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    Quote from BloodyPhoenix»

    May as well also remove iron farms because they make mining redundant, remove mob spawners because they can be turned into exp farms, remove mob spawning because they can be turned into exp farms, remove chickens because they can also be made into infinite food, remove observers because they can be used for multiple plant farms....

    Really, there isn't a way to remove the farm because somebody will just find another design.

    To be fair, at least an iron farm requires effort and knowledge of the villager system. That doesn't make them balanced, but comparatively, they are more than AFK Fish farms which require very, very little effort and very few resources.

    As for your comment that "there isn't a way to remove the farm", you are wrong. Removing the XP reward means that Mending fishing rods will be torn apart only a minute or two after you start the farm. Sure, people could try dropping fishing rods onto the player, but it won't last the player for an infinite amount of time like a Mending rod will.

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    Quote from 4Point»

    Keep this because it's the most resource-effective. no super complex redstone, no crazy killing system. just hold right click for loot.

    That's a horrific reason. You are essentially praising AFK Fish Farms for removing half of the game for you through this easy system.

    Midgame is about the time you're supposed to have some of these at the ready anyways. you've most likely gone on caving sprees or nether fortress raids and gotten a few books by now, and most certainly gotten a anvil and enchanting table, as well as a good supply of bookshelves. or, if you haven't, you can just use some crops to trade for emeralds, and keep trading with librarians 'till you find a dungeon enchantment book trade.

    Depends on the player. If the player is centered more around building a base in one spot, they will find iron and diamonds long before Villages or Mineshafts. (Albeit I find villages are incredibly easy to find for some reason, and I feel like this might need to be rectified a little bit.)

    Well, for the first segment of this: only people without jobs, college or school in the morning, big YTers who make all their money of the platform, or people with free time the next day, can do it. there's also the mentioned part about kids not being able to access the internet 24/7.

    It takes about 3 seconds of time to take the brick off the mouse and quit the game, so no, I think plenty of people with a personal computer can pull an AFK Fish Farm off. It's the people with only a "family computer" that can't.

    Second part: literally nothing you can do about that. livestock farms are literally built into the game, and removing them would probably cause minecraft to bomb quite a bit. and honestly, those farms do require input: you need to breed the animals, (aside from chicken farms) which costs crops. which can also be semi-automated, but you gotta replant the crops.

    And I'd rather have a semi-automated, resource-requiring system than one that lets the player skip any need to provide input at all. The game was not built to handle large amounts of resources: getting stacks and stacks of wheat every minute to trade for hundreds of emeralds breaks trading, and makes the food system invalid. (The food system was already broken, but now it's just plummeted into "completely useless")

    I'm at least glad that you recognize how annoyingly difficult it is to accumulate the resources and construct a decent farm.

    Honestly, the AFK Fish Farm takes about the least effort out of all of these farms. At least if someone builds an Iron Farm, they've put so much effort into dealing with those mechanics, it's almost worth the reward of a few stacks of iron. But the AFK Fish Farm, for the few resources that go into constructing it, should not let the player skip cow farming and food production.

    Honestly, Water Breathing isn't that good unless you're looting the ocean or doing a monument raid. and even then, it's best paired with night vision.

    Except that in those circumstances, Water Breathing is indispensable. The player should have to save up his fishing rewards for special occasions like Ocean Monuments.

    First Part: Again, Midgame is about the time you start getting enchantments.

    Are you and I playing the same game? I don't get Mending by midgame by any means. Maybe Infinity, but not Mending.

    Second Part: i fully agree with this, but they sorta already "did" with live catch fishing. y'know, diving down with a few buckets and catching the fish.

    True, but I'm talking about the rod system, not the ability to get fish in general. Lowering the cost of Fisher villager trades does not count as a buff to the fishing system either.

    Third Part: People want to fight for it for multiple reasons. One, some people would rather skip the midgame phase almost completely; it's arguably the most tedious part, gathering nether materials and all of that. they wanna be able to cut it down to a simple nether fortress run or two, a bit of quartz mining, and then just wait a bit.

    Okay, and I say no, they shouldn't be able to skip the midgame phase. Adventuring is a heavy aspect of Minecraft, and its rewards shouldn't be made redundant by an automatic farm that requires little effort besides watching a Youtube tutorial and getting quartz.

    Two, it's great for lategame players who don't want to deal with smaller resources that they can get normally, as this allows more control over what they get. for example, they could have just taken a trip from a EXP farm, need a few enchants, but don't want to deal with the RNG that is enchanting tables. they can just open their chests and look for it.

    First of all, I'm actually more of a fan of the idea that Enchantments weren't meant to be used in such a way that the player tries to get the best enchantment possible, but that the player gets a chance to marginally improve their weapon or tool. I think it's sad that we've turned this system into something of a sixth tier.

    Second of all, again, the rarity of Enchantment Books and the RNG of the Enchantment Table is what makes the books so valuable. The ability to pick and choose enchantments for your tool is not supposed to be something that you can get for free by putting a brick on your mouse.

    Even if an AFK Fish farm produced nothing but dirt and sand, I'd still be against it since it allows the player to skip gameplay, no matter how mundane that may be. It also means that if Mojang implements methods for getting rid of mundane gameplay like the sponge, the player no longer has an incentive to use those since exploits like AFK Fish Farms make that method redundant before it's even added.

    Also, I really think that the Mending Fishing rod, in general, shouldn't be repaired by performing the only action it's supposed to do. Mending Fishing rods are basically invincible unless you have impossibly bad timing.

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    Quote from 4Point»

    i can counter those three reasons.

    Ok, I can counter your counters.

    For Number 1, the infinite items part: All of those are basic resources that are easily obtainable, outside of saddles. and infinite saddles isn't particularly useful unless you have a horse breeder for some reason. oh and yea, mob grinders exist, are incredibly common and fairly easy to make, and give basically the same stuff outside the saddles (and ink sacs if it isn't a water-based farm).

    Wrong. Leather is actually slightly difficult to get midgame, and this is important since leather is required for books in bookshelves unless you steal your books from a village or elsewhere. Bones require you to kill skeletons.

    In addition to this, if "mob grinders" exist, then why keep this one specific bad farm?

    2, the enchantments: Just cause you have infinite enchantments and experience, doesn't give you any of the materials needed to actually USE them. still gotta go out, get the stuff for any half-decent tool you want to craft, enchant it, get a bunch of iron, make a anvil, then repeat every 30 or so enchantments. can't exactly get diamond equipment this way.

    Except that the enchantments themselves would normally require either extreme amounts of luck or an adventure to a rare structure. This method disincentivizes adventure and removes the need for luck at all. As for "the materials", you are likely to have a stack of iron and a few diamonds easily by the time you're building fish farms.

    3, the infinite food: and you're saying we haven't done this with every other mob already? AND WE CAN ACTUALLY DO STUFF WHILE OTHER MACHINES MAKE SAID FOOD, MAKING THIS THE LEAST EFFICIENT METHOD OF INFINITE FOOD?

    You could do other things while other farms make food. You could also have this farm run while you sleep, which invalidates the want to "do other things" (Something else I haven't even considered: for the kids who's parents won't let them keep Minecraft running on the family computer all night, this means they can't take advantage of a feature everybody else can take advantage of because of outside factors. Is that even fair?)

    I would argue that auto-chicken farms, melon farms, and other crop farms aren't balanced either if they don't require player input and work only on the resource of time. If a farm works by producing items solely from time and no other input, then it is unbalanced. If a farm at least requires a little bit of player input, then I'd argue it's somewhat balanced.

    (That being said, I will admit the effort and time that goes into making these farms. I feel like if the game were more centered around automation and handled large quantities of items well, I'd support farms that work solely on time itself under the circumstance that said farm requires effort to construct. Tomorrow, if I get the time, I'd like to start a discussion on what farms are good an bad in General Discussions)

    that being said, i can supply some other benefits to people who use the method, or downsides if you want it removed.
    Infinite Pufferfish, the required ingredient in Water Breathing Potions

    Water Breathing Potions which would otherwise be rare enough that you'd need a conduit for long-term underwater work, but now are cheaper than ever.

    lower-teir armor and tools

    This isn't as much of a problem considering leather spent on armor is leather wasted, but ok

    i mean, unless you're making starter armor for a server community, going on a underwater expedition, or just being too lazy to go walk for 20 seconds to get some wood for a bowl, i don't really see those "upsides" as too big.

    Okay, how about the fact that a player, midgame, can get enchantments like Mending, Infinity, and other powerful enchantments just by putting a book on their right mouse button? Enchantments that would otherwise require the player to look through tons of Mineshaft chests, get lucky at the enchantment table or head to the End? Is making one of the most appealing rewards of the End redundant not enough of an "upside" to you?

    Not only that but if Mojang ever decides to buff fishing, I don't want a system that takes advantage of fishing to stop them from doing that. I'd rather see AFK fishing gone now, so if Mojang decides they want more powerful items obtainable through fishing, AFK fishers aren't going to be loaded up with these items for free.

    Besides that, face it: if the AFK Fish Farm didn't have so many "upsides", would people still be here fighting so vitriolically for their existence?

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    An automatic fish farm costs only a few materials:

    - A fishing rod, preferably with Mending. (This is easily attainable simply by using the farm a few times)

    - Certain redstone implements, including a noteblock, an iron door, and some dust and repeaters. All of these are midgame items which are easily obtainable once you've progressed a certain amount.

    - A few simple blocks like cobblestone, but you will have gotten these items long before you travel to the nether to get some quartz.

    - Time is also a factor, but considering no player input is required, the player can set this up while he is sleeping IRL and have all the time he needs.

    All of these items combined allow you to get in the midgame:

    - ESSENTIALLY INFINITE string, bones, leather, ink, and saddles, not to mention the items that can be obtained by fishing in the jungle.

    - MULTIPLE rare enchantments that can be easily applied to tools.

    - ENDLESS amounts of food, that make all other methods of food gathering nearly 100% redundant.

    This makes entire portions of the game completely redundant and makes certain mobs useless. If you have built a working AFK fish farm, you have invalidated the need for Cows entirely, barring getting milk on the off-chance your enemy decides to waste resources into making potions.

    This is unspeakably unbalanced, and I agree we should get rid of AFK Fish farms.

    But I find it fun, if you don't think it's fun, then just don't use it!

    I might think it's "fun" to get diamonds if you milk cows with a dirt block. Does that make it balanced?

    Mojang does not allow the player to do everything they find "fun" in the game, because there is no way to allow the player to do everything they find "fun" in the game, and for two reasons:

    - The first is that in multiplayer, just because somebody decides they don't want to play with a certain aspect of the game does not mean that another player can use that aspect to its fullness and then be able to destroy the other player in PVP or whatever other competition the server has.

    - The second is that even in singleplayer, the player shouldn't be allowed to cheat himself by making the game unspeakably easy.

    Let's compare this situation to another game, which I find helpful in these deep game design discussions. Suppose we're developing an RTS, and we accidentally add in a unit that, if used properly, can obliterate an army of any other unit besides a few counters. The AI doesn't know how to do this, so this is mainly a multiplayer problem. Ask yourself this question: do you remove the unit or the specific functionality from the game, or do you just encourage people to "not use the unit that way if it ruins the fun for them"?

    That's a bit of an extreme example considering RTS games almost always have a more competitive multiplayer focus to them than Minecraft does, but I think you get the point.

    One last non-practical thing, even if you make the conscious decision to not use it, it still feels wrong knowing the temptation is there, and you can switch back to playing with AFK Fish Farms any time you'd like to.

    Okay fine, you don't have to like it, so just add a gamerule so everybody can be happy!

    enableAFKFishFarms is not a good idea either.

    I hate that people always come back to this argument when something divisive comes up. It's a lazy solution to the problem, and it's the wrong solution:

    - Gamerules were not designed for people to pick and choose the gameplay elements they like and dislike. They were designed, like custom maps, for map makers to disable certain rules the game has so that they can build mini-games or adventure maps. At most, gamerules will allow server administrators to disable things like mobGriefing for Creative mode servers. (I understand on a short-term level using a gamerule sounds like the right option, but on a long-term level it just creates weird disorganization.)

    - Hiding this behind a setting adds unnecessary bloat to the game. With every change that comes to the game, players express discontent. Should we have a rosesInsteadOfPoppies gamerule too? How about an onlyOneDoorFromDoorCraftingRecipe?

    - Servers can only pick between having this gamerule on or off. This ironically means that this move to "stop division within the community" will divide people into cliques of no-AFK Fish Farm and yes-AFK Fish Farm. Players who dislike and refuse to use AFK Fish Farms will find themselves disadvantaged in yes-AFK Fish Farm servers. Players who depend on AFK Fish Farms to play the game will be disadvantaged in no-AFK Fish Farm servers.

    - Lastly, I would argue that being able to customize the game however you please makes completing the game far more meaningless. This isn't a practical reason by any means, but it just means that Minecraft becomes less of a game and more of a game engine. At the very least with mods and all, you can still say you won "Vanilla Minecraft", but if there is no one way to play Minecraft, then Minecraft isn't a game anymore. It's just a game engine.

    But it's not fair that I can't use an AFK Fish Farm!

    In my opinion, I think it's not fair that you can.

    Mojang created a game balanced in a certain way. They decided how much leather a cow gives you when you slaughter it, how much health the Ender Dragon has, what kind of loot you can find in a Mineshaft chest, how many blocks in the Overworld can be traveled by the Nether and hundreds of other variables that affect the player's game.

    Some of these variables, granted, are unbalanced. Mojang is not perfect in their attempt to balance the game's difficulty. I would even argue that certain gameplay mechanics like stealth-creepers or a heavily grind-dependent mining system can't be balanced simply by tweaking variables. That being said, Mojang is not obligated to keep a game-breaking mechanic in the game that makes certain other aspects redundant, or that skips large portions of gameplay.

    But this is a sandbox game!

    And just like all other games, sandbox games have rules. What you are effectively implying is that because this is a sandbox game, we should be able to break whatever rule we please in the interest of "having fun."

    Why can't I just do what's most fun for me?

    Because that's not how game design works. In addition to that, just because something may evoke a short-term happy reaction doesn't mean that it will last throughout the rest of the game. Cheating in resources and blowing up hard bosses in creative mode is also "fun" for a short period of time, then it fills you with a very empty feeling.

    By using AFK Fish Farms or any other form of unbalanced gameplay mechanic system you don't just cheat the game or Mojang, you cheat yourself of playing the game the way it was meant to be played.


    There are a few ways to solve AFK Fish Farms in my opinion:

    - Fishing should not give the player any experience reward. This means Mending Fishing Rods outside of AFK Fishing will become less OP as well.

    - Powerful items from fishing are fine, but late-game items shouldn't be obtainable via fishing unless tiered fishing rods/bait become a thing. Limit late-game items to the late-game.

    - Fishing should not return more Fishing rods. This means that you aren't given "bonus" chances at getting treasure items.

    - Fishing should require bait in the form of certain items. This means that you need to trade one item for one other item and you can't create an infinite feedback loop. (This one is more optional, but bait by itself could add some interesting new features to fishing.)

    - All of the above suggestions deal more with balancing the fishing system itself, but if you really want to just stop AFK Fishing in general, right-clicking on any block or item with a fishing rod should always cast a fish. Noteblocks will not be an exception to this rule. (Personally I don't care about the farms as long as the other suggestions are implemented.)

    TL;DR: Support, let's get this unbalanced crap out of the game for good.

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    I really shouldn't reply to a suggestion like this, I should just let it die and maniacally laugh about this suggestion somewhere else, but inside my gut, I feel this need to shout the obvious at people who likely have no intention of accepting it. So here we go:

    Mojang has added references to other media before, the most obvious being the killer rabbits from Monty Python. However, this reference is done in a very specific way:

    - It's non-intrusive, requiring the player to switch a boolean in the Rabbit's entity data.

    - It doesn't use any named material, using only the concept of a carnivorous rabbit.

    - It references a very classic and beloved intellectual property that many people at least recognize because of its use in memes.

    The Practical Problem

    Now, using memes relevant at the time has been done in the past as well. "The Cake is a Lie", a Portal Reference, was incorporated into the Achievements system before it was replaced by Advancements as the Achievement "The Lie". Notice though that it is not named "The Cake is a Lie." This is because parts of quotes or references to quotes can be used even when the full quote may be copyrighted.

    Now, if you wanted to add an enchantment or player buff like "Sentient Blade" with pink particles, that'd be one thing. But adding an effect that involves the name "Pink Sentient Switchblade" enters the realm of something easily copyrightable.

    The Less Practical Problem

    Excusing the obvious copyright problems for a moment, consider the fact that this would have very little gain at all.

    The only people who will get some form of joy out of this addition to the game are the people who watch and enjoy Rick and Morty. Anyone else will see this addition as a neutral thing or a negative reference to a cartoon they consider cancerous. Personally I think a lot of people who don't even have beef with the show at all would feel like this was forced on them and they have to deal with an out-of-place pop culture reference in Minecraft.

    (But isn't Monty Python a part of pop culture? Well, that's true, but it's also aged considerably, and it's from 1975. It falls into a category with Back to the Future and other films and media as a "classic", wheras Rick and Morty is a relatively recent cartoon. There's no denying that there's a difference between adding a reference to Back to the Future to Minecraft and adding a reference to Teen Titans Go. The audience for both is considerably different too.)

    In addition to this, you've created a slippery slope (a term which I argue is mistakenly classified as a fallacy) where Mojang has nearly no boundaries to what pop culture references it may add to the game, so people will ask for the ability to rename weapons and tools to anything they want so they can roleplay with their favorite fictional universe.

    No Support.

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    Quote from alxgvr»

    But I think we don't need more then two types of alcohol. One strong (positive effect lasts half of the game day), another soft (effect lasts 5 min). Duration of abstinence phase equals positive phase (half of the day, 5min). But I do not insist. You can suggest another numbers.

    Seems like a good reason not to have more than two alcohols, although what if, instead, more expensive forms of alcohol using more expensive sources of starch would have a better positive-effect-to-abstinence duration ratio, however, the negative effects are worse for that shorter amount of time?

    That sets up a three variable balancing system, where the duration of the positive effects, the duration of the abstinence and the strength of the negative effects can all be considered before taking this item into a certain situation.

    As for the durations you've suggested, these sound pretty reasonable.

    It is also good, because you can utilize different food products. My concern is that game has a lot of eatable items, but no real use for them. You can build wheat farm and eat only bred. No need for other food. So my goal is to give more use for existing food. It is about gameplay mechanic, not only roleplay.

    To be fair, food does need another use since, by the time you're able to build an automatic chicken farm, wheat becomes completely useless besides making hay bales and breeding other animals, and wheat is about the most useful of the entire line of crops. As for the roleplay thing, that was a bit of an assumption and I suppose I just strawmanned you there.

    Another goal is to give player affordable potion on early stage of the game.

    To be honest, I'd probably use these more than potions since it's cheaper. The thing about regen potions or strength potions is that they require lots of work for a very short output, and putting gold ingots around an apple is easier than killing the mobs required to make either.

    As for kids... Well, you can butcher cows in this game. And build death camps for them called "automated farms". But I do not think it forces kids to slaughter animals in real life. And negative effect (abstinence) will teach them that drinking alcohol, actually, is a bad idea.

    I agree that it's stupid, and I'm sure that most kids learn what alcohol is from their parents long before video games introduce them to it.

    (The difference between this and the cow thing, however, is that when you kill a cow in the game a kid can easily make the connection that slapping cows with a sword makes them sad. Meanwhile, with the wine, the kid makes the connection that drinking wine has benefits, followed by disbenefits. It's a bit more complex than just saying "oh the player does this in the game, but he wouldn't do that in real life")

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    If I remember correctly, alcohol use raises a game's rating to "T for Teen" at the very least, while Minecraft is rated E10. To be honest, this seems silly to me since I'm sure kids will learn what alcohol is long before they reach 13, and from my early childhood memories I can confirm that I would probably intentionally avoid drinking alcohol in a game if presented with it anyway. Let's pretend this huge small barrier was removed.

    From a non-gameplay perspective:

    I'm confused why Booze is brewed from wheat and potatoes when those two food items are brewed into Beer and Vodka respectively, and I feel like individual forms of alcohol would be cooler than just two. Plus, "Booze" seems like too modern a slang word to refer to alcohol in Minecraft, whereas Beer is referenced often in fantasy and history-based games.

    I'm not sure why strength or stamina would be boosted by alcohol, which tends to make people drowsy and makes their judgment and risk evaluation worse. To be honest, the only reason people drink alcohol is that it (arguably) tastes good and the drugged feeling feels good. If the game had a sanity mechanic or a happiness mechanic, I'd see a point in drinking alcohol, but right now the game doesn't have a need to alcohol on a pure realism level.

    Also, grapes as a crop sound nice, I just don't see a lot of purpose in adding another food at the moment.

    From a gameplay perspective:

    It seems like there's a clear use for the Booze and Wine you've provided, but you haven't actually pointed out what positive effects are given or how long the positive effects or abstinence last. These are important because, without these specifics, I don't know in what situation either item is useful for. If the positive effects/abstinence last half an hour, I'd definitely drink these before going into battle with the Ender Dragon. If the positive effects last five minutes, I'd find this slightly helpful when clearing out a dark cave system before retreating back into the light.

    You also need to provide these since I have no idea how useful these are compared to regular potions. Do these drinks become completely useless once potions become an option, or are they far more powerful than potions? (To be fair, it doesn't take that much to be more powerful than potions since they're kinda disappointing right now IMHO.)

    Walking back home with abstinence seems like it'd be incredibly annoying and dangerous. If the hunger bar is lower than 3 bars, the player can't heal any health, and they're likely to die very quickly after the positive effects go away unless a bed is nearby.

    Grapes, as I mentioned before, have no use being in the game at the moment besides another sprite to grow and shake in front of your face to fill up a hunger bar.

    In conclusion:

    From what I'm reading, it seems like you want to add alcohol to the game purely for roleplay purposes, as is evidenced by your last sentence, and you've decided to give these two drinks a use that isn't really realistic and possibly not even practical.

    If you want something added to the game for roleplay purposes, I understand the desire, but I think those kinds of requests are best handled by mods. Minecraft is a minimal game, in my opinion, containing a small number of quality features rather than a huge number of identical or useless features. I honestly prefer it that way, since there's no way Minecraft can add everything a roleplayer would ever want.

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    posted a message on 128x128 skins
    Quote from Romaq»


    I was admittedly hoping for a more in-depth rebuttal/acknowledgment but okay. I think the thing about 2B2T is that it fully acknowledges and advertises that it is an anarchy server and for that reason, people treat it as such. That being said, I do agree that if Mojang can moderate Minecraft Earth, they can moderate HD skins.

    It would be great if I could have my avatar look more like my ferret persona than what is currently available.

    *looks to my left*

    *looks to my right*

    I think what would be even cooler than 128x128 skins is the ability to add ears, tails and other appendages to the player model

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    posted a message on New Ores

    Starting off with Gold Netherrack Ore and going backward, I don't have a problem with gold in the nether, and I think it'd make sense, even if gold doesn't have that many uses.

    I'm not a fan of adding another tool tier, and I don't think Amethyst is special enough that I would use both Diamond and Amethyst at the same time. At most this might help if I need to make a new tool/sword in the End and I have some wood on me. If this is what you want, I think I'd rather just have iron, gold or diamond spawn in the End rather than create a new tool ore.

    As for Amethyst's enchantment properties, it seems like they could be useful, but only if I'm lacking bookshelves or if it could bypass some limit that a maxed-out enchantment table with 3 lapis has that I'm not aware of.

    Again with the Copper, I'm not a fan of intermediate tiers of tools considering we already have one useless tier of tools. The only time you'd really use copper is if you're mining in the mountains, and I'm not sure why throughout this whole suggestion I've been interjecting with "The only time you'd really need this" a whole lot.

    Copper wire seems useful, but it's not enough of a use that I think warrants a new ore all on its own. Gold is also conductive, why not have gold wires instead?

    Overall, I think Nether Gold is good, but the other two ores need more uses to warrant adding into the game.

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    posted a message on Sawmills

    I feel like there's a better solution to this, and that'd be to just rename the Stonecutter to the "Round Saw" or something similar and use the same block to turn wood/stone/etc blocks into more refined blocks or smaller blocks.

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    Quote from Romaq»

    As I recall, another "nope-nope-nope" in the attitude of the Devs is "genitalia art" in skins. Yeah, you can still do it, but with the current resolution it is by default "pixelated out." For every doubling of the resolution, you quadruple the odds of idiots flaunting the size of their avatar's gonads. And since parents can't go after some random kid with tan-elephant head undies, Mojang will have to bear the brunt of the parental annoyance.

    When I opened this suggestion, this was my immediate concern, although I have to wonder if it's really that much of a problem. Consider the fact that in Minecraft, you can already build genitalia with blocks and write whatever you want in signs or chat. This specific change would just make it slightly easier for trolls to get onto a server and "flash" people before a moderator bans them.

    The specific articles you posted to deal with copyright law, which seems to oddly get more attention because people like to sue. I'm not sure what American or European law says about pornography distribution, but games like Roblox already allow for this kind of disgusting, albeit hilariously bad kind of pornification. Google will let minors search for explicit images as well without asking for the user's age.

    In addition to that, I'm not really sure doubling the resolution is going to be that bad. If you wanted to display porn on your body and arms for the world to see, a 128x128 skin would give you a whopping 32 x 24 space to put it on! At that point, we're still dealing with pixel art.

    There are a few solutions to this problem if you're still concerned. If I had to think of one:

    - Add a friends system. You can add or remove a friend using commands. The other player must accept a friend request before both players are made friends.

    - The player can decide whether skins are shown for no players, friends or all players.

    - The player can decide whether /msg works for only command blocks, friends or all players.

    - Potentially other friend-based things could be added, such as a gamerule to disallow friendly fire between friends on servers, etc.

    In addition to stopping players from showing you nude skins, this system can also stop strangers from attempting to PM you for personal information after they first meet you. It's not a perfect system obviously, but it adds a small level of security and it means Mojang doesn't have to screen every skin to make sure they're SFW.

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    Quote from LoRaM100»

    Why do we need any weapons in MINEcraft?

    I'd support this if the name were MURDERcraft, or Death/DismembermentCraft, or even BurryYourBuddy craft.

    No support unless you want to remove all combat changes since 1.8.

    Why do we need redstone in MINEcraft?

    I'd support this if the name were LOGICcraft, or Electricitycraft, or even SmartUseOfIngameMechanicscraft.

    Okay, look, the game already has swords. It already has people left-clicking on other people to make them turn red and then they fall over and drop what they were carrying. It already has killing animals and watching them drop meat items.

    I'm not sure why you're complaining about 1.9 either since you clearly hate all combat. Combat was slightly tweaked to make it more skill based in 1.9, and if I remember correctly, there may not have even been weapons added to the game by that update.

    This game has combat aspects to it because having semi-intelligent antagonists makes the game more interesting and less static. It also encourages the player to build infrastructure for the purpose of defense and security. (Albeit considering mobs can only spawn in a meager 40 block radius, this means larger fortresses are essentially pointless, which makes me sad. I like the idea of having a zombie army march towards my castle while I hurry to try and prepare for the invasion.)

    I've already pointed out in an earlier post that there are plenty of games with exactly zero combat involved, including voxel sandbox games like Minetest.

    As for the weapons presented in the original topic:

    Spear: I like the idea of spears if only because spears are an actual battle weapon as opposed to swords, which are primarily used for defense and as a backup weapon since they're easier to carry around and fight within close-quarters. I also feel like spears would be a very useful horseback weapon since you could effectively charge and skewer enemies.

    Javelin: I'm not as big a fan of the Javelin, though. It seems like it invalidates the bow a little bit too much.

    War Dart: Seems like you've been doing your research! The War Dart is a pretty prominent and underrated medieval weapon, albeit there isn't much point in adding it alongside the Javelin, which I already think is invalidating the semi-expensive bow.

    Gun: Both of the enchantments you've suggested for this weapon seem very strange. If a player drops an item when I shoot him, wouldn't he be able to pretty easily pick it right back up? Maybe this would be useful as a distraction to get some shots in before he reaches you, but in a 1v1 situation, you probably aren't going to pick up his items as they drop.

    I already had a great idea for a gun in this suggestion, even that suggestion seems to handle the idea of a gun much better. (Arquebus FTW)

    Sling: Of all the weapons, why would a Sling get the Leach enchantment? First of all, the idea of a ranged weapon is to avoid taking any damage at all, second of all, I don't know how you would steal life essence/health/whatever through a ranged weapon even if that were possible. It seems like that power makes more sense for a melee weapon.

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    posted a message on Burning paper

    As someone who has made campfires IRL before, you would definitely not be able to cook, much less smelt, using paper as fuel. A piece of paper takes about 2-30 seconds to burn fully, depending on how much fuel you are already burning in a fire and how big the piece of paper is. If the paper burns quickly enough, it will make the fire burn bright for a very, very brief moment, and then the paper will turn into ash.

    At most, you would only use paper to fuel a fire since it's easy to get one started this way. However, you need wood or coal to burn in order to produce a fire that produces enough heat to cook food or smelt metal. (Heck, the latter shouldn't even be possible with wood. Iron is usually smelted in Bloomeries, where charcoal and iron are put in an incredibly confined area to heat it up to incredibly high temperatures.)

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    posted a message on Weapon Idea: Primitive Gun (sounds crazy I know but please read)

    I'm actually very interested in seeing some form of gunpowder weapon make it into Minecraft. It very clearly falls into Minecraft's time period and I disagree with people who would call guns "too violent for Minecraft (a kids game)" since many games have guns, even if they're laser guns or something silly.

    That being said, this crafting recipe is incredibly cheap and rather simple too... Consider the fact that I'd probably be able to craft this thing long before I find diamonds. For a 1-shot insta-kill weapon, this is incredibly cheap. I wouldn't need to make a diamond sword as long as I could keep range with this thing. Also, are you implying that this thing 1-shots the Ender Dragon too? That seems incredibly overpowered. Granted, every shot requires an entire item of gunpowder, but that just means this weapon is almost exclusively for high-HP targets.

    I think a better solution would be to make this thing a weapon found in strongholds with craftable ammunition. If you're looking for guns that are borderline medieval to fit an ancient time period, the Arquebus seems like a good pick.

    History Time!

    While we're talking about early uses of gunpowder, Wikipedia tells me that the Chinese had multiple gunpowder-based weapons that weren't used to propel metal objects towards an enemy: the Fire Arrow appears to be a way of putting a small explosive on the end of an arrow, while the Fire Lance appears to be a regular spear that sprays fire for surprise, albeit less so damage. Eventually, people started putting small metal pieces in the fire spray, and these eventually became the first Hand Cannons, which we assume were introduced to the Middle East by Mongol invaders.

    As we get closer and closer to the end of the medieval period, cannons and guns were called Bombards throughout Europe. The aformentioned Arquebus appears just at the start of the 15th century, and is also known as the Hook Gun, because it would usually have a special hook for attaching to battlements so you can get a steady shot. A matchlock was added to the weapon in 1475 so that the user wouldn't need to light a match and apply it to a string. This made the Arquebus the first firearm with a trigger, and essentially the first weapon we might recognize as a gun. Later on the Heavy Arquebus would become the Musket, which was built to pierce armor. This would effectively end the era of metal armor.

    The term "Rifle" originates from "Rifling", or the process of adding grooves to the interior of the gun barrel. True Rifles wouldn't become prominent until well into the 18th century, but the earliest one seems to be dated to 1508. True Flintlocks started appearing in the early 16th century. The first Pistol wouldn't be seen until well into the late 16th century, and the first weapon closest to an automatic weapon would be the Puckle Gun.

    Interestingly, the Gunpowder Age as we know it would end in about 1902 when Smokeless Powder overtook Gunpowder as a bullet propellant.

    With that history lesson out of the way, I think the main use for the Arquebus is obvious: Armor Penetration.

    If an enemy is charging at you with diamond armor, being able to cause them quite a bit of damage no matter what armor they're wearing can be devastating. Maybe to add to this, Thorns damage shouldn't harm a player who attacks with an Arquebus, establishing the Arquebus as the weapon to take down tin cans careening towards your castle. Just for consistency, the Arquebus also does bonus damage to Iron Golems.

    Just as an idea, the Arquebus should deal 3 hearts of damage against Players and other mobs, but 10 against Iron Golems. Seems balanced enough not to be too overpowered.

    Now, the Arquebus wouldn't be very accurate as it isn't rifled, so it wouldn't be a long-range weapon. You'd also need to reload very quickly. That being said, this would be useful for quickly lowering an armored opponent's HP before coming in with a sword for the kill.

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    posted a message on lettuce in minecraft?

    As I saw the retirement of the Minecraft Forum nearing ever closer, I feared that in being archived our Suggestions Forum would be dismissed as nothing more than a place to dump low-effort, badly-written meme suggestions about burgers and emerald tools. But just as all hope was lost, I heard a thunderous roar from the sky; the clouds parted and a holy light began shining down from the skies.

    Down descended this beautifully written suggestion, crafted using only the finest words and the finest sentence structure. The tone of the dialogue was like music when spoken; each sentence was as carefully crafted as— if not far more than— the lines from Shakespeare's own plays. Tears of joy filled the eyes of all the Minecrafters who read. Those who were fans of other games left them: for Minecraft's Forum, even in its final days, had birthed the most beautiful forum post ever to grace the internet, from here to the end of time.


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