gameplay suggestions i would bring fourth:

    • The build limit would be infinite in all directions. Bedrock would at -1,000,000 on the y axis. You still would have the 64 bit limit though. Maybe we could shave off a couple million blocks on the edges and put that towards the height limit.

    I like the idea of letting people build higher buildings and digging deeper into the Earth (Underground biomes mayb?) but I feel like a height limit higher than a few thousand blocks is unnecessary. There's no way to build to that height within a reasonable time, and there's no gain for building up there.

    • Revamp the world generation. Hyper realistic and detailed terrains with maybe functioning ecosystems. World generation would be a entire continent of millions of blocks (Not at once, but with a seed). Detailed custom trees, villages, mountains, caves, etc. Look at the first picture below.

    "Functioning Ecosystems" sounds pretty laggy and not really worth the effort for something you probably won't notice most of the time. The appearance of a functioning ecosystem might be nice though. E.G. While a player is in a certain biome, the number of prey and predator animals are kept in check, and predator animals will kill off an animal if there are too many prey animals, or the game will spawn/breed more prey automatically if it knows there are too few prey animals in a biome.

    • Look at these minecraft suggestions and implement them in the core game itself. Let's build this as a community

    This is a pretty vague thing to say, and I don't like this idea. A lot of ideas in Minecraft Suggestions are stupid, unrefined and Mojang shouldn't hire staff to read this forum. The Feedback panel is enough.

    People do not like change, and i understand. I know this will cost money, but look at the profit Minecraft has already made. Just imagine if we could make another minecraft that is even more popular. Keep in mind it is owned by microsoft, their is the money.

    This is a weird statement... Yeah, Microsoft has "the money", the question is whether or not this grand plan will give them more money. That's how profit works.

    You may think it is not worth the time because of all these new games like fortnite. In reality, those games are tiny in comparison the fan base that MC has. They die off quickly and are replaced again my MC.

    Okay, this is unnecessary and has nothing to do with the suggestion. A discussion about how Minecraft outlasts other gaming trends should at least be shoved in a spoiler if not put in a different topic entirely.

    I know, people will say people's computes are not powerful enough to handle the new MC. I will be nick-picked for every small detail as unrealistic. Keep in mind, people will load and use less terrain if it is better. Breath-taking views will keep you where you are. Minecraft is falling behind when it comes to breath taking views or detail. Games like Life is Strange 2 have incredibly realistic ganeplay using the most high end game engines, and Minecraft looks like a free mobile app compared to it.

    You just copied a sentence from before...

    I used to be severely against making games that people's old computers can't run, but that was back when I was playing games on Dell Optiplex 755s from the early 2000s, and most people nowadays have one powerful computer as opposed to a lot of old computers like I do, if they don't also have a console for gaming.

    A top-tier gaming computer (Intel i5, NVIDIA 1060+ graphics card, etc.) costs about a thousand dollars to build by yourself, but a lower tier gaming computer can cost a few hundred bucks, and if you only need one computer for a family household it's probably worth the money. (Although I will admit, buying a console is cheaper most of the time.)

    Now, keep in mind this new version of MC would not be compatible with everyone. Your 5 year old dell laptop or WII will not be able to handle it, but everyone else should not suffer because of it. Keep in mind, i see a lot of people just watch other people play it, like Youtubers and never own it themselves. These Youtubers have powerful computers to handle newer and better games. Keep in mind, we can also run MC off of a $10 raspberry pi. We are well advanced enough as humans to have good computers.

    Okay, you have to at least play fair here with your facts. Minecraft can run off a raspberry pi after it's been stripped of half of its features.

    I only typed all of this because i care. I see potential. We went to the moon on a computer less powerful their your phone.

    Um... The computer on the Apollo was not meant to be used like the computer on the Enterprise. The reason the moon mission used a computer less powerful than a Commodore 64 is that it would be unnecessary to put that much weight on a rocket payload: a lot of the calculating was done on the ground by scientists.

    This is a random statement, and not really worth mentioning in a post about how to improve the graphics, not why we can.

    It is entirely possible to do this, and Mojang is the perfect company to do so as they do care about their community and give them a lot of free updates because of it. They value us, and lets give them a chance to rebuild themselves. Give them time.

    I'll leave you with some nice pictures of video game graphics and detail to show you what we can do.

    Related image

    This is Minecraft, look closely. It would be cool to have Terran generation like this.




    Just imagine waking up this this everyday. No reason to move!

    You didn't actually specify what visual features to add, you just gave us some screenshots and said: "Get to work!"

    Well, I'd like to say I mostly support this post but there's so little to support. There's very little here actually suggested and a lot implied or briefly mentioned between the lengthy poetic fluff sentences which really belong in the Discussions forum.

    Unless we actually need to be convinced of something because it's a bad commonly suggested idea, can you not automatically assume we need to be convinced that your idea is possible and can be done? It's annoying and unnecessary to read.
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    posted a message on Why can't Mojang give us a simple server creation system unlike all the super expensive/free restrictive server hosts out there
    Quote from enderslime_123»

    Also, they make millions via premium MC accounts.

    The fact that they have millions does not solve the problem. They do not earn that millions back by hosting servers. This is an incompetent business plan. In addition, we're talking about giving a server, which can cost hundreds of dollars to run over long periods of time, being paid for by a single payment of 27 dollars.

    If you want to suggest plugins on Realms, that would be a good idea, but if you ask for free server hosting from Mojang for every player, I will laugh at you. Hysterically.

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    posted a message on Stages

    Using DuhDerp's explanation of ages, I guess I can at least throw in my two cents about gating the game:

    Plz no.

    Story Time: I'm not a multiplayer kind of guy, but one time I thought I'd try a server with mods. The server was centralized around a modpack called Galactic Science, which used Hardcore Questing Mode to encourage the player to go through the modpack's story and progression. The bad thing about the server was that you were disallowed from trading things, and the only aspect of multiplayer left over was that people could group together to go through the progression together and possibly talk using the chat.

    What was the point of that ramble, you might ask?

    While an extreme example, I don't think Minecraft is a game that focusses on progression, especially in Multiplayer. The game has progression in Singleplayer, but it's incredibly quick. You can get iron in minutes and diamonds in at most a day of playtime. The core of Minecraft's progression is actually more about gathering a large number of blocks and items rather than high-quality items.

    Now, that being said, it isn't as though quality items do not exist. Totem Poles, Elytra and even nicely enchanted armor are rare items that the player can find, but even these items are consumable. (Except the Elytra, although that requires a constant source of fireworks to be useful.)

    It's also worth noting that even if you consider the dimensions in the game a form of progression as I do, there are very few items you need in high quantity in the Nether or End unless you need large amounts of Ender Pearls or Blaze Rods. The majority of progression items you need in quantity (Diamonds) are minable with a pickaxe you can get starting with nothing in only 30 minutes max.

    In a multiplayer scenario, the player can easily go from Stone to Diamonds with the help of his friends, and the progression really comes into play when Diamonds are scarce or when you are off on an adventure and your pickaxe has broken.

    Now, that being said, I do enjoy progression in the game when playing Singleplayer, and I frequently use mods to add more progression to the game, but I feel like my modded playtime and my vanilla playtime are very different. While playing modded I feel like I'm always busy trying to satisfy progression so I can get to some dimension and get the super-duper pickaxe. While playing vanilla I don't feel like I need to travel to the End, though I might do so in order to get a massive number of Ender Pearls or maybe get the Elytra. This is why I build lots of buildings in Vanilla, but rarely do I even feel like building a base in modded.

    TL;DR: Progression can be fun when playing with mods, but it significantly changes the game and it tends to fall apart with multiplayer gameplay.

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    posted a message on Gunpowder Weaponry

    I agree with you on adding guns, although I will say that 4 guns seem like a little bit much considering we only have 1 bow, soon to be 2. (Can you even really count a crossbow as a bow?)

    I also agree with you that any of this crap about video games causing gun violence is unwarranted and silly, considering Lego Star Wars has guns, albeit laser guns. Censoring weapons from kids isn't going to stop accidental gun deaths, teaching people how to treat weapons responsibly will. (I could get into an argument about how taking guns from people is just ignoring the root problem of the violence, but I don't want to start yet another political argument like the last one that happened with the climate change suggestion.)

    The two guns I like here are the Hand Cannon and the Blunderbuss, but I feel like going any further with that gets rid of the need to use a bow or a crossbow. I like the Blunderbuss because it shoots a spray of bullets, which means that it's great for crowd control. The Bow/Crossbow, on the other hand, can still be useful after getting a Blunderbuss to hit single targets.

    The Blunderbuss also seems useful when fighting the Ender Dragon or the Wither, which moves quickly and might be harder to hit, but shooting a spray of bullets means they might fly through three or four when you shoot the weapon.

    While you can shoot fireworks from a crossbow, I still like the idea of the hand cannon. Perhaps in addition to shooting cannon balls, the hand cannon could shoot magma charges like ghasts or blazes do, letting you set fire to an opposing castle from a distance. (While it's true this could be used to grief, remember that the hand cannon takes time to charge, and lightning has a similar effect. Also, for concerned server owners, protection plugins still exist.)

    Another idea for the hand cannon shooting splash potions further! The current range of a splash potion is way too small, and rarely can you use one without getting the effect yourself, unless you drop the potion from the air. Shooting it from a hand cannon would fix this issue, although the effect of potion arrows should probably be amplified to balance this.

    The enchantments seem useful too, like adding a larger area of effect to the hand cannon, although the pinpoint does lose it's purpose if flintlocks and black powders are removed...

    Lastly, the cannons and bullets should be firable from a dispenser for consistency's sake.

    The recipes of the items are crucial, though, and I'd put those in your post. For example, I'd make bullets require at least an iron nugget so that they're semi-expensive to use, and the accuracy of the bow is preferable when ammunition is limited.

    Mostly Support.

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    posted a message on Carpets on stairs
    Quote from erictom333»

    This would present a few problems. Would the carpet be a separate block, or would it be the same? Would the carpet go up staris or not? And have you even begun to understand how many new blockstates that would require? If the carpet was on the same block, there would be 31 (different types of stairs) * 17 (colours of carpet + 1) * 4 (direction) * 5 (curving) * 2 (up or down) = 21,080 different blocks.

    No Support

    This math isn't entirely correct. As in not correct at all. The direction, up/down and curving are actually implemented using Block States, which are not separate blocks to my knowledge. (You forgot waterlogged in your list) However, the 31 different types of stairs are different blocks entirely.

    31 variants of stairs is a lot to carpet. The easiest way to remedy this specific problem is to reduce the number of stairs requiring carpets to just wood or cobble. Let's use wood since carpeted stairs sound incredibly useful for furniture and not a lot of comfortable sitting furniture is made from stone.

    That means we're actually looking at 16 colors * 6 wood variants, or 96 new blocks. That's still a lot of creative inventory spam, but it's not undo-able. Better yet would be if you could right-click on stairs with a carpet rather than place these in the creative inventory.

    Still, that's a lot of blocks to exist. I agree that's a large amount of blocks, and I don't like large amounts of similar blocks either. Maybe a better way to do this would be to create 16 blocks with a block state that says what wood type it is?

    Looking at the Minecraft Wiki, there are quite a few blocks which would require more than 4 bits for all the variants. Chorus Plant, for example has 26 or 64 different variants, far more than the 16 that the original 4 bit system allowed. Stairs appear to use 80 different variants, which I find odd since I thought the inner/outer shape was just determined through rendering code and not saved in the world.

    So 17 (colors plus uncarpeted) * 6 wood types * 80 current stair variants = 8160 block states. That's a lot of block states, better yet is if we split the colors into 16 new blocks. Now it's 80 * 6 which is 480 different block variants created by block states. I have no idea if this is possible or not, since the documentation on block states is unclear.

    I do like this idea though, and I kinda hope Mojang finds a way to implement this. I would take 96 hidden blocks if it meant I could build with carpets on wooden stairs. Support.

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    posted a message on Sideways stairs
    Quote from fishg»

    Mojang has stated they regret adding these as the harm the block look. It’s a good thing this only effects the y coordinate.

    Sideways stairs will change the x and z variables, further muddling the look imho.

    I'm normally very pro-Mojang with my opinions, but you know what? Screw Mojang's opinion in this case. Sometimes you can't represent certain things on a scale that a human would immersively interact with using only cubic meter sized cubes. This is why bookshelves, beds and stairs and slabs exist. I don't mind if they go the full mini-block route, in fact, I think would be happy to see them go that route.

    Without these smaller details, it's almost impossible to build structures that a player can interact with on the scale of a player. These smaller blocks allow us to make houses that don't look like they're for giants, and I don't mind having more of these blocks especially when building vehicles or other structures.

    We don't need every mini-block combination in the game possible, but I don't agree with Mojang's reason for not adding sideways slabs or sideways stairs or whatever you call two mini-blocks placed next to each other. (Rods? Columns? I dunno.)


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    posted a message on [poll] What render distance do you play at?


    Not the right forum for support, but have you tried the simple answer of updating your video card drivers? I was using Ubuntu's default open-source NVIDIA driver up until I realized it made Minecraft run at 20 FPS. Using the proprietary drivers made the thing smooth as butter.

    OT: I feel like updating that despite the fact that I got a new computer, I find myself still running the game at low render distances for some reason. I've lived with old computers for so long that I feel like I have to make sure not to push the video card too hard. That being said, I'll play at render distances of 6 instead of 4 now unless the game is modded and I'm low on RAM. (I have yet to stick another 8GB stick of RAM in my computer because I'm lazy and I'm trying to save money for real life things)

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    posted a message on Berry-Bush Additions

    Poisonous Berries: I don't really like the idea of yet another useless poisonous food item. While it makes more sense for berries in the wilderness to be poisonous than potatoes, I don't really think there's a point in making another one of these.


    Suppose that instead, from new, black-purple berry bushes you receive "Suspicious Berries". Suspicious Berries have a 20% chance of poisoning you, using the poison effect and 5 seconds of nausea. Why eat them then? Because while adventuring in the wild or during the early game, you may not be able to find food to sustain yourself. If you get one of these Suspicious Berries and you're dying of hunger after a tough mob battle, you might test your luck with one of these.

    Now, even this kind of Berry Bush is only useful to players who prepare badly and do so in a location with a convenient berry bush nearby, but at least it's better than another 100% poisonous item.

    Nausea Potion: See, this would only really be useful in Multiplayer though. There's no reason to intentionally give the player Nausea and there's no reason to hit mobs with it since Nausea doesn't affect mob AI. I would much rather see a Blindness potion than a Nausea potion.

    Different Colors of Berries: I don't mind this. Some people don't like new foods because they really are just different sprites to be shoved in our face in the end, but I personally don't mind different food sprites.

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