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    posted a message on Easy Difficulty is Too Hard

    I can kinda relate to this since I'm a bit of a n00b even after four-ish years of playing the game, mostly because I do a lot of stupid stuff like jumping into a group of monsters thinking I can kill them all.

    That being said, I think I'm the exception to the rule. I also find that people who think the game should be easier tend to say it's too hard for their kids. That's fair since Normal and Hard exist to make the game harder, so why shouldn't Easy be easy enough for the lowest age demographic the game appeals to, namely 10-year-olds?

    Alright so what about these changes?

    -ALL Mobs should have less health on easy difficulty

    Eh... Maybe on its own, but I wouldn't do that in addition to all the other additions.

    -ALL Mobs attack speed should be lower on easy difficulty

    Seems reasonable.

    -Skeletons should fire bows WAY SLOWER on easy difficulty


    -The drowned should spawn a lot less on easy difficulty

    Hmmm maybe? I haven't had a lot of experience with drowned yet, but I do think the fact they spawn in any water with a light level of 7 sounds annoying.

    -The drowned guys that throw the harpoon should fire WAY SLOWER on easy difficulty. They practically have a machine gun with auto aim.

    Again, haven't had a lot of experience with these guys yet so I'll have to take your word for it.

    -Food depletion is ridiculous on easy difficulty. Each single time we fight a monster, we have to immediately eat right after it or we will die when the second monster comes to fight because our hunger is now so low from replenishing our health.

    Food depletion in general is kinda ridiculous, so you're not alone on this one.

    Now, in defense of Minecraft as it currently stands, I don't think even in Easy mode monsters should be incompetent. But I do think they do deserve a little bit of a nerf.

    Mostly Support.

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    posted a message on New Pickaxe enchantment?
    Quote from ReactionGD»

    Wishbone: when you are digging or in a cave, right clicking with the pickaxe with play a sound queue and point you in the direction of the nearest underground structure(if within range)

    I'm not really a fan of this. It's not that hard to find a mineshaft once you've traveled far enough from spawn, it'd be more useful if the pickaxe found dungeons and strongholds, but that would be far too overpowered IMO.

    Miners delight: when exploring new chunks, ores will have higher spawn rates, this rewards the player for exploration

    I'm not a fan of changing the map generation based on incredibly random factors like this, or really any factor that isn't set at the beginning of the game. Besides detracting from the utility of sharing seeds, it also just means players are discouraged from exploring early-game, waiting to get a Miners' Delight pickaxe so they can maximize the amount of ore that spawns in the world. Not only that, but this enchantment only has a chance of benefitting the user on top of a chance of benefitting competitor/opponent players.

    Also, it's practically useless if most of the chunks in a given radius around spawn have already been explored.

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    posted a message on Castle Gates and Castle Equipment Update

    Big Castle Gates: Castle portcullises or drawbridges are basically impossible to build in Minecraft right now without mountains of redstone. If structures existed to slide blocks on rails or rotate them on hinges, this would be tremendously helpful for people who want these kinds of large doors. I'm not really a fan of giant over-sized blocks, though, since this limits what you can do with those structures.

    New Weapons and Armor: I'd actually like new weapons like different sized-swords, spears, etc., albeit I think a new combat system would be required for this to take place. As for armor, I think it'd be cool to have a gambeson in the game since padded armor is actually fairly powerful compared to how it's portrayed in D&D or other roleplaying games. I think aesthetic-wise though, if enchantments added certain additions to your armor (for example, thorns would add spikes to your armor) that'd be pretty cool, definitely far cooler than just a purple shine.

    Tapestries: We already have banners, but it'd be nice to be able to have something that doesn't have gaps when you place two or more of them next to each other. Maybe if we could place carpets sideways?

    New Blocks: I can't really comment on this since you didn't tell us what these new blocks are.

    Furniture: While I acknowledge furniture items would look far better than stairs, signs, fences and pressure plates, I'm against adding chairs or tables since, unlike stairs, signs, fences or pressure plates, chairs and tables can't be reused for other purposes. In addition to that, there are so many different ways to build chairs or tables that you're always going to have that one design that people want that isn't in the game, like lawn chairs or armchairs or what-have-you.

    That being said, chairs are pretty universal and something that a lot of people want, and I suppose there are a lot of far less useful items in the game. If you could come up with a list of chairs that are crafted from different wood types, and you managed to effectively cover enough categories of chair that people won't have a problem picking one for the right situation, I might support chairs.

    Overall, I support some of the ideas of the post, but this is almost definitely a wishlist and against the rules of the forum. I'd suggest focusing on one topic next time, the castle gates, for example, and going into better detail about that thing.

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    posted a message on Paws and Claws update

    I'm not really a fan of changing the pet system to something closer to a Chao Garden from the Sonic series. Pets in Minecraft are meant to fill a purpose which may not always be terribly useful, but could be useful nonetheless.

    A cage could be useful on its own for transporting small mobs like Chickens, Rabbits, Foxes, Bats, Cats or Parrots, and possibly Silverfish, Baby Zombies and Slimes if you can manage to catch them. A cage with a bird in it could be a nice decoration too. (I'd say Baby Villagers since that would be useful utility-wise, but that just sounds far too weird and wrong for Minecraft.)

    A fish bowl might be nice, but I doubt I'd use it as anything but a fish-bowl. I'm hesitant to add furniture blocks to the game if they can't be reused as something else.

    Being able to respawn your pets is great if all you do with your pets is roleplay with them, but I don't think Mojang originally intended for people to do that. I imagine Mojang intended for you to breed wolves as unnamed helpers to help you kill mobs while you're mining or exploring, albeit this is hard to do since they tend to teleport or just walk into danger, or sometimes just right in front of where you're swinging your pickaxe.

    That being said, maybe respawning pets would make people want to use them more often. It's hard to not get a little attached to the pets, no matter how utilitarian your playstyle is. Personally I'd do this using nametags, and a pet's respawn point would be placed near the player's spawn point once the player uses a nametag on their pet. Considering nametags have to be fished out of the ocean or found in dungeons, it seems like it'd be a good reward if they made your pets indestructible. (Mind you, you'd want to add a way of un-naming a pet if you need to get rid of them for some reason.)

    Mild Support of certain elements or themes.

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    posted a message on What is the worst biome to try and survive in?

    I hate to be generic but, I'd have to argue that deserts are probably the worst place to live, or even to spawn into.

    Sure, you can get wood from a village if it spawns, but that's going to take a long time to get a resource that is usually as early-game as something can be. Not only that, however: the lack of grass means no early-game farming. Heck, without dirt, there will be no farming in general. But as if this food shortage wasn't enough, Husks spawn to eliminate your hunger in minutes. At least in a Mushroom Island biome, you might be able to eat raw beef for a while, but you won't last long on rotten flesh.

    If you are lucky enough to kill a few spiders and grab a few sticks from dead bushes, then if you find a small pond or a cave with water, you might be able to fish to survive your way out of the desert, but remember that Husks don't burn after sunrise, so you'll need to carry a lot of food with you just in case. You are also going to have to fight with your fists until you find wood, be warned.

    That being said, the Desert isn't that much worse than a Mushroom Island biome, but the Mushroom Island biome still benefits from having beef readily available in large quantities. If you can get a crafting table on a Mushroom Island, that also means leather armor almost becomes worth the cost and creating a fully-powered enchanting table requires far less grinding.

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    posted a message on Theft in a Village gives Bad Omen
    Quote from fishg»

    Would you like it if some powerful stranger showed up in your town and decided to "remodel it" by tearing down your homes, destroying your crops, and rebuilding everything?

    You can always build a new village and move the villagers there.

    True, but on the other hand it'd be very complicated simulating buying the Villager's property and promising them either a better house somewhere else or a better house in the previous house's current location. In addition, this still doesn't count about the fact that once you've built the villager's their new home, the game's simple idea of how property ownership works means that a crafting station in your house on the same street or your own bed is ripe for a Villager's plundering.

    There's also no way for a Villager to understand that the apartment they own may have possessions of theirs in their home, but the player who owns the property can do whatever he pleases and is able to move around beds and such as they like.

    Worse yet, assume that while staying in a village, you needed to craft a Barrel and store some goods temporarily. When you need to leave, you mine up your barrel, which just so happens to be the workstation of a fisherman. Obviously this doesn't count as "stealing", much less does it warrant a raid. That's not even counting a player who just happens to set up base in a Village.

    Now, if you wanted to add villagers that really do get mad when they're supposed to and if we were to ignore the consequences of complexity or RAM usage for a moment:

    - Villagers need far better communication skills. You should be able to talk to them about their property, their work, etc. Unless you can strategically use images to convey some pretty complex ideas clearly, this may require a lot of work for the language translation team.

    - Villagers own a property defined by a set of boxes, each defined by two opposite sides.

    - Blocks are organized now into 3 categories: Furniture, Construction, and Incidental.

    --- Furniture would consist of, well, furniture items like pots, workstations and beds, with bookshelves as a possible inclusion. Construction would include construction materials like stone, hardened clay, wood, etc. Incidental would include blocks that nobody cares if you destroy: water should belong in here so Villagers don't get mad at you for using infinite water sources, but grass and snow would be included here too.

    --- A Villager is aware of how much and what type of furniture he owns. If a piece of furniture is placed in his home that he doesn't recognize, he ignores it. If a piece of his furniture is removed by a player, the Villager is made angry. After a long period of time, he may attempt to buy/craft a new piece of furniture. The Villager's anger can be averted if an equivalent furniture item is placed within his property. There may be some situations where the Villager moves furniture around too, but this isn't as important.

    --- A Villager has a saved schematic of his property which includes only construction blocks. If blocks are removed, it angers him and if he is angry enough, he may stop trading at all until repairs are done. A Villager will show a player what blocks are missing if asked. If the damage was done by a non-player, the villager may reward the player with cheap trades for repairing his home. (Of course, there is a possibility that players will attempt to lure creepers towards houses, but we'll ignore that for now.)

    Villagers also don't like it when you place construction blocks on their house either, so don't do that unless you're repairing their house.

    --- Villagers don't care what you do with incidental blocks. Grass, non-potted flowers, snow, etc.

    - Villagers now have complete inventories, and will mine and place their furniture if they please.

    - You can offer to remodel or move a Villager's home. You will be given two markers to mark out the size and location of each new box that will constitute the Villager's new "property". The Villager will allow you to mine away at his home while you are remodeling and take his furniture items.

    - If you offer to remodel or move a Villager's home, he will have specific demands:

    --- Before you even begin, the Villager needs to trust you. You'll need to trade with the Villagers in a Village to at least gain some good reputation, or possibly earn Hero of the Village.

    --- First, the Villager will require all furniture items he previously owned.

    --- Second, the Villager will require that certain construction blocks be used, while others not be used. This may include biome-themed blocks, at least one door, etc.

    --- Third, the Villager will request that the new home be illuminated inside, meaning that all blocks covered by a roof must have a light level of 8 or more to prevent mob spawns.

    --- Fourth, the property must contain a certain number of roofed blocks, ideally counting additional floors. I was considering having the property be a certain size, but I thought this would be a better way to avoid players giving villagers a small hut on a massive prairie. Plus, we measure houses by floor space in real life.

    --- Fifth, the property must be within a certain distance of the village.

    - The fifth parameter may be countered if you turn the villager into a settler. A settler is a special unemployed villager that will follow the player around, but only for a hefty emerald price. However, if you want to colonize new lands, or you want to sneak a villager with especially good trades back home, or if you just have a large quantity of emeralds on you and you need to clear a village for construction, this may be worth taking into consideration.

    - Alternatively to simplify that previous bit, Villagers can have their property bought which makes them unemployed. They could then be transported the old fashioned way through minecarts or boats, then the player can offer to build the unemployed villager a house.

    - Something I forgot to mention, but an unemployed villager will remember previous skills and trades he had in the past and will regain those skills and knowledge once he has a workstation and a house again.

    I'm not sure what use this pipe dream has, but maybe someone can attempt to simplify this system to the point that it could be implemented?

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    posted a message on Theft in a Village gives Bad Omen

    Gonna be honest, I'm not really a fan of this one. It doesn't make logical sense, and it means accidentally breaking something can cause a Raid. Worse yet, in player-built villages, all of a sudden the player may find that he is unable to farm from his nearby wheat farm without starting a raid. Lastly, it seems like this would be upsetting for small children who want to "help" the villagers by building them a nicer house or something.

    Personally, I'm more of a fan of AMPPL50's suggestion of increasing prices and, if the villagers get mad enough, making iron golems aggressive. To counter this, placing a workstation or bed in the vicinity of the village will calm the villagers equivalently. That way if you break something but put it back, it's no harm no foul. In addition, breaking crops, for the moment, shouldn't make villagers mad at you if only because crops are so easy to break. Villages are also one of the only ways to get potatoes and carrots, and I imagine most people get their potatoes and carrots that way unless they're extremely lucky with a zombie.

    As for the issue of villages breaking survival by adding quite a hefty amount of resources to start out with, I think the solution here is to simply change how Villages spawn. I've been in plenty of worlds where I spawn right next to a village, and I think it's time to change that. Instead of the current system:

    - Abandoned Villages are a thing. An Abandoned Village would contain little-to-no loot, no workstations, no beds and some of the structures would show signs of damage or decay. Farmland would be replaced with dirt or path blocks and there would be no crops to be found.

    - Zombie Villages, as opposed to right now, would be packed full of zombie villagers, all of them wearing leather, iron and rarely gold helmets and a few regular Zombies carrying weapons. A few zombie spawners would be located in some of the larger buildings where workstations would normally be located. These would only spawn regular zombies, however, meaning that you can't turn a zombie village into a farm for regular villagers. (I could add some restrictions to the spawner, but this is a suggestion about Villages, not spawners.)

    - Possibly Zombie Villages could have different loot from regular villages, possibly not.

    - No Villages spawn within a 500-block radius of spawn.

    - Zombie Villages or new Abandoned Villages spawn infrequently in a 1000-block radius.

    - Zombie Villages and Abandoned Villages spawn frequently in a 2000-block radius. Regular Villages spawn infrequently within that radius.

    - Zombie Villages spawn infrequently, once again, beyond 2000 blocks. Abandoned Villages would still spawn frequently. Regular Villages would spawn just as frequently as abandoned ones beyond 2000 blocks.

    Given that this would mean any given village could be abandoned or filled with Zombies, that means that a player needs to think twice before entering a village and may not even find anything worth stealing. If they do get lucky enough after quite a bit of exploration, they can try and steal a few workstations or a bed, but theft will not benefit them in the long run.

    As a final note, I don't feel like stealing workstations is that much of a problem. Many of the workstations require very little besides iron, string, wood or other easy-to-get early-to-mid-game materials. I could see how stealing a bed might break the balance since beds are now required to stop swarms of phantoms from attacking you, but even then it's not a huge game-breaking issue. That being said, it would make logical sense if committing crime had its consequences.

    No Support, but I do agree that the issue this suggestion is trying to fix might at least be worth it fixing, just in different ways.

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    posted a message on A bucket of milk a day keeps the pillagers away.

    I'm actually really glad you've come forward and admitted that despite finding a feature useful at getting around unpleasant gameplay, you still think it's unbalanced. The fact that you can separate a subjective opinion of what's fun and what's not from an objective sense of balance is pretty good for a first-poster and I congratulate you.

    The Bad Omen thing has always seemed like a weird way to start a raid to me: it seems like you could just either die or wait out the time it takes for the effect to go away. Personally, I think a better way to do raids would be to make them somewhat like events in Terraria, where after doing something that might cause an event, you get a message like "A chill runs down your spine", and then a boss or event has a chance of appearing/happening.

    In Minecraft, I think the best way to do this would be if the banner item the main Pillager dropped could be used to summon a raid if placed in a Village or near the player's spawn point. Either the game would check the features on a banner when placed or banners would come with a specific tag that determines whether or not it spawns a raid.

    If Mojang intended for the player to wait out the effect or suffer consequences, I feel like a cheap mid-game item should not solve this issue instantaneously. Support.

    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    If you think that's bad, go on reddit and look at someone's suggestion to make the ravagers able to destroy any block, with presumably no way to prevent their invasion, not even lighting. Count yourself lucky that Mojang doesn't go to such extremes to troll their player base. Lizking10152011 specifically stated that he'd play on peaceful if such a change were to happen as it would kill the incentive to build anything decent in survival gameplay on other modes.

    I know that what you're talking about is pretty bad, but is there really a reason to go on a tangent about somebody else's suggestion here? I'm also not a fan of just bringing up people's bad suggestions just for borderline gossip. There's no reason to include a quote from Lizking since we can all tell that the suggestion is bad. In addition to that, you never even responded to this suggestion, you just talked about some other one. Why even reply at all if you weren't going to critique or praise the suggestion?
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    posted a message on Agricultural Additions: Making Farming Fun & Balanced!

    It's been a while since I made any changes to my Food and Hunger Overhaul, but if I were to go back and make any these would all be a part of it.

    Tilling Farmland: I don't think there's anything to say here but yes. The fact that better tier hoes have no benefit besides durability is a huge mistake on Mojang's part. Sure, after this change I don't think too many people will craft a diamond hoe since tilling farmland is a bit of a once-in-a-playthrough thing, but at the very least an iron hoe starts to look like a good investment for large-scale farming.

    One thing I will say though is that I think if this were added, simply jumping on farmland shouldn't destroy it, since it'd be annoying to have to constantly repair farmland like that. As an alternative, water and blocks placed on top of farmland should destroy the farmland block, and right-clicking with a shovel could also turn the block back into dirt.

    Climate and Crop Growth: I like this. It's a good way to get a player to travel and build infrastructure as opposed to staying in one place. It also means control of one or multiple biomes has very good benefits on a server.

    Animal Eating: I like this, albeit there are some changes I would make:

    - Eating a piece of grass only has a small chance of giving back an animal's hunger. This means that it's better if your animals have plenty of land to eat from, and keeping your animals in a tiny confined pen will not be good for them.

    - An animal will eat until it has replenished its hunger, then it will wait for a random period of time.

    - If an animal is fed with actual food items, in addition to going into breeding mode, you have a chance of unlocking extra slots in the hunger bar. This means feeding your animal lots of food items can give you more drops in the long run.

    Breeding: All good here, I like that you might want to take into consideration the animals you're breeding before you breed them.


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    posted a message on Come on, give us a recipe of yellow + blue = green!
    Quote from erictom333»

    Nobody would use this, as cactus green is easier to come by than lapis.

    I would actually disagree with this. Unless you build some giant cactus farm that gives you stacks of dye every minute, live in a desert biome, or at the very least plant a lot of cacti somewhere nearby, you're probably more likely to find a few dandelions and a few lapis nearby and combine them for small projects.

    Personally, my concern is that this recipe could be too useful, thereby making cactus redundant. Dandelions are easy to make with a bit of bonemeal and lapis isn't that hard to find either. Heck, if you never collect dandelions, you're probably going to have more trouble finding them than you will the lapis.

    Support, albeit Cactus could use a few more uses.

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    posted a message on Remove AFK Fishing
    Quote from McNubberson»

    I don't need to. It's a choice.

    Okay, bad choice of wording, but why do you want to?

    As far as some quasi survival/creative mode. The only thing you have to do in survival is get food, and depending on your difficulty setting, that is not even true. So is it really a true survival game? My kids when playing by themselves, use survival as a challenging creative map.

    You're getting caught up in wording. One of the modes is essentially "Playing a Game Mode", the other is "Infinite Resources Mode". Why does some hybrid mode need to be available through some unforeseen use of the fishing system?

    Quote from quantumxg

    You may want to read who I was replying to because my post had nothing to do with AFK fishing.

    Understood, and I will testify to my terrible reading skills, thank you for correcting me.

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    posted a message on Remove AFK Fishing
    Quote from piscesdead»

    Thing is, Minecraft doesn't have lore. There are multiple ones, yes, but those are the community's interpretation. Maybe the reason why the 1 block water makes fishing possible is that the item literally grown inside the water where previously they are actually micro-sized. Who knows?

    Okay, but why would the item grow inside the water?

    Let's assume a different scenario. Suppose there's a glitch in an RPG game where an NPC that gives you a trivial item with buff or something is reset if you perform a very simple set of steps, allowing you to get an infinite amount of that item. You could explain away this with "Oh, he just has a large supply of that item", but there's no reason to assume that and it likely goes against what the developers had in mind.

    So why isn't there a divide between Players who use KeepInventory and not?

    I used to be a keepInventory guy. If I joined a server I would usually just deal with it, albeit I never really got invested in servers.

    I don't have actual numbers obviously, but I'd assume the audience that uses keepInventory tends to be very small, and it probably consists of either very young or very casual players. I also think you'd just be laughed out of a server if you told the owner you wanted keepInventory on, considering it'd just mark you as a noob who dies a lot.

    Also, I don't really support the use of keepInventory anymore and I don't think it's a legitimate way to play Survival Mode, but if your only goal is to have fun with Minecraft as a game engine, then party on. Same goes with mods and datapacks.

    Or those who use bonus chest or not.

    For one, Minecraft isn't like Age of Empires where getting a boost like that at the beginning of the game can change the course of the entire game.

    For two, again, I imagine the percentage of the community that absolutely needs a bonus chest at the beginning of the game is very small.

    The community's already divided thanks to their dumb decision on releasing their game with too many engines.

    True, but it's gotten better with the Bedrock Edition uniting a lot of the consoles and some of the PC players.

    Personally, I don't really think community division is that big of a problem, I just say this because people want to use gamerules as a "compromise" so the community won't be "divided."

    But AFK fishing loved by many people so that's not classified under "minor game politics"

    Okay fine, how about gamerules should never be added on the basis of any politics.

    Again, the correct solution to an issue is not a compromise, a compromise is just a solution to an argument around an issue.

    Because those things you mentioned can be fixed using data packs?

    Okay, but why is fishing special? Why can't every event in the game have an XP reward customizable by gamerules if one aspect is given this treatment?

    Gamerules has their obvious ups and downs but based on your statement it seems pretty logical on making AFK somewhat optional is the best way.

    I have no idea how to interpret this sentence based on the specific material you quoted. The start of the sentence seems to be about gamerules, but then the second part has to do with making AFK fishing optional.

    Maybe you meant: "Gamerules have their obvious ups and downs, but based on your statement it seems pretty logical they would be the best way to make AFK Fishing optional"

    If you meant that, I disagree and I think you should read what I said again. I do not want an enableAFKFishFarms gamerule, because it would be convoluted and it would only exist for minor political reasons.

    In addition, making a gamerule that configures settings X, Y and Z means that if Mojang tries to change how X, Y or Z work, now they have to work to make sure that legacy code exists so that when that gamerule is flicked on, it still produces results that the community obsessed over that functionality want.

    For example, suppose that an enableAFKFishFarms gamerule existed which made fishing require no bait, reward XP and allowed rods to have Mending. Now suppose that somewhere down the road, Mojang wants to change how Mending works which would break this gamerule's promised functionality.

    In order for the "enableAFKFishFarms" gamerule to remain functional, Mojang essentially has to keep the legacy functionality of Mending in the game and enable Fishing Rods to make use of that code specifically because of some community members would be "mad" if they couldn't AFK Fish. Now, an "oldMendingFunctionality" gamerule could make sense in this situation, but just a blanket "enableAFKFishFarms" rule presents problems for future additions to the game.

    Let's look at another example based on another popular divide: an "enableOldPVP" gamerule that allows swords to block, removed shields and half of 1.9 entirely would be another bad blanket statement that means Mojang is preserving swaths of old functionality hidden behind a gamerule with no customization. I used to be against a "disableCombatCooldown" gamerule, but nowadays I think it's an acceptable addition. I don't support it as a political compromise, I support it since it makes sense and could be useful for mapmakers.

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    posted a message on Remove AFK Fishing
    Quote from McNubberson»

    I was suggesting in a different thread.

    Okay, done.

    This was in general.

    I find that hard to believe when you posted this specific reply during a long conversation with someone making the argument you claimed was "useless"

    They have been suggested before, without the arguments. I'd say see fishg's thread, but I was notified you already had because I've already said generally, I like it. I hope it polishes up. Also, if they cannot take it, maybe the internet is a bad place.

    "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."


    I've been debated, mocked, and still kept on trucking. All I did was defend Mojang's decision to keep it all these years. As much as I detest Iron farms, I'll go to bat for them too.

    This is an argument... where you debate... so I would imagine you've been debated in this thread, but okay. As for mocked, I apologize if at any point I've gotten frustrated enough to make some off-color comments.

    Also, why do you need to defend Iron Farms or AFK Fish Farms if you acknowledge their lack of balance? Why do you feel the need to defend the freedom to effectively turn Survival Mode into some weird combination between Survival Mode and Creative Mode that doesn't need to exist?

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    posted a message on Fishing Overhaul

    Support, albeit I kinda wish this post had more content than it does:


    - Worms are good, but I'm not sure I like the idea of getting a massive load of worms after terraforming away a large hill or mountain. Maybe these should drop from long grass as an alternative to seeds?

    - Seeds are good, but I think they should have a smaller radius than Worms, making them the "gold tier" of the fishing system. It's very easy to mass a lot of seeds as opposed to a lot of worms.

    - Nether Beetles sound good, got no problems here.

    - Nightcrawlers sound good, and I like that phantoms have a purpose too.

    - Since I just demoted seeds, why not have Rotten Flesh take their place? Rotten Flesh is just a tad harder to get and also has very few uses besides trading.

    - Enchanted books are an odd item to be found by fishing at all, but I think they'd make more sense if Villagers sold you a specific "Magic Bait" that made enchanted books more common. (Considering how rare it is to get a book at all, I think it'd make sense with the end of AFK Fishing.)

    - It might be cool if there were more bugs to fish with that specifically give more of one item than another, but I don't wanna make my reply too long.

    Making the jumping in the water technique less rewarding:

    When fishing in real life, you want to keep very quiet since the fish can still somewhat detect the noise even underwater. Not only that, but they can obviously feel the pressure of you jumping into the water.

    I think it'd make sense if while fishing, loud noises, and players immersed in water would scare away fish. Spearfishing Sword-fishing would still be possible if a fish is in a contained area one ends up getting too close to the shore, but fishing with a rod would still be far easier.

    New Loot?:

    It might be cool if the Fisherman Villager bought rare fish like the Clownfish or possible similar interesting fish. In addition, it might just be cool to hang a particularly rare fish on your wall.

    One idea I had was an Electric Eel, but I have no idea what it'd be useful for. Perhaps a certain redstone contraption could be crafted with it? Perhaps it could be attached to certain weapons? IDK.

    I think Mending books should be removed from the list of enchantments a fishing book can receive and cursed enchantments should be more common as the enchantments get better. Mending should become exclusive to rare structures, trading and The End.

    Wolftopia's suggestion about Limited per-chunk treasure:

    I like this idea, but for the sake of servers, I think that in addition, the treasure in a chunk should slowly replenish over time. However, in order to encourage exploration, chunks further away from spawn will replenish treasure faster up to a certain point.

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    posted a message on Remove AFK Fishing
    Quote from Leed»

    I never said it was pointless. What I am saying is that it can give some good items like a good bow or fishing rod, but you only need one of each. Any gained from their on out is a waste of space.

    As I said earlier, the only pro to AFK fishing is the EXP for mending tools, a good book once in a while, and maybe a stack of fish to cook if you need it. That is it.

    Good books, food, and XP which would otherwise require skill or grind to attain, but have now been granted to the player in exchange for keeping their computer on all night.

    Why should the game encourage AFKing at all regardless of what items are given?

    It is simply not a big deal. Considering I just spent only 2 hours today building a mob farm that gets be 9,000+ drops per hour, it is obvious that AFK fishing is nowhere near game breaking.

    You keep using other farms as an example as if there's some kind of arbitrary limit which separates "good AFK farms" and "bad AFK farms", but you've never actually defined this limit.

    Honestly, it has got to the point that sand is more vulnerable to me then all of the AFK fishing books I get. My base is 2,000 blocks from the nearest desert and I need a ton of sand for a project. I simply don't need anymore books since the mismatched enchantments doesn't allow me to put it on my Armour or I don't have enough levels to add them anyways.

    This is anecdotal evidence. At the same time, I could easily give hypothetical examples of where AFK Fish Farms would come in very handy.

    Every MC world and play through is too unique to accuse something of being a exploit without mountains of evidence.

    An exploit has nothing to do with the uniqueness of a Minecraft world or playthrough.

    Even though I get a ton of books, I simply do not need mostly all of them which makes them worthless.

    On the other hand, someone who needs a very specific enchantment from that wide selection now has an incredibly high chance of getting that enchantment for free.

    There is no point in mending if you remove basic EXP farms.

    You assume that XP Farms are the only way to get mass XP. There are others: smelting large quantities of cheap items is one way, for example.

    Not only that, but Mending without mass XP farms can still be used to just slow down the process of your tool's decay. This is especially effective with Weapons and Fishing Rods who's sole job gives them XP to repair themselves.

    I don't get the whole anti-AFK fish farm idea. I repair my tools overnight and then work the next day and repeat. I am having fun and removing this free EXP would simply make the game way more annoying with it comes to difficulty. I would need to constantly mine to repair my tools or try to build some big EXP farm from day 5 with no resources.

    You would need to mine for resources because the game is called "Minecraft".

    What separates you and me is that I actually get the AFK Fish Farm idea and the idea of Farms in general. I've watched some of the Hermitcraft series and I understand the desire to just skip half of the "annoying" aspects of this survival game like Hunger, Tool Decay and even Hostile Mobs, then turning the game into just two challenges: collect resources, clear terrain and build buildings.

    The thing is, though, the game is not just a collecting resources and building buildings simulator. If you wanted it to be that, I'm sure mods exist to fulfill that fantasy and commands can almost definitely do that, but the vanilla game has aspects of survival, adventure, and combat mixed into the game.

    Quote from McNubberson (I couldn't be bothered to figure out how to quote properly since these responses are on two different pages)

    The same arguments being made today in the present, have been made before. You want this to change? I suggest new material. I also suggest making actual ways of fixing it, then to just argue whether it is an exploit, or if you like it or not.

    We have suggested "actual ways of fixing it" multiple times throughout this argument. In my first post, for example, I suggested bait items be required in order to fish. This is beyond the scope of the current suggestion, however, which simply suggests an end to AFK Fish Farms in general.

    Also, trying to prove the worthiness of an item to a person whom sees no value in a particular item, isn't making a point.

    He was the one who initiated an argument for AFK Fish Farms in that they should stay because they're not "super totally game-breaking", but even if what you were saying was true, then trying to convince us the non-worth of an item is also not making a point.

    I mean how did this thread even become a thing. It was a blanket statement saying it was bad. I remember when suggestions here had to have an outlined idea for implementing or fixing things followed with ideas and/or steps to improve it. It mitigated most arguing and actually talked about the real suggestion.

    A valid point, but from what we've seen perhaps it's better that this suggestion was made anyway because if someone were to suggest actual ideas, people would attack them for getting rid of AFK Fish Farming instead of critiquing the ideas.

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