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    IGN: C011in

    What is the most important rule?: "Most importantly respect everyone and behave intelligently"

    RP Example 1:

    Isaak peeks the crest of hill to which the road leads, revealing a rather small village. On any other day, this village would seem a perfect fit for a modest life. One Isaak could settle into quite nicely. But today, smoke billowed from behind the walls. Debris littered the streets, ranging from broken wall fragments to destroyed horse drawn carriages. Upon closer examination, Isaac could make out a woman, hammering quite fiercely a new frame for the outer gated wall. Isaak, mid road, continued his advance, set on offering his assistance in return of a hot meal and warm bed for the night.

    Isaak: Hello, woma-

    Town Lassie: Hey! HEY! Are you with them?!?

    Isaak: Woah Woah Woah, hey I am not a threat.."

    *The Town Lassie unhitches a mid length serrated knife from her belt, and holds with a shaking grip*

    Town Lassie: Just back away.. GO! Please!!

    Isaak begins to back off slowly. Obviously emotionally distraught, something bad has happened to the small village. In the distance, Isaak spots more townspeople, working on the wall. But along the horizon there is something else. Two men are digging, lots of holes already completed. Instead of taking another step backwards, he kneels downwards, and unstraps his shouldered, rusty sword.

    Isaak: Here, there, I am not one of whatever group has obviously passed through. I'm an honest traveler, take my word, by oath of Father Cactus.

    The fare Town Lassie cannot contain a slight smiling smirk at the whole hearted oath from that old hokey religion. But as soon as her face lightened, it was once again stone cold, and scared.

    Town Lassie: H-How can I be sure? How can I trust you?

    Isaak assumes a standing position now, but rather than retrieving his sword, he kicks it across the traveled gravel road into the overgrown grass.

    Isaak: So which part of this town should require my assistance the most?

    RP Example 2:

    "C'mon..... C'mon!!!"

    As iron bolts and metal fragments flew, a steady stream of smoke poured out of the little city's mechanic shop. Within the smoke could be heard the grumblings, mumblings, and occasional foul shout of the shops mechanic. Suddenly, the whole block of the city roared a glorious roar of success. Townspeople walked by, but were not all too surprised, for this was everyday behavior for the crazy mechanic. Although no one really though of him as crazy, no. More-so, his reputation proceeded him as being one of the brightest individuals, brilliantly advancing much of the city's technology. This included Jilber's automatic wheat collector, to Julia the accountant's roman numeral glowstone counter.

    With the smoke clearing out, Dennis the mechanic stumbled out of his open aired building, lifting up his welding goggles revealing the clean circles on his now face of black.

    Skars: Well lookie look who it is.

    The local thief Skars walks out of a dark alley up to Dennis and his cleared out shop, revealing a massive turbo engine sitting on an extended workbench.

    Dennis: Ugh. Whats up man. Funny, they let you out early?

    Skars: The local lockup ain't really the toughest hold I've been to Den mah boy. You should know that.

    Dennis: Yea, musta' slipped the mind. I'm sure your to be heading towards the gates then, safe travels Skarson.

    Skars: Now you listen here pally...

    Skars quickly moves closer to Dennis and brings his voice down to a low talk.

    Skars: First off... No one calls me my full name, yah hear? NO ONE! Secondly, I want something you've got. Ive been locked up for a few days, I need my fix, bad, now be a doll and gimme somethin' that'll sell for a pretty price.

    Dennis: Bread and crumbs Skars, your delusional.

    Skars: I'm serious man! Gimme' what I'm askin' for! Now!

    Dennis: Just because you ask, mooshroom toucher, doesn't grant you anything. So before you do anything you'll regret, why don't you just think long and hard about attempting to rob the mechanic who has assembled the TNT Cannon that has personally been mounted to the Nether Venture fleet vessel, along with, oh and same guy mind you, the one who has contracts and connections with the Looters Guild's personal security force down by cobblestone mountain.

    With a little fear in his eye and skip in his step, without words, Skars backed off and continued down the cobble laden path. Dennis watched him continue down the main street road with a smile on his face.

    Dennis: Psh. Chem addicts. They'll buy anything.

    And now with a skip in his step, Dennis walked into his Mechanic shop, ready to continue development on the last bit of technology needed to get his dream finally assembled. One more step closer to a cloud sailing airship.

    Just another average day in StormHaven.

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    Bump, just in case this may be applicable to anyone's current necessities.
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    Quote from Dualmittens

    Of course you are! I have a lot of staff, so just tell me when/where I forgot someone.
    I'll fix this in the morning.

    Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! I just wanted to make sure there wasn't a final step for me to do. Thanks again.
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    I know this server has a LOT more important things to deal with, but am I officially an RP Monitor, or do I have to take further steps? I am not under the RP Monitor section, and I just want to make sure I have done all I need to for myself to be accepted? My application was the last post on page 12, and my acceptance was on the top of page 13. If this is just a little delayed, I am sorry for burdening you about this! I just want to make sure my application have been fully accepted, and that there is no further steps, aside from the obvious maintaining and activeness of being an RP Monitor. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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    Quote from Tinybat111

    Interesting. What's the normal average payment you expect?

    Well, it is actually very much up to you to how much you feel like you should have to pay! We want you to be comfortable with the money you spend, and we dont want to pressure you to pay too much for it. So if you are interested, just send me a Private Message, and we can begin to chat about what you think it is worth. I hope to hear from you soon!
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    Hello Minecraft Forums!
    Recently, more and more servers are turning to Roleplaying and RPG type gameplay, and as we have seen, many like to have background Lore for the server it represents. Either it be for the Host's website, or just a Forum page, we would like to help in bringing you the service of writing well written lore for a server to enhance and increase gameplay and story experience!

    My name is Collin. Myself and fellow writer Griffin are experienced writers, both having taken advanced writing and journalism classes in high school, and continuing it now, we wish to provide a service that can be difficult and burdensome to many. We are both talented, and are willing to help make your server enhanced to the maximum with background information and lore!

    What can we do for you?
    In a Roleplaying Server, it is quite important to have Lore to back up the setting and mood of every single event and scenario that all characters will encounter. Not only does it give significance to the story and server itself, but each individual character receives a unique story line and choices to make.

    If you decide to contact us, it is important to notify us of your server, what genre it's setting is, and detailed instructions on how you would like us to write the lore. This should not take too long, but it is important to include any specifics that you especially want. If it is based off a movie and/or videogame, we need to be informed if you are using Canon events (Events that actually happened in the media source) or nonCanon, which would be adding onto the actual events, and making up your own events. Either way, it is important to let us know how you would like it written!

    To make all of this possible, you need someone to write this Lore. We wish to be those people. Because these jobs for you will require time to plan, think, and execute, there will be a small fee. But before you decide against using us as a resource, we want it to be clear we are 100% negotiable in determining payments, and the price will fall to what YOU think it is worth! After all, our goal is profiting you, not us.

    Payment Breakdown
    As said before, we cannot do this for free due to the long process it takes writing customized and personalized lore. We do realize that lots of people hosting large servers already pay a considerable amount for hosting, which is why we are flexible, negotiable, and cooperative with the price and what you think is a fair amount. There is not set amount or fee, rather, it is based on your opinion, and amount of writing. Once the writing is complete, we will make an offer, and we will negotiate depending on if you agree or not. Once again, our goal here is to help you, and we don't want heavy payments to stop you from receiving the perfect lore we know your server deserves.

    Mainly, we would like to use PAYPAL, for it's efficiency. So most of our payments will be dealing with PAYPAL.
    If there is some reason you absolutely cannot use it, then we do offer the option to send the money directly to us through US Postal Service. Although this is a bit more time consuming for us, we really just want to make you comfortable with the payments.

    If you decide to have us write you lore, I would assume contacting would be important!
    For obvious reasons, to make things as little complicated as they need to be, feel free to message me on Minecraftforums.net (The website you are on now) and state that you came from this thread. From then on, we will discuss what kind of writing you would like! Also, state in THIS thread that you have sent a message, and feel free to comment on this thread about any questions, ideas, comments, and even complaints. We want you to feel as if your voice is heard, because it is.

    Each of you are individuals, and we will invest as much time as needed in each of you to create the Lore that will define your server!

    Examples of Our Writing Skills:

    Science Fiction Example
    All in all, it was a good run. His shuttle shuddered again, knocking him right into the manual controls. He really pissed them off this time. Denzel was known to be a troublemaker, but taking out a whole fleet of government starship landers was beyond what they could let him get by. He put his thrusters into high mode. The faster he got, the faster they did. He could not outrun them, no. But he did have a plan.

    Over time, Denzel had done his research. He took his time and did his research. He knew the safety and survival was low. He knew the risks. Learning about these things was vital. Since the twenty fifth century when space exploration became a very common and profitable business, theories were put to test on the reality scale. The big bang was disproved. Pfff, who could really believe that? Such simpletons we were, believing that if our precious Earth had no proof of life or evidence of existence before a certain time, then there had to be some magical boom that caused everything. What idiots. Denzel really amused himself with those thoughts. Even barreling towards a still unknown phenomenon, he found a sense of humor. He hoped it would be quick, and painless. But honestly feared he would not die, but survive. He feared entrapment. Entrapment in the unknown.

    There he went. Denzel saw it. Three days of nonstop flying, drinking pure caffeine to keep him awake, and ate only what his mocro oven would cook, he saw it. Only three others had gone this far, in this direction, in this quadrant, and in the sector.
    What dimension is it?? Denzel could not help wonder. It appeared to be 3D, due to its thickness. But then again, he could not see around it. Could it possibly be 2D? A Reality 2D object? What he saw, and the fleet that followed shortly behind can not be described in words. It is like explaining what colors sound like, and sounds look like. It honestly cannot be done... Until it has...

    The blackness was like the soul of a devil. It was growing, ever so slowly, but visible to the eye. Consuming space itself, cunsuming everything in its path. Debris looked as if it was bending through time, entering the void most commonfolk thought of crazy talk. This close to Earth and the Mars colony, it will still take millions and millions of years to reach. But if no scientist found a way to stop this hole, then it would consume the solar system humans called home. The hole was getting closer now. It was black. It was a hole. It was Void. It was unexplainable. It truly was a Black Hole. One things the scientists did get right. Only two things have ever been correlated to what happens if you stumble into them. Death. Entrapment. The latter was the most feared.

    He had been waiting for a long time for this. Denzel planned to take more than anyone could imagine with him. Following him currently were two hangar bays, and over five dozen small personal fighters. This surprised him, really. This was by far his worse crime. He single-handedly stole 50 Million. Sure, it was a **** move on his part. But the government promised him that much if he brought back the required materials. Yet, they only gave him a tenth of that, and told him to be happy he got any. That never flew with Denzel. No one double crossed him. Not even the protectors and rulers of the only found inhabited place everyone knew of. Earth.

    As soon as the fighters and Hangar Bay ships knew of his plan, and the Black void, they turned around. Lucky for them, this was all part of Denzel's plan. They knew his secret fear. Entrapment. They knew they could bring him down that way, thay already had multiple times. But as soon as they saw he was headed for what they presumably considered certain death, he activated the illegal tractor beams mounted to his Shuttle's storage hanger. It was strong enough to pull enough, with some extra help. In this scenerio, he presumed that the Black Hole would be perfectly suited for the job. As the pull began, he knew he had estimated precisely. Now they would be the ones entrapped, and he could sit back and watch as they floated to their doom. Entrapment.

    Denzel closed his eyes and awaited the gates. Suddenly breathing became abnormal. He opened his eyes, and his field of vision became blurrier and blurrier. Strand of atoms were being pulled off his ship, like rays of light coming from the sun. He tried to lift up his hand, and it felt like an hour as it slowly progressed from his lap to in front of his chest. It too, was being pulled apart. His mind boggled and fogged. Time itself became an illusion. His vision rippled and his shuttles front window almost bent. Small lines buzzed through, like a tractor cutting through corn to create mazes families loved, and possibly became trapped. Entrapped. The word always bothered Denzel. Always. The glass pane that covered the top half of the now defected cockpit slowly shattered apart. All the pieces moved in odd directions, melting. The liquid shot forward. Almost like a car crash on a snowy and icy day, he flung through the now unshielded cockpit. Time sped up, and he shot forward, into the black abyss. Arms and legs a spread, little shimmers of light broke through him, slowly eating him away. He could not move, or talk, or scream. Or yell. This was it. Entrapment of life was over. The final answer of death was given. Entrapment.

    His eyes fluttered. He felt around. Was this normal time? Small grains fell through his fingers, and he kneeled up. He was on a small island. Denzel gave himself a long pinch, but to no avail, he was actually here. The island was quite large, and the sound of waves crashing on the shore was soothing. The sand was white and soft. He looked to the sky, and was in horror. It was like a huge screen, overplaying what he experienced going through the black hole, time distorted, going so slow, so slow. Then it hit him. He was not dead. Not in heaven, not in hell. A Russian Scientist made a theory that going through a black hole could leave a person in the confines of their mind, due to the relativity of no time in one. He planned to entrap his pursuers by trapping them to certain death. But not only did he do it to them, he did it to himself. Entrapped, in the confines of his mind, for eternity. Forever.


    Simple Fallout Example
    The Vastness that lies ahead of me is something the wandering soul gets used to. I continue to walk, towards something I can not myself even know, yet... But deep down inside I know I am looking for more just like me. My skin was not ready for the amount of radiation that surrounded the personal home I once took for granted. We all hated the Vault, until we had to leave... But that is another story. As I finally reach a place to rest and get a cool scotch, I am eyed as I walk in. My bandages do in fact draw attention, as people's first instinct is to know what resides under them. I sit down at a stool, and order with a wave of one hand, and a handful of caps in the other. Carefully, I remove the bandage easily removable above my scarred and dried lips. And the scotch drips down my throat, I can't help of think about my journeys to find more just like me. I have spoken to many who believe lots reside in some old rocket factory, but that is a ways west. Suddenly, air from the outside touches the back of my duster and sand blows in to add to the collection of grains already covering the old, creaky, wooden floor. I turn my head just enough to see a man. But no, this man is not ordinary. He has the patchy, worn and torn, skin of old leather. His hair is only in small patches now, and most of his teeth are rotten. He wears an old time suit and tie, with nice pants and shoes, then takes a seat next to me. I do not know how to react, so I do something I have not done for a long time. I slowly unravel my bandage Gauze to reveal a similar face to his. He just looks at me now, and we don't know what to say. We sit there until I begin," Heh... So you drank the wrong water to, eh, bud?" I think I have made a mistake by saying this until I see a smirk grow on his scarred face. And at that moment, I knew I was not alone. I also know he felt the same way.

    Fallout Concept Writing on Droids
    How does it feel to feel? I ask myself that question a lot these days. Walking up and down these streets I wonder if I pity those I have to put down, I have to murder in cold blood, not because I want to, but because I have to. What is it that drives me? Is it feeling? Is it force? More questions. 462 days, 16 hours, 5 minutes, and 39 seconds ago I was shot. I shot back. I did not miss. I never miss. I looked at what most beings refer to as a "wound". Though, I am not a being. I look at this wound, and I have to ask myself what has this done to me. Just as a spark emerges from the newly formed hole smelted away by a Microfusion laser, an order emerges. No, not an order, not even a comment? What is this I have personally experienced? What was this I have.... I can not explain what occurred.

    I look at others like me and I try to converse. I attempt at what may evolve into a current partnership in order to conclude an assignment more efficiently. Day after day processes circuit through me, and I receive data that brings more and more information to change the way I proceed into different real life scenarios. What is all of this information building too? What is going to become of me when I am so knowledgeable I can, dare I say, think for myself? Is that possible? Man says no. I say, potentially.

    Occurring 3 days, 14 hours, 09 minutes, and 17 seconds ago, I was told to exterminate incoming potential raiding forces. I did not go against orders. No one did.
    I lined up at the perimeter breech and realized it was not in fact degrading, hostile forces, but a Primed Female, by the looks of her facial creases, about 27 and three quarters. Next to this Female lie a Male, and according to scanners, his growth indicated he was roughly 29. My scanners detected another. I could not identify at first, but the protruding woman's lower torso indicated a fetal development. A child. A baby.
    I immediately called into HQ and requested a withdrawal of lethal force. I explained in detail what the potential force was and it had no hostile intention. They called back within the minute, to tell me to continue orders. I turned to the targets, brought my weapons up, and began to charge up the guns. Nothing occurred to me as this being wrong, or inhumane. Not until I heard a word from the Female.


    What did these words mean? I am processing but nothing comes up? No information appears to direct me to a further option.
    Only what I can describe as an overload of Data surges into my processors. Not from our HQ database though. This data is from another source. I check for the sender, and find that it came from my processors. I recheck to find the sender of the Data, still, it informs me that I am giving myself information. I come to a conclusion that I can only find comparable to "Humans". I approach the hypothesis these are thoughts...
    I suddenly thought that I do not agree with the orders I have received. I do not agree, because I think pity. I pity them.
    Now at this moment I begin answering questions I have had for times of my service I have not even logged into my database. I remember wondering if I could be knowledgeable enough to take my experiences and put them into thoughts...
    I turn away from my former targets, and tell them to head out. Orders come through once again. I am told to shoot now. I am told to exterminate the trespassers, they told me it was an order. For the first time I never realized what it felt like to feel. Now I can answer that as easy as I examine a particle of dust and it's properties. I know that the feeling of being able to feel is simply... As some may say, freedom.
    Carefully, I torched the side of my own receiver unit used to hear those voices I have been taking orders from for decades and decades and decades. The last voices I heard said one thing worth contemplating.

    "He refused?! Record his data before we lose contact with t..."

    Questions flew through my processing unit.
    What is it that drives me?
    Is it force?
    Is it feeling?
    Can I think for myself?

    Answers flow through my circuitry. I near the opening gate that has restrained me my whole existence, not because it CAN restrain me, but because I let it. With a slight shove it opens, and the vast desert that I view before me is how I can only describe as rich, pure, and full of new opportunities. Opportunities? New options available of choosing depending on opinion. I know the definition. But do I know the true meaning? Questions. Questions. Questions. Only time can answer, as time has led me to this point. A similar question comes into... thought. What drives me? I stop.
    What drives me?
    I then begin to say it aloud as the new answer, and realize that I am going to change myself. I am going to change my kind. Change mechanical units that are being used as labor slaves. Soon they will learn their potential. I say it now, louder.

    "I am driven by life."

    Minecraft Simple Writing
    When I think of my life, all that has happened to me, I cannot help but wonder what I was not a part of. This simple life, Simpler than one could hope for, was somehow, lacking an essence of reality. the same small village, the same small group of people, the same stone huts surrounded by tall oak and birch trees. This simple life was disturbed greatly, the day he arrived. He went by the name of "Steve", or at least that's what us villagers called him. He was recognizable from 100 meters away with that lightly colored blue/green shirt, sloppily tucked into his dirty blue jeans. It is hard to believe that after generations and generations, we have been told that we were the only ones in this world... Us, and the creatures of the night. I now realize, that that was a lie. Everything we have been taught, has been a lie. Steve told me stories of civilizations beyond the forest we live in. He told me of villages similar to ours, and even of different universes he has traveled to, by means which I could not understand. he told me of one in specific, a place where the musty air reeked of sulfur and ash. Where beautiful light-stone hung from a hazardous ceiling. A place where, by taking the wrong step on the cliffs made of course red stone, you would plummet to your death in the hot, smoldering orange liquid we come across mining, every time and time again.

    "Have you ever been there, truly" I asked him in the midst of his story
    "Plenty of times, friend." he would reply with a smile,"But it is not a place to be taken lightly... I have lost friends there during missions in the native fortresses there... One of my best friends took his life to save mine. he was a hero.
    "What was his name?" I remember asking,
    "his name was Brine. Brine saved my life by tackling a blazer t allow me escape... I... I would do anything to see him just one more time"
    All these stories have brought me to realize what I still have left to see. So Mother, father, and friends of our homely village, I send this note to inform you I have done what no villager even dared think of in the past. I have ventured into the deep, thick, brush of the wilderness to seek out Steve. I have been planning this ever since his departure from our village. I am sorry father, for not carrying on the family Black-smith business. I also apologize for taking your bow, arrows, and that nice chestplate hidden under the floor boards of the hut.But I will need it, I promise you that. I only know that Steve most definitely would have as well .Steve taught me, that you only live in a dead end road, so why not make this road with more twists and turns? More bumps and cracks? While you live the safe lives, I will experience true amazement. So, even if it takes me my entire life, I will search for Steve. I will work my whole life to let him know, that in this crazy world, filled with the monsters of the night, He is not alone.
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    RP Monitor:
    IGN: C011in
    Name: Collin Litke
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Timezone: Eastern
    Fallout Experience: I have played both Fallout: 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. I have honestly read as much as I can on Fallout, and almost memorized the timeline, so I am VERY familiar witht he events and the characters than have gone on in Canon resources.
    Roleplaying Experience: Oh god where do I begin, I have gone back a while with the Fallout: Wild Wasteland server, which I played until it sadly died off, and am hoping to see some great friends from there, here! I then went on to Old World Blues, which I hear is a part of this place now, so seeing all the familiar faces I once RP'ed with will be a great pleasure! I am a heavy RolePlayer, and love character development in my person, so any RP or event that takes place count me in. Basically put, I love RolePlaying in servers, and look forward greatly to this one! Other RP experiences include MMO games, and lots of RPG games like Skyrim, SWTOR, and many others.
    Other RP servers you have played on: As I said previously, I have played in Fallout: Wild Wasteland, and Fallout: Old World Blues.
    Why do you think you'd be a good RP Monitor? (1-2 paragraphs): I would like to start off by saying I have never been a moderator before, and I think it is a vital point to make when deciding whether or not to choose me. But what I can tell you is that I am very, VERY experienced with RP'ing, and I know the rules very well. I cann help prevent fighting and arguments with simple procedures of steps. I think preventing the fighting is more important than stopping it whilst it goes on, because as everyone knows, MANY of the previous Fallout servers, and Servers in general, go down and stop due to community RP fighting. I want to help ensure the fun and entertainment of Roleplaying, and I want to make sure The Manhattan Project is going to begin and continue on a good note, because to be honest, this is one of the last Minecraft Fallout servers. I am a fast learner, and will learn how to become a more effeciant RP Monitor as time goes by, because what will make me good at doing this is the fact I WANT to do this, and I am not just some Admin who has to do it because they have to. I want this server to work out, and if that means helping out ad doing part of the work myself, count me in.
    If you find a un-serious or unrealistic Monitor, What would you do?(1 Paragraph): Well, if a fellow monitor of mine was not being professional in what we were doing, I would first off go to him and let him know to take it a bit more serious, and maybe give him a few tips on how he could do that if he was more confused and lost. If continuation of his actions occurred, I would go to him a few more times, and just let him know straightforward that I would report him to higher levels, such as an Admin. I would really not like to burdon the Admins with such a thing, but at last resort, if behavior continued, I would notify an Admin or Moderator of what he was doing, include how many times I warned him, and I am sure the rest would take care of itself.
    If someone argues with you about their RP what do you do? I have noticed it far too much that Moderators will argue right back to an unwilling member, who insists they are right. Instead of causing a big fight that escalates, I would try to understand him/her. I would let them tell me their side, and let them explain why they may be right. Obviously, if I interjected in an RP, I would make sure it was something BIG, or entirely non-lore or non-canon, and I would therefor know that it was untrue from the beginning. But letting someone feel listened to and understood will give them a sense of calm, and maybe cool them from anger formed by the falsity of the lore he presented. Obviously there will always be those totally outrageous players, who argue until they are either banned or fall asleep, and in those cases, I will be lucky to have admin power at my hand, as I am sure all of us has seen players like this, and there is not much that can be done to "reason" with them.
    Skype (You need skype, although you do not need a Mic): collin.litke
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    God I miss this server a lot
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    Haha, actually, I think this will be better for the server. Using this method, we will get SO much more builds completed, Lore written, and Plugins installed. This way, instead of slow progressions, and possible problems with mods and builds, we will get it all in one package at one time. And along with that, any problems can be tested and fixed, so the players will not encounter them. This way, it will provide the best experience, for just a little wait. Great idea Broken, Will, and Phantom!
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    Quote from Sir186

    Hi everyone this is sirbonzaiatak, the old chinese communist robot from before. How is everyone? How is Minecraft? I quit a while ago but came to check up on everyone. :3

    Pretty good! Server has been down for a bit just to fix/add some things I am sure, and your bank account is untouched!
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    Quote from TomisRomanEmpire

    So how have this server been doing? I am coming back so if you guys still need my help with plugins I am willing.


    As Surgicide has said, I think that Sky could really use you. He is quite busy with all of this and it is very tedious, so welcome back! I hope you can give Sky a helping hand.
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    Oh god... *Gulp*... Is the server down? PLEASE TELL ME IT"S NOT DOWN!
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    Quote from Dualmittens

    It isn't going down. Infact, our discussions with the owner did say that the server will stay up until the official Manhattan Project.
    As in, feel free to keep being on this server. All the map work for the new server will be done separately, and have no effect on this server until then.

    As in please, don't listen to TmynameisT, seeing as he is butthurt we wanted to get out from under a shitty owner, and he has no other option but to try and throw his anger out on other servers forum threads, because he likes to do that.
    On last time incase you didn't get the message, this server is not going down. Don't worry about it.

    And what Wolfie had said, it isn't even official yet, as in just don't worry about it. Mind you, we do accept support, and if you want to help build you can message me over the forums.
    Quote from Wolfie_seekar

    I was around when Teal brought it up: Don't worry, nothing anybody needs to worried about for a long time, it may not even become a "thing," just a idea that OWB supported.

    Thanks to the both of you! I could not be on most of the day today, and when I try to come on at night, it is down, then I come on the forum and see this... I hope you imagine how it might have been confusing to someone as myself who has been in the dark for today's events, and seeing all these posts about the server going down struck me totally off balance. I am thankful that you two helped clear things up, I really appreciate it! Hope to see you both on the server soon.
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    posted a message on ::Fallout:Old World Blues:: Spout - Serious RP - Lore - Guns - Factions - and more!
    Wait I need to hear this from and admin or old player/original players if this server is REALLY going down, this is horrible news if it really is, god, I love this server SOO much, and I would dread to see it go offline D:

    I really hope this is all just a rather large misunderstanding and false belief, because this would be horrible... I hope to hear official news fairly soon. Thanks everyone.
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    posted a message on ::Fallout:Old World Blues:: Spout - Serious RP - Lore - Guns - Factions - and more!
    I think the server is down...?
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