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    Thanks! Glad you think so, that same love and effort continues to go into the server too :)

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    It is with great pleasure that I would like to announce the opening of Orbis Gaming’s 1.18.1 Minecraft Survival Server!
    With this update we have brought many changes and new features including:

    New Overworld Generation
    As well as the 1.18 vanilla terrain, we have included the amazing and expansive datapack Terralith, which overhauls the overworld’s generation even further adding over 85 new biomes for you to all explore!

    Lands, Nations, and War
    We believe that the addition of Land Claiming was a well received feature and allowed people to easily protect their base from raiding and griefing alike.

    Nations are collections of Lands created by any land owner, and once created can invite other lands to join. Nations can be leveled up, which gives all land claims involved buffs including extra chunks, and effects like fast digging and jump even night vision.

    War allows two Lands/Nations to enter battle! During a war, members of both sides are able to enter each other's lands to attack participants, raid chests, and break blocks. War can be extremely lucrative for both sides, but also can result in loss of supplies and items so war with caution!

    Economy Overhaul
    We looked at the previous server economy and saw its failings, the ability to sell items to the server meant blocks had a specific value, not related to their rarity on the server, so in this update we have removed the ability to sell directly to the server instead focusing on player to player trading in the form of shops!

    Players can now create as many chest shops as they like and with the expansion of Lands, can create Lands and Nations where many people can sell items together, like TradeTown on the previous server.

    Backend Changes
    With 1.18 we planned to migrate our server hardware to something far more powerful giving us a scalable, powerful and reliable server. In addition to this hardware change we have also found a new scripting plugin that allows us to do far more with the server than ever before and still have a lot planned for the future (and will be releasing a roadmap of our plans soon).

    Daily Quests

    Our first major feature has just been introduced into the server. Daily Quests! These quests come in three tiers, Easy, Medium and Hard. You are randomly assigned one quest per difficulty tier. You can check what quests you have by doing /dailyquests. Daily quests reset each night at midnight server time (GMT+1 I believe), you can get your daily quests by simply joining the server after this reset, or if you are online during the reset you can do /getdailyquests.


    • Easy: 100g
    • Medium: 250g
    • Hard: 500g

    This is a daily reward total of 850g. We will monitor these initial values and balance accordingly. We also plan on having a completion bonus reward for completing all three.

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    Deleted due to outdated information.

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    Welcome to Orbis Gaming!
    Home of the paramount survival experience!

    Server IP: mc.orbis.fun
    Bluemap: map.orbis.fun

    __________________________ What we offer __________________________
    Orbis has always tried to provide a unique survival experience with a community built on player feedback we pride ourselves on what we offer! Through many years of experience, we've crafted and refined our Survival experience to be the best it can be for our players. Our server is built around community with the ability to claim lands and make Nations, with a party system and chest based player shops. We also enhance the vanilla experience with plugins such as mcMMO, as well as our own scripting with great plans for the future!

    __________________________ Features __________________________
    Native 1.18.1
    Terralith Overworld Generation Datapack
    Skill Levelling System with mcMMO
    Daily Quests with Economy Rewards
    Land Claiming and Player Nations
    Bluemap with Players and Lands
    Player Shop based Economy
    Dedicated Developers
    No P2W Functionality
    Advanced Scripting
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    I purchased the game yesterday. Waiting until Monday when I get my new 42 Inch full HD TV to play it though :tongue.gif:
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    Quote from Orfiel

    Final Fantasy VII-IX

    Just updated graphics for PS3 and analog support for VII.
    No need to change anything else since story and gameplay still rocks but graphics are quite poor and old.

    Cannot think anything else at the moment...

    Yes, I started playing them again..

    This. And I never stopped playing them! :tongue.gif:

    TBH, I'd like to see all older Final Fantasies remade for PS3, or Xbox, or PC. It'd be pretty awesome.
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    Probably by paring certain spells to certain attributes. I remember doing that all the time to my character's strengths, defenses and HP. If you get the right spell, to the right attribute, you can make your characters stupidly powerful.
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    Holy epicness batman! I cannot wait for this game. I will totally be no lifing when this game comes out (have it on pre-order) :biggrin.gif:
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    Final Fantasy 10 had a pretty sad ending.
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    Quote from Vladimire

    Didn't know a word processing program can be homo-sexual.

    Or if you use the word in its correct terminology, happy. Didn't know Notepad was happy. O_O

    And I must say, like some other posters, I read it as TeaBag. I'm glad it wasn't just me.
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    Well, I've been here a while, I may as well do it now, instead of never.

    I'm Daniel, 18 years young, big gamer, and I like to program in my spare time. I live in England. :smile.gif:
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    I have none. Because I'm cool like that.
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    Mr Trolololol. Nah, just kidding!

    There's a few that keep popping in my head, and I can't stop listening to them :biggrin.gif:

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    Personally, this forum has a much better community due to the way it's run. If the admins do a good job, and run it properly (which they do) then the forums are usually a much nicer environment, because the people causing the environment to go stale are quickly dealt with in a fair manner. Forums like Bungie are...almost a troll paradise IMHO.

    Another thing is...these days the Internet is so easy to use by anyone who can click a mouse and use a keyboard (however bad they type >_>), so you're ALWAYS going to find trolls, and children causing problems on any website that has a community. Which takes me back to my first point about administration, and the moderating team.
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    Quote from McBeeferton

    Just wait until you play Final Fantasy 9, then. Everyone knows it's better. :3

    I kind of agree with you there. Final Fantasy 9 had a more quirky, and cartoony feel to it. It made it rather fun to play, as well as I just loved the bosses, and the story.

    Final Fantasy 7 still stands out as one of the best Final Fantasy games of all time. Hence the movie (Advent Children), and all those sequels, and prequels that have been released ever since. Heck, they have even considered (and there has been a trailer) of a re-release for the PS3. (The trailer is pretty epic btw, search it up on youtube).

    Final Fantasy 7 was one of the first games I played. It was what really got me a passion for gaming, and the Final Fantasy Series (hence I went on and completed all of them <3).

    Quote from TheSojourner

    Weird, 8 was by far my least favorite of the series. I actually hated it.

    Yeah, there were a few things about 8 I didn't like. The story wasn't my favorite, nor was the music, or battles. That's just my opinion though, I still played and completed it many times, I liked it OVERALL.
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