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    posted a message on Different Sticky Piston Textures from Normal Piston

    That had done it. Thank you, Sir!

    EDIT: I'm now trying to do something similar to hoppers. The texture should become more solidified, when disabled/locked.

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    posted a message on Different Sticky Piston Textures from Normal Piston

    I'm having trouble changing the textures of the Extended Sticky Piston Model, without changing those of the Extended Normal Piston's Model.

    * For me, when a sticky piston is extended, the piston's head has my custom sticky textures, but the base uses the normal piston's textures.

    JSON Files:


        "textures": {
            "particle": "#side"
        "elements": [
            {   "from": [ 0, 0, 4 ],
                "to": [ 16, 16, 16 ],
                "faces": {
                    "down":  { "uv": [ 0, 4, 16, 16 ], "texture": "#side", "cullface": "down", "rotation": 180 },
                    "up":    { "uv": [ 0, 4, 16, 16 ], "texture": "#side", "cullface": "up" },
                    "north": { "uv": [ 0, 0, 16, 16 ], "texture": "#inside" },
                    "south": { "uv": [ 0, 0, 16, 16 ], "texture": "#bottom", "cullface": "south" },
                    "west":  { "uv": [ 0, 4, 16, 16 ], "texture": "#side", "cullface": "west", "rotation": 270 },
                    "east":  { "uv": [ 0, 4, 16, 16 ], "texture": "#side", "cullface": "east", "rotation": 90 }


     "parent": "block/piston_extended",
     "textures": {
     "bottom": "blocks/piston_bottom_sticky",
     "side": "blocks/piston_side_sticky",
     "inside": "blocks/piston_inner_sticky"

     "parent": "block/piston_extended",
     "textures": {
     "bottom": "blocks/piston_bottom",
     "side": "blocks/piston_side",
     "inside": "blocks/piston_inner"
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    posted a message on [ ] "Useless" Features in Vanilla Minecraft
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    From what I've seen the changes that Mojang has made in preparation for the "mod API" has made the code MUCH worse; for example, see my post here:

    What was once a single line of code is now a convoluted mess; if I ever decided to mod (play in) current versions I'd certainly do something to avoid that (the ChunkPrimer object mentioned there contains an array of numerical data which represents block states; I presume that it works as block ID + metadata * 16 or similar so 1 is stone, 7 is bedrock, etc - yes, just directly read/write to it using those numbers, and, of course, using x, y, z variables and/or a partially precomputed index (e.g. compute x+z and add y inside an inner loop which iterates over y values, which is what older versions did) instead of BlockPos). The same conversions to and from blockstates also occur everywhere else, all requiring multiple steps instead of a simple reference to a block object (ID) or using it as the index in the array holding all blocks.

    Even some of the newer features could have been implemented better; for example, in Pocket Edition all types of wood fences use the same ID - they used metadata to determine the wood type, instead of wasting IDs; similarly, Shulker boxes could have used an NBT tag to set their color instead of 16 IDs since they are tile entities (chests use metadata to determine which direction they face in; conversely, fences do not use it at all and determine their appearance when they are rendered).

    As for the features mentioned here, and others, I don't use most of the features (the ones that exist in 1.6.4) listed and a lot more actually (for example, my list would include horses since minecarts are much better for personal transportation between an established network of bases, and otherwise I walk to/from where I left off from caving, with exits often hundreds of blocks away from entrances so I'd have to walk back to retrieve a horse and not really save much on walking time, less when factoring in horse travel time, plus they are not very good in rugged, watery, or forested terrain), though for players in general it would probably be poisonous potatoes (they do restore some hunger and only poison you 60% of the time and I eat them).

    Also, one significant feature was omitted - minecarts with furnaces, which may be phased out soon, a testament to how useless they are (the main issues being that they are limited to your render distance and they are much slower than and not boosted by powered rails):

    Of course, there are other features which were already removed, or at least not used, such as Giants (which were made even more useless in 1.8 since they no longer have any AI; before then you could use custom maps or mods like I did; of note, the Wiki claims that they do not spawn because of light level requirements but that is not true; they are just not present in the list of mobs to spawn since I simply had to add them to it and they spawn just like any other hostile mob).

    Does this make Minecraft developers -- stupid people, as well as Mojang themselves?

    Quote from ZaffreAqua»

    Well, there's a few things. Mojang has a tendency to... leave something poorly balanced, or not very useful, or change something that didn't need changing. (1.4 block sounds and 1.5 skeleton buffs, looking at you)

    -There's actually an old forum post HERE. Scroll down to the first post by "FireKit." They make great points that still stand today.

    Honestly, all the stuff you have listed has a pretty good use barring poison potatoes. The other like Endermites, could simply be expanded upon by the likes of making do things like spawn when a silverfish falls into a portal, and/orspawning in the outer lands of the End.

    Don't get me wrong, sometimes their lack of work considering their now titanic budget behind them, along with features that get power creeped and the like. (Connect Minecarts together *cough*)

    Granted, all this taken into account, they have to deal with MC's source code rather than a clean, organized API like Forge. I hear the source is a complete and utter mess. I mean, we're playing a game that started as a simple java game made by a single guy almost 10 years ago for pete's sake.

    I was able to salvage the post from him. They're the creator of the mod "Better than Wolves".

    I'm not sure what to say that can stay relevant to this thread, though.

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    posted a message on [ ] "Useless" Features in Vanilla Minecraft


    After the recent reveal of parrots coming in MC 1.12, I'm projecting a similar story to what happened when Jeb revealed polar bears last year; a polar bear picture is tweeted, people get excited, then they get disappointed when 1.10 is released. I've seen and thought of myself ideas for what perks the new parrots could have; that's a sign of extremely high and unreachable expectations, when the next 1.12 snapshot is released or once 1.12 is fully released.

    And this has got me thinking of how many features are called upon as "useless" or nearly useless, compared to the observer, elytra, shulker boxes, hopper, mending enchantment, concrete, etc.

    Here's a quick list of perhaps most of them:

    Poisonous Potato




    Polar Bear


    Snow Golem







    It agitates a few people that some of the features Mojang brings to MC are lackluster, and are thus rendered: useless or underwhelming.

    I just happen to get overly-protective for this game I play, to an extent that I feel in-need to defend against most of the destructive criticism I encounter or anticipate. If I do not, there's fear of a significant decline in the MC community; who's forfeiting if the concrete blocks don't get slabs and stairs?

    But, I don't want to start a fight/argument war here, it won't go anywhere.


    The jobs of the Minecraft developers at Mojang can get tiring. Working on very fleshed out features or data networks for hours every working-day eventually turns into a sentence of mental fatigue and other personal problems. There's also an old saying/concept of "all-work and no-play". I've followed that statement before, and I wasn't rewarded. In the workplace for MC, the "work" is rewriting old code into something much more flexible, performance-optimized, and future-proof, and the "play" is adding new atmospheric mobs. Outside critical internal changes, the additions/changes from MC updates aren't all taken seriously, and that's ok if they don't break the game. What hurt considerably from adding polar bears, other than creating a rare daytime hazard in ice plains? What about the llamas?

    ( After this writing, I think I feel a little better about this. )

    Any other thoughts?

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    posted a message on Waiting for the next 1.12 Snapshot ... (PC)

    Ever since the start of this year, I've gotten highly interested with Minecraft 1.12. This is the update for me and many other passionate builders
    (the following thoughts are coming from a MC builder with 4-5 years of experience).
    I greatly appreciate what the developers have done and are doing with this update.



    But, I'm extremely bothered by that — while there is a snapshot, this is the only one:

    ( ).

    Based on what Mr. Jeb said here:


    and past development trends, more snapshots with more additions, features, and changes are expected after the first one for a major update. Except, this is not the case with 1.12.

    At the time of me writing, it has been 5 weeks since the first 1.12 snapshot. After waiting a week or two in February, I’ve started to get anxious, impatient, infuriated, and sometimes — very sad. In-attempt of expressing fairness, at least two of those weeks had limited development time due to a flood of meetings and the annual GDC (Game Developer’s Conference). And in the time of developing, they’ve been working on some highly technical pieces, like removing the current block id limit so they can add more blocks. What are some of the most requested blocks for Minecraft? More slabs and stairs.

    With this update, 1.12, and its name: the “World of Color Update”, Mojang has set an ideal theme to satisfy some of the most wanted building features for the game. And they’ve made some success already, and the community can only encourage them to do more (in-general). The opinions are strong — applying the good minds of the community will be very rewarding, but not responding to them can destroy avid players’ lives. If the developers do not add a bunch of stair and slab blocks in this update, we’re going to clobber and smash them down to the lava and bedrock, maybe even into The Void. This tension grows from rumors that hardened clay, granite, diorite, andesite, concrete, etc. stairs and slabs will not happen, even after solving the issue with limited block ids. That’s a show of how much people care about Minecraft.

    So, what’s my problem? I play Minecraft mostly on a multiplayer server. And on there, I like to build a lot and conduct large-scale projects. Whenever new building blocks are announced for an upcoming update to the game, I think about how I could incorporate the blocks into my builds. I have gotten better at ignoring them and carrying on my work without them; I wasn’t excited about 1.10. But now with the number of blocks incoming, I feel guilty to not have them for whatever I’m building. And some of the textures are going to change in future snapshots: wool and cyan terracotta. I’ve felt that if I experiment with the new blocks and wool colors, I will not have an accurate depiction of how my builds will look in the final release. I haven’t been inclined to mess around with the blocks in Creative. But, I’ll try again now.


    What I think this time comes to at the end of the day, is that this development of 1.12 is leaving me cliff-hanging and wondering what are the developers doing to building in Minecraft, my greatest passion about it. I want to know all the blocks they’ll be adding in this update and be able to try them all out and/or judge if I want to use any of those new blocks as the primary building material of a large building project.

    Am I alone in having these personal issues with Minecraft 1.12 — The World of Color Update? Does anyone have any help/advice for me and other builders?


    — ForeverMaster

    Playing Minecraft since Beta 1.3 (2011).
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.12 Update Opinion Thread
    Quote from Thyriel27»

    This bugs me since a while too. There are so much nice looking blocks that could be used for stairs and slabs too but for whatever reason they never made it into the game :( And imho this doesn't even sound like it would be much work implementing them.
    Ice, block of... (iron, diamond, emerald, etc.), glass, obsidian, raw wood, glowstone, hardened clay, endstone, prismarine, etc...

    For years, there's a hard limit of 256 block types, each with up to 16 data values, Vanilla MC can handle. As of the latest snapshot, we're practically hit this limit, and something has to be done to add more block types. You can see any block's numerical ID in an inventory by enabling Advanced Tooltips (F3 + h).

    At the moment, here's what's needed to add a new slab and stair block:

    *2 Block IDs for every 8 textures.


    Slabs use two block IDs to define if it's a single or double slab.

    The ID for single slabs, ex: #44 or minecraft:stone_slab, is responsible for determining the texture to use for the slab and its orientation: top or bottom half of the block space. This ID can support up to eight types.


    Another ID, ex: #43 or minecraft:double_stone_slab, is needed to store data for two slabs of the same material placed in one block space. Although most blocks only require one double slab variant, blocks with different top and bottom textures, like sandstone and quartz, need two, even though some of them are not obtainable in Survival Mode, at this time. To keep consistency with singles, developers store at most double slabs for eight full blocks they correspond to.

    *1 Block ID for every 1 texture.


    Compared to slabs, stairs are much more complex. Because of this, every type of stair takes up its own block ID, making them about 4 times more expensive than slabs to implement. Stairs can face any of four cardinal directions, flipped right-side up or up-side down, and form corners with other stair blocks. Technically, stairs have 32 orientations they can be in, but metadata is only need for 8 of them. Cornered stairs don't use the same data.


    Now, think about what would happen if prior to 1.12, stairs and slabs were prioritized over other blocks.


    If you can't figure it out...

    Mojang would be unable to add all of the interesting and diverse blocks we have:

    Beacon, Bone Block, Redstone Block, Observer, Hopper, Comparator, Shulker Box, Magma Block, End Gateway, Chorus Plant and Chorus Flower, Prismarine, Sea Lantern, End Rod, Glazed Terracotta, Daylight Sensor, etc.

    And, they would likely hit the same problem with the present block ID limit of 0 to 255 they're having right now, but a lot sooner.

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    posted a message on { Personal Help } - "Mojang Doesn't Work Hard Enough" (2016)

    I've identified another new problem for me.

    If somebody is complaining for lack of or demanding for example: more stair and slab blocks in MC, they don't play the game. And if what feature or change they want doesn't happen in a time zone of opportunity, one being right now -- as 1.12 is under development, they will stop playing MC.

    Perhaps, like most of my issues mentioned here, this one is more about what other people say and me empathizing their actions negatively.


    Also, I've felt that I can't make a difference in a broad scheme of the MC community. And sometimes, I only make problems worse by replying. I get repelled from the environments for what's projected as being bad.

    A flow of actions and thoughts I may have; this one could be relatable to any online discussion page:

    Sees post. --> Reads post and comments. --> Finds criticizing responses. --> Responds to post.

    --> Little to no impact. --> Inferior Thoughts, Depression. --> Flees.


    If you haven't thought of this yet: yes, I'm a sensitive person. And usually I don't want to say this, because of fears of other's reactions: I'm also autistic.

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    posted a message on { Personal Help } - "Mojang Doesn't Work Hard Enough" (2016)

    Happy New Years.

    There has been a lot of changes to me and Minecraft, now that 1.11 is out. I was educating myself, beginning with Jeb's TIME interview:

    Then, I recently found these (not totally related to MC):

    Maybe my perception of dominating negativity in Minecraft and other gaming communities isn't accurate to the complete player-base. Typically, around 80% of players don't regularly interact with a game's online resources, including discussion forums. And only about 5% are the hardcore.

    So, there's a small portion of people that I've taken potentially strong biases from. It's not best to always cater to those people though. A middle school science teacher told me, "There are advantages and disadvantages to everything." How important is the minority, compared to majority, for game development?

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.11 Update Opinion Thread


    The colors of the durability bar were changed?

    The background color to the bar is now black and opaque, making it the percentage durability left more visible on your items.
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    posted a message on When do you think Minecraft 1.11 be released?
    Quote from Serbian011»

    They should release it when it's ready. Don't see any reason to rush it.

    Though, just for fun, what if the date happens to be 11/11?
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    posted a message on When do you think Minecraft 1.11 be released?

    When do you guys think Minecraft 1.11 will be released, do you think it will be soon?

    It's a matter of what particular bugs are left to be fixed and readjustments to be done with the recent changes to Redstone.

    Mojang is trying to release these major updates more often, after spending so long on 1.8 and 1.9. The ideal timespan between updates now is 4 to 5 months.

    I think most of the bug fixes lately have been irrelevant to 1.11's features because of Jeb's absence in office. He has been spending a lot of time in the U.S. with his wife and son.
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    posted a message on { Personal Help } - "Mojang Doesn't Work Hard Enough" (2016)

    What I'm about to say may tear away any excitement.

    You have been warned.


    Starting with snapshot 16w40a, Mojang has been fixing a ton of bugs. But, the changes resulting from some of them have spawned controversy and fears. I and other people have started wondering if Mojang has no choice in these changes, due to Microsoft...

    Do we have a say in whether or not these recent changes should be kept or reverted?

    16w40a: Piston Translocation was patched. IMO, this is minor, except those who used it to their advantage.

    16w41a: The Observer Block was made "objectively" worse. Its pulse is longer and stronger and no longer "powers" air blocks. The 1-tick pulse and level 1 signal strength was favored.

    16w43a: Redstone Repeaters and Comparators no longer update the block in front of them, if it's air.

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    posted a message on Blocks of Leather

    If this block was a layered textured, like how real world pelts, leather, and other cloths or soft materials, I would feel better about this idea.

    Although, I don't know of any chances of using leather for construction.

    IRL, were little huts built using leather?

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    posted a message on Builders Update
    Quote from TeamWoofel»

    Yes to being able to turn slabs on their side and new types of wood, no to the lighting blocks. Ideally, stained glass should change the color of the lighting but I don't like the idea of multiple light colors themselves. How would they be crafted?

    (Comment #2)

    Vertical/Sideways/Horizontal Slabs will not come to Vanilla. Grum confirmed that last year.
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    posted a message on Builders Update
    Quote from PandaMaster789»

    Hi everybody, I had an idea for a Minecraft update which I would call 'The Building Update' which adds more wood (Ash, Rose, etc) and better lighting blocks to make a more modern house. It could add a lot more and add all the stuff needed for building. Slabs could maybe go sideways and there could be something like: Yellow Light Block, Green Light Block, Red Light Block etc. I hope you like the idea. Here is a little poll to see what you think.

    I wouldn't mark this support, unless there was more detail. In fact, I'll help out. I'm an extremely passionate builder, and I’d support almost any new blocks for Minecraft.

    We haven't seen many new blocks added lately because Grum has been working on lifting the limit beyond the current 256 types.


    Wood Types:

    Any new tree species is welcome. Each one would add a lot and it'll only get bigger if Mojang adds wood variants to more pre-existing wooden blocks (crafting table, chest, bookshelf, ladder, sign, pressure plate, button, etc.).
    The rising-in-popularity “Quark Mod”, which adds features that are mostly applicable for Vanilla, does have birch through dark oak chests and bookshelves. There are other mods, like “BiblioCraft”, that expand on wood varieties.

    Light Sources:

    A generic light-emitting block isn't hard to add. But Minecraft’s current lighting engine is very unoptimized, especially for colored lighting. Along with the liquid engine, the lighting/shading engine has been considered to be rewritten for a while, but there’s a lot of hard work needed.

    Vertical Slabs (Sideways Slabs):

    This is one of the most requested building features for Vanilla. Vertical slabs, while seeming all-good on paper or text, to the MC developers, they don’t belong.
    Also, Developer Grum has confirmed no vertical slabs in Vanilla.

    Grum had a silly answer (IMO), mods. For no proper context, I wanted more detail.
    After elaborative thought, I conclude that vertical slabs shouldn’t be in Vanilla Minecraft too.
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