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    Quote from coolgameryeah»

    Minecraft should enhance gameplay by adding climate change. When the player uses the furnace, smoker, and anything that pollutes the environment, the biome temperatures slowly increase. Every minute a furnace or smoker is on, or fire exists outside, the biome temperatures increase by .005. When the temperature increases, snow starts to melt, thunderstorms gets more intense (more and stronger lightning, and longer duration), and sea levels increase.

    "Snow starts to melt" and "sea levels increase" would be obnoxious, griefy things; and I don't understand why doing any of these is a reasonable punishment for just smelting an item. Especially when the player often needs to smelt huge numbers of items. I could see how pollution punishments- if they were designed in an interesting fashion -might be an interesting obstacle for people trying to industrialize to speed up their furnace production with hoppers and mass scale, but I feel like it'd be better if there was a way to counter this obstacle.

    Air pollution:

    Whenever a polluting item is used or there's fire, Minecraft will have an AQI programmed in Minecraft,

    Can you just for a moment assume that I don't know what an AQI is since I grew up with the programming and computers parents and not the climate change and virtue signaling parents?

    and when it gets higher, you start to take damage from the outside air (along with other mobs). This will provide a good defense for your house as hostile mobs will take damage from air pollution before they reach your house. There will be a new item called a gas mask, which you make from string and 3 wool. The gas mask protects you from the bad air, but if you wear it for three days, it becomes useless from all the CO2 you breathe on it.

    So... you're required to wear this item simply to stay alive in an area? That doesn't sound... fun... at all. Also, a half-competent player can have a half a stack of Wool and stacks of String by mid-game if they aren't the kind of person who plays in peaceful because he's kinda pathetic at combat. (heh heh, totally not me, I'm just the combat master)

    I don't think this suggestion fits Minecraft thematically at all (obviously) but I also don't think bad air sounds fun since it can be prevented by just a gas mask.

    I also don't think this implementation of pollution is an interesting problem for the player to deal with. In fact, it kinda forces the player to either play as a hermit, moving from biome to biome to avoid wrecking biomes, or to build their industry in a far away biome where climate change won't affect their residential area. (The latter one sounds somewhat interesting, but I don't think it should be required in order to just smelt a stack of iron ore.)

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    posted a message on Why can't Mojang give us a simple server creation system unlike all the super expensive/free restrictive server hosts out there

    I'm only looking for positive feedback and I don't care if I get smashed with super mean/unnecessary comments.

    If you're only looking for self-affirmation, a compact disc playing recorded applause is more to your taste than a forum for rational discussion.

    No, I wasn't kidding. Please. If you're going to put something like this at the start, the end, or anywhere in the middle of your post, common sense says that at least someone disagrees with you and you're wasting that person's time by putting out this request for praise while screening anything else.

    As for giving people free servers (which is what I assume you want since you never told us what "a simple server creation system" is): no. Realms cost money is because a server requires power and internet to run. A server in computing terms, as opposed to a "Minecraft server", is literally just another term for a computer, albeit a server is usually more powerful than an average computer since it has to deal with multiple connections at a time.

    Common sense says that if something costs money to get, you can't find anyone [legally] distributing it for free unless it's behind some kind of restriction or freemium system. (And even if it's being distributed illegally, it's probably behind a different form of profit such as advertising.)

    But even if Mojangcrosoft decided to buy up a bunch of servers and squander tons of money without making a dime in order to give everyone and their alternate account a free server, consider the server Mojang already provides for free: the skin server. It can take about 15 minutes for that server to update your skin. Do you really think a company located in a single country can host Minecraft servers across the planet that are even remotely playable?

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    posted a message on The Small Suggestions Thread: Electric Boogaloo

    I feel like, since around 2014 when I just read the forums without an account, the quality of suggestions has gone downhill and nobody wants to seriously participate. I've been coming to these forums once or twice every month since I got bored of explaining why poorly written first-and-last-post suggestions are so obviously bad.

    I know that this is a taboo thing to say but, this is the last low-effort idea filter taken away from the suggestion forum. Small Suggestions would at least catch the eye of a few first posters who wanted to suggest these really small ideas, and people debating higher-effort ideas would shrug it off. Nowadays almost all of the top few suggestions were posted in the last week if they aren't bumped from 2 years ago, and all of those suggestions will be on page three or four by next week.

    I support bringing this back.

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    posted a message on A more customized Survival mode
    Quote from tablest_table»

    Before I start my reply, I feel like pointing out that this is post has actually been formatted well. Good job! Many people who post here will make their first suggestion using a giant wall of text or a few sentences with little-to-no detail. This is what I like to see when I come to this forum.

    Usually, I'd put a summary at the end, but because of the content of the post, I feel like I should go ahead and post my thoughts here:

    Some of these ideas would make good gamerules, but some of these would drastically change certain game mechanics beyond what I think belongs in a final product. I don't think these should be customizable for regular survival players since I do think that Mojang should provide a game with certain amounts of required difficulty to succeed. I'd rather not have an entirely customizable game because at that point it becomes a game engine.

    Since the Beta 1.8 the Survival mode received a major change: the hunger bar. Thus the player gain the ability to run and regenarate health without switching to Peaceful, it was a good change but it would be great if you can customize the type of Survival you want to play, I mean by adding the following options:

    1) The hunger bar (Enabled or Disabled); if you turn it off, the player can't regenerate regularly (except if you change to Peaceful) or run and the only way to do this is by eating or using healing potions

    I like this, it seems pretty close to Ultra-Hard Core where you can't regen using food and you must use potions. However, this is the reason I want this to be a gamerule as opposed to some kind of setting in the world creation options. While this would make an adventure map interesting where healing potions are required to stay alive, I think this would make the default game near-impossible since healing potions require resources from the Nether or finding a Witch.

    2) Delay (On or Off); By turning off, the player eat immediately (one right click and you eat the food like before Beta 1.8), shot arrows from bows like a machine gun or use tools without cooldown

    I find it odd that these are all under the same gamerule. I don't think the player eating thing sounds incredibly useful, it just kinda removes the polish from the game that makes it look less like a project someone made in their free time. Removing the delay from a bow could be interesting, although it also removes the ability to fire arrows at anything less than full force.

    Does using tools without cooldown include 1.9 cooldown or just digging time? I used to be against the former, but I've rationalized my opinion and honestly, I can't find a reason why not to have a gamerule to disable the 1.9 cooldown. The digging time would make an okay gamerule, but again, not a difficulty setting for regular survival players since this would break tool tiers.

    3) Blocking; Choose between using a sword or a shield

    I'm not a fan of this. I think we stopped blocking with swords for a reason and I think this goes beyond the scope of a gamerule, which modifies game physics. I don't think gamerules are for adding functionality to items for the sake of making the game feel like an older version.

    4) Off hand (Yes or No); Can be used or can't be used

    I'm not really a fan of removing this. If I joined a server where the off-hand was removed, I'd probably leave because I use the off-hand for holding torches while mining. (To be fair I can't really stay on a server for that long anyway, I just tend to lose interest since nobody plays with me) It's such a useful tool to have and I don't understand why fans of 1.8 combat want to remove this.

    5) Food Stacking (Yes or No); Turning off means that the player simply can't stack the item

    This is obviously yet another way to include something from the past that was changed for a reason. I would appreciate a gamerule to change the default stack size for all items from 64 to some other number, but I don't like this specific and random choice of gamerule.

    6) Enchanting; has four sub options

    -Requires lapislazuli (Yes or No)

    -Maximum level (30 or 50)

    -Exact level required (On or Off) If the enchantment requires "n" XP levels, the player lose all those levels instead of 1, 2 or 3 (If the player use this with Requires lapislazuli enables he lose the item as usual)

    -Enchantments preview (Yes or No) If it is disabled no enchantments will be shown while holding the mouse at an enchant option

    Not requiring Lapis seems dumb, since it's the only use for lapis outside being a dye. You'd have to be making a very specific adventure map to need this specific gamerule. Maximum level seems reasonable if I can put in a number rather than just choosing between 30 or 50. Exact level required seems like yet another gamerule to go back to the old days and nothing else, same with Enchantments preview.

    Again, I don't want Mojang to add gamerules or settings that just add old features or remove new features. They added the ability to play older versions for that reason.

    7) Miscellaneous damage (On or Off); By selecting on means that the player can take fall damage from falling to water with one block height, breaking a cactus with bare hands hurts, the lava can burn withing the corner of a block, etc

    If I could customize each of these, then it'd be useful. Adding each of these in one big package seems incredibly specific and would require in-game documentation. Minecraft does not currently document gamerules and I don't want them to do that since it removes the simplicity of them.

    8) Lethal drowning (On or Off); By choosing on the player will get a knockback every drowning second and exiting the water gets difficult

    I don't understand, how do you get knockback from the water itself, and why?

    These are only a few possibilities that can be done with this. I thought about this idea for a long time because I tested some of these with commands but by adding this options to the game would be interesting, keep improving the game! ;)

    Partial Support. I don't like the addition of gamerules or difficulty settings or anything to just make the game feel like an older version. Mojang changes things for a reason and they've given us the ability to play older versions since the community tends to be nostalgic. (Most other game makers would not give you this option.)

    All of these settings to recreate "the olde Minecraft" are very specific and are only useful to nostalgic players. It's not useful for new players who don't care.

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    posted a message on The old tale of progression, then getting stale -> The fix.
    Quote from erictom333»

    To visually discriminate between them. All* 18 gems have 18 different shapes and colours. Also, gems can be used to craft [gem] Blocks, which are purely for storage and decoration.

    You're missing the point. In order to visually discriminate them, we would have to memorize the connection between each image of a gem and each enchantment. This is okay for some of the more common ones, but when you have a bunch of rarely used ones like Smite and Bane of Arthropods it becomes an inconvenience. If you add lore it helps, but now each texture is pointless and each name just has to be translated individually for every language in the game.

    (Also, you clearly stole that moss texture from Tinkers' Construct.)

    The thing is, we don't need gems, despite the fact that you may like lots of shiny gems and ores. We already have exactly what you are suggesting in the form of books. There's no reason to create a duplicate item that does the same thing, except is found as an ore.

    In addition, for consistency's sake, there's no other gem in the game with this functionality. Diamonds and Emeralds have nothing to do with enchanting besides the enchanting table crafting recipe. Gold, a metal ingot, is more magic-related than either.

    Lastly, I think you should create your own topic for this, since it's irrelevant to what is being suggested in this topic.

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    posted a message on The old tale of progression, then getting stale -> The fix.
    Quote from erictom333»

    To counter this problem, I think gems will have a tooltip with their enhancement on it.

    What if instead we just named each gem an "Enchantment Gem" then? (And then replace gem with "book") I get that people want to add some real life gems into the game, but I also don't see a reason to translate a bunch of names into every language in the game when it would be easier to just append the enchantment name to the name itself.

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    posted a message on Minecraft is too easy

    Okay, I have two things...

    1. I'm not totally object to AI improvements on harder difficulties, but how smart exactly can a mob AI get without using up too many system resources?(Although I don't think path-finding calculations are as big of a hit on a system as rendering is)

    2. I'm a bit confused by all these people who call the game "too easy". I play the game like an idiot sometimes (I drop into a field of mobs when I'm too high for them to attack anyway so I can collect that l33t l00t) but even then I feel like fighting mobs specifically is way too difficult. (Although maybe it's just because I don't use a shield.)

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    posted a message on The old tale of progression, then getting stale -> The fix.

    In order to kill the big dragon, you need great armor and weaponry that's enchanted

    See... this isn't true at all. Speed runners can and have beat the dragon with beds and snowballs and no armor. l think enchantments are incredibly useful for beating the dragon easily, but I also think enchantments are incredibly overhyped. IMO, I think we should get rid of enchantments like Sharpness that add extra progression tiers, and enchantments like Flame/Fire Aspect and Feather Falling should be more common. Not only are these more specialized, but they also have more visual feedback. This makes enchantments more of a nice treat rather than a progression tier.

    I also think enchantments like Smite and Bane of Arthropods should replace Sharpness, but they should be improved. For example, Bane of Arthropods should be replaced with Low Sweep or something similar which can also deal extra damage to Baby Zombies and small animals.

    A fix would be to allow each enchantment to be made *somehow*, but with 100% chance.

    We kinda already have this with Enchanted Books, which you can find in chests and make yourself.

    Also, you didn't provide any solution to the problem, you just pointed out the problem and told us what fix should exist... At least erictom333 provided an answer even if the number of gems he suggests seems like it'd be a bit obnoxious for people who don't want to have to remember which gem provides which enchantment. (I also think it would be annoying for Mojang to have to constantly be adding new gemstone types into the game for every enchantment.)

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    posted a message on Minecraft Rules

    I don't even wear diamond armor in the Overworld... It's better to just wear cheap armor and only carry disposable equipment. Better to save diamond armor for the Ender Dragon than to lose it to a zombie pigman you accidentally hit while mining.

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    posted a message on Modernize 9 year old village design "Solved"
    Quote from krem2222»

    I feel obtaining enchantments from emerald trading is extremely inefficient.

    That depends on the enchantment, and how you are obtaining the emeralds. If you can harvest crops at Hermitcraft levels of insanity, then it's easy to earn stacks of emeralds by trading with farmer villagers. This makes getting Mending or other treasure enchantments far easier, not to mention that the books become renewable.

    Regarding gold I feel like it's so abundant in the overworld, I literally only use it on carrots and apples.. It would be nice with another way of utilizing this material. When I see Diamond I go YEEEEEES, but gold is like Meh.

    It would be nice, but I don't think replacing emeralds is the solution.

    Emeralds are not meant to be mined and traded. Finding an emerald while mining is more of an occasional reward rather than a good source of wealth. In addition, Emerald is not meant to be used in crafting recipes, the gem's only value is in trading. (Or decoration if you really like the color green)

    If, on the other hand, we used gold, then being able to get mountains of gold becomes incredibly easy once you've found a villager with nice trades. And once gold becomes easy to find, its derivatives (golden apples and golden carrots) go from being luxury items to being common equipment.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Dogs

    I kinda like this idea as it would let you use your dogs in aesthetic ways, such as just having him walk around your house, or you could even use this in a practical way such as having your dogs sentry an area for mobs.

    What I don't like is that the title is vague and there's a useless poll that could easily be replaced by the upvote button. Also, the repetition of the vague title as the first line of the post seems very unnecessary since we had to click on the title to get here anyway.

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    posted a message on Modernize 9 year old village design "Solved"
    Quote from krem002»

    One vastly undervalued aspect in minecraft is the villages. First mobs spawn here like crazy, in all survival games human habitats function as safe zones to seek solace and peace from the horror that surrounds it.

    Arguably Minecraft is not as much of a survival game as a sandbox game. Sure we have a hunger system, but that's only relevant for the first few hours of gameplay. When you start feeding yourself steaks and golden carrots, this just becomes an annoyance rather than a gameplay mechanic. (Although in combat situations it can create some tense situations. Not being able to heal because your hunger is down can be devastating.)

    Coming back from that long tangent, the villages in Minecraft are a bit more like those from Terraria, a game in which you actually build the houses for your villagers and have to defend them. In the same way, Minecraft villagers are a useful asset if you protect them and keep them safe, but will quickly die if you don't care about them.

    Specially if you like playing on hardcore mode on hard difficulty settings it would be nice to feel safe while working and trading without constantly worrying about creepers ambushing you.

    Admittedly, this would be nice, but I'd argue that it's the player's job to create a safe space for themselves. Mob spawns can be prevented with player-placed torches, and the player has the ability to construct walls, trenches, and traps.

    Regardless of how many glowstones or torches you place they always come,

    (oh ok you thought of this)

    so we should definately arm the villagers and make them capable of defending their property under the constitutional rights.

    We have iron golems for this, though. In addition, villager guards are highly frowned upon. It's possible that a more common, less expensive guard should exist, but villagers are often thought of too weak/stupid to guard themselves.

    Secondly villages are exclusively mirroring the same pattern with the occasional blacksmith, church or library.
    I work as a coder, and making a randomisation of about fifty or hundred varieties is no grand challenge.

    That depends. AFAIK, the villages in Minecraft are created from schematic files. Creating a hundred of these for each building could quickly expand the download size of new Minecraft versions by a lot for detail most people are okay without.

    On the other hand, if villages are overhauled to procedurally create buildings, this... would actually be really cool now that I think about it. We already have generated structures with random rooms. The only thing is that the current village buildings have a bit of a nostalgic feel to them, like the old textures. Minecrafters take nostalgia very seriously in this game.

    The quality would drastically improve with slightly more complex designs on the Z axis like up in trees or inside mountains

    Trees and mountains are placed separately from villages, though, and the world generator doesn't handle stuff like this very well. (Have you seen how elevation tends to bury the doors of village houses behind mounds of dirt?)

    It's a historical fact that cities usually centered around certain activities.

    It's not a city, though, it's a village. That's an important distinction to make. Villages are just small places where farmers can congregate and prepare food to sell to cities, which usually contain government, fewer farms, and soldiers to defend villages.

    Maybe even communities of soldiers, hunters, farmers, mushroom gatherers, fishermen, ranchers, sheep herders, miners, monks that looks safe from the outside, but can host an evil sorcerer in the basement. Villages that would advertise goods from their own respective field. That's just a handful of endless opportunities.

    While this idea is cool, it's always been clear that villages produce crops and sometimes books. (Villagers are a bit like farming monks now that I think about it. Monks used to produce books too but from sheepskin parchment instead of wood paper. The monks of Dark Ages England might be more comparable to Minecraft's villagers than regular townspeople. They even get invaded by Vikings in the form of Zombies...)

    Thirdly, a more efficient way to utilize gold is to turn the bars into actual coins for trading with villagers. This would allow you to trade a single coin for a loaf of bread or similar so there would be no need for every village to have the same painful correlation of farming fields. This small change would give the game so much more depth and the game would improve ten folds.

    This is what emeralds are for. In addition, being able to get gold for selling cheap, farmable stuff like wheat or other crops makes gold a meaninglessly cheap resource rather than an infrequent ore like it is now.

    What's the problem with emeralds? It's just a currency that isn't based on gold, why is that a problem? The idea is to have a currency which can only be received through trading. (Yes, you can mine for emeralds, but that's slow and inefficient.)

    The villager trading system is in fact not optimal.

    This I can agree with. Now, Librarian Villagers can be very powerful if they have a trade for Mending books or other rare enchantment books, but other villagers barely get any time in the spotlight. In addition, some of the trades don't make too much sense. Why does the farmer buy up wheat and other crops? Isn't it his job to harvest and sell those crops?

    The last thing I have to say being a game designer is that in my humble opinion the micro small prison cell like villager houses, the big dark melancholy no furniture houses, and the fact that the inhabitants look more like the Ood from Doctor Who than actual friendly humans contributes to a cold and unsettling atmosphere.

    A reasonable concern, although I think if you tried to change villagers a lot of people would have a problem with that. (Again, Minecrafters take nostalgia very seriously)

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    posted a message on Are you sick of?
    Quote from RamziJ»

    Are you sick of always dying and never finding your loot?

    Yeah, that's why I crafted armor and it's why I don't carry my best items into battle.

    Before I even go on, since this post is complaining about dying and losing your stuff, lemme tell you something: Don't put your best gear in danger if it's only a semi-important mission. Are you going on a short mining trip for iron and redstone? Wearing your enchanted diamond armor could just be a pointless risk. Instead, expendable iron armor could suffice. Meanwhile, saving your enchanted Diamond Armor's precious durability for the Ender Dragon seems like a good investment.

    Is getting lost in the end or the nether always happening to you?

    Yes, that's why I built paths. (Although in The End, I suppose having some way to track your last death would be reasonable. Either that or a way to detect nearby portals back to the main island.)

    Well I want to create this thread just to say that changes have to be made!

    No, they don't...

    Well as u can tell I just died in the end...somewhere and I cannot ever get to my loot in time so I decided to log out and think for a while.

    So in other words you're emotionally stressed and there's no way you were thinking through this suggestion with a clear head. Great.

    Should this be a challenge for us?...getting to our loot in time? And not having to lose everything?


    Well I think it shouldn't be such a big deal and we should be granted ways to get there in time or not have to hurry at all.

    Shouldn't trying to stay alive in tight situations be a very big deal considering how expensive armor or ender chests can get? (Ender Chests are very useful in deadly situations. Place down one, put in your loot, then continue into a dangerous area.)

    When you press "E" in game, u get to see what is in your backpack..that's right I said backpack, so wouldn't it be logical to have the items drop in a backpack and not scattered around so when u get there u don't look around and not find ur favorite sword cuz by some miracle it jumped to the other island in front of u and dove in lava and therefore u lost it? I think it is logical.

    Using text language in a forum post that already contains seven-ish paragraphs is disgusting and you should feel bad for it. is not a good way to format posts. Also, none of this has anything to do with logic. We're not wondering if something is logical, we're wondering if it is fair.

    I'm not sure what you're suggesting to help people here. When you die a backpack block is placed? That seems like an easy way to grief a server.

    So dear minecraft players and moderators and creators please help us and give us more logical gameplay. Ty

    Again, nothing here is logical. Is it fair?


    Change 1: a blimp or a radar might be a good idea if not the best ever update Ull ever make

    Care to chip in with some details about this blimp or radar?

    Change 2: maybe in this case is a smaller update but when u die just give us a hint on where in the world our died sad body is just so we can get to our loot?

    So basically you've removed the incentive to map areas and build roads and paths?

    Thanks and have a blessed evening.

    I would say no support, but as with too many other posts on this forum, I have no idea what this suggestion is trying to suggest anyway.

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    posted a message on To Notch and Jeb

    Issue One: While stairs, signs, fences and pressure plates can be used as chairs and tables as well as a plethora of other things, specific chair and table blocks don't look like anything except chairs and tables. Similar to the brewing stand, which is never used in building strange shapes ever, except now these items have no practical use in gameplay.

    Issue Two: Once you have a simple wooden chair, what happens when you need a wool chair? A couch? A chair with a pillow on it? A throne? A fold-out chair? A lawn chair? A bar stool? There are so many variants on simple furniture that there's no way you can please everyone's needs. And that's not even counting the things we put on top of furniture like shelves and tables. There's no possible way to have every possible furniture configuration without adding microblocks.

    Issue Three: What about a refrigerator? An oven with a stove? A clothes washer and dryer? An electric fan? All of these devices don't fit in Minecraft's time scheme by any means, but people still build modern builds in the game. And having one piece of detailed furniture next to an undetailed one just looks horrible.

    One thing I do want Mojang to consider is adding more blocks with shapes not normally possible in the game. Horizontal fences would make a great feature IMO. But certain shapes like chairs and tables just aren't anything but chairs and tables.

    Adding to this, all of the furniture items in the game seem to intentionally be ones which could otherwise not be represented by any block in the game. There's no good way to create Bookshelves, Flower Pots, (well, maybe this one, but being able to place saplings without them growing is useful) Item frames, Paintings, Signs or Banners at the scale that the player is at. There are, however, ways to make chairs and tables in the game.

    But just because I've gotten through furniture, don't think I'm not done. I haven't even reviewed your post yet!

    - The title doesn't tell anyone what the suggestion contains

    - The suggestion is some kind of message to Jeb/Notch, neither of whom browse these forums to find quality suggestions

    - Random personal experiences and unimportant information is included (Why the heck do I care about your age?)

    - You haven't told us what kind of furniture you want (I just assumed chairs and tables because this is what every furniture suggester wants.)

    - Weird sales promise? (What exactly qualifies you to be a marketing agent for Mojang?)

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    posted a message on CAMPAIGN for a partly removal/reduction of the 1.7.2 ocean Nerf that MASSIVELY reduced the amount of ocean.
    Quote from Badprenup»

    It depends on how you look at it. The world generation is so random that I find it next to impossible to find all the biomes I want within a reasonable distance, even using Nether transport. So that already kind of exists

    True, you won't find every biome in a given radius. Jungles have gotten a lot more evasive since 1.6.

    I definitely think a balance between the two could be struck here. It made sense to reduce oceans when they were bland and boring, but they aren't anymore. I would say making the ocean size about right in the middle between both versions would be perfect. Or better yet, a slider for ocean size. Doing that is fairly simple and makes both parties happy.

    A slider for ocean size doesn't sound like a bad idea.

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