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    posted a message on Food and Hunger System Overhaul!

    Energy: Everything having to do with the movement of the player. Crouching would take away the least energy, then walking, swimming, sprinting, elytra!!! (This would slightly nerf the elytra)

    Protein: Anything to do with the left and right click buttons. Building, mining, attacking, using a bow, etc.

    Vitamins: Everything to do with health. Regen and max health.

    I'm interested why you think Protein and Vitamins should be switched around... Part of my changes to mobs was to make farming and feeding mobs be profitable for people interested in getting the maximum possible amount of protein. Plus if you kill all the nearby animals by hunting, you can always grow Vegetables without too much trouble.

    Plus it's slightly realistic making protein deal with health and bodily repair... Protein is needed in order to make new cells. The reason many of my vegetables fill a little bit of protein is because vegetables actually do have protein in them, but one single vegetable does not have all the kinds of protein that you need on a daily basis.

    (By eating a variety of vegetables you can get all the protein you need, although just one type of meat will contain all the proteins you need, in addition to a few other things like cholesterol.)

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    posted a message on Four More Dyes

    I can't say I'm a fan of the new names for the colors. Most people know the colors Red, Orange, Yellow, etc. Mahogany and Shamrock kinda contrast the simple names of all the other colors. Although I suppose Lime and Cyan are a bit complicated compared to normal names for colors, but still...

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    posted a message on Four More Dyes

    The 16 color limit is something that has me concerned, but it seems as though Mojang is removing this with 1.13... Maybe. I'm not quite sure how this will work for wool, glass and dyes. Just for the moment, I'll rest my technical opinions and focus on the suggestion itself.

    Dark Blue: This seems OK, I don't really have any objections against this specific color. It might be useful for making something that looks like a night sky.

    Dark Red: This also seems OK, but I'm still not sure about crafting it with redstone. Although I often have too much redstone, so I guess this isn't too bad of a choice.

    Green: This one is probably the only one I don't support. Cactus Green is green, I don't know why we need one that is a slightly different shade. I might support Dark Green to match red and blue, though. You also mention there are two ways to craft it, but you never mention what the second one is...

    Tan: Normally I'd use Oak wood for this purpose, but I don't think having a wool/concrete/clay/etc version would be bad...

    Honestly, I'm actually a bit sad that this suggestion doesn't have more colors. While we're adding new colors, why not add 16 rather than 4 to fit Minecraft's theme of using powers of 2?

    Mostly Support.

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    posted a message on Bismuth
    Quote from CyanMinecraft»

    P.s please pin this

    Ego much?

    How strong are these tools and armor? How much does the armor protect me? How fast do the tools dig blocks? How much damage does the sword and axe do? What other uses does this metal have? Why should we bother adding another tool tier when we already have 4 tiers that already have a progression system going? (Not to mention gold tools that don't have any use in game progression or at all.)

    No Support.
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    posted a message on My unpopular suggestion for a future adventure pack update.

    Can you split your paragraphs with at least one blank line between each one?

    It would be great if you could actually tell us details on what you would like to give Paul, rather than just telling Minecraft to make something for him. I do think it's kinda pointless for Mojang to add code that only one person will ever use. If we're making something to thank Paul or anyone else for their help in bringing Minecraft to where it is now, I think it would be better to either...

    1. Put their name in the credits.

    2. Add an easter egg in the form of a mob skin or something else that can be accessed with nametags or similar items.

    3. Give them a special cape or some change to their player skin that makes them recognizable on a server or somewhere else.

    A special map generator seems like something the whole community deserves to know about, but even if Paul never showed it off on his Youtube channel, the whole community will inevitably know about it as soon as a new version of Forge is developed. Keeping it a secret would be just a little pointless.

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    posted a message on 1.9 combat system being toggleable

    This has been suggested...

    Not once...

    Not twice...

    Not even just three times...

    We have gone through this more than four times...

    And yes, more than five...

    More than six even...

    More than seven...

    More than eight...

    More than nine times.

    A search in the Suggestions forum for "combat gamerule" lists ten different suggestions for this, and that's not even counting any suggestions which have nothing to do with gamerules. Over and over and over, the same points have been brought up:

    1. The point of the combat update was to add a new mechanic, why should Mojang add a feature to disable an intentional feature meant to balance combat?

    2. On this forum, you will find more people that like the update than people that dislike it.

    3. Game rules themselves are meant to assist in mapmaking, not for people to pick and choose what kind of game they want to play. Could you imagine if real world laws and jurisdictions worked like this?

    4. Games change over time, and should be allowed to do so. Holding onto old versions is pointless because players can play older versions of the game anyway and it means Mojang can't improve their game when broken mechanics that people use have to be kept in because people depend on them like their lives are at stake.

    5. This splits 1.9 haters and lovers even more, not even less.

    You can find a whole thread here explaining these arguments in detail.

    For the eleventh time, no support.

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    posted a message on Magnet

    When you're building up high or mining glowstone, often times you'll drop a whole bunch of items. When I do it I get self conscious and I want to pick up every single one before they despawn. This item would really help settle my nerves when I'm working in situations like this.

    I'd like a few more details, though. How far can the magnet pick up items?

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    posted a message on Food and Hunger System Overhaul!

    For new players, they might not understand that certain foods give vitamins or protein. This is why I suggested that the proteins and vitamins are higlights over the already existing hunger and health bars so they culd visualize it happen. You don't actually need to change the maximum to 20, but a highlight would be cool for the player to visualize.

    You make a good point, it might be a good idea to put this information in the tooltip of each food.

    I've decided to update the suggestion: Seasons are now twice as long. They were 3⅓ hours (10 Minecraft days) long before, now they are 6⅔ hours (20 Minecraft days) long. I think this is a decent compromise between making them long enough for people that play Minecraft for long periods of time but short enough for kids with a limited play time.

    I might be interested in finding out how much exercise and damage should effect vitamin and protein bars. If anyone wants to volunteer their help, a good idea would be to start a new Minecraft world, play normally on it for about 6 or 7 hours and then open up the statistics tab to find out how much you've walked, swum, jumped and taken damage. I can use this information to balance how fast the vitamin and protein bars should decrease.
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    posted a message on Please rewind on some features of some new updates after 1.8
    Quote from Killmine»

    I feel like minecraft is turning into a really complex game.

    I'd say it's still simple enough for people to get used to it quickly.

    The minecraft I knew was a simple fun creating/survival game. But now we have wings,techy blocks,and really annoying pvp system.

    Of course, this suggestion has nothing to do with the wings or "techy" blocks. (As you can see by the red squiggly line in edit mode, "techy" is not a real word.)

    What kind of tech blocks are you talking about? Command blocks and structure blocks are meant for map builders so they can easily design maps for people that don't like learning to play and enjoy. Why do you think elytra wings make the game more complex?

    6/10 times I fight a creeper it blows me up because in order to do full damage I have to wait.

    And maybe the better option is to update your strategies? I personally find the 1.9 update is encouraging people to use more traps or to build things that will assist in killing mobs, or at the very least to discourage hand-to-hand combat when you can shoot from a pre-built vantage point if possible.

    Instead of having this system why not have a damage system completely random depending on your weapon, what type it is, and its condition.

    Would you mind explaining this in a lot more detail?

    Suggestions on this forum need to have detail. This isn't a forum for shower thoughts or obscure requests.

    And this current pvp system changes multiplayer servers like kit pvp, hunger games,and other pvp based gamemodes. Please mojang fix the game thank you for reading

    Try the Minecraft Reddit if you want Mojang to see this rather than community criticism or opinions, which is what this forum is for.

    from the player of your game minecraft,


    No Support... I'm not even sure what there is to support.

    The PVP system has been here for 2 years, and while people have complained about it, it's the only thing Mojang could whip up that makes mobs actually hard to fight. If you have a new system for them to implement, you should detail it very, very well so that the community can see that this is a better system than both 1.8 and 1.9 combat and that this is worth Mojang's time.
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    posted a message on The Future Of Customized Worlds After 1.13?
    Quote from xXRoflRoflXx»

    I wouldn't be so certain. Mojang said that they wanted to expand custom worlds and potentially add more customization. If that is the case, I wouldn't expect custom worlds in 1.13. Don't get your hopes up either way.

    Wait... I don't understand this post at all. Mojang promising even better customized worlds implies that custom worlds won't come back?

    Do you mean that old customized worlds may not be compatible with the new system, by any means?
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    posted a message on The Battlemaster Update
    Quote from LoRaM100»

    Notch had it right!

    Want to stand toe to toe and beat the snot out of someone/something, there are tons of games that allow or are based on that philosophy.

    If you really want to see combat join the Army... You can try to save the life of your friend who just triggered an IED.

    Join the Air Force and mourn the loss of a neighbor/friend that just created a huge smoking hole.

    Become a member of the Navy sleeping below decks when some errant ship runs into yours and you drown.

    Talk to a family displaying a gold star due to the death of a family member... I'll wager they aren't keen on combat either!

    Combat is not a game... lives are wasted because some Commander (or President) wants to make a name for himself.

    I played this reality for 20 plus years. I don't want to replay/relive it in a game named MineCraft. I would not have purchased the game had it been named CombatCraft. I'll wager there are a ton of veterans that feel as I do too.

    I do not want to force you to not play at combat no matter how foolish I think it is... Please don't try to force me to play your game; use a Mod and we can both play our game as we feel it should be!

    Still no support!

    Sword, lance, the jaw of an Swearing isn't allowed on this forum, or a nuclear bomb... it glorifies combat and therefore death! Death in medieval times was even more gruesome and painful than it is today.

    Make it a Mod and those that feel as I do don't have to play!

    Hundreds and hundreds of games have some amount of combat in them, including Minecraft. This suggestion doesn't change the game to completely focus on combat, it just tweaks the current combat for the people who enjoy that part of the game. No, I'm not going to join the army because I like the competitive feeling of exploding other people's cartoon characters, any more than someone with a nerf gun would.

    This suggestion doesn't even make the game more violent... It already had bows that left gruesome-looking arrows in people. Gun bullets wouldn't leave bullet-holes in Minecraft characters, nor does this suggestion imply adding blood or gore.

    If you want to give an actual argument, make it something constructive that talks about gameplay aspects and not something about video game violence, which is up to the ESRB and not someone on a forum.
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    posted a message on The Future Of Customized Worlds After 1.13?

    To quote the recent News article...

    We have plans to re-add them in a much more extendible way, but unfortunately we were not able to have that ready yet.

    No need to panic. It's also mentioned that they have developed a new map generator, so I imagine they're trying to make the Customized Worlds work with the new map generator and it seems they might even possibly add new features to Customized Worlds.

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    posted a message on The Battlemaster Update
    Quote from LoRaM100»

    Look carefully at the name... MINEcraft... If you want to change it to Combatcraft... use a Mod, then those of us that enjoy MineCraft don't have to play your game!


    This is the worst argument I've ever seen used against a suggestion, and I'm shocked that someone with as much experience on this forum as yourself would use it.

    As for the suggestion itself, I kinda like it, I kinda don't. Hiring Musketeers sounds like fun, and would definitely be something I'd be into, but it might also be just a bit too OP. A lot of people will complain about adding guns to the game, but I think this suggestion does them relatively well and gives them a decent purpose without making the bow obsolete.

    I'm not very good at reviewing combat-related suggestions seeing as I'm a bit of a noob even when it comes to PvE, but I think there's some good stuff in this suggestion. (I think Spears are done really well, I like the idea of banging people into the air with a shovel, I also like the idea of throwing around bombs.)

    I kinda like some of the ideas here and I think this suggestion has some good stuff in it.

    Also, I don't think you should put any less than 20 or even 30 lines of text into a spoiler. If I were you, I'd save the spoilers for slightly off-topic rants, ideas you aren't sure about, or in-depth explanations.

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    posted a message on Food and Hunger System Overhaul!
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    What were you replying to here? The quote from me was empty.

    I wasn't, I was just pointing out that I was making a doublepost because I was ninja'd and not because I didn't understand the rules against doubleposting.

    For the bars in the inventory, how about instead they are just numbers? I made an image to explain what I mean.

    I dunno... What about bars with numbers rendered over them?
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    posted a message on Food and Hunger System Overhaul!
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    WOAH Double post! Excuse me, I have been thoroughly ninja'd.

    I meant visible bars. It is better to have variety in which something is communicated to the player. When an animal enters love mode, text doesn't appear saying, "Cow has now entered love mode." Instead, hearts appear. This is more interesting, more immersive, and feels less complicated. Maybe you could get rid of one of the extra bars by having the normal hunger bar change color to reflect its value. Dark could be low, and bright/gold could be full.

    As I said in my other post, I don't really like showing these to the player in his immediate HUD. They are displayed in the static-looking inventory in order to show how slow-moving they are.

    In my opinion, the recipe proposed for yeast doesn't make too much sense. Maybe you could buy yeast from villagers.

    Technically it's closer to a way of making ethanol, but it's also the only sensible way I could think of making a crafting recipe for yeast. A Villager trade doesn't sound too bad, though.

    I think they are great mechanics for meals. Some foods/meals would make you more "full" (giving you more saturation points), and some would be better for health, such as regeneration. In my Better Soups & Stews suggestion, I brought up these two mechanics as ways to make soups/stews more useful to the player.

    Regeneration is a nice potion effect for fast-paced combat, but not a good long-term one. These meals are meant to be eaten as... meals. Something you eat every day to feed yourself. Once the slowness and weakness is gone, you're ready to start working for the rest of the day without having to think about food.
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