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    posted a message on Interdimensional Teleportation


    In addition, you should be able to teleport to players in other dimensions, but a dialogue in the chat will appear. (Because Minecraft actually allows for clickable chat.)

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    posted a message on Sapphire Suggestion (Not just another tools)

    I like it, but sapphire should spawn in the nether or the end. The overworld already has two blue-ish ores and I think Sapphire could work in the Nether. (Although maybe it should spawn within another type of rock that spawns in veins within the Nether/End, because Netherrack's red color would clash significantly.)

    One idea I have is a Sapphire Mask that would let you work underwater without your air meter decreasing for a short period of time, but we already have Water Breathing potions...

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    posted a message on "Docile" NBT Tag

    I will have to check, but I don't believe the scoreboard team method allows the sort of functionality given to passive mobs. Will zombies not attack a villager on their team?

    If I remember correctly, yes. You can actually try it out doing:

    "/scoreboard teams add (team name)"

    "/scoreboard teams join (team name) @e[(entity selection)]"

    Quote from CaptainSonicYT»

    Oh. I didn't realize that.

    No support then!

    I didn't say this is a useless suggestion, though. You could use this if you don't want mobs to attack mobs on other teams, because I also seem to remember that mobs cannot be on two teams at once. (Although I'm not quite as sure about that as I am about scoreboard teams affecting mob aggression.)

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    posted a message on Make minecraft more personalized
    Quote from MahNameEJeff»

    What ya think?

    I think that while all of that sounds cool... You should really give us more details if you want us to review or improve on them.
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    posted a message on Should there be a Herobrine easter egg?

    Honestly, the reason we can't put Herobrine into the game, is the same reason we can't put Harambe into the game. Nobody would take it seriously.

    Herobrine is almost like the "Cringe-y Sonic Original Character" of Minecraft.

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    posted a message on Remove the Crafting Guide

    Mojang, please. Remove the crafting guide book. Because discovering how to craft something is what makes Minecraft unique. I don't think this is what makes Minecraft unique, rather, the style in which you craft. Now because there are guides for showing how to craft things and worst of all you can just click the icon and automatically craft it, it makes Minecraft crafting system unoriginal. Maybe it does, but crafting isn't exactly something I want to spend long amounts of time doing, considering it's only a small part of the game. (Despite the game being called Minecraft...)

    Before you are saying that people will forget how to craft certain things and make it difficult for newcomers.

    There's a thing called "watching Minecraft tutorials on YouTube" or "Opening the Minecraft Wiki." Soooo.... If I have bad internet, (which is a real problem, considering the Minecraft Wiki ads are really terrible...) sucks for me?

    Responses in Bold.

    No Support.

    Ignoring the fact that you basically want Mojang to undo a whole update, like so many people want to do with 1.9, this is a feature totally meant for new users. (Which, sad as it is, is where most of Minecraft's profits are coming from.)

    Plus, do you want to have to guess at a crafting recipe when you forget one? I still can't remember the crafting recipe for a comparator, and I don't want to have to open up the Minecraft Wiki to find out again.
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    posted a message on New Colors
    Quote from CakeAxxa»

    Hey everyone.

    1.12, the color update, is out but I am disappointed of it. New Block named Concrete, Hardened Clay changed to Terracotta, and new glazed Terracotta blocks and some other things. My suggestions for the 1.13+ are:

    New Colors

    Sticking to 16 ingame colors is really mad. Interesting choice of terminology... What would it be if vanilla minecraft would add HEXademicals to Concrete, Wool and Terracotta (excluding glazed Terracotta and maybe "Sand" Concrete)? Then we would require a bigger number of bits for each block? What would it be, if we could use 16 777 216 colors in minecraft? Really unnecessary in my opinion... Mega builds, mega things. I can smell that. ???

    Crafting Recipe:

    Like Leather Armour. Just use dye on a white Concrete/Wool/Terracotta block to dye it. Yes, using dyes to color a block will not produce 16 777 216 different colors. But using Command Blocks you can add the Color property to Concrete/Wool/Terracotta too.

    Responses in Bold.

    Unless it was possible to add extra storage space to specific block types, this would require every single piece of wool or stained clay to be a tile entity, which is not a good thing. Especially considering that Minecraft uses an unreasonable amount of RAM for the current game.

    Besides that, why waste that storage space on shades of color, some of which are either really ugly, or are indistinguishable from each other? If we were going to waste extra RAM on extra bits for each individual block, I would much rather have extra slabs or stairs...

    No Support.
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    posted a message on "Docile" NBT Tag

    Just as a note, you can emulate this sort of effect by adding a mob or player to your scoreboard team, but I think this still has a use...


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    posted a message on "Suicide Chest" for Lack of a Better Name
    Quote from Badprenup»

    I would say this would be better as some kind of Cursed Chest that damages players besides the owner who tries to break it or use it. Then when it breaks it imparts negative status effects or something like that. Still not a huge fan since it is multiplayer only but it isn't awful.

    Considering this already gives the chest the ability to detect players, wouldn't it just be better to go the Minetest route and have a locked chest that only opens for the player that placed the chest in the first place?

    I would implement this by having a "lock" item that is only craftable when the game is a multiplayer server (using the same boolean that says whether or not you can use the /ban and /kick commands, which you cannot use on a LAN server for some reason...) which, when right-clicked on a chest, will change it's texture and model slightly and show a name tag of the player owning the chest when you hover your cursor over the chest.
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    posted a message on Liveliness through particles (aesthetic idea)


    Currently, weather and time in Minecraft don't feel super immersive, (e.g, night time feels way too bright once you turn up the brightness setting, and rain doesn't feel very "wet") so I support changes like this that improve on that immersion.

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    posted a message on Just a small suggestion.
    Quote from Avathegamer177»

    It would replace any type of block with a specific block id for example diamond, the trees, leaves, grass, and anything would turn into that block in the range.

    Couldn't you just use "/fill x y z x2 y2 z2 minecraft:[id]" instead of "/fill x y z x2 y2 z2 minecraft:[id] replace all"?
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    posted a message on New Item: Statue

    Mostly Support.

    Now, I could complain that you could just put the head of the player on an armor stand, but I suppose you might actually want the player model, not the armor stand model.

    I don't like the idea of grabbing skins in survival without commands, though. I experience a huge lag spike when I try to get the head of a certain player using commands, and I don't like the idea of a person on a server being able to create a whole bunch of these and start lagging the server to it's knees.

    So here's what I would change:

    - The crafting recipe should involve stone, considering this is a "statue"

    - Rather than typing in a player's name, you should be able to right-click with a player head gotten from commands in order to change the statue's skin. If you don't have that, you can switch the statue between Alex and Steve's skin, and you can place armor on the statue.

    - Statues should have names float above their head. Not as if they had been right-clicked with a nametag, but as if they were another player. I can see that being useful in a map making situation.

    - Maybe allow posing the statue without needing to use a command block?

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    posted a message on Talking about an update that minecraft needs
    That is an ugly wall of text, but I'm going to attempt to read it. Responses in Bold.

    So first of all... This is my opinión so, dont get mad please D: I am not going to "get mad", unless you say something to personally offend me. (Much of that speech are not allowed on this forum anyway) It is my job as a critic to point out the good and/or bad parts of a suggestion.

    Well let's start:

    So everyone knows that the 1.12 update has come out. (The World of Colors Update) When making a suggestion, you don't need to point out anything about recent versions. You don't need to schedule updates for Mojang.

    So the question is the next...

    ¿What are they going to add in the next update? Considering there is little to no news about this next update, besides changes to how block IDs work, I don't think this is a question that can be answered.

    So lets think about something, one thing what we wanted and mojang promised to us, what in a future would be a "modding update" Oh boy...

    Where the players we can use or make the mods more easily, but lets think about something... Um... What did you say? I didn't understand any of that.

    It would not be unfair to only apply that update to one version ?

    the reason is because the mods in minecraft started to appear in the 1.5.2 version (I think...) Mods for Minecraft existed back in the days of Beta Minecraft as far as I know.

    so I have a little theory...this update its taking so long because mojang is trying to apply this

    update to all that versions (1.5.2,1.6.4,1.7.2,etc)

    If that happens the quantity of modders and new mods would increase... (I think....again)

    but one thing would be missing, lets talk about the discontinued mods,

    lets think what in that update they give us the option to update old mods

    There is a example, one abandoned mod is the Orespawn (stuck in 1.7.10)

    so we have that option to update that mod to another version. Updating a mod to another version is something that requires user input, and can't just be done automatically. Especially with the foreshadowed update to Block IDs, I imagine a lot of mods are going to have to change the way they work.

    And with that we leave this thread here...

    Welp any reader here wait a moment and think about the possibilities with this option

    (new modpacks , revive discontinued mods ,easily way to make mods ,etc)

    Leave me your opinion on this topic and if you think it would be the best thing that could happen to this game

    But let's face it, who did not bother to see that his favorite mod was discontinued and abandoned ?

    Support Pending.

    I can only assume that what you want is automatic mod conversion from one version to another. While this is a feature that I would love to have, it is something that really isn't possible, because most mods do a lot more than just adding mobs, blocks or items, examples being most of Reika's mods, (RotaryCraft, Chromaticraft, etc.) most "Barrel" mods, (Which are able to display the item inside the barrel on the front of the barrel.) or any mod with pipes or wires.
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    posted a message on Mars
    Quote from Djarogames»

    I have a good idea. Please don't start suggestions with "I have a/an (adjective) idea." Mars. There are four important parts.

    -The planet

    -How you get there.


    -The boss

    The way you would get to mars is simple. Once you reach y300 by using an elytra and firework, you wil get to mars. The only way out also is by reaching y300. You better bring some firework with you. Well, the realism has been thrown out the window already. Also, y=300 is incredibly easy to get to, once you have the elytra. Couldn't you choose a better method of getting there?

    The planet consists of mars-stone. Mars stine would look like cobble but it'd be red. The terrain is extreme. The ground level can be as low as y20 but mountains can go up to y200. The sky has a red color. Sounds okay...

    A new mob would spawn. The marsian. It's spelled martian. But okay. They would look like zombies; their size would be slightly bigger than a baby zombie. Woah there... Baby zombies are way too small. I don't want another tiny hitbox mob in the game. Ever. They would shoot lasers like this from guardians, but these lasers are just short pulses; comparable to arrows. Can't really say this sounds "Minecrafty" They deal the same damage as arrows dobut aren't affected by gravity. Once you kill them they have a 20% chance of dropping an enchanted book: "advanced technology". If you put this on your bow it would shoot the lasers instead of arrows. Ignoring the silly name and the fact that you didn't mention whether or not this increased the damage of the bow, how often do the martians spawn? If I have mending on my bow, I forsee having a lot of useless "advanced technology" books.

    Once you are on the planet you recieve jump-boost 3 and falling will be slowed down. Jump boost 3 is pretty high. At least nerf it to jump boost 2. Actually... forget that, just change the gravity altogether.

    There would spawn mars dungeons, each chunk having a .2 percent of generating one. The dungeons are 30x30 blocks big, and spawn a new boss. More about this later Does this spawn on the ground, in the sky, or under the ground? Also, 0.2% sounds like this structure is pretty rare...

    Mars hasn't got any oxygen. When you arrive, you get the same oxygen bar as if you are in water. Respiration adds the time you can stay on mars. Fornthe people who want to stay on mars, beacons get another potion effect "oxygen" and if you are standing close to an oxygen beacon you can breath. Because you need an elytra to get here and a beacon to stay here this is really late-game. This... at least... sounds like the most reasonable means of oxygen control I've ever seen from a space suggestion. Problem: Beacons take a long time to set up, and in order to travel anywhere, especially to find the mars dungeon, I'll have to keep rebuilding the beacon constantly.

    The boss is called "the ultimate martian". Could you have at least tried to think of a clever name for your boss? The wither isn't called the "Ultimate Wither Skeleton". You can find him by going into a dungeon, and breaking the altar. The altar is a block wich looks like an anvil. This isn't a terrible way to spawn a boss, I've seen much worse. It is standing in the middle of a big room. Once the altar is destroyed, the the U.M. will come. See, even you can't be bothered to type "the ultimate martian"... He isn't very big (the size of a wither) and can't fly. He summons marsians to fight for him and has stronger lasers, wich will set blocks on fire once they get hit. Why would you want to fight this mob? Because you get special 1 stack of special arrows called "marsian arrows". They are the lasers the U.M. shoots. Considering that you can't light blocks on fire from a distance at the moment, this might have a tactical use, but I feel like this would be used for a lot of greifing.

    If you like this idea please support. My support is based on whether or not I think the suggestion belongs in the game, not just whether or not I like it.

    First off: I feel like if any space biome gets added to the game, it will be the moon. I have nothing against Mars, but the moon might fit into Minecraft in a sort of "early 1900s science fiction" style. (e.g. You can seem to breathe on the moon for no reason, really bizarre creatures live on the moon, very little actual scientific fact or knowledge, etc.)

    One of the worst things about this suggestion, though, is that you have to get there using an elytra. You can always travel to the End or the Nether using portals, but if you die on Mars, you will have to go through the process of getting more rockets and another elytra. Plus, every trip costs more rockets. Rockets don't cost non-infinite resources, sure, but gunpowder can get pretty expensive when you don't know how to build an effective mob farm. On top of that, nothing on Mars drops gunpowder, so you will need to have extra rockets for your elytra, or you are stuck on Mars forever. (Until you die because you couldn't build a beacon fast enough, in which case, that's an elytra, beacon and set of diamond tools that have gone to waste.)

    No Support.
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    posted a message on Why Hasn't Minecraft Added In Hippos Yet?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    A lot of posts here have already said that this suggestion has little to no content to review. So I'm going to come out with a bit of a different argument: don't you think Hippos are a bit... not Minecrafty?

    Sure, there have been a lot of stranger, and weirder mobs that have been added since 1.9 came out, such as the Polar Bear, the Llama and the Parrot, but I can't really see a hippo being in the game, at least not with the description you've given, anyway. (Which is... no description at all.) The idea just sounds kinda dumb, and also kinda meme-ish. (Which, admittedly, were some of the opinions I had for Llamas when they were first announced...)

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