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    Before I get into this suggestion, let me get into your rebuttals, which I think are empty and occasionally shameful responses worthy of a five-year old child.

    Right away, I don't think you understand how a rebuttal works. Aaron here has implied that you are making the game more tedious. Now the burden of proof is on you to give reasons why this would not be the case.

    Telling someone not to play the game just because they don't want to play it your way is not an argument. Besides that, I can use the exact same argument on you: if the game isn't hard enough for you, perhaps it's time to find a new game that is. If you expect Mojang to implement your suggestion, it has to appeal to their current audience. TL;DR: learn to share.

    This is not a rebuttal. This reviewer (I think this one is Axel?) has given an example of how your suggestion has the effect of making stronger players far stronger and weaker players far weaker, making it impossible to recover from a mistake. You are also expecting that a newer player find a creative way to beat a "diamond gear opponent", despite the fact that they know little about the game mechanics and have yet to learn them.

    In your defense, keepInventory should not be true by default and the player does need to be punished for doing the wrong thing in order to encourage them to become better at the game. That still does not justify name-calling. If you want us to take you seriously, you are the one who needs to be able to compromise with the "casuals."

    Now that I've essentially proven that a review of your suggestion would be as useful as screaming at a brick wall, I'll proceed to give your suggestion a chance. In addition, just because you seem to like it when insults are thrown around, I'm going to, albeit constructively, insult your grammar by pointing out the mistakes in every single badly constructed sentence you've haphazardly thrown into this post. Hooray for insults!

    This suggestion will make Minecraft a much more challenging game.

    This isn't a good sentence. The next one is a much better introduction, but this sentence is stating your personal opinion of your own suggestion.

    I was inspired by this suggestion when I saw that people would actually kill themselves near their spawn so that they could regain hunger back, etc.

    This is a good point and I agree that death in the early-game is misused in this way too often. That being said, this problem isn't helped by the fact that the only way to get food this early in the game without losing too much hunger is to create a farm as soon as you spawn into the world. Not only that, but new players are going to die a lot anyway. That's part of the learning curve of the game.

    In addition, consider the fact that multiple deaths happen for very unfair reasons: lag, bad mod mechanics, I wouldn't even call Creepers "fair".

    The problem I see is that death should be taken as a serious tragedy so I recommend when a Player dies, their maximum health is reduced by two hearts. The least a Player's health can be is 3 health.

    Two hearts is far too quick to lose health. This means that only five deaths are required to be taken down to that minimum 1.5 hearts. Consider the fact that Skeletons can do 1-4 attack damage. This means that a player on minimum health can be one-shotted by a stealthy skeleton multiple times before the night ends. A spider and a zombie would both be able to take down this player in only one hit.

    In essence: what you are suggesting is punishing the player for not having eyes on the back of their head. I can see why people would've wanted either this or item drop, but not both: because the only way to make this somewhat fair is if you can spawn with armor on your back.

    However, if you could go back to your death spot and go nearby a spirit that wanders around your death spot. You can get one max heart back (therefore you'll only lose one heart instead of two). I choose the Spirit being an entity because if you died in a lava, you'll still be able to retrieve one heart back.

    This isn't much better, now we're talking about 9 deaths instead of 5, and that's only under the circumstance that you manage to get back to the spot you died. Also, what's with the writing here? "I choose the Spirit being an entity?"

    Let me fix this:

    If you manage to return to your death spot, you will find a new entity: the Spirit. The Spirit acts somewhat like a dropped item, however when you collect it, you will regain one of your two lost hearts.

    Much better, still unbalanced as crap.

    The interesting part is the fact that other Players can actually steal your heart by hitting the Player's spirit. This makes it possible for the other Player to have extra hearts for up to 5 hearts which will be colored blue instead of the usual red or yellow (to distinguish from absorption), this extra stolen heart will be called Soul Heart. However, if a player with a Soul Heart dies: instead of losing two Soul Hearts, it loses all the soul hearts.

    I like and don't like this. I don't like this because, as I've stated before, this creates a feedback loop where it becomes impossible for a weak player to recover and impossible for a strong player to die. I like the idea of being able to gain health though, because I think it would make slow-to-drink health potions far more useful.

    I don't think that losing all of the soul hearts is enough to balance this idea. A strong player is already strong enough to protect his regular health, giving him extra hearts is just going to make him invincible.

    There are other ways to retrieve your max health if you're very desperate. Sacrificing animals to a Wither will have the animal to have a chance to drop "Sacrificed Heart" which if used can retrieve one heart back. (That whole previous sentence needs to be rewritten) This item, however, could only be used up until you have the default max health. Going over 10 HP doesn't do anything.

    So in conclusion, if I die 9 times and I'm stuck at 1.5 HP, the only way for me to regain that health is to battle a bunch of Wither Skeletons, while at 1.5 health, mind you, then to collect a bunch of animals from all around the world, then to build a Wither and hope and pray that he kills my passive animals before he kills me. All of this to recover from accidentally falling off a cliff when I wasn't looking or being shot by a stealth skeleton.

    No Support.

    The sad thing is, I like the idea too. I think death can be a little too forgiving, but the issue is that you can't really get rid of that problem because that forgiving death is what allows new players to get back on their feet after learning about the mechanics of the game. Dying just once on your first night in Minecraft can be devastating. New players don't know to hide in a hole on their first night or to stay away from creepers.

    As for your attacks on casual gamers playing the game, I don't believe that games should be made in a way that they require players to read wikis or promotional material in order to be good at them. To most people, video gaming is just a hobby, and they don't have time to figure out the math behind the hunger system or the best way to find diamonds. That shouldn't be a bad thing.

    Video Gaming as a lifestyle choice is something that should be discouraged, since it can be unhealthy and it can prevent people from acting socially. I'm not a person who hates gamers or Youtubers, far from it, but I don't encourage or recommend that lifestyle and I don't want video games to require that people devote days of their time to becoming an adequate player.

    In conclusion, leave the casuals alone. Unlike you, they have full-time jobs and they contribute to society.

    /s, but only partially.

    Okay I get that I already said "In conclusion", but why is the post titled "Hollow State"? You never mention anything about a Hollow State in the post, why not call it "Soul Hearts" or something?

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    Quote from erictom333»

    In my eyes, Minecraft is not a fantasy game, and it will never be. It's a game about mining, about building, about crafting, about exploring, about player choice. (For example, more generated structures encourage exploration, while uncraftable items found only in said structures take away from the crafting aspect.)

    You seem to be confusing gameplay aspects with the setting of the game. Mining, building, crafting, exploring and "player choice" (???) can all exist in a fantasy game. Example: I would consider Hytale to be a fantasy game given its trailers and promotional material, but yet it looks as though it's going to contain a lot of these exact things you've mentioned. Terraria could also be considered a fantasy game and contains all of these, although Terraria has a few Sci-Fi themed mobs/items/blocks/structures.

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    The interesting thing about Minecraft's magic is that up until some recent updates, which I'll talk about later in the post, Minecraft's magic has been rather abstract:


    - Potions have generic effects that increase speed or neutralize certain vulnerabilities.

    - The potions aren't named any weird names like the Polyjuice Potion or something.

    - Potion Ingredients are a little bit less abstract or generic, although there is a bit of an exception to be made here since there aren't a lot of commonly known "real life potion ingredients" besides pieces and parts of animals and plants, which is what Minecraft uses.


    - The basic monsters are the Zombie, Skeleton and Giant Spider, which are fairly generic ideas we've seen in much other fantasy media. The one exception to this is the creeper, but this appears to be the exception to the rule. Slimes and Ghasts are also examples of a common fantasy idea implemented in Minecraft.

    - There are a few other exceptions to the abstraction rule for mobs like the Creeper and the Enderman, but these are based on an accident-turned branding material and a pop-culture icon respectively. Minecraft used to have a lot of older pop-culture icon additions back in 2012 and 2013, but this has since changed.

    - Another exception to this rule is when a mob exists to fit an environment. Ender Dragons, Wither Skeletons, Husks, Drowned, etc. fit into this category.

    - Zombie Pigmen are actually fairly original, although anthropomorphic animals are no new idea.

    Something interesting about Minecraft's mobs is that no friendly, helpful magic mobs exist. No Unicorns, no friendly dryads, no Pegasi, not even a friendly anthropomorphic animal character. I actually like this idea that the magic in Minecraft is a corruption on the world that comes from sources like the Nether and the End, and that it's the player's job to fight this corruption. It adds a nice, albeit fairly generic, lore to the game.


    - Purple-y Magic color is pretty generic, though the obsidian thing is kinda weird

    - The idea of using stones or other weird objects to open a portal is not a terribly original idea either.


    - Certainly, robots come to mind, but Golems exist in fantasy media too. The Minecraft Wiki Trivia section for Iron Golems says that Golems giving flowers to villagers was based on a Golem from the anime Laputa: Castle in the Sky.

    - Most people know what a snowman is.


    - Similarly to Potions, each Enchantment does one thing and does it well.

    - The idea of a blessed sword or cursed sword is older than video games and harkens back to Dungeons and Dragons.

    - There are some exceptions to these enchantments being abstract in their names: "Bane of Arthropods" isn't terribly original, but it is more so than "Punch" or "Sharpness"


    - Seems like there are very few actual magic items, usually the ones that exist are mob drops or golden food. Golden versions of other foods are fairly original, but they seem to be a simple copy of the Golden Apple, which is an idea as old as Greek Myths.

    - The mob drops are pretty original, so I'll give Mojang that.

    This has changed in recent updates with the addition of Guardians, Shulkers, Turtle Master Potions, etc. To be honest, I'm kinda sad to see this deviation from "generic pop culture magic", because it adds a bit of charm to the game in that Minecraft isn't trying to build an original magical world, it's just a combination of cool ideas related magic.

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    But this new 1.14 update.... has made me HATE MineCraft and caused me to stop playing it daily. It got so bad initially that just after roll-out, I deleted every single world that I had EVER worked on and went back to start over... fresh... to see if maybe it might grow on me. It hasn't.

    Speak for yourself my dude... Everyone else has been waiting for an update to villagers that adds a bit of depth to them.

    Where 1.11 announced itself as the "Exploration" update... 1.14 undid every bit of cause for exploration that was given you. Now instead of pushing outwards towards the boundless horizon, this update wants me to dig in and protect villagers whom I've rarely had a care for. They were good for an occasional trade or two... but now... I have to level them up in order to get to the good stuff?!?!?!? GET REAL!!!! That sucks and wastes precious resources I don't have in abundance UNLESS I STAY PUT IN ONE PLACE.....

    First of all, most people would build a central base to store their resources anyway, so putting your central base in a village is a good way to make use of this feature. Second of all, you always had to level up villagers to get the good stuff. The only thing that changed is that it's easier to see how you can get a new trade. Thirdly, it's a totally optional part of the game. None of this is being forced on you, you're basically complaining that the update added features that you don't care about. (Could you imagine someone right after 1.5 going, "The 1.5 Update made me have to become an electrical engineer! REDSTONE SUCKS")

    Let's be realistic then and call 1.14 the "Stay Put and become a soccer mom" update.. because that's exactly what it feels like now.

    The new village layouts suck.

    The way that new villages look, sucks


    The new village gardening is a joke.

    What new village gardening? They always did gardening. Are you talking about the composter? That block sucks, but it's not any worse than glazed terracotta IMO.

    The new treasure chest mechanic is so bad... I got grass seeds in a box, how useless is that?

    You mean the changes to loot management? I'm confused why you think commands for adventure map makers are bad.

    the new pillage mob is a pain in the .....

    the new endless raid / Bad Omen affect is stunningly annoying.

    Okay, sure, I haven't had a chance to play a raid yet so I'll take your word for it. Why not just drink milk though? Or wait for the effect to wear off? (Okay, well, maybe it is annoying to sit away from your base for an hour and forty minutes, but you could just AFK near a farm or something)

    the new ways I have to craft items S-U-C-K-S.... so I now have to carry 20+ pickaxes with me and burn through all of them... or constantly plop down a grindstone in order to do what I used to do on the fly. It's a senseless new addition that tells me it is better to burn through a pickaxe instead of recycle.

    Why recycle... it just wastes space and requires a PHD in order to accomplish any simple 1 to 1 upgrade.

    I'll take your word for it, although I don't really see the appeal in recycling stone or iron pickaxes unless they have good enchants. And since you clearly don't want to work with a crafting station, why recycle old pickaxes anyway?

    I've not gotten around to trying the new fletching table, or other crafting blocks...

    Fletching table doesn't have functionality yet.

    but my home which used to be space effective now seems to have to have an entire room devoted to useless, one shot crafting tables that again lessen the adventure / exploration that was fun about Minecraft.

    I can kinda see your point here, and I kinda can't. You still have the ability to craft pretty much anything from a crafting table and a furnace, it's just that the blast furnace and smoker do things faster. (Which is good if you have a home base and you want quality equipment at your home base.)

    The Cartography table, Loom and Composter seem like you wouldn't get a use out of them since you're "an explorer." At most I could see you complaining about the Stonecutter, which seems somewhat reasonable. It does make lining long tunnels with stone brick a bit more difficult.
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    posted a message on Vegan mode
    Quote from ryanextgen»

    Vegan mode is a setting that you can turn on and off.

    And how might this setting be implemented? Possibly through a-

    You could also do /gamerule veganmode.

    Yeah, I thought so. We'll get to why this is a terrible idea in the conclusion, but first I need to... squelmber (?) through the rest of the post.

    When vegan mode is on it makes it so you can not kill passive mobs.

    So... pigs, chickens, and rabbits are as useless as polar bears. Nice?

    Hostile mobs that drop meat will not drop meat anymore.

    Well I mean... This is probably the least objectionable change since eating the flesh of long-dead humans and long-undead pig people seems like something I would enjoy. Except for the fact that I don't really care because it's a sprite I shove up my blocky nose in order to fill a timer.

    Also, you would not be able to make stuff withe chicken eggs.

    Which removes Pumpkin Pies and Cakes, and without Rabbit Stew, there are practically no more complicated foods.

    The only use for chicken eggs would be to hatch chickens.

    Useless chickens, that is.

    Vegan mode would provide a challenge for players who are getting bored of Minecraft.

    I wouldn't call switching out the items required to replenish the hunger timer a "challenge", considering you practically have to intentionally avoid getting seeds for a wheat farm on accident. Once you've grown more than about twenty or thirty wheat plants, the amount of seeds is enough to have enough bread before the next crop grows. The only issue is that because of how little bread heals your saturation, you'll have to eat more repeatedly than you would with meat. This makes combat annoying, to say the least.

    Vegan mode would also be good if you wanted to play Minecraft and you are vegan.

    Would it though? Again, we're talking about sprites that you shove into your HUD in order to refill a timer. (which is why we should totally revamp hunger so that instead you choose sprites which make certain meals and refill different amounts of vitamins, proteins, and calories which affects how the player performs in the long term and this is totally not a suggestion that I made hee hee)

    Also, you cannot get meat from trades with villagers and there will never be meat in any chests you find in any structures.

    So in conclusion, you've taken a configuration system built into Minecraft to remove items that offend you, more specifically a configuration system meant for stopping systems that are usually put into place for server owners (setting mobGriefing and fireTick to false is useful on Creative Servers.) or map makers.

    Now that we've taken a system implemented into the game for a specific purpose and used it for some kind of inclusivity virtue signal stunt act of compassion and diversity to force onto people in your server since gamerules are server-wide, what have we earned? Well, flipping on the gamerule removes a large part of gameplay, turns previously useful animals into purely ambient mobs (even though one rarely sees wild pigs, cows or sheep, so it seems very odd seeing these things wandering around in a non-farm situation) and only a small portion of people would actually get some purely emotional use out of it.

    All of this and I still haven't yet mentioned the fact that we're talking about coloring a blocky animal-resembling 3D model red and watching it rotate so that it looks like it falls over, then a blocky item that slightly resembles meat appears. On the non-graphical side, we're talking about deleting a table from a larger table that stores chunk data. The game simulates an "animal" by running likely less than a thousand lines of code to make the animal pick a block to pathfind towards.

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    posted a message on Food and Hunger System Overhaul!
    Quote from NobleNerd»

    I'm slowly building on the "bonus" instead of "revamp" idea, and I think it'll help steer this thread back on topic.

    Basically, the player can choose to ignore the added bonuses of variety in a diet without change from the current playstyle. This system would just ensure that there's always room for new food items and some nice new bonus mechanics for the less stagnant survival players.

    I want a change from the current playstyle, though. The current playstyle is resetting a timer, while a better one would be to not have to worry about food all that much, rather planning out meals becomes a long-term investment. That being said, I'm not interested in turning food into glorified potions.

    Protein - Boosts long-term use of tools and healing.

    You're going to have to specify exactly what "long-term use of tools" means. I also still think refusing to eat should come with consequences, although you have to borderline intentionally avoid eating in order to do so.

    Carbs - Boosts short-term use of tools.

    Fats - Boosts intermediate-term use of tools.

    Again, I'm gonna need to know what these mean.

    Vitamins - Resistance to poison and other ailments and increases iron (nutrient) bonuses.

    Resistance to poison is incredibly specific: There are only a handful of times the player is affected by the poison effect. Resistance to negative effects might not be a terrible idea, though.

    I'm not a fan of bonuses bonusing the bonuses. This just adds an obnoxious layer of complexity, whereas the system in my suggestion only requires a few visible bars.

    Minerals - Resistance to direct damage.

    I feel like this aspect is what armor is for, but I could implement this into one of the two bars in my suggestion.

    Iron - Boosts sprinting speed and other cardio-heavy actions.

    Fiber - Increases other nutrient bonuses.

    Again, with Fiber, I don't like the idea of bonusing the bonuses using the bonuses. I'm not sure what I think about Iron.

    Caffeine - Increases overall speed and camouflages player from Phantoms, but increases hunger.

    This one would fit better into a potion effect.

    I'm not a fan of adding a bunch of other variables the player has to deal with. The current suggestion would take the current number of hunger variables from two to three. What you've suggested would take us to 10 bars, since you mentioned Hunger and you never mentioned getting rid of Saturation. (Unless I'm reading you wrong and these are all potion effects. In which case, I'm not interested in adding a redundant potion effect system on top of the current one.)

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    posted a message on Adding worldbuilding elements to Minecraft (Just like Dwarf Fortress)

    1. I feel like this idea might be useful for Adventure Maps, but you should specify exactly how this is done. Is this accessed by looking through at their trading inventory or do the Villagers speak sound effects if they're told to through commands? The second might be already possible through the use of resource packs and command blocks, though I'm not sure.

    2. Changing the number of structures in more detail sounds like a decent idea and I'm all for world customization for the sake of fun, but more detail would be helpful.

    3. I don't have a strong opinion on procedurally generated lore, but it's worth noting that Minecraft does not have generated lore at the moment. I also feel like noting that Minecraft currently does not communicate what little lore it has through written word: everything is left for the player to speculate.

    4. This wouldn't mean anything unless you specify exactly what effects the age of the world would entail.

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    posted a message on Copper, Plumbing, Steam Power, and More
    Quote from NobleNerd»

    My last thread vomited out excessive amounts of new items with only a few uses, so I'm focusing entirely on copper and its possibilities this time... This is for the more industrial-oriented Minecrafters.

    Not exactly an enticing introduction for a suggestion related to adding an ore, but I'll take it.

    Copper Ore
    A dull blue-green ore with an abundance and depth somewhere between iron ore and gold ore. Can be smelted into brownish-orange ingots.


    Copper in Existing Items
    Copper ingots would replace gold ingots in the crafting recipes for Clocks, Light Weighted Pressure Plates, and Powered Rails. A Noteblock placed on a Block of Copper (or other copper item) would play a brass instrument sound.

    Seems reasonable since these are more mechanical items and Gold is a very magical ore in my opinion. I also like the idea of a brass instrument sound being available in the game.

    Bronze Tools & Armor
    Credit to ScotsMiser for the thought of using granite as an analog to tin. By combining copper and granite, the player can craft bronze, which can then be used to craft tools and armor. Bronze is stronger than stone but is not quite as strong as iron, and as a result, armor protection, pickaxe mining speed, and sword damage are in between those of stone and iron. However, thanks to bronze's lack of rusting, armor and tools made from this special alloy are incredibly durable, second only to diamond.

    I don't like the idea of granite being used as an analog to tin since I feel like that connection between granite and tin requires a bit more research than most people do into Geology. If steel existed I'd probably be okay with bronze being stronger than iron, but without steel, I feel like having the "steel-analog" tool being weaker than the bronze tool sounds a bit awkward.

    That being said, I do like the idea of a tool with a lot of durability and a fast mining speed, but that can only mine stone. Maybe if Copper was combined with Gold to make Electrum, this would combine the Magical and... Coppery (?) properties of Gold and Copper to make a tool that performs somewhat like Gold, but with slightly more durability.

    Alternatively, as opposed to an ore, you could have "Mysterious Metal Nuggets" (Zinc Nuggets) spawn in chests, which can then be alloyed with copper to make Brass.

    Copper Plumbing
    - Pipe: A new phase in Minecraft plumbing. Pipes allow water to flow from a water source block in a very controlled fashion. Cauldrons connected to filled pipes will always stay full of water. As long as the pipes remain below the level of the connected water source block, the water will flow. Time to set up some water towers. A filled pipe that isn't connected to or blocked by anything will emit a steady stream of water. Only one pipe system will function per water source block.

    I'm not against pipes in Minecraft since they make good industrial decorations, so thumbs up to pipes.

    - Pipe Junction: Special pipe piece that connects in two or more directions unlike the normal one-directional pipes. Be warned: more splits in the system means more water source blocks (in contact with each other) will be needed near the start of the pipe system, otherwise the flow won't make it beyond the junctions.


    - Pipe Valve: When connected to a filled pipe, the Pipe Valve allows the player to toggle the flow of water. When closed, the pipes before the valve will remain full while the valve itself and the pipes beyond it will empty themselves.

    Controlled by redstone, right?

    Steam Power
    Let redstone handle the stationary stuff. How about some mobile steampunk engineering? Copper's excellent heat conducting properties open up a whole new industrial world within Minecraft.

    - Linked Minecarts: Not all copper items, but important for the next two items. These special carts can link together into a train, but cannot be pushed or pulled without some serious force, such as...
    - Minecart Locomotive: …this thing! Crafted from a furnace, a cauldron, copper pipes, redstone, and iron ingots, this small but powerful heavy hauler is the key to moving your large loads of stone, ores, and fuels into and out of the mines. For the less redstone-savvy and/or manual-minded, you take your industrial power with you! Just make sure you keep your fuel and water in the engine topped off. You need 1 locomotive for every 10 carts (keep them all fueled!).
    - Tank Cart: Crafted from copper pipes and iron, this allows you to take a large and easily accessed supply of water with your minetrain, sort of like an extra-large and mobile cauldron. You gotta have steam, after all!

    I feel like the crafting recipe would be better handled if the player crafted a "steam engine" and then was able to craft that engine with a Minecart to construct a locomotive. This steam engine could then be used for some other applications, like a grinder that turns cobble into gravel into sand or that turns wheat into flour. (see my Food Overhaul for that one)

    I like this idea on paper, the only thing that would stop me from putting it into practice is my go-to for transportation: The Nether. But even in certain situations where the distance isn't long enough to warrant using multiple obsidian blocks, I still almost never use Minecarts for actual transportation. I almost always use them because I'm building a roller coaster or a small machine that requires a Hopper Minecart in some way.

    - Mining Drill: Not necessarily an "item" that you "craft," but still a huge industrial feature. This special 3x3x3 device is constructed in the same manner as an Iron Golem, though it isn't a mob. Using copper pipes, iron blocks, redstone blocks, a furnace and cauldron at the back, and an obsidian block at the front, placing them in the right arrangement spawns in your new ultra-powerful mining machine. This thing cuts huge 3x3 tunnels with ease, but can only mine in straight lines. You need to stop mining in order to change direction or scale slopes (if you can even call them slopes). The machine has an integrated inventory that prioritizes valuable ores, automatically storing them as it mines them while filtering out arguably less important stone, gravel, and dirt, pushing them to the sides. Be careful, though! If the machine falls from a high enough elevation, it breaks into its component parts, requiring reassembly. It also can't drill through obsidian blocks, and if it falls into deep enough water or lava, it will stop functioning and revert back to its block arrangement. Make sure to keep it fueled as well!

    Not really a fan of this one. I think it'd be better if this acted as a multiblock, and was stuck in a stationary position mining forward.

    I don't like the idea of automining so the player doesn't have to play the game, But I do have a compromise: I think it should come with the consequence of not always keeping minerals intact, so it would shatter diamonds, redstone, emeralds and coal. This means as a mining tool underground it's not exactly a practical tool. However, when mining aboveground to clear space for construction, this would become a powerful bulldozing tool, tearing through stone, dirt and trees to make way for the player's houses and skyscrapers.

    The drill should require a "sharp drill" block, which is purchased from a Villager. Using Lore, the drill would read:

    "The previous owner returned this to the vendor with the complaint: 'destroyed valuable ores, would not buy again', maybe it would work better on stone?"

    Need some more ideas... I'll let you guys figure out how toilets would fit into this. :P

    Kinda sorta maybe support because I really like copper and metals/metallurgy in general.

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    posted a message on Alloy Making and Three New Ores

    The sad thing is, I like copper, tin, and zinc, but it's pretty much impossible to justify adding them without adding an amount of content equal to about 20% of the current game to the game or the ores just be useless. (I'm going to hope that sentence was legible and move on.)

    That being said, let's suppose we didn't have to add a bunch of uses for these new metals beyond tools and armor:

    I love the idea of adding Copper to Minecraft since it feels like something Minecraft would have, and I like Tin and Zinc too. That being said, you never gave these metals any uses by themselves. The only use they have is to be a part of another metal, and I kinda feel like being able to just alloy ores directly would be preferable if that's the way they're going to be added.

    The Alloying System isn't entirely terrible, but the way it's done is incredibly slow. Collecting a lot of iron for a moderately-sized construction project is already almost near-impossible without the use of an iron farm, but just making armor with this system would be an incredibly annoying grind. I think it'd be better if the player could somehow automate this system, perhaps with some kind of pipes that transport liquid from a kiln into the crucible. (Speaking of crucibles, I find it odd that you work with molten Iron in a cauldron made of Iron... This seems like it violates basic workplace safety. Most olde crucibles were made out of clay.)

    The alloys aren't too bad, but it seems like we're creating a lot more ores that we don't really have a use for in-game. As I said before, these are just borderline duplicates of previously added ores.

    - Since a cauldron can be made with only 7 iron and a bucket with only 3, I'd probably just skip iron tools and go immediately to steel if I was presented the option. Iron may not be common enough to make large buildings with, but normally you can find more than enough ingots for tool-making, and considering a cauldron and bucket last forever, it makes sense to invest in steel-making early so I don't have tools breaking on me as much.

    - Brass is quite literally a copy of Gold. Not only that, but it's not even a fitting replacement for Gold... Brass isn't really a magical metal like Gold is, in fact, Brass is more of a steampunk-ish or industrial metal.

    - You never specified exactly how durable Bronze is, but I imagine it would have to be as durable as iron or better (which doesn't make a lot of sense) because we can already craft iron. Unless those Nether bonuses play a role, and I'm not sure why these tools and armor would have a bonus in the Nether since both Tin and Copper have lower melting points than Iron, so I'm not sure I understand the connection here between Bronze and "good in hot biomes"

    - Rose Gold is a direct copy of gold, although I'd almost prefer if this alloy replaced gold tools and armor if we ever added any of these to the game. Then make Rose Gold worth the durability loss and I think it'd be good.

    - Historical accounts seem to indicate that Orichalcum was pretty much just Brass, but ignoring that, this one at least makes a little bit of sense depending on what the sea bonuses are, but you never specified these bonuses.

    You mention that these new metals open up possibilities for new items, but you only casually mention some ideas. This is the problem with adding new ores and you just skimmed over it: all of these ores need uses after the player collects Diamonds and makes armor and tools out of those.

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    posted a message on Food and Hunger System Overhaul!
    Quote from BlackMonarch»

    Sorry but you have that backward. it started out as a pure construction game and survival elements were added later.

    Actually, I think I do have that the correct way around. While the game started out as a borderline graphical test with construction elements, once survival mode was added it became a Survival game for a short period of time. Ever since about 1.0.0, the devs began adding more and more features and the old survival features became ever-more shadowed and hidden. This is why the game now has an unnecessary number of blocks for a Survival game. Meanwhile, back in the Beta days, there was no hope of even getting a good color scheme for a build, but mobs were scarier and the dark was actually dark.

    In addition, hunger was changed in 1.11 to be even less of a pain. As long as you simply walk around in 1.11 rather than sprint, the hunger bar becomes nearly insignificant.

    We're getting off-topic because you've chosen the single-most unimportant part of my previous post to debate, but my point is that the game is not a Survival simulator anymore, though it has mechanics that reflect that. To combat this, I want to introduce a Hunger system that reflects that. Instead of a mind-numbing timer, the player is encouraged to make choices that affect the long-term; and more of these choices become available to him as he progresses.

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    Quote from BlackMonarch»

    You and I clearly have different definitions of "reasonable". What's wrong with regaining health in combat? It's a huge part of many games. Master of Orion II has the Cybernetic racial trait and the Automated Repair Units technology, which allow ships to self-repair in combat. The first two Diablo games had health and rejuvenation potions. Redneck Rampage was one of the few first-person shooters that let you store food powerups for later use. World of Warcraft has entire classes that rely on self-healing to be useful at all.

    There's NOTHING bad or unreasonable about self-healing in combat.

    I have nothing against self-healing in combat. That's what Regeneration and Potions of Healing are for. On the other hand, the hunger system is a mechanic designed for Survival gameplay, since Minecraft reflects a Survival game more than a Combat game. (Which is why when Mojang adds a more "real" combat system rather than the old spam-click, people riot in the streets.)

    The problem with Hunger is that Minecraft has stopped being a Survival game ever since the Beta days, and has become more of a building and collecting simulator. That's why variety in food items and blocks is appealing to newer fans of the game, while all of the old players hate every new feature that comes out because it violates some taboo of nostalgia.

    Since Hunger is a mechanic from the days of Survival, it makes sense to revamp it. I want Hunger not to be a system that is simply required in the game for some micromanage-y reason, but something that, given the right planning, can upgrade the game.

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    Quote from BlackMonarch»
    Screw sprinting. Its relationship to the hunger bar never made any sense to begin with.

    It does make sense. Sprinting requires energy, therefore keeping a constant supply of food on your person is required to go fast. Considering how it takes only a few days of playtime to get so much wheat that quantity-wise food becomes a non-existent problem, the player needs a use for large quantities of food on journeys. At the very least, rewarding the player with a slight speed boost for the little extra effort he puts into farming makes a bit of sense.

    Why should there be a difference? Why should having a large selection of food types be valuable?

    Because this is Minecraft, where we have a large selection of different kinds of types of everything. Different trees, different stones, etc. Not only that, but I already specified the reason why in point 4, which you conveniently ignored: it adds progression. While new food types in themselves are not valuable practically, people do find aesthetic value in them, and they do get used in certain other recipes not related to food.

    The problem is that food items do not get removed in the game. We can't go backward. Therefore, a system is required to make a large plethora of food items valuable to the player and to support the addition of new food types.

    Screw potions. They should be removed too.

    It seems there's a bit of confusion here. As I said before, Mojang can't go backward with features without breaking worlds, so you Beta cultists people can either:

    A: Go back to a previous version, which Mojang conveniently allows you to do.

    B: Go play a different game, if A didn't recreate your nostalgia than removing features from the game isn't going to do that either.

    If it's in your interest to chop off parts of the game in an attempt to recreate a game that only you are nostalgic for, you clearly have no place arguing for or against adding features to the current game.

    I should also note that while you have not given any reason as to why potions should be removed, I can think of multiple reasons why they were one of the better additions to the game:

    1) As a concept, the crafting system adds a use for magical items in the world. Ghast Tears, Gold, etc. are made more useful by potions.

    2) This new crafting system, although boringly simple (it should be both procedural and algorithmic IMO so that the player has to use his ingenuity to brew good potions), adds new progression.

    3) Potions and potion-related items are useful aesthetically as chemistry-related items.

    4) Potion Effects add a new dynamic to combat along with Enchantments.

    5) Potion Effects are a good way of implementing certain temporary powers that the player might find useful. Night Vision, Swiftness, Jump Boost, etc.

    6) Potion Effects are useful for adventure maps. Slowness has been used in the past as a way of stopping Villagers or other mobs from moving.

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    Quote from BlackMonarch»

    No. The food system should go back to how it was in Beta, not made even more insane.

    That would be terrible, and despite the fact that I imagine you aren't going to change your mind because you're so nostalgic for the Beta food system, let me tell you why:

    - Having a large number of food items is even less valuable. Now having food on you just means that you can heal yourself if you happen to get injured, whereas in the current system you need food to survive and sprint. Considering how easy it is to farm wheat and breed cows, this means food becomes incredibly underpowered.

    - Having a large selection of food types is far less valuable. At least in the current system, certain food types will keep you satiated for a longer period of time than other food types. With the Beta system, there is no difference between Apples, Bread, and Steak, as long as you can munch down on them fast enough.

    - Regeneration Potions become horribly underpowered and Health Potions are entirely redundant. Now, if the potion system was changed so that you could chug a potion in a far shorter period of time than it takes to eat food, I could at least see a case made. (I actually kinda wish the potion system was changed like this in the current game since health potions already take too long to swallow in combat.)

    - With no real need for different food types, the little bit of progression in the food system that currently exists disappears entirely. At least, at the moment, the player is encouraged to farm crops for food, then when he finds enough cows, he can breed them to make steaks to feed himself for the rest of the game. With the Beta food system, the player is not encouraged to farm Cows, the only reason to do it is in case you manage to survive an attack with a half-heart of health and you want to heal in half of the time it would take compared to bread.

    The thing about my system is, you actually don't have to do a lot of math to deal with the hunger system. Vegetables will still feed your protein amounts, albeit not as much as meat. This means eating vegetables is enough to keep you alive, but for additional benefits, the food system rewards players for farming meat, trying new foods and cooking new meals.

    I think Cotton should also be a crop, which can be used to make string. Barley could be a wild Wheat variant found in the Plains.

    Cotton sounds interesting, although I think it's outside the scope for a food-related suggestion. Barley sounds a bit too close to Wheat to add, though. Considering we already have Corn and Rice after this suggestion, I don't know if we need a fourth grain.

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    posted a message on Law Enforcement

    I could go through this suggestion point by point, trying to point out how many of these laws are ridiculous, how being stuck in a bedrock jail isn't fun gameplay in the slightest, or how it doesn't make sense that city policemen have a police office in a village that isn't even big enough to house more than about twenty people at maximum, much less have a post office or a town hall. I could even point out that it would make more sense for the villagers themselves to try to jail the player, since even a village under a medieval jurisdiction isn't exactly a high priority on a King's list of places to watch for criminals. But I'm not going to do any of those things.

    Instead, I want to first point out that the player is not forced to play the game one way in Minecraft. The player doesn't have to touch potions, redstone or even construction if the player does not want to do those things. It makes sense that the player shouldn't be forced to protect or even leave Villagers alone in this game. If the player takes joy out of destroying Villages, that's totally doable in the game. The Villagers still have practical use, given that their trades can contain valuable enchantments or earn the player some pretty green gems, but the player shouldn't be forced to take advantage of that practical use.

    Second, I know that you might think that on some level people are going to get some kind of sick joy out of committing crime in a game that leads them to committing crime in real life. (I assume that's what you think, given your rather childish response to Calico. Maybe I'm writing four paragraphs to fight a strawman here though.) That's not necessarily true. The real threat in my mind is when a game or any piece of media shows someone enjoying or taking pleasure from acts of harm you cause to them. While that sentence may have brought some weird, disgusting thoughts in your mind, take for example two very real events: the parrot/cookie debacle and when sharks were confirmed to never be an addition into the game.

    I've praised Mojang for showing that chocolate cookies kill parrots rather than making parrots happy, because it is very likely that a small child may feed his friend's parrot chocolate, thinking that this is good for the parrot. A small child can easily recognize that killing the parrot in Minecraft makes the parrot sad, but if feeding the parrot chocolate makes it happy, the child may think that the real-life parrot will be made happy by being fed chocolate.

    Meanwhile, when it was confirmed sharks would never be a part of the game because kids might grow up to kill sharks or something, I was not happy with this excuse. As I said before, the child can recognize that killing an animal in Minecraft makes the animal sad. I get that kids can see sharks as "enemies" if they are presented in such a light, but I strongly doubt that experiences with blocky animals will change a child's treatment towards real animals.

    Lastly, it doesn't even matter that much anyway. Kids are intelligent enough to not wander off into the forest taming wolves with bones. The reality is that people, except for the few of us who are mentally psychotic, are capable of separating an imaginary game world from reality.

    No Support.

    Okay, I said I wouldn't look too deeply into the laws themselves, but loitering? Talking to Villagers at night? No unauthorized crafting? What sort of horrific dystopian dictatorship do you live in where tearing up your own wood planks into sticks is considered worthy of literal jail time? And under what circumstances am I not going to come into a village with "outside food or beverages?" It's not even like Villages need to be concerned about pesticides either, there's just no reason for this to make sense at all.

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