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    It does seem pretty interesting actually. However, I'm not sure that "sandbags" are a good drop really. Perhaps just sand and a decent amount of experience. Also, I believe the spawn rate should be dropped to about that of a spider jockey's spawn rate. These things seem very powerful, and it would be a bit aggravating to deal with one every two or so days if you lived in the desert.
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    Seems like an okay idea I guess. I know that they for sure need something to change about them when they attack. My strategy is simple and highly effective. Simply do not look at them at all, walk up close to them with a sword, and hit their legs repeatedly. They will not be able to reach you because you are knocking them back slightly with each hit, and they will not teleport away. This ensures the death of the enderman, unless another mob sneaks up behind you. I think they should teleport away when they take damage, even from a player. They should still take the damage, but teleport away and try to come back at you from a different angle again.
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    posted a message on Store Your Experience With Bottles o' Enchanting
    Before Reading This
    The main purpose of this would be to store your experience in bottles for safekeeping, or for sharing with other players.

    As many of you probably (or at least should) know, there is a "Bottle o' Enchanting" avalaible through creative mode/mods that spawn items. It is used as a splash potion to give you (or target player) experience orbs. This is quite handy, however they are only available in creative mode or through the use of mods that allow cheating. I personally think they should be obtainable in survival mode.

    Of course, you wouldn't simply just craft one, or you would have a much easier way of obtaining experience orbs. Instead, perhaps the player can take a regular glass bottle and place it in the enchantment table, just as you would place a tool or a piece of armor to be enchanted. Instead of actually enchanting the bottle, it would give you the option (and only this one single option) to turn it into a "Bottle o' Enchanting". This would subtract the amount of experience the "Bottle o' Enchanting" provides, from your current amount of experience; just putting your experience in a bottle.

    I am sure many of you have collected mass amounts of experience in order to receive many epic enchantments, but finally died before being able to enchant your tools/armor/etc. (I know this has happened to me a few times). This can be quite aggravating. In survival single player, you could store your experience in chests, and not lose next to all of your experience upon death. In survival multiplayer, not only would it benefit you in this way, but you could give your experience to your friends, and vice versa. Lets say you had about 44 experience, and you were about to go on a raid on a pvp server. You could really use 6 more experience to get a maximum enchantment, but its daytime and the raid is starting in just a couple of minutes. With this, you can get that 6 experience from one of your friends, get that maximum enchantment, and be completely prepared for the fight.

    There is no new item implementation here, so I would imagine it surely couldn't be too difficult to add in. However, the enchantment table would need a new button option to provide the player with a "Bottle o' Enchanting". If this would be too difficult, or not worth the time, an empty glass bottle could be placed in the workbench instead, and provide you with a "Bottle o' Enchanting", as opposed to placing in the enchantment table.

    Edit: Book instead of bottle?
    Perhaps there could be a book that stores xp, instead of just simply converting the experience into "Bottle o' Enchanting". This book could be crafted using a writable (not written) book, and a Bottle o' Enchanting, (Bottles o' Enchanting can be obtained by trading with villagers in 1.3), and maybe another ingredient to make it a bit more difficult to obtain, such as an ender eye.
    Credit to this edit idea goes to Epicness1324 for mentioning storing it in a book, and jc3833 for coming up with how the book should be made.

    Edit: Pay Extra Xp to store your Xp?
    There was a problem with the entire idea of implementing this, but I feel that I have successfully come up with a solution. The loss of Xp was of course intended to be an extra penalty for death. Implementing this would be a way to get around that penalty, so instead of actually just avoiding the penalty entirely, I suggest that maybe there be a price to pay for you to store your Xp.
    (I am going to use random stats for this example. These may or may not be the actual stats to be used.)
    For Example: Lets say that you can store one level of experience at a time. It would of course cost your one level to store it, because you are taking it and putting it somewhere. However, perhaps it should actually cost Xp to be able to store that one level. Lets say it costs 2 levels to store 1 level. So when you store your one level, you lose 3 experience levels from your bar. 1 for the one being stored (technically not losing that one), and 2 for the price of storing it (those 2 are actually being lost because you paid them to be able to store that 1 level). This would make storing experience rewarding, and costly at the same time, thus solving the problem with the Xp death penalty :D
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    I like it the way it is now and so on, as ArrogantLobster said. The 1.3 update looks awesome with a villager trading system, and being able to write in books. Things just seem to be getting better in Minecraft. Nothing that I dislike about the game other than a couple things I wish were added. (The lantern update would have ticked me off incredibly bad, but thankfully it wasn't ever implemented) I personally haven't had any trouble surviving for a long time. Did I in the past? Of course, but I believe everyone did because it was their beginning of Minecraft. Learning how to play, and after learning it, mastering it. Everyone dies quite often in that stage. If anything, Minecraft has gotten a bit more difficult with hardcore mode, and the new mob AI. Because of all the new things added, there are more things to do and enjoy. Because Minecraft is a sandbox game, you can choose if you want to do those things or not. That's the beauty of it. :')
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    Yesh, I too like fixing up the paths, and then later adding on to the buildings and making them better. It would be really awesome sawce if the villagers could get the new capabilities like Notch had mentioned long ago. Like being able to trade with them, and maybe a follow command so you can bring them to your village/city. If the towns each had a name, and a chest with awesome goodies in it (but if you steal from it, the villagers in that town will become hostile and try to kill you. Perhaps with diamond swords to do more damage, but the swords would not be dropped upon death.) I really think villages are great, and have a great potential for greater things.
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    Honestly, if the occurrence of veins of iron/coal were less common, that would kinda suck. Sure, I myself have about 15 or 16 stacks of iron ingot in my fav world, but I am also planning on making a city. If ores were reduced, no one would be able to legitly start and save up enough iron for such a thing (rails, ironblocks, iron tools, etc.). The way it is now doesn't seem to be too much, or too little for me. It is just perfect. But then again, that is just my opinion I suppose.
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    Quote from CJCon

    That part made me literally lol. :laugh.gif:

    I think a wiki for this stuff is kind of needed.
    It's good knowing that atleast 1 other person agrees xD

    I mean, with TooManyItems, I can see all the different kinds
    of swords you can get but...

    -how much damage does each one do?
    -how much durability does each one have?
    -how do you craft these things??

    So many questions! :Pig:

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure whats going on either. I still can't really tell
    which NPC's are friendly and which are going to attack me until I get too close.

    Yeah. Wiki is a must. I have pretty much figured out which npcs are good, and which are bad, but thats about the extent of what I know xD As for the rest of the mod... wiki plz :3 lol
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    posted a message on Humans+
    Quote from CJCon

    First of all, this mod is really cool. =D I can't believe that I had never found this until today.

    But another thing I was wondering was, is there any sort of guide for this mod?
    I mean, it adds so much but I can't figure out a lot of specifics- and I feel bad spamming this thread with questions.

    Like, I've heard that it adds 20 new items to the game.
    What are they? How do I craft them?

    Also, I saw a Miner that had a :Diamond: in his hand.
    So I killed the crap out of him (expecting him to drop the Diamond) but he didn't.
    I tested it again by killing a Miner that had :tnt: but he didn't drop that either.
    So I guess the drops don't work that way?

    I'm sure some of this has been answered before, but there are 347 pages
    and I don't want to search through all of them xD.

    That's also why I was asking if there was any sort of guide or wiki page.

    ... Sorry for the long post :mellow.gif:

    I too was hoping there was a wiki page of some sort, as there are not many good youtube videos explaining much about it. I am also wondering if I may be having problems with the mod, or if its supposed to be this way. The Assassins will not help me fight after they join my side (right clicking them with a book). They just follow me around, get in the way, and stand there when I'm attacking or being attacked. Also, when I give them food, they thank me for it, and tell me to take "these seeds to make bread." and then they die immediately after saying that, without giving any seeds. I also cannot craft the alignment checker... Other than that, I believe everything is working, but these are some major problems, as they are key points of the mod. Is it just me, or does everyone have this problem? :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on THINGS TO DO IN MINECRAFT
    Make an ancient underground city with broken down buildings and a city wall. Cover everything in vines, and use mossy cobble for that extra ancient look. It could have a bunch of different buildings, including a library which could have signs on the bookshelves that tell a story about the city. There could even be a secret hidden in the city that leads to an area full of treasure.

    As a separate project, you could make a large dock, complete with massive ships, and storage rooms. You could get creative with it, and make each ship different in design (some being pirate ships, small merchant ships, private ships, war ships, etc.)

    An even larger project could be to build an Empire. An enormous city, with large towering walls. The city stretches on farther than you care to walk, and has a main castle in the center. Atop this castle could be a large stone such as lapis lazuli (that would look amazing using the Ovo's Rustic lapis block texture) that could be considered the Empire's spiritual power source. Make a floating wizard's tower or palace, with water/lava falls and fanciful architecture. A bank, a smithy, a trade shop, a regular shop, a restaurant, a bar, a mansion or two, a temple, a giant kangaroo, and fields of bamboo, a spleef stadium... I could go on with this forever. The possibilities are endless! :3
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    Tbh, I have no idea if this has been said or not, (there's only like almost 700 pages of comments to look through, lol) but I would greatly appreciate it if there were a command that would allow you to set the type of mob a mobspawner will spawn, and the quantity and all that good jazz. I realize there are other mods for it and all, but it would be great if I could just redownload spc and have it all in one thing. Hope this is added, or maybe shown to me if it is already in there. Thnx. :wink.gif:
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