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    posted a message on Apple-related foods

    You've given more detail than most new users that make suggestions on this forum, but you haven't really convinced me on why these need to be implemented. (The Pumpkin Pie makes sense, because you can't eat pumpkins, sugar or eggs by themselves. But you can eat apples without crafting them into anything else, this just gives you a few more hunger points for crafting them with some other items.)

    No Support.

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    posted a message on new generated structure the castle
    Quote from Vader_Gamer_YT»

    Please describe the castle. These will count toward "Spam" if you don't give detail. Here are the rules for posting a suggestion. (BTW I copied and pasted the rules)

    No, they won't count towards spam, we haven't locked vague suggestions since forever because the definition of "vague" was vague itself. And you don't need to repost the rules for posting a suggestion, only a link is necessary.

    OT: You need to describe all of these things:

    How big is the castle? What does it look like?

    Where do knights spawn, and what are their stats?

    What kind of loot is in the chests?

    Please edit the original post with these and more details. (DO NOT POST THE DETAILS IN A SEPARATE POST IF YOU WANT PEOPLE TO READ THEM.)
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    posted a message on Hats! (nothing like the Hats mod)

    The Diamond Crown seems kinda silly, but I like the idea of the Baseball Cap, Top Hat, Gold Crown and Knight's Helmet. (You could probably make those the actual names.)

    I think the recipes need improvement, though. Or better yet, the items should be found in chests.

    While I don't think it's essential, some practical uses might be nice. (I.E. The Top Hat makes Villager prices cheaper because they think you are an entrepreneur, the Knights Helmet has high durability, etc.)

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    posted a message on Shipwrecks
    Quote from Lord_Garak»

    Let's be honest, if those were suggestions on this forum they would have been ridiculed.

    Ocean Temples have less lore than Strongholds:

    Does a magic portal to a dimension called "The End" suggest that the player's world was torn apart by a disaster with time portals to the end of the universe? Or that the technology needed to make a time machine was developed before the player began his own quest? No. Heck, it's not even clear if "The End" refers to the end of the world at all. Some people think it's actually the Moon.

    The Ocean Temple has even less plausible lore than the Strongholds and the End, because there really isn't a plausible allegory to other stories here. It's a random temple under the ocean, similar to Dungeons and Mineshafts underground, and it's infested with dangerous fish.

    But anyway... The discussion of how much lore should exist in the game is potentially offtopic here. It's best to stick to the idea of "Medieval or magic artifacts" just like the current structures in the game, until someone makes a topic that deserves a good defense or a good argument on whether or not its own lore fits. (Considering we're just talking about Shipwrecks with loot, and not an entire new dimension or something that would introduce significant lore.)
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    posted a message on Big list of enchantments that could be added
    Quote from snubbub»
    quote didn't work, sorry

    Yeah, that's what happens for me in your earlier posts, and I had to copy-paste things. Usually if you press Enter twice in a post, it seperates quotes, so that's probably a better thing to do.

    I can't believe this turned into an argument of whether coal or iron is more important. I think the point you are trying to make is that the Crushing enchantment should not be added.
    Why does fortune work on Redstone then? Admit it, when you go mining (branch or cave), you skip over any redstone patches you see unless they are directly in your way and you have to mine them to continue in the same direction. Even by doing that you get more than enough redstone.
    I don't want to start another argument about iron vs redstone, so I'll just say what my underlying point with this is. That it is not a bad thing if you have a pickaxe with Crushing and Fortune, and use it to get extra iron and gold. Getting extra redstone with fortune is a lot less useful than getting extra iron or gold.

    Whether or not Fortune is really necessary for the things it's currently useful on, I don't really think Fortune on iron or gold is more necessary than the other ones. The only ores that Fortune is really necessary for are quartz and diamond (and probably Glowstone too, although that's not an ore). Iron and Gold, while they still have uses after Diamond, are easy to acquire a stockpile of after getting Diamond tools. (Although the Beacon could warrant the need for Fortune, but that thing just takes too much iron IMO)
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    posted a message on Big list of enchantments that could be added

    What can you use Iron for? To make tools, Which become almost obsolete after getting Diamond Tools.
    Which become almost obsolete after getting Diamond Armor,
    weapons, Which become more obsolete than tools or armor when getting Diamonds, because of enchants like Mending.
    all types of rails, Which can be fun for projects, but aren't useful for long-distance travel because of Nether Portals being less expensive.

    shields, Which don't require that much iron to begin with.

    shears, Only needed for clearing out areas in quick time, which may or may not fit the playstyle of the player.

    pistons, See Rails.
    minecarts.... and so on.

    What can you use coal for? Torches Which you need a lot of when mining. and Furnace
    fuel. Oh, and fire charges, which are all but useless, because there
    is flint and steel, which is made with iron instead.
    Sure, but you can't fire flint n' steel out of a dispenser.
    Also, you can use lava buckets as fuel, which is a much better source than coal. I hope you have inventory space for all the buckets you need to make coal an obsolete fuel.,
    Plus it is easy to make charcoal if you are low on coal. Easy, but from experience, not as easy as just mining coal.

    I wonder what server would give their players access to a Sharpness V Critical V diamond axe for a PVP match. Against an unarmored player. Unless it's a hide and seek game or something, when an insta-kill weapon makes sense. Who said anything about a PVP match? What about fighting mobs or PVP on non-minigame servers?

    Yes, but a huge number of people hate the new combat mechanics. Like on Hypixel, they allow people to join with clients all the way back to 1.8. I am 99% sure that is because they don't want to have to implement the 1.9 combat mechanics on their server. Search through the suggestions on this forum, and you'll find that there are already ways for servers to implement 1.8 combat in 1.9+, and that few people on here want the old system.

    I won't say the new system is good, but again, unless you have a better combat system, it's here to stay because it's more intuitive and less internet ping biased than the old system.
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    posted a message on Shipwrecks

    I don't think it would be possible to have oil tanker shipwrecks or other wrecked modern ships in Minecraft without suggesting some kind of apocalyptic lore. (And most people don't want any kind of lore, unless it's non-modern, which could suggest artifacts from people with medieval or ancient technology, examples being swords, bows, magic, etc.)

    However, I'd be okay supporting Shipwrecks, as long as you provided more detail on what spawns in them, how commonly they spawn and where.

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    posted a message on Big list of enchantments that could be added
    Quote from snubbub»
    Setting up iron or gold farms is kinda
    difficult in survival. You'd need a lot of resources. And couldn't you
    say the same thing about coal? Why does fortune work on coal when it's
    mostly useless?

    Why does Fortune work on Coal? Because you need a lot more coal than you need iron or gold for smelting and torches. Building farms is difficult, but even without them, Iron and Gold are still pretty common, enough so that they don't really warrant the need for Fortune to work on them. (Unless you're trying to build something out of Iron Blocks, but I don't think Fortune will help you much there.)

    What if it only did an extra 1/2 heart per
    level? It wouldn't be so OP that way. It would also give players more
    incentive to try for critical hits, which is probably a good thing.

    According to the Minecraft Wiki, a critical hit deals 150% of a weapons damage before enchantments like Sharpness are taken into account. So a Diamond Axe deals 9 damage (4.5 hearts) without a critical hit or enchants, 14 damage (7 hearts) with a critical hit, and 17 damage (8.5 hearts) with a critical hit and Sharpness V. Adding on Critical V, we can inflict 22 damage (11 hearts) with a critical hit and Sharpness V on a Diamond Axe. Enough to insta-kill an unarmored player.

    So... You decide.

    Maybe you could code the enchantment so that it
    gives you slowness but without the FOV change. I agree that it is

    Even without the quick FOV changes, this is still just annoying. Also, if you can manage to hit and run, this can become OP pretty quickly. (Or worse, hit an enemy with your sword and shoot your bow while out of his reach.)

    Explanation? Why is that a bad thing? I thought it was a very good idea for an enchantment.

    People constantly try to get rid of the changes from 1.9 in suggestions through gamerules, enchantments, or just straight-out suggesting that the combat change be reverted. The answer is a consistent "no". Attack Speed was added to make combat less spam-clickey, and until someone can think of a simple, quick, yet entertaining new system for combat, it's here to stay.

    Agreed. I revamped this enchantment completely. Read it again and see what you think.

    I still don't like the idea of basically obsoleting potions. (Also, it sounds like this should be an armor enchant now.)

    This response was probably the worst of all
    your responses in your post, mainly because you assumed that it would be
    a significant decrease per level. To get your "machinegun" bow, you'd
    probably need Drawback level 10 or something crazy like that. I was
    thinking level 1 would be a 15% decrease, level 2 a 30% decrease, and
    level 3 a 40% decrease.

    The post never specified. Still, I kinda wish there was a way I could test out what these would feel like, otherwise I suppose I won't really know. (If anyone could make a small mod for this, that'd be great.)

    Yes, but it wouldn't be that hard to get used
    to. You just aim a bit closer to the thing you are trying to hit than
    you would if you didn't have the enchantment. Plus, when you did get
    used to it, it would be a very good addition.

    In order to get used to aiming the bow at long-range targets, you're going to need to get a feel for the bow's range, and after a while, you can start to mentally calculate where an arrow will land at long range. With the Range Enchantment, that mental calculation is thrown off. But the bigger problem here is that the Bow can already shoot really far away without enchantments, much farther than mobs actually spawn around the player.

    Why not? Better explanation please.

    Because the nausea effect has only two real life effects depending on the player:
    (Excluding it's actual purpose, for Nether Portals. And that's just to look cool.)

    1) There will be no effect, just an annoying visual effect on the screen
    2) The player will need to take a break from the computer and either rest their eyes, or puke.

    Besides the fact that Nausea will have no effect on mobs.

    It's not OP. With
    level 1, the arrow would barely curve at all (for a shot of 40 blocks
    distance, it might curve by 1 block). You'd still have to aim quite
    accurately. Not that OP. Homing 2 is a lot more OP than Homing 1
    (probably curving 3 or so blocks for a 40 block shot), but it can only
    be applied with an anvil, which means you'd have to get 2 things with
    Homing 1 on them (either bows or books). Which is very difficult to do
    given the rarity of the enchantment.

    As with the Drawback enchantment, I would need a mod or something similar to test if this is OP or not.
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    posted a message on Big list of enchantments that could be added

    = Mostly Good.

    ~ = Needs Improvement

    = No Support.

    Endurance: Instead of the player losing less hunger while holding it, I would suggest that the loss of hunger because of mining with that tool is nullified.

    Crushing: I suppose this is a better solution to the "Fortune on Iron and Gold" problem than Autosmelt, but the name needs to be better. "Purification", maybe? (Also, iron and gold are pretty common, and both can be farmed, so I don't really see why we need to use Fortune on them.) ~

    Experience: The name is bleh, I think it needs improvement. This one might be worth adding into the game, but I feel like it would be better if Fortune made blocks drop additional XP. ~

    Critical: Wait... How much does a critical hit do already? I don't think it needs to do too much more than it already does...

    Stunning: Ew... No. This would get annoying fast, and the FOV changes would be nausea-inducing.

    Recharge: Oh lookey! A way to completely nullify the combat changes in 1.9! No, no, and just to clarify, no.

    Recover: Not every enemy is going to be solo, this will just make the player invincible when fighting large groups of mobs. Besides the fact that it pretty much makes potions obsolete.

    Weakening: Also annoying, makes potions redundant, this one is a no.

    Sneaky: This needs a better name, but somehow I think this could potentially be a good enchantment.

    Tank: This would be pretty useful when fighting ranged mobs like Skeletons. This is another one that sounds plausible.

    Escape: Do I need to say it? We don't need to make potions redundant. Besides the fact that it could become OP quickly.

    Healthy: Considering that Absorption and Health Boost potions don't exist yet, this won't really make anything redundant. (Enchanted Golden Apples give Absorption and Health Boost though, and those are pretty rare.) I guess I can see this one entering into the game maybe. ~

    Drawback: Yes, a machinegun bow wouldn't be OP at all.

    Range: This could will get annoying if you're trying to get used to the bow's specific range.

    Sickness: No. Nausea should never be inflicted on a player by another player.

    Homing: What about this doesn't sound OP?

    Overall, most of these are pretty bad. Some of these sound like they would be okay with improvements, but I don't think I would want to see most of these make it into the game.

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    posted a message on Bring back Steve!

    If you can give a good use for this mob, such as being an optional AI competitor to the player that can build or mine within certain boundaries, I can see how this would be a nice suggestion. (The AI would have to not be a lag-machine, an annoying griefer or an easily exploitable mechanic. But that's another suggestion, for another time.) The old Steve never really did anything but wander around and act stupid, and I don't really think that it needs to be brought back exactly how it was in Pre-Alpha.

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    posted a message on Aliens!

    Is there really anything new that I can say about this? Oh, and the aliens drop guns? Yeah, that's not a popular topic on this forum unless you can do it really, really well.

    Other than the basic idea, you really haven't given us anything else to review like numbers or models/textures, so... (drum-roll please) No Support.

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    posted a message on Statues!
    Quote from fishg»

    Most people wouldn't bother spending 27 ingots on a decoration when the house alternative is 3 cobblestone.


    Heck, now that I think about it, quartz statues would probably be a better addition than stone ones, just because cobblestone is this inexpensive, and quartz is probably just common enough to be used in a decorative block recipe.
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    posted a message on No Crossplay for Java?!

    Instead of looking at the discontinuation of Java Edition as a dystopian future, why don't we look at some of the more positive possible outcomes? (For your information, I have used the Java Edition for 99% of my Minecraft experience, and a lot of the time with mods, so I'm not making this whilst being biased towards the Win10 Edition or Console Editions.)

    If the C version of Minecraft gets ported to Linux and Mac, and we're still allowed to download our own free resource packs, maps and skins, as well as still being able to host realms, then the Vanilla experience that Java Edition provides has already been put in the C Edition. (Plus the extra feature of being able to play the game with phones and consoles, and the possibility of code improvement.)

    As for mods, obviously the same mods that worked in Java Edition won't work in the C Edition. But, the thing is: mods never worked between versions anyway. You couldn't make a mod for both 1.7.10 and 1.8, because of huge rendering engine changes and such.

    If Minecraft gets a modding API in Lua, Python or another non-compliling language, that means it will be easy for new coders to port mods over or make new ones. Sure, we'll probably lose functionality, but Microsoft can't really develop an API to please everyone. (Of course, it's also possible a Mojang employee will repeat history by making a similar mod API like Forge, so that we can edit Minecraft internals and such.)

    A big fear here is that we won't be able to play the old Java versions, but this all depends on what Mojang has in mind for the old Java version. They could open-source it, but even if they don't, you'll still have the old .jar for your launcher, and it should work just fine unless Microsoft wants to send an update to all Java launchers that opens an intrusive window saying: "GET THE C EDITION NOW!". In which case, you just have to back up your current launcher file and turn off your internet connection every time you want to play the game in the future. Annoying, but this is what you can do if you're desperate.

    Mojangcrosoft, now with the Java Edition out of it's way, can commit it's full efforts on the edition meant for all versions, which means that more time and work can go into the game.

    If the Java Edition is discontinued, I doubt it will happen exactly like this, but we can hope for the best, and be optimistic. In the end, Microsoft is just a company after money, and it's hard to make money off of fans that already paid for the game. (Which is why the Marketplace exists.) So we're just along for the ride, and Microsoft can do whatever they see fit with our game. But the game is going to end one way or another, whether it lasts to the end of civilization or a company leads it in a downward spiral. At least we can be happy right now, because it's better than worrying about the game's future that we can't control. (Because really, we can't control it. Unless someone here can become CEO of Microsoft, this thread won't really affect the fate of the game.)

    And hey, even if Microsoft ruins Minecraft, we still have clones to try and revive the game.

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    posted a message on No Crossplay for Java?!
    Quote from NachtMC»

    True, but I just have a feeling, only time can tell.

    "A feeling" is exactly what FoxTails had.
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    posted a message on Why the big hype on the words "Java Edition"
    Quote from McTech88»

    The PR disaster alone would destroy the rest of the products. Imagine how mad everyone would be if M$ makes Hypixel, Mineplex, and other servers hit the fans.

    Eh... Not quite.

    Assuming that all Microsoft is doing is discontinuing updates for Minecraft, some people would actually be happy because the modding community for the discontinued Java version would be able to thrive without constantly updating their mods. (Of course, until people inevitably stop joining this tiny modding community.)

    Now, from what I've heard, the pocket edition actually has more people playing it than the PC edition. This may not be true, but if it is, that means that a lot of people won't be effected by this change at all.

    I'm not sure if Microsoft is legally able to stop people from hosting servers of their game, although it would be pretty pointless...
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