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    Quote from erictom333»

    No Support. You can already build 2xn piston doors relatively easily using basic redstone (and I've recently learnt how to do 3x3 doors). There are some situations where you don't have the space to do so. However:

    - In Survival, you don't need to build a door that big; just use a smaller piston door or a standard wooden/iron door.

    - In Creative, just use commands.

    Pirateboy responded to this and I think he was just off the mark, but I think the "Rocket-Powered Elytra flight" one is an appropriate example here.

    But let's not even go that far. As you mentioned, a 2x1 piston door is possible with redstone. Therefore, why did Mojang add new door blocks? Why did they add concrete when there are a lot of different colored blocks including wool? Why did they add crafting tables in the first place for that matter when they could've just let the player craft 3x3 recipes in the inventory with practically no loss to gameplay? There are plenty of features in the game that could either be wrapped up into a far more simplistic feature or are completely pointless besides aesthetic value.

    Also, are we going to screen all new features in the future just because either redstone or commands can replace them? This argument is almost as bad as the "If you want this feature, use a mod" argument. I'm not saying the redstone or command argument is never valid, but you can't judge every new feature by whether or not you can replace it with either. In addition to that, consider the fact that, as you said, redstone takes up massive amounts of space and it's incredibly difficult to hide it, especially in smaller builds.

    If you're going to argue that a redstone equivalent invalidates the need for a suggested feature, at the very least the feature:

    - Should have little to no aesthetic value

    - Should be functionally equal to the redstone equivalent

    - Should not save large amounts of space that would otherwise be filled by the redstone equivalent.

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    Now, I'd prefer a way to build more customizable doors, maybe by using a small set of different glass-pane-like or trapdoor-like blocks that could be conjoined into one solid door on a hinge, but having 2x3 versions of the current doors would definitely be a step up.


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    Quote from Zak214»

    but it would be cool to make it where it's just that button as well.

    I'm not sure you read the suggestion right. The point is to limit the game to only joining multiplayer servers, not opening a world to LAN.

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    Normally I'd make gameplay suggestions, but I've had an idea in mind for a while and I've wanted to share it. I work in a library where we have public computers. These computers are set up so that after a restart, the computer is reset to prevent people from downloading viruses or just saving personal information to the PC.

    We have computers available to kids, and I think it'd be great if we could put either the Java edition or Bedrock on these computers, however there are a few problems with doing this. I think that if Mojang was able to solve these, though, it'd be a good opportunity for Mojang to let libraries and schools use Minecraft.

    Kiosk mode would be controlled through a config file in the main Minecraft folder.

    Problem 1: Singleplayer Worlds

    This is the core of this suggestion. The Singleplayer button will not appear on the screen and is instead replaced by a lone "Join Server" button, which lets you join a server with an IP.

    Possibly in addition to this, the game will let you plug in a USB and save Singleplayer worlds to the USB, but since this seems like it'd create some issues down the road, this would be an optional setting in the Kiosk Mode config.

    Problem 2: Limited Launcher and Saved Users

    If Kiosk Mode is activated, the launcher will require a Minecraft login every time someone uses the launcher. In the event that someone forgets to click the exit button and leaves their login details for someone malicious to use, the launcher will close when the game starts, and the game will automatically close after 5 minutes of sitting on the main menu and will close to the main menu after 5 minutes of idle time in-game, customizable in the Kiosk Mode config.

    The launcher will allow you to pick which Minecraft version you want to play. These Minecraft versions are the only thing that Minecraft will download and keep between sessions so that people who want to play the latest version don't need to download it every single session.

    Problem 3: Time limits

    While it may not be necessary for places that already have PC reservation software, an enforced time limit might assist in certain situations. This timer would appear in the upper-right corner of the screen, and once it hits zero, Minecraft will close.

    Problem 4: Server Whitelisting and Blacklisting

    This will be entirely configurable in the Kiosk Mode config file. Of course, it's impossible to protect players from every swear word written on a sign or crappily-built genital, but this would at least help to prevent players from joining 2b2t or to only allow players to join the library or school's own server.

    Let me know if I missed anything.

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    Leads are relatively expensive early-game... Why would I want to use a lead on such a short-term use? Towards the mid and late-game, far better food sources are available as well that would make pasta redundant.

    Not only that, but 2 pieces of bread are worth 10 hunger points already. (Unless you meant 10 hunger shank, in which case that doesn't seem useful since in almost all cases I'm not going to need to go from no hunger points to full hunger points immediately.)

    Lastly, it's also worth noting that while there are some cases of pasta allegedly existing as far back as Ancient Greece, modern spaghetti noodles wouldn't have been as prominent as they are now until more modern manufacturing. At most you'd find people frying dough, couscous and maybe Fuedal Chinese noodles. It's also just worth noting that for a game that at least claims to have a survival aspect to it, pasta and other heavily-refined food products seem a bit out of place. Most of the food items in the game are just raw ingredients and the ones that aren't are soups, simple loaves of bread and cake.

    No Support.

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    posted a message on Coloured Leafs.

    I assume you mean the colored leaves as a result of deciduous trees in the Autumn, albeit it's a bit hard to tell from "I just thought coloured leads would be a good idea" in your post, as well as never mentioning seasons or Fall.

    There are two ways to implement this feature:

    Fall Biome

    A biome where the trees are colored reds, oranges, and yellows, and the grass is tinted or there is a different ground block representing a large pile of leaves on the ground. This could have some additional features such as new trees or fall-themed items.


    - Allows for a place to collect or find Fall-themed items, fight Fall-themed mobs, etc. Maybe increase the chance of zombies and skeletons with pumpkin heads in this biome, etc.

    - Easy to "opt-out" of.

    - Relatively easy to program and doesn't require any large overhauls.


    - Adding a new biome will throw off the mapgen, meaning that old worlds may have a weird border between older and newer chunks.


    Every five or six days, the season will change between Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. In order to prevent high amounts of chunk lag, these changes will purely involve texture changes, so it won't snow in Forest biomes, but leaves will change to the red, yellow and orange colors.


    - You don't need to "find" a Fall biome, and you can enjoy playing in the same base in both Fall and Spring.

    - Allows for some cool season-based functionality, such as different fishing or trading tables depending on the season.


    - Difficult to opt-out of, unless you want to add a specific gamerule for this purpose. (In which case, you can't opt-out of it on servers)

    - Far larger overhaul, not the "easy" option.

    Personally I actually lean towards Seasons since I like an overhaul every once in a while, but I'd be happy to support an Autumn Biome if just to build a few builds there. Support.

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    Quote from Idelac»

    In my opinion, there's not really much variety to Minecraft's combat. So I'm going to expand it with my own ideas. Just a fair warning, though-- This suggestion is directed at 1.12 users, so I'm not going to take 1.13+ stuff into account.Although I might make a separate suggestion for 1.13+ stuff.

    I'm not sure what you mean by 1.13+ stuff besides tridents and crossbows, which shouldn't really affect the suggestion too much just going off my initial skim of the post, besides the fact that tridents and spears are eerily similar as weapons. (which you noted in your post)

    Will there be any new weapon types?

    Yes, two new weapons. I'm thinking of spears and claymores. Spears have a longer reach than swords, recharge faster, but do less damage. Claymores deal more damage than swords, but have a shorter reach, recharge slower, and take up both hands. This means you can't put anything in your offhand when using one.

    I'm aware that the Trident is something like a spear, but like I said earlier-- I'm not taking 1.13+ stuff into account.

    The recipes would be like this:

    X = Empty

    S = Stick

    M = Material


    X X M

    X S X

    S X X


    X M M

    X M M

    X S X

    I get the purpose of these three weapons where they try to set up a three-variable system, but I'm not a fan of the claymore recipe. I also don't think it's fair to separate "sword" and "claymore" since claymores are swords. (At least, I assume you meant the Scottish Broadsword and not the M18 Claymore mine)

    I feel like a better alternative would be to separate short-swords/arming swords and long-swords (which are two-handed).

    I like the idea of adding spears, and I feel like Mojang's neglect for spears is misplaced. Spears are a far better weapon for large groups than swords because they're easier to produce, and they're far better for killing animals since a spear can assist in keeping an animal at bay instead of waiting for him to charge up to the reach of your sword. By extension, spears are also useful for countering cavalry.

    (Swords are actually like the handgun where spears are the rifles of melee weapons, ironically. Swords are great for personal defense because they aren't intrusive like a spear, but you'd definitely want a spear as opposed to a sword if you're going into battle. That being said, swords work far better on horseback.)

    Not to nitpick but... couldn't you have uploaded a screenshot instead of this? Windows comes with the Snipping Tool, and there are plenty of free file and image hosts out there. (You can even just upload stuff to a social media platform like Discord and then right-click on the image, then copy the link)

    So what else is there?

    I'm thinking that just adding two new weapon types isn't enough. So I say we throw some magic into the mix. And if you're one of those nitpickers who are all "MaGik cAnnNOT bEe iNn MoINCRaF, nO mATtEr wHat", then you'd better get out of here quick, because magic's gonna be a part of this, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. And if you're just gonna stay and post an invalid rant, then I'm just gonna smack you into next week.

    I feel like you know what kind of opposition you're going to receive, and I feel like you're straw-manning the other side, but this is assuming intent, so I won't make a claim greater than "I feel".

    The idea that "Magic cannot be in Minecraft" is obviously a stupid one since magic... already exists... in Minecraft. That being said, the fact that magic is already in Minecraft means that we have a clear theme to design new magic elements around, and it means we have to design new magic to not overwrite Minecraft's magic. (Unless this is an overhaul I guess.)

    Anyway, venting aside, I say we make the process of obtaining these magical items the same as mining: You go into the cave, you delve in deep enough, and hunt for the ores. These ores would be Rubies, Sapphires, and Topazes, each with a unique element. And if you're worried that you might not tell the difference, don't worry, because I've taken this into consideration. Rubies would be colored persimmon, Sapphires would be navy, and Topazes would be amber.

    There's a problem here:

    - We already have a dark blue ore, and that is Lapis.

    - We already have a red ore, and that is Redstone.

    - We don't have an orange ore, but isn't Gold close enough? What if we ever add copper?

    I was admittedly going to say that magic gems don't fit Minecraft, but ironically these three gems I mentioned are the magic gems. (Glowstone could also be counted as a magic gem I guess)

    Instead of inventing three new gems, why not use Blaze Powder and Gold for Fire and Thunder respectively?

    When you smelt them into gems (NOT ingots, mind you), you can craft them into magic-infused weapons. Swords, spears, claymores, even arrows are valid. The recipes would still be the same.

    I'm not a fan of adding three new tiers which would be equal to... what? Diamond? Iron?

    Also, I feel like noting that while Diamond Swords already exist in the game, swords are typically not created out of gemstones. The only reason diamond gets this treatment is because diamonds tend to be strong when used in certain applications such as tipping sawblades or drills. (Really they'd make some terrible armor and weapons, though, since diamond is a brittle material where spring steel is more flexible)

    I feel like it'd work better if you embellished an iron or diamond sword with these gems rather than using them as a material.

    You said the new ores would have a unique element. What are they?

    Firstly, you have to know that there would be four elements in total: Physical, Fire, Ice, and Thunder. Let's go into further detail.

    Physical has the potential to land critical hits, meaning that it has some competition between the new magic elements. Unlike the other elements, there is no "elemental recharge", because there is no real element to be used from this type. This element comes from using wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond weapons.

    Fire can set your foes on fire, making them take damage over time. It replaces Fire Aspect entirely, because both the weapon type and enchantment basically serve the same purpose.

    Ice can freeze your foe in place, and they will take 115% extra damage when you hit them in the frozen state, although this will end their freeze prematurely. It basically gives you a choice: Freeze and go for extra damage, or freeze and run. However, the frozen can actually mash on their mouse to end it quicker.

    Thunder can force your foe to drop whatever they're holding. For the sake of balancing, you won't be able to pick up whatever they've dropped. But you will be able to if they leave their stuff on the ground for a while. This is denoted by electricity running through the dropped item, but you won't take damage if you run through the electrified item.

    First of all, I'm not a fan of losing my Fire Aspect. Partly because I just like swinging around my blue diamond lightsaber, but also partly because...

    Second of all, I don't think any of these are good enough ideas to warrant an entire tier of weapon on their own. I think all of these could just as easily be enchantments or potions.

    Third of all, freezing someone in place and forcing someone to drop what they're holding... likely their weapon... is horribly OP, and I'm not a fan of either.

    Finally, I don't like these generic "elements" that you're using for your magic system. I know I preach that Minecraft's magic system is meant to be generic, but I don't really think elemental powers fit Minecraft's magic system. (I guess I'd say that elemental powers are more of a "Lord of the Rings" or fantasy-style magic while Minecraft has more of a "Harry Potter" or Halloween-y style of magic.)

    Are you considering extra armor types?

    Yes. You can make armor out of the new gems, and they offer up to 13 armor points against the corresponding element. However, against other elements, it will offer 7 armor points. Say that you've put on a set of Ruby Armor, and if you get hit with a fire attack, you will take damage as if you had 13 armor points. But if you get hit with any other element, you will take damage as if you had 7 armor points.

    Other than that, the new armor does not offer any extra gimmicks.

    Admittedly I'm a bit disappointed you didn't try to pull off some kind of rock-paper-scissors thing with the elements, which would've been a bit cooler, but in this scenario, I only need to carry two weapons as opposed to carrying all three tiers to attack other opponents.

    Won't the magic make the current system obsolete?

    It might, but that never was my intention. I'm trying to make all this blend into a combat system that players can still get behind. Of course, this leaves many choices, and some may prefer one element above the others, but that's their choice.

    I am a fan of systems where a player gets a massive variety and picks what weapons they think best suits their playstyle, but I think that requires more than just some odd tiers and a loose 3-variable balance system between swords, spears, and claymores.

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    posted a message on 1.15 farming update

    Towards most suggestions I'm pretty pessimistic, especially if the idea doesn't fit Minecraft in the slightest, but with food suggestions, I tend to be optimistic, and I'd like to give some ideas:


    The best implementation of corn I've seen is this mod. The corn plants in that mod grow three blocks high and slow the player down like cobwebs, making them great for corn mazes and aesthetics. I think it'd also be useful if corn could be used for brewing certain potions, but I can't think of any off the top of my head.

    New Berries

    I don't like the idea of having five new berries, I would put the max to 3 at best. I think it'd also be useful if each berry had a purpose, possibly having to do with the fox.

    These three berries could be the strawberry, which would grow on a vine-like block, the blueberry, which would grow on taller bushes, and the blackberry, which would replace sweet berries. I'm leaving out the raspberry so we can have one berry of each color.

    Possibly in addition to this berries could be used to brew potions, for example, strawberries could be used to brew a Love Potion kind of thing to assist in villager breeding, but this would be difficult to balance because berries are relatively easy to mass in large quantities.


    Eh. Maybe you could implement grapes as an alternative to strawberries, but having two vine-related crops seems pointless, especially if we've already come up for a use for strawberries.

    Alternatively, toss out strawberries and make grapes the "vine" crop. In addition, grapes should play a large part in brewing potions because of their relevance to alcohol and real-life brewing. One idea would be to split the effects into two categories, and make it so one category can be brewed with Thick Potions, which would now be brewed from grapes instead of glowstone, and the other category is brewed with Awkward Potions as normal.


    I'd actually be more in support of soil not requiring any water at all. Real-life farms and fields tend to not have a lot of canals for irrigating soil, usually leaving it up to either rain or big machines for watering large fields. Those larger canals may have been more common in ancient or medieval times, but I don't think it's true of every field and plantation. Yet, every field in Minecraft is going to have canals for irrigation because everybody wants their crops to grow as fast as possible.

    Apples and Oranges

    Worth noting that most fruit trees are dwarfed in comparison to non-fruit trees. These fruit trees would probably be about 3 to 4 blocks high in-game.

    A part of me likes the idea of apple trees existing because those red bits on leaves would make great Christmas tree leaves, but... actually you know what? There is no "but". We should add apple trees.

    But, I don't think we should add three different fruit trees in addition to apple trees. There's not a whole lot of difference between apples and oranges from a Minecraft perspective, which is ironic given the expression "apples and oranges".

    I don't like juice, and I really don't like mini-potions. I'm also not a fan of this weird potion effect you've given juice.


    I'd like to suggest an alternative: replace beetroot with Tomatoes.

    Think about it:

    - Both beetroots and tomatoes are red, so it's not that far of a jump to let the player craft red dye from tomatoes. (Albeit I will admit beetroot is more well-known for its use as a dye since it contains lots of betanin.)

    - We already have two crops that grow in the ground.

    - Tomatoes and Beetroots can both be made into soups.

    - I can think of about eight dishes off the top of my head that tomatoes are useful for. I can't think of one that beetroots are useful for besides... beetroot stew.

    The only real negative here is that supposedly tomatoes weren't eaten back in the medieval-ish era that Minecraft tries to mimic, both because they are a part of the nightshade family and because they ate them on pewter (lead and tin) plates. (Yes, I realize that pistons and jukeboxes are far too modern for the renaissance era, much less the medieval era, but I'm looking at the totality of the game including the primitive Villager huts and the player's use of swords)

    On the other hand, there are a few sources saying that tomatoes were grown as early as the 1500s in Europe after explorers brought them back from Central and South America, and Native Americans had no issue eating them either. With all that in mind, I think tomatoes would be a far better crop for the game than beetroots, which really only seem to be in the game to produce red dye, I guess because it's easy enough to mass lots of blue and green dye? I dunno.

    Kinda Sorta would maybe support if these changes were taken into consideration.

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    posted a message on Herobrine as a fully autonomous A.I in game

    I've said this before but... Herobrine is the Cringey Sonic OC of Minecraft, and no amount of official promotion is going to change that.

    Herobrine is a stale meme at best and a stain on the Minecraft fandom's history at worst, albeit a minor one when compared to a rather idiotic fandom history. I'm not saying that every part of Minecraft's fandom in the Herobrine days was bad, I think some of the CaptainSparkles parodies were decent and there were plenty of decent Let's Players, but Herobrine, to me, only reminds me of the days where Minecraft on Youtube meant bizarre animated CGI videos with a childish sense of humor or low-quality Minemator videos.

    I think it's at most funny to keep throwing "Removed Herobrine" in the changelog every version or to toss Herobrine in a piece of promotional material, but Herobrine deserves no endorsement greater than either of those.

    Now, it would be interesting to have an AI competitor in general in Minecraft, but I don't like the idea of the player being able to steal from the AI's chests and loading themselves with mountains of loot that has been automatically mined for them.

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    posted a message on 1.15 The bumble bee bat

    You realize Minecraft Bats are already smaller than Minecraft Bees right?

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    posted a message on Command idea: wget

    This sounds incredibly dangerous.

    Sure, it's one thing if the people with a command-block can fill an area with lava or something, and you definitely should only grant that power to moderators anyway. However, the addition of giving people the power to download random files off the internet onto the host computer seems like it'd be incredibly easy to abuse.

    Now, you shouldn't give stupid people command blocks, but even server moderators can fall for stupid tricks online once-in-a-while, and if someone was smart enough to get excited server admins the ability to download any file that is presented as a "Minecraft Structure File", you're going to have a lot of malware spreading around Minecraft Server Host computers.

    I'm sure it's possible to mostly secure this command from malicious use, but it'd take a lot of dev time and wouldn't really be worth it. It'd probably be safer to, as a client, be able to send structure files from your computer to the host computer rather than downloading from a file host server for one. (Comparatively safer, of course. Not "safe".)

    Also, why does the command place the structure right after downloading it? Wouldn't you want to just download and save the file, then use structure blocks to place it?

    No Support, not really worth it.

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    posted a message on The Environmental Update!
    Quote from jennydayart»

    I've had this idea, or well, few ideas, bouncing around in my head for a while now.

    You couldn't have split those ideas into multiple paragraphs, could you? Do you want to read your post now that you've written it?

    This update would have multiple features, starting with rain. Yes, we already have rain. But I'm thinking about different levels of rain. Gentle sprinkling and light showers, to heavy downfalls!

    Eh, I can get behind this. Mild Support.

    Next up would be fog/mist. Some days can be met with the fog effect, and clouds just above water level. Perhaps some biomes like the swamp could have fog more frequently than others.

    Mmmmmmmmm I'm not sure how much I like this one. Clouds above the water level seems like it wouldn't look anywhere close to realistic. Maybe lowering render distance a tad?

    Another idea would be to add fireflies to certain biomes (ie all forests, swamps, plains, but not snowy biomes!) The fireflies would be very small, almost single green flashing pixels, and could be bottled and the bottles could be used as a light source!

    Eh... The [two, maybe three or four] bugs in Minecraft are all giant, why are fireflies the exception?

    They could create a different kind of lantern with a greenish hue, or just have the bottle placed in an item frame and be able to produce a faint light!

    Well, faint light sources sound semi-useful, so I guess I kinda support the idea.

    Now, my final, and biggest idea for the environmental update! Rainbows. Yes, rainbows! After some thunderstorms, rainbows can appear, along with a loot chest at each end! Maybe even a cauldron of gold!

    Mmmmmm perhaps but gold doesn't have a use at the moment. Also, this would mean that after every few thunderstorms, random loot chests are placed all over the terrain.

    You could also have the potential to right-click on the rainbow with a bottle in hand, to get a bottled rainbow! This item could be used for special potions or just be drank as is for some sort of boost.

    Like what? Also, this sounds like an incredibly tedious potion to make considering you need to be holding a lot of glass bottles when a rainbow just so happens to appear.

    (Imagine how good adding Rainbows would look for Mojang if they added it during Pride Month,)

    It would cause needless controversy and mildly please people who weren't asking for it in the first place?

    These are just my ideas, I would love to hear some thoughts and opinions!


    These ideas aren't all necessarily bad or detrimental but none of them are really special either. The format you've put them in is really sloppy and hard-to-read.

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    posted a message on paint buckets

    On one hand, this would seem to be impossible in the current game unless you want to just add colored brick and colored wood blocks, which would seem to defeat the point of adding paint items. Why not just craft the bricks with dye?

    On the other hand, being able to paint individual block faces would be immensely useful. I would definitely consider it useful if I can color the inside of a house while the outside still looks like the material the house is built out of. And no, building 2-meter thick walls is not an option since they make windows and doors look strange and take up far too much space.

    I support the concept, I just don't think it's possible without Mojang inventing some new weird new non-block non-entity objects to the game.

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    posted a message on I think we should have the choice to HAVE to eat on surval, peaceful mode.

    While I do think food should have a purpose in Peaceful, I don't like this solution.

    Not to offend or insult those who play in Peaceful, but that difficulty setting tends to be made for:

    - New or Inexperienced players

    - Young players

    - People with a disability

    - People who enjoy casual play

    So I'm not a fan of adding hunger to Peaceful.

    Er... But wait... wasn't the suggestion about adding the option of adding hunger to Peaceful?

    You're right, I may be getting ahead of myself, but I'm not a fan of composite difficulty settings either.

    There are two ways that this can be implemented, and I dislike both.

    Adding a togglable switch

    I should note I'm okay with a "doHungerTimer" gamerule for the sake of adventure maps. This is not the same thing, however. A gamerule is designed for adventure maps, not as a way to pick or choose the features you want.

    I'm not a fan of adding fully customizable difficulty. I think that feature can work well in competitive multiplayer games like Age of Empires where you can pick all kinds of difficulty settings for a game, and maybe there are a few situations where this works well in singleplayer, but I'm not a fan of being able to toggle entire core features of the game on and off. If people can turn game features on and off, you end up with a game near-impossible to balance, and then all of a sudden the devs stop balancing the game.

    "Why can't we just add a togglable switch for hunger but nothing else?", okay, but you still have the same (albeit scaled down) balance problem since now Mojang has to balance twice as many difficulty levels.

    Adding some kind of bizzare Peaceful+ difficulty

    I could see where some strange pacifist people might want hunger but not mobs, but that's an incredibly small category of people.

    I feel like the majority of people who can handle maintaining a food supply can fight mobs, and I also feel like people who don't want to fight mobs probably don't really want to deal with hunger either.

    I don't really have terribly stong feelings against a Peaceful+ difficulty, but I don't really want lots of intermediate difficulties. (Normal but minus the invisible spiders, Hard but no zombies breaking doors, etc.)

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    posted a message on New Food
    Quote from erictom333»

    We already have 38? types of food. Most people only use 6 of those..

    Considering the suggestion is about Apple Trees and not food, while that is a misnomer of a title, this response to me tells me that you've just reviewed the title of the suggestion without giving thought to the content. Why? Why bother responding at all if you aren't going to at least consider the ideas presented in the post? Maybe he would've explained why the game needs more than 38 foods if you would've read the post.

    Alright, moving on to the OT:

    I like the idea of splitting apple trees and oak trees even if only to have "Fruit Tree" Leaves. Think about the fact that Apple Tree Leaves, if they existed, could be used in builds to represent Berry Bushes, Cherry Trees, Christmas ornaments on a Christmas Tree branch, etc.

    That being said, I think care needs to be taken to make sure they're implemented in a way that makes sense. First of all, I think Apple Tree leaves should flower and blossom very slowly rather than say, growing with apples on the leaves. There would be 2 or 3 "Flowering Leaves" on the tree, placed on the outer leaf blocks, which would slowly grow into apples which could be harvested via right clicking.

    I wouldn't make them 1 in 300 per biome, but maybe make them spawn in a rare-ish biome like Flower Forests.

    Kinda Sorta Support, but change the title of the post.

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